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I get asked by a lot of people what they should do because they want to setup a website and blog for a business or personal use. That’s what I get for being a nerd :) And every time I just tell them to go find a web host and just sign up, or read what Lisa Irby says. For some people, they still are stuck, so I figured I’d show the host I use,, and how easy it is to get started. If you already have your own website and host you are happy with, you can simply skip this if you so desire.

Click the four arrows in the lower right to maximize the video for easier viewing (also, this is 720p HD enabled)


The really nice thing about Bluehost is that it is only $7.00 a month for basically unlimited storage and bandwidth, and it automates most everything you need. For me, I have been freed up to work on what is most important instead of worrying about dinking around with the web host. Sure, you can use a free service like, but for me, Bluehost’s features, the instant WordPress setup – which runs my site, along with the affordable price are a no brainer.

However, don’t even think about signing up for this if you are wondering what you are going to use it for. This is ONLY if you have decided you want to create a website/blog on something that you believe will help your voice be heard, or you are passionate about, or that you will just plain have fun with. And if you already have a good web host, you’re just reading because I’m entertaining, right?

I’ve been involved with technology my whole life. Once you start getting the momentum and drive to do additional projects in your life, a website and/or blog may be on your radar. If it is – and you find my videos helpful, I will produce more showing you what you can do for your website and blog and it won’t require any technical background – though learning the nuances of some of the tech certainly helps! If you want to visit Bluehost, click here.

Was this video helpful? I know many of you want to share your voice on a website or blog. This is one way to actually make progress on some of your ideas. It’s much easier to do that when you have videos showing you what you can do. I am taking requests for what you want to learn about and see in video – I can go through what the entire web host can do. Just comment below with your questions. Thanks!

If you know what you will use a website for and are comfortable diving right in, and do not already have a good web host, then go ahead:

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5 thoughts on “Video – How To Setup A Website And Blog Fast

  1. I’m also using Blue Host & my website is 10 days old. I’ve watched Lisa’s YouTube videos and read Planting Dollars. I’m using Joomla for my website since it’s offered free from Blue Host. I’ve had issues with timing. Ok, so I have a domain name hosted. But didn’t have anything to put on it. Then trying to come up with new stuff for my site. Learning about meta keywords, Alexa, affiliates, backlinks, AdSense and AdWords, SEO, web crawlers and social networking have me exhausted. It took me 5 days to find a template I liked. And trying to learn Joomla at the same time! How do people do this? In what order? I think I put the cart before the horse, but it’s too late. Is there anyway to help people get organized before, after and during building a website? Or, what track did you follow?
    Thanks for reading, Scott Barron
    .-= Scott Barron´s last blog ..Extraordinary Mothers =-.

    1. For just being 10 days old, your website is fantastic Scott. There certainly is a lot to learn with all the stuff available to do online. My advice would be not to focus on everything you have to learn at once, but to take it week by week.

      Maybe next week you increase your knowledge of SEO. Then the next week, research Adsense tips, then the next week, affiliates, then the next week, doing videos, etc…

      Chunking (breaking tasks into manageable pieces) is an absolute must with how much there is to do on the web. Just keep at it and stay persistent. Lisa’s site is a great resource. You can ask me questions here as well – I don’t mind :)

      It may even take a couple years for you to see results – but if you are persistent and love what you are doing, you’ll be amazed at where you get to.

  2. Do you use “” and link your blogs for publicity?

    How do you form a blog? I.E. keywords, adsense, meta, seo…Or do you just write?

    Originally I thought this was a public journal, or diary. Then I find out that what I did on Friday doesn’t matter!!

    I’ll be 100% honest. I haven’t announced my website to my friends on Twitter or Facebook because I don’t feel I have enough to bring them back.

    Sure, it’s easy to get people to visit my site once, but if they don’t come back, I’ve just wasted an opportunity. Most of my Facebook friends play Farmville. I was thinking of doing a blog about Farmville, but not sure. There are tons of tutorials, and my friends already know how to play. So, whats the point? We can all sit around and complain about the game or site?

    Does any of this make sense? I have no one to talk to about this. My friend who gave me the idea of starting a website already as a successful site. First, she used Site Build It. But also, she has an awesome Niche. She worked 20 years for unemployment offices and now helps the unemployed.

    Another concern is trust and credibility. Sure, I can put up a website with ads all over the place and hope to make money. But I want more than that, and doubt anyone would fall for it. SO, big question! How do bloggers make money, if any? AdSense will not take me because I don’t have content for them to sell. Same with affiliates. And I understand that, but….for example, someone visits your site. They click on an advertisement found on your page, once. How do you get them repeat business?? Shouldn’t the reader just want to read your blog? Uggg!
    Thanks for listening.
    .-= Scott Barron´s last blog ..Extraordinary Mothers =-.

    1. I don’t mind listening at all. My advice to you is first make sure you are making a website about something you love – independent of making any money. There’s a couple videos here that will help with that: – they are at the bottom of the page.

      So I’d say don’t worry about finding something you think will make money because if it is not something you love, you will burn out after a couple months. Once you have found what you love, just share your love with the world in your most creative way. Then you can start researching ways to monetize it – but again, you must love it. As an example, I love seeing people progress and complete their dreams and ideas. I love basketball. I love website development. I love writing. So that’s what I write about.

      Find out what your love is. If you have, then run with it – don’t focus on money at first – focus on quality and readers.

      And finally, this may be getting a little deep, but my website here focuses on ways to make progress and take action – using tools such as positive self talk, really thinking about life, and so on. One thing I haven’t written about is neuro-associations. Stick with me I know that sounds complicated.

      But I believe right now you are associating pain and frustration with doing a website and blog right now and it is making it difficult for you right now. My suggestion would be to play some easy going music, think of some happy memories – times in your life where things were awesome. And get in that state while you work on your website and think about it. I believe you’ll find it much more fulfilling. This helped me because I used to be obsessed with making money on my websites online. But all I did was get frustrated. Now it’s fun and I enjoy interacting with other people and sharing my uniqueness with the world.

      I hope some of this helped – it’s definitely a journey. You can do it – stay persistent and do what you love and you will be fine :)

      1. Oh and I have never used And right now SEO is not a priority – just sharing what I have with the world and building community. A focus on SEO will come after I’ve achieved that to a level I’m happy with.

        Sometimes bloggers never make any money – there is always that chance. I think repeat visits come from connecting with others and spending time adding valuable comments to their websites and blogs – it’s how I’m getting most of my traffic right now.

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