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You have a blog and it’s been online for a while now. Maybe you’ve written a few blog articles, or if you’re like me you’ve done a few hundred, but still are not sure what you should write on your blog. I’ve taken the time to setup my blog here. I’ve been writing blog content for a year and a half now. But I still don’t quite know what I should write about on my blog. What are you and I going to do to solve this problem? I did some research that I think will help us both know exactly what to write about.

You and I have the problem in that we don’t know what to write on our blogs and websites. In doing some research, here’s the best and fastest way I think you and I can know what to write about. This will be a good first step for the both of us. We want to reach people, but to do that, we need to know what people are looking for and HOW they are looking for it.

What Should You Write About?

I did an exercise where I just listed everything I am a master at, or am very good at. Usually these are things you’ve done your whole life. For me, I’m a master of computers. Since I was 5 years old, I’ve been using them. I’m also a master at web development. I’ve been doing it for the last 8 years.

I’m good at writing – I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now. I’m good at psychology and personal development – about 3 years for that as well.

The point here is we all have stuff we are masters at, especially stuff we’ve done since our childhood. The first task is to put that on paper. I’ll start with mine.

What I’m a Master At

Here I will list what I’m a master at. This is stuff I’ve been doing since I was a kid, or have been doing regularly for 5 years or more. Only list about a half dozen here – the one’s that really stand out in your mind.

  • Basketball
  • Computers
  • Web programming
  • Computer games
  • Exercising
  • Technology

What I’m Good At

These are things I have a decent knowledge of, but may need to spend more time on to truly become a master at.

  • Psychology/Personal Growth
  • Relationships
  • Economics
  • Blogging (not the marketing side – just the creation/writing side)
  • Other sports besides basketball (football, baseball, track & field)
  • Hyper-miler driving (gas efficiency driving)

Everything Else…

Anything that you are not good at or a master at gives you two options. Either start learning it, or don’t bother trying to share knowledge about it. It’s really that simple.

Having Trouble Coming Up With Ideas?

You may have had trouble coming up with anything. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, here’s some questions that will stir your mind.

  • What makes you smile?
  • What makes you laugh or cry?
  • What motivates you to get up each day?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • What is frustrating?
  • What have you been doing in your career at your day job?
  • What has been hard for you to go through?
  • What smells good to you?
  • What are some fond childhood memories of yours?
  • What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?
  • What music do you like?
  • What television programs are you familiar with?
  • Where do your thoughts go when you have time to think?
  • What have you had to do in your life out of necessity?

Once You Have Your List

Once you get to a point that you have your “master list” and your “good at” list, it’s time to decide why you want to write. The why will make a big difference in the process you go through to write each article.

Write to Journal or Leave Something Behind

I think this is the main reason I’ve been writing. I write because I want to get my voice out there and hopefully have my family/friends/anyone else see this as part of my legacy. Writing like this is very simple, just pick a topic from one of your two lists and start writing and saving blog entries. However, don’t expect to get a ton of traffic or find people who are looking for your help specifically.

Write to Reach Specific People

This is the direction I’d like to move toward. My initial research tells me there are some things I’m missing in order to do that. A common theme for this website is one, but even before that, I need to know exactly what people are searching for and then I need to take that and custom fit each article to that. This option may lead to earning income, but not necessarily.

Write to Earn Income

I’ve made a couple dollars on this website in the last year and a half. That’s it. I can’t speak from experience on earning income as a blogger. But if this is your motivation, then I believe you still need to write to reach specific people and solve their problem. When you solve someone’s problem, they are much more willing to pay for something. Most professional bloggers (like Lisa Irby) echo this statement.

Decide What to Write About

For this article, I decided to write about blogging. It’s in my “good at” list. I’m good at setting up a blog site and writing lots of content. I’ve been doing it for a few years now (this blog wasn’t my first). In that time, there’s a tool I discovered that lets you see what people are typing into the Google search engine. This is important because it lets you see inside the minds of people and what they are looking for. So I decided to find a phrase that best fit the nature of this article.

The First Step

The first step is to go to Google. I decided that I wanted to write about the subject, “What should I write on my blog”. So I started typing in Google this phrase. Google will start to give you suggestions as you type. When I typed in just “what should i”, some suggestions were “what should i make for dinner”, “what should i eat”, and “what should i do”.

Those suggestions weren’t what I wanted to write about, so I typed more information in. I typed “what should I write about”. When I did this, one of the suggestions was “what should i write about in my blog”. This is awesome. Google is telling me that people are searching for “what should i write about in my blog”. Actual people want help with this. But how many people?

Google’s suggestions for me
Google Suggestions

The Second Step

Take the phrase that you know people are searching for. In my case, it’s “what should i write about in my blog”.

First off, this is the Google keyword tool. It helps you know what people are searching for and the general amount of people searching each month. This is useful knowledge. I recommend being signed into a Google account when you use this tool, otherwise you have to enter characters in a Captcha that are hard to read…

At the Google Keyword Tool, I type into the box for ‘word or phrase’ what I found on Google Suggestions. I don’t use the quotes and type in, “what should i write about in my blog”. A list of entries come up like so (I’ve taken the top 30 and sorted them by most popular). Take a look at the image and notice the arrow by the entry I found most interesting.

Google Keyword Tool Search Results
Google Keyword Tool Results

At a basic level, I’m looking for low competition (the bar in the competition column being as empty as possible) and a high number of global monthly searches, with a phrase that matches exactly what I am writing about. The one I found was “What To Write In A Blog”. It had 74,000 global monthly searches and the competition was about the same as the other phrases around it. I’ve also put this set of words as the article title at the top.

Was this the best phrase? I don’t know, but I do know that it matches what I’m writing about, does not have a full bar for competition, and has many thousands of searches each month. This gives me a good start at least. I’ll be using this process for every single article I write from now on, and I’m sure I will refine the process more as I discover more about driving traffic to my blog. But that’s beyond the scope of this article. We just want to find out what to write about on our blogs. We’re not even looking to create a common theme yet, just find stuff to write about. A common theme can come later.

More Keyword Tool Help

Others have done even more research than I on the Google keyword tool. My article is a high level get you started tutorial. This Google keyword tool article on Lisa Irby’s site talks about detailed specifics that are probably worth a look if you are wanting to know more.

Final Thoughts

This article gives someone in my shoes, who isn’t sure what to write about, the tools to pick subjects to write about. Using what I know and am a master or good at, I can then find out what the demand and competition are for for a set of keywords. This is what people are typing into Google search (the world’s most heavily use search engine). This is valuable because I want to reach people and I know people are searching specifically for what I am putting in for my article title.

This gives me hope that people will have a greater chance to find my articles now. My hope is that you will find success in deciding what to write and getting people to read that content. What will you discover about yourself to write about? Have you used Google suggestions to discover what people are looking for?

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