3 Powerful Reasons to Get Rejected By Others

It’s a wonderful thing to be rejected. It means you set out to do something and what you set out to do didn’t happen in the way you intended. Often, this involves another person or group of people who decide to, for whatever reason, not to accept you in their circle. Don’t worry about it. Here’s 3 powerful reasons why¬†getting rejected by other people is wonderful.

1. You set out to be courageous and take the risk

It takes courage to put yourself out there. Whether this is a business deal, going in for a job interview, or talking to a stranger on the spot – especially where a date may be involved. All these things take a tremendous amount of courage and risk because of the uncertainty associated with them.

However, by doing them, you are the one taking the risks. You are the one being a leader in your life. Most other people are simply too afraid or timid to put them self out there and face rejection and your courage muscle will become a highly recognizable trait of yours and others will take note of it.

2. You likely conquered a fear by taking the step to get rejected

When you got rejected, how did you feel? Did you feel down and depressed? It’s funny, but I feel worse when I don’t go for something than I do if I go for it and get rejected. Every time, without fail, I feel better about myself and stronger when I get rejected. It’s as if I’ve enhanced myself with courage that makes the next time even easier and me more myself when I’m presented with a situation where I need to put myself out there.

When you get rejected, it means you conquered a fear. Feel very good that you did that. It means you’re growing as a person.

3. You grow in strength with every rejection

When you get rejected by someone else, it’s no big deal. I went right up to a beautiful Asian woman today and decided to stretch my courage muscle. My goal was to approach her and ask her to lunch just to get myself to do it. I went up to her and¬†talked for a few minutes and then asked her if she wanted to have lunch. She kind of looked down shyly and said, “I’m OK. It’s OK.” I said, “Well, nice to meet you, see ya.” And I simply walked away and didn’t think about it. I laughed to myself – not everyone wants to talk to a tall, handsome man with scruff.

This is really good. It means I am learning to be myself more and more around ANY type of person and not feel the need to change who I am or try to act in a way that impresses them. This is powerful because as I do my videos, or talk to someone where a business deal may be involved, I will be extremely relaxed because of my lack of fear of rejection. When you get rejected enough, you lose any fear.

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