Always Celebrate Others Happiness

Relish In the Happiness of Others

I just dropped my kids off at their mom’s house. I always enjoy the time I have with the two of them – they are terrific kids and I love being a fatherly presence to them in what way I still can. Speaking of their mom, I’m very happy for her. She’s found someone that closely matches what will fulfill her in her life and is engaged to him to be married in a couple months. Many have asked me how this makes me feel – the fact that she will likely get married to someone else soon.

I was the one that ended our marriage and one reason was so that she could find someone that more closely matches her beliefs and values. Not an easy thing to do when there are no serious problems in the relationship. But I had the faith that each of us would have a chance to find a connection that surpasses what we both could have had together. I believe that’s how a marriage/relationship should be – an exact match to what each other wants – not 80%, not 90%, but an exact match. I also know most people would kill for the kind of relationship she and I had while we were married.

Because she’s found this happiness with another, I’m really happy for her. I care for other’s happiness, success, and fulfillment. Often, I do this at the expense of my own, but I’m a giver at heart. I get great satisfaction from seeing other people happy because I know how hectic and chaotic life can get. I see how happy my kids are seeing her happy and seeing me, their dad, trail blaze with his wings spread, living life to its fullest.

Celebrate the happiness of others. It shows you value life and people. It will help you give back to the world as you uplift and inspire others. Your kindness in how you recognize others and their happiness is a light in the world.

Your quest: Celebrate the happiness of those around you. Speak verbally to them about their successes and how awesome they are. Do this with authenticity without expectation to get anything back.

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