Attracting What You Are

I had a great discussion with a gal very recently about how you attract what you are in life. It’s a very true statement I’ve found. As I continue on in this journey of life, at various times, I’ve attracted into my life things based on who I was as a person at that time. Sometimes this was something I thought was good but in reality was not, and other times it was a good thing that just wasn’t meant to be. It has always been the energy that I give off that has caused me to attract like to that energy.

Think of it like you are a giant magnet. You have the ability to pull situations and other people to you. This is an incredible gift. If you’re energy is geared toward complaining, negativity, and overall just hating life, you will pull people toward you in that state and repel others not in that state.

On the flip side, if you love life, have a high self esteem, are healthy, and very aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you will begin to attract those kinds of people in your life. Those kind of people are my favorite to meet. I met one today and she was happy, healthy, and had a very good energy about her.

As I’ve taken the time to get my body in tip top shape, work on myself to continue to cultivate my mind and soul, I’m finding that people are coming into my life who share those same values and it feels REALLY good. I feel very abundant with myself and being able to attract like minded people into my life and can see that the future will always be bright so long as I do my part for myself first.

Treat this with great care and respect. Who you are is who you get in your life. I’ve made my share of mistakes and can look back and see where I went wrong. But I always move forward and for you in your life, do the same. It’s not about all of a sudden attracting this amazing thing and then you are done with the work on yourself. Oh no, the work on yourself never ends. Keep improving and you’ll improve what you attract.

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