How Awesome Is The Four Agreements?

I was recently referred to a book by a friend of mine back in Michigan who mentioned it after she read one of my Facebook posts about being impeccable with your word. It’s called The Four Agreements and it’s written by Don Miguel Ruiz.

It’s a reasonably quick read at about 130 pages and it’s packed with really good details about how to live a completely abundant and happy life. It’s like a pocket guide for a good life here on earth for humans. Here’s a summary of what it teaches and why it’s so powerful:

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word

My most favorite lesson. As humans, of course it’s important to be honest and upfront with each other in communication. However, the hidden lesson that I discovered here was to always be impeccable with your word to yourself. This is your inner dialog – what you want – what you desire for your life. And when you aren’t impeccable with your word to yourself for these things, you degrade yourself and treat yourself lesser than what you are.

Some good examples of this are:

  • If you say you are giving up something in your life, then ACTUALLY give it up.
  • If you say you are going to meet someone somewhere, then ACTUALLY do it.
  • If you say you will get back to someone next week, then WAIT until next week.
  • If you say you are going to get in tip top shape and be healthy, then ACTUALLY do it.

These and many other examples from my own life help me realize that when I am impeccable with my word to myself first and foremost, that life begins to take a new and powerful form for me and it’ll do the same for you. You’ll start to attract personalities of the same type and form connections with people that will blow your mind.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally

I like this lesson as well because in the past, I have taken things personally. If someone didn’t call or message me back. If someone fell off the radar without telling me why. If someone got angry at me and I didn’t know why. The list goes on. This lesson is awesome for this simple reason:

Whenever someone does something to you, whether it’s rejection, ignoring you, getting angry with you, whatever it may be – this action they are taking has way more to do with them and whatever fear, insecurity, worry, or new life event, than it could ever have to do with you. Remember, we are alone in our own worlds. Therefore, anything anyone does is based on their reality and not yours.

3. Don’t Make Assumptions

Tying into don’t take anything personally is don’t make assumptions. As I said, we’re alone in our own worlds – we have our own reality in our head based on our entire life experience. This reality is ours and is the foundation for our interpretation of the world and the actions of other people.

Think about it like this – when someone makes a decision or does something, they can’t see inside your head. All they have is their own life experience, knowledge, and view of the world – as do you. You can’t assume that someone did something for a certain reason. Instead, be detached from any outcome with someone, go for what you want, and if someone doesn’t respond in a way that you want, smile, and let it go.

Lastly, to avoid assumptions, always communicate through asking detailed questions and stating what you want. When you do this, it’s tough to be unclear about anything and you’ll avoid drama or misunderstandings.

4. Always Do Your Best

The last one and I really liked how the author described it. Too often, I am hard on myself for not making a video or article every day. I can get discouraged that I’m not making enough progress in my life. The author helps put this into perspective. Doing your best is doing the best you can each day with where you are that day.

Some days, you’ll feel sick, tired, frustrated, angry, depressed, sad, or whatever it may be. You do the best with how your circumstance is each and every day.

When you do your best, there is no judgment that can be made upon you by yourself or anyone else. This is powerful. I think about my work I do to earn a living right now. If I do my best at work, I have no fear of whatever might happen because I am giving it my all.

The Four Agreements – it’s a quick and fantastic read that’ll give you a pocket guide for life.

The Four Agreements

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