Change Expectation Into Appreciation

I was listening to an interview between Tim Ferris and Anthony Robbins. You can find it here. They were talking about how a lot of rich people are angry or not having the life they want. One of the things that struck me while they were talking about that was changing expectation into appreciation.

This interests me because I’m not immune to expectations. I want things. I want outcomes. However, the more I focus on that, the more I focus on how I don’t have it because when you are striving for something, you don’t have it yet. So the more I think about my expectations, the more I become disappointed because I haven’t achieved them yet.

This leads to a viscous cycle that I have to stop right away when it happens. Usually, after a few hours I stop it, but in the past, this cycle could go on for days, weeks, and months. Here’s how you can change your expectations into appreciation:

Be thankful for the simple things – air, walking, anyone around you, whatever it may be.

Channel your gratitude into the effort you put in for the day – ask for the strength and effort to add value to your life and those around you today.

Give appreciation to other people – that means to tell them thank you if they did something for you.

Find a way to do little things – for me, this is picking up trash when I see it, complimenting someone authentically on something I see, and constantly learning to improve myself and what I can add to others.

By doing these things, you’ll quickly forget about how you stumbled and fumbled in how you spoke, how your job wasn’t so fun that day, how that person rejected you, how you didn’t workout that day, how you lost money. All of that melts away when you focus on the simplicity of life, being thankful, and finding a way to do the little things in life.

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