Having Choice Is Cool

It’s very cool to have choice in situations. With your career, with your business partners, in your dating life, whatever it may be, when you have options, you are more likely to come from a place of abundance. Why? Because you view yourself as valuable and a catch and therefore, you get to choose what is best for you instead of settling for something. I’m thankful in my life to have choice in these many areas. That freedom to choose comes through much work on yourself to become a person worthy of that situation.

Choice is freedom. But it takes the work on yourself to become a person who has many options. Right now, I have an option to switch to a new job that will pay me more. But I don’t have to take it. Therefore, I can see if it is truly the right fit for me before going in and if not, I have no loss. This is the definition of abundance to me – you don’t need something, but if you get it great, but if not, great.

Become a person who has many options in your life by learning, embracing personal development, and just plain being awesome. It’s having choice that gives freedom, peace, and abundance in your life. Best of luck to you!

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