A Compelling Vision and Future

visionOne of the interesting things this year has taught me is that there was a period of time where I felt a compelling vision and future. I walked around with confidence – a desire to speak in front of others and share my influence with the world. I had grand dreams and goals for what I might be able to do in life.

What can happen is that a big trial or setback can knock you off that course for your compelling vision and future. I didn’t know this could happen to me earlier this year. It’s the things we don’t know that we don’t know that always bite us. What I didn’t realize about myself is that I was not equipped to handle a big challenge or setback like the one that happened to me this year.

It was very hard, but it taught me what I didn’t know about myself – that I was weak and un-centered emotionally and not centered in my core beliefs. This caused me to oscillate in decisions where I know what the true course of action is. I care about having a compelling vision and future and as a man, that must always come first in my life. Having confidence and walking around optimistically and positively is a very attractive quality and I possess that still :).

I think for you reading this, you probably have something in your life that you want to do. Whether it’s your own business, a service project, or getting the courage to go talk to that person you know you want to talk to. Whatever it is, I can tell you this – that if you don’t go for it, you’re going to have a void inside of you. You’ll wake up each morning feeling empty inside. This void will be there until you follow what your gut is telling you to do.

If something in your life has knocked you down and you feel crippled – unable to do anything, that can be gripping. Fear can paralyze you. I know because I’ve felt it. I’ve been paralyzed just like you. I’ve been as far in the dumps as a man can get – suicidal and not wanting to wake up the next day. But with some determination, focus, and setting your mind on the right things, you can start to get out of that hell and make your life compelling again.

It’s not easy… I’ve been very hot and cold this year in making firm decisions. The truth is, there is an attractive quality to making a firm decision and putting your balls on the chopping block. It shows you are willing to take a risk with something and face whatever the consequences of that are. Because life is so uncertain, the fact that you are willing to go after something strongly that is risky sets you apart from most people.

To have a compelling vision and future is to recognize the uncertainty of life. But then it is to look at what you truly want and to go for it. The beauty of life is that you can make mistakes, but you always have the chance in the future to do it right – so long as you are still alive and able to think :).

So go for it. Do what has been in your heart, mind, and gut for a while now. Chances are, it is the right thing to do and you will feel so much better knowing you went for it, regardless of how it works out.

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