Continuous Circulation

Canoe Paddler

Life is a process of continuous circulation and evolving. Think of a paddler having to paddle her little canoe up the current of a river. The paddler must continue to paddle or else the current of the river will surely begin to sweep her back to where she was. She must continue to push herself up the river and as she does so, she will cover more and more distance.

Your life journey is like this. You’ll never really arrive at a certain point in your life, reach that point, and not have to continue to evolve yourself. Sure, you can stop everything you are doing in your life. But you’ll continue to regress to the point you are almost just taking up space and your body and life will be difficult to continue.

Neglect your physical body and the current of the river will inevitably begin to erode you. Neglect your mental health and your brain will become less effective. Life is a continuous process of nourishment of the body, mind, heart, and soul.

Each day you wake up, the choice will be before you – do you paddle your canoe up the river and continue to evolve your life? Or will you be swept down the river? Fortunately for you, the choice is yours.

Image Courtesy of: Wisconsin Trails

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