The Energy You Give Off

Your Energy FieldOne of my recent learning exercises has been in regards to us as humans. If you go online and read a little, there seems to be a consensus that our heart and energy we have inside us creates a sort of energy or magnetic field around us. I don’t know the mystery of the physics and chemistry here, but I’ve learned one thing this year that has been valuable – we give off an energy that other people can pick up on.

Energy As An Influencer

Heidi and I have been talking lately and interestingly enough as we talk about where I’m headed and the future, we’ve both found ourselves acting in a much higher vibration than we have ever before. We both are noticing within each other a glow and light.

To me, this is really interesting. As a couple, we are talking about some very serious things about our future. You’d think this would cause a ripple and shock of devastation between two people, but it’s having the opposite effect on us I’m finding.

As Heidi and I sit down and talk, I tell her that in any situation, the best things you can do are focus on yourself, get your body in good physical condition, eat healthy, and love and live life to its fullest. We are both taking this to heart. I find that as I talk to her in a manner that oozes confidence and happiness, she can’t help but be the same. Thus, we are both lifted up and the energy we each give off is greater than it has ever been.

Let me share a picture of Heidi and I – there is a glow happening that I’ve never seen for each of us. It’s as if what we are doing right now is aligned with real happiness. I’m kind of in awe of it myself – the energy is just off the charts, and perhaps it is being aligned and working with each other so well and Heidi being so supportive of meĀ in what I want.

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This photo was taken by Ellie, our 7 year old daughter yesterday. I feel so content in this photo and Heidi is glowing with happiness. These are two very happy people my friend – and I’m looking toward some things that will definitely change our future together. I think about my decision to do that – am I utterly nuts? I mean, look at Heidi for goodness sakes, she’s looking hot here :). I sometimes wonder if I’ve lost my mind :).

Energy From Within

I think about the energy we each give off and I know for me, when I’m in a high vibration like I am right now, things start happening in my favor. At work, our CTO referred to me as the “head of engineering of performance.” I’m doing things I’ve never done in my career. As I interact with people at work and otherwise, I can tell I am having a level of influence with them due to my high vibration. It feels awesome.

Earlier in the year, my vibration got to an extremely low point. There are a few people dear to me who saw me at the lowest point I’ve ever been in my life. Anybody who has been able to see me like that and still talks to me again in the future is a brave soul, for you have seen me at my lowest and now as I dig deep from within and am starting to act on what my true self is, I feel my energy level rising.

And it’s the scary stuff – it’s moving out on my own and carving a new chapter of my life while partnering with Heidi and our children still. I’m not worried about what might or might not happen. Will the things I want really come to pass? Who is to say – I do know that each of us have our mind, heart, and gut and when those 3 are telling us it’s time to do something, then it is time.

I love talking to Heidi about this energy and vibration. She and I have formed a real connection in this life together and I’ve never met someone who is as kind and considerate as she is – and not just that, she sticks around and listens to people and cares for them, even when they don’t deserve it. I am privileged to call her a soul connection in my life – one that I believe is newly formed from what we’ve experienced here on earth together.

Where’s Your Energy

I feel dang good right now and it’s all coming from within. I mowed the lawn today and was so happy to do it. In the past, I was grumpy about doing this, but today, I am happy to do it because I’m thankful my family has a lawn to mow and a house to live in. Not everyone is so fortunate. I’ve learned this year to muster strength and energy from within first before anything else. What a valuable lesson and I have a deep respect for the one who taught me this.

Where is your energy? Are you thankful for anything at all? Is life a chore? If it is, I encourage you to get off your butt and go walking. Set your body in motion and get curious about life. You can, of course, be miserable if that’s what you’ve been doing. But I’m living proof that you can enter hell and come out stronger and more glowing than ever. The proof is in the picture my friends.

The best to you who are reading this. Whether we are able to connect again in the future or not, I send my love, care, support, and positive vibes your way. Here’s to continued energy and a full, happy, and abundant life!

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