The ESIP Connection

You interact quite often with your fellow human beings I’d imagine. Most of the time, these interactions are casual – at work, or they are of a very comfortable nature, such as being around family, where you’re comfortable doing and saying anything. There’s a special kind of connection that doesn’t happen very often – that is, your odds of finding such a connection are rare. You can play the numbers and interact with as many people as you can, or let life unfold and bring these people to you, the choice is yours.

The ESIP connection is a deep connection with someone else. You might meet, have relationships with others who bring ESIP at varying levels, but not quite fully and intently. These relationships are still very worthwhile, loving, and growth oriented. However, there’s many ways to describe a full ESIP connection, such as a soul connection, soul mate, or twin flame. Regardless of the wording you use for it, I like to think of a person like this as an ESIP connection because of what ESIP represents.

The E stands for emotional. It is the way in which you and the other person you’ve encountered make each other feel. Do you inspire each other? Do you make each other feel loved? Do you feel magnified when you think of the other person? Are you able to share anything and everything with each other without any thought or reservation? This all represents the emotional aspect of the ESIP connection.

The S stands for spiritual. This is the inner knowing that there is something important about this person. You may feel some kind of a soul bond or just feel really close to the person like you have known them before. You may also completely align with their spiritual or religious beliefs and have common ground there. The more common ground and life path alignment you have here, the stronger the spiritual side will be.

The I stands for intellectual. This is the ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally with the other person about different subject matters. It means you two can hold a conversation for hours on end without any difficulty. You both are able to challenge each other intellectually through questions and your skill and brain power. The intellectual connection here is very growth oriented and there is an intense desire to share and learn from each other.

The P stands for physical. This is how well you connect with the other person physically. This includes touching, hugging, and yes, anything sexually related. The more free flowing all of these are between you and the other person, the stronger the physical aspect of the relationship is. When the physical part flows freely, willingly, effortlessly, and frequently, you have a strong physical bond and connection.

Having all four of these aligning at a high vibration is the stuff of legends. It’s not something that just happens automatically. Most of you have guards in place for your life. You’ve been hurt or are skeptical of the intentions of other people. But if you can find this kind of connection, it will change the way you view relationships with others in life where deep love and connection are involved.

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