Feeling the Pain of Another

Last night, something interesting happened to me. I was just going about my business when I felt like someone had grabbed my insides and started to shake them and twirl them, kind of like what a washing machine does to clothes. I didn’t have any illness going on, and the pain has since lessened a little, but it still remains.

I’m not sure if many of you have had experiences where all of a sudden you know that someone you know is feeling pain or is having a bit of turmoil in their life, but that’s exactly what happened to me. I don’t know if it’s all in my head, but I’d love to know for sure, but sometimes that knowing isn’t possible.

Think of the feeling of the pain of someone else like a big knot in your stomach after the initial shakeup of your insides. Your gut will tell you that there is something going on and chances are, it isn’t you if things have been going on normally day-to-day. Listen to your own intuition and it will tell you who is feeling the pain or having the difficulty.

If possible, reach out to that person to see if everything is OK. Hopefully you get a response saying that things are OK. If you get no response, just send out happy and positive vibes toward that person and silently wish them well and send them strength.

Part of life is caring about other people. There are people I really care about in my life and it is difficult when I know they are having a struggle or period of pain. I just want to reach out, but know that sometimes, it is best to let it get sorted out alone.

Stay caring my friends. Life is about people and the bonds and connections we form with them.

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