Feeling Really Good

I wrote a little while back about recovery time. This is something I’m very happy about with the progress I’ve made. Last year, my recovery time for anything difficult or significant was many months. This has now been trimmed to a couple days where I take time alone, in the bat cave, to sort myself out and then I’m good to go. I’ve learned that children are very comfortable releasing their feelings and emotions and this is what I do now whenever I feel something that I need to get out of my system.

I was able to do that over the last couple days, and I’m good to go now. If you can be authentic and quick to recover, you’ll start to become a person who can feel strong feelings, but also be able to detach from a situation at lightning speed. I like it. This feels really good and right. And it also helps me be even more present in each moment without expectation.

To feel really good is to work on yourself, through exercise, health, mental learning, and becoming the next strongest version of yourself over and over. I’m just a young whipper snapper, but I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made to this point and how good I feel.

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