How to be Strong Willed

Strong as IronTo be strong willed means you have the ability to keep your emotions in check and remain confident and sure of yourself no matter what life throws at you.

It means you don’t doubt yourself and your life purpose. This is easier said than done, however, I’ve picked up on some things this year that will help you be strong willed – from my own experience. These lessons will serve you well as you look to have an iron will and strength like our friend here in the iron armor.

The key is to spend time doing the things I outline below – each and every day. After you do them over and over, they will become a part of you.




Be Strong From Within First

It’s very tough to be strong willed in life if you are looking to depend on your support from another person. I know what that is like. One day you’ll meet someone and they will knock your socks off and then some and then do it a few more times again. I get it. I really do. You should be thankful if such an experience happens to you because not everyone meets someone like that.

The challenge that can happen in a situation like that is you can find yourself becoming dependent and needy on that person. This does neither of you any good because each of you are independent and conscious human beings. Each of you will make choices in your own life and having your own emotional state depend on the choices of another will lead you to some dark roads.

Instead, take time each day by yourself to think and meditate. Learn to love yourself for who you are. Bask in your own glory and become a companion to yourself. After you do this, you can start welcoming others in your life to enhance it, but it should be done from a place of strength from within where the decisions of others do not affect your state of being – but others can help enhance it, which is awesome.

Take Time To Get Physically Fit

To be strong willed requires a strong body that is physically fit. For me, this means going on 30-40 minute runs a few times a week and playing basketball as much as I can. It means getting out my weights and lifting. It means getting on my pull-up bar and putting in work there. It means flexibility through stretching and Yoga. A body that is fully fit has a much better chance to be strong willed than one that is not.

Being physically fit just plain feels good. When I look in the mirror, I’m reasonably happy with what I see. Sure, there is always more work to do, but overall, I’m happy with where I’m at physically. And the looks of it aren’t really what matters anyway – it’s the energy and confidence that comes with it. I proudly walk around with my head held up high, confident in what I am doing wherever I go and being physically fit helps drive that.

Find Music That Uplifts and Inspires You

Find some good music that inspires you and listen to it daily. I have a ritual now of listening to music from some of the best RPG computer games I’ve played, trance music, John Denver, etc… and the music from those sources inspires me. You might have your own playlist of music that does it for you.

What’s great about music is that you can listen to it while driving or running/exercising. This helps both of those go a lot faster. I find that listening to the music I love is like receiving a morale boost while fighting a battle. I feel encouraged to go out and do more than if I am just sitting in silence.

Focus on Strength Each and Every Day

Spending time each day to focus on yourself and your own strength will help you be strong willed. It just means sitting by yourself, thinking, closing your eyes, and picturing what is good in your mind. Today while I was driving home from work, I felt such a rush of love and care that I just sang to John Denver over and over in my car. It was awesome.

I take time while I’m laying down in the night time and morning to give thanks for who I am and the people I know. I give thanks to have my health and the opportunities that come each day. I give thanks for the hard times and the good times. But most of all, I commit to living with truth, love, and courage. This means acting that way throughout the day without fear.

Be Strong Minded

Let me talk a little bit about fear now. To be strong minded requires being able to act even if you are afraid. Fear can be gripping. It can cause you to run away from things. It can cause you to make fleeting decisions that might be more than need to be done. If you are strong minded, you can focus from within and find resolutions to situations much easier than being afraid of them.

I look at my life. There’s times where I feel fear still. I often wonder what the future is going to hold for me at my day job. What is going to become of my family. What about other people I care about? What is going to happen? I have these questions, but it doesn’t paralyze me from moving forward in my life. I’m still going to work, write, create, play basketball, run, sing in the car, and feel the warmth and love that comes at me multiple times a day.

To be strong minded, just act on fear without being paralyzed by it. You can do it. I remember when I first starting doing public speaking. It’s a little scary to get up in front of a group of people. But then you realize it’s no big deal and you do it anyway. Just keep repeating fearless tasksĀ like that and you will have a strong and courageous mind.

To be strong willed, just focus each day on the things that will strengthen you. Soon you’ll find yourself armored like our iron friend here. Wishing you success and sending you long warm hugs as you seek to become more strong willed.

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