Hunting For a Place to Move Out To

Apartment hunting is a new thing for me. After all, I’ve lived in a house for quite some time now and currently, I’ve made a mini-home in our basement until I can find a place to get settled in to. Most places I’m finding are between $650 and about $850 for rent per month. Some include utilities like gas and electricity and others do not. The money budget will certainly be a little tight, especially once I find a place to move in to.

I look at this as the first step of what I need to do. Being single is going to be a new experience for me. I’m so used to just coming home day after day and that is all going to change. As I said before, a divorce, even an amicable one, is a tough thing to go through and I appreciate the time and space people are giving me as this gets worked through.

Utah has a great website, KSL, which I’ve used to search for apartments. I’m currently waiting to hear about one south of where I work that was a pretty good deal – about $575 a month + utilities. Either way, when I find a place, I’ll write about that experience and being a renter instead of a home owner.

This is something you’ll have to go through as a guy (or gal) if you are the one who isn’t owning the home in a divorce. You’ll have to move out on your own and start a new path in your own place. This is what I’m doing. So far, I haven’t found a place yet, but am hopeful I will in the next month or two.

As always, I send my care to you, whoever you are, reading this. All the best to you in your life, wherever you are – near or far.

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