Into the Bat Cave


The latest batman movies are some of my favorites. They are, “Batman Begins”, “The Dark Knight”, and “The Dark Knight Rises”. I really like these movies because they take a more realistic and emotional take on Batman.

One of the things you might be able to relate to is Batman and his bat cave. As a man, I now sort out my problems by going to my own bat cave – this is my bedroom with my computer in it. It’s not quite as fancy as Batman’s bat cave, but it does the job for me. When I go here and I have to sort things out in my head, I do it and cut contact with all sources. I play trance music, play my favorite RPG, and just lay down and think. And I do this UNTIL I feel resolved in my head.

It works pretty well. To detach yourself from everything you are thinking and feeling. It’s helped bring me back into balance. And I’m sure I’ll need to repeat this exercise again and again whenever I find myself losing touch with reality or swinging too far toward detachment (apathy) or attachment (needy) to people and situations. It’s best to have a healthy balance of caring, but not needing, yet at the same time not being apathetic.

This balance is back and whenever it goes too far toward apathy or attachment, I go to the bat cave and work myself out and become the next stronger version of myself. It really does work wonders. Now I get to decide what to do from here. I GET TO choose what I do next and what or who is allowed into my life. And the bar is pretty high for that.

If you feel a little off center, find your own bat cave and sort yourself out. Take as long as it takes to do so.

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