Keep Your Standards High

Imagine for a moment that you, yes you, are the direct result of everything that you have allowed to come into your life. Yes, everything you’ve allowed makes up exactly who you are.

  • Your weight is the direct result of what you’ve allowed into your body and what you’ve allowed your body to do (or not do).
  • Your knowledge is the direct result of what you’ve allowed yourself to study and experience.
  • Your view of the world is the direct result of what meanings you’ve allowed to stick with you.
  • Your self esteem is a direct result of how you’ve allowed others to treat you.
  • Your bank account is a direct result of what you’ve allowed yourself to earn or invest.

Keeping your standards high is simply having a guard in your mind about what you will allow and not allow to happen to you in your life.

This very point hit home for me today. As I interact with others, I notice that people usually fall into one of these four camps in how they respond to you:

  1. They could really care less and generally don’t respond, if at all.
  2. They respond, but it’s Luke warm and usually very terse or short. There’s a host of reasons for this – don’t try and read into them.
  3. They are happy to hear from you and generally respond with more than just a few words.
  4. They worship you and can’t wait for you to contact them.

If your standard is such that you’re just happy to have anyone to talk to, you will give your time and attention to those in camps 1 and 2. You’ll continually try and reach out just to get a response from them.

If, however, you’ve raised your standard in your contact with others, you’ll very quickly realize when someone is in camp 1 or 2 and shut off the lines of contact in favor of those in camps 3 and 4. And it will not matter who the person is in camp 1 or 2. They could be a Greek God or Goddess and it does not matter.

This is the power of having a high standard. It means you only allow yourself to communicate with or have close ties to those in camps 3 or 4. You want someone who is excited to see you. Those in camps 1 and 2 can enter camps 3 and 4, but don’t wait for that to happen. Surround yourself with people who are excited to hear from you and be in your life.

Your quest: Look at your life and the people in it. Examine those who are in camps 1 and 2 and make a decision for yourself which people to include in your life. This will serve you well as you seek to become the next strongest version of yourself.

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