Learning to Accept Reality

Think in your mind for a moment about a situation. It’s like this: you are outside in the desert, 10 miles away from town. All you have is a canteen with a little water in it and 10 miles to walk before you’ll get any food or water. Your situation is what it is.

Now, the reason for your situation isn’t terribly relevant at this point. There’s no time machine to go back in time and decide to undo whatever it is that got you stuck out in the desert. The fact remains, you are in the desert with a little bit of water.

In this case, you can close your eyes and try to wish yourself out of the desert and into town, but that won’t work too well. At least, I’ve never seen anyone able to use their thoughts to transport them self yet. If you want to get back to town in this case, you’ll have to cross the 10 miles of desert. No amount of wanting it to be different is going to help.

And that’s a key point. The more you want your reality of being out in the desert to be different than it is, the more pain and frustration you are going to give yourself. You can bargain all you want in your head, but your place in the desert will remain.

I’d like you to consider in this example to simply accept that you are out in the desert with just a little bit of water. And to not fight that reality. This worked really well for me a couple weeks ago flying to San Francisco. When the flight hit heavy turbulence, I simply smiled, played some music and accepted the turbulence and that I was just along for the ride. When I did this, I felt very peaceful.

This kind of acceptance can be hard, especially if you want your reality to be different than it currently is. It’s even more difficult if you are trying to change the mind of someone else or want another person to act or be another way. Consider the approach of just accepting situations and people for the way and who they are and that you are just along for the ride.

Accept your reality for what it is. Accept every choice you’ve made that has led you to where you are today. This will bring you peace.

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