What You Liked As a Kid Is Your Passion

As a young child, you’re in a very special time in your life. You are unfiltered and have not had time to think about and be swayed by the opinions and persuasion of others. As such, there’s probably a few things that you really liked as a kid – and you liked and were drawn to these things simply because you innately wanted to do them. It wasn’t because of money or what anyone else wanted you to do.

When I was a kid, there were a few things that I was drawn to and I was drawn to them innately at a young age. Here they are:


My dad first brought a small computer to my Kindergarten class and showed a black and white game like pac-man, except it was a guy carrying a brief case, going around and getting floppy disks. I was immediately hooked and wanted to understand everything about computers and how the games and software on them run. It’s no coincidence that today, I’m a software developer for my day job.

Computer Games

I remember a little shop near where I grew up in Michigan called the Software House. I remember going in there and seeing rows of boxed games with really neat covers on them. I loved the artwork and started to play the games at a very young age and I was hooked. I loved going into a new world on the computer and playing through a game. It’s no coincidence that I’ve made my own game today and plan to make more.

Some of my earliest games in memory that I loved are: Master of Orion, Bard’s Tale 2, Might and Magic, Ultima 2, and Dungeons and Dragons: Curse of the Azure Bonds.


I first started playing basketball at about 5 years of age and I wasn’t very good at it. I remember being very clumsy and not being able to make shots, but I loved trying to get this ball in the hoop and became obsessed. Thousands of shots later, I ended up playing (and still play) quite a bit of basketball and it’s one of the greatest feelings for me to be on a court and play.

Understanding People

Lastly, as a youngster, I was fascinated with people and what made them tick. It’s made me a bit of a weirdo as I would say and do things (even to this day) just to see how people react to them. I’ve always enjoyed trying to understand and unlock other people and since a young age, this has interested me. It’s no coincidence that this website and another one of mine exist as I try to share knowledge to help people.

Think about your life – what were you drawn to as a child? I really like cats too and have since a young age. If you are doing any of the things you really liked as a child, I think you’ll be in good shape career-wise.

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