Lose Your Wallet and Don’t Care

I lost my wallet recently. It had a ton of stuff in it that I cared about like my license, credit cards, and debit card. However, I solved that problem by simply going to the DMV and redoing my license and going online and cancelling all my cards and having new one’s sent. Problem solved. I checked the store where I lost my wallet yesterday, but it wasn’t there.

I felt very detached once I knew my wallet was gone. I like my wallet, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t need it. I am me and not defined by having this black wallet with cards in it. And what’s really interesting is that I decided to go back to the store where I believe my wallet was lost and just checked the store again today. Here’s the funny thing:

When you’re really detached from something, that’s when that something starts to come back to you. I know, it doesn’t make any sense intuitively… But it’s the way things are. Hey, I didn’t create this world, take it up with whoever did :). But I went to the lost and found again and my wallet was there! The lady had me sign a paper and I got my wallet back and everything that was in it. Amazing.

There are things coming back to me… I can feel it and it’s not because I have mystical powers, but instead because I’m so detached and strong from within. Funny how that works eh?

Watch the video, it’ll tell you about my wallet losing story.

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