Owning the Bucket List

Recently, I got back from my Santa Clara trip. I talked about bucket listing in Santa Clara, and I’m happy to say, that I accomplished many of my bucket list items :). I’ve got a bunch of pictures to show and talk about the cool things I did. Life is short – who knows when our time is up and on this trip, I was able to live life to its fullest and I’m so grateful for the chance I had to go.

Visit Parks and Play Basketball

I got to visit some nice parks and recreational locations while in California. I even found a park to play basketball with in Menlo Park, with the help of a friend of mine who I already know in California. Which satisfies another criteria – meetup with someone I already know.

Catch Up With Someone I Already Know

I’ve made a good friend there in California, someone who is ambitious, kind, and who I can talk to and have a place to stay when I go back. I love making new friends and this is a good person. It goes to show that putting yourself out there to meet people creates some lasting friendships.

Ride Google Bikes

I rode Google bikes (while I was at Google – more on that later). Google bikes are free (and colorful) bikes provided by Google to ride around. They’re free with a system of trust that you’ll return the bike to a Google bike station when you are done.

Speak at a Tech Conference

The main purpose of the trip was to speak at a tech conference in front of about 100 people. I was able to achieve this and speak with clarity and authority on my subject – how our team helped take Ancestry from a slow and inefficient site, to one where the performance is a feature and a focus of the business and the site runs pretty fast now.


Visit Stanford

I’ve always wanted to see Stanford University. It’s a high end university – the quality is really high. A friend of mine who works at the hospital near there took me on a tour and I loved it. The campus was in amazing condition and the architecture was beautiful.


Visit Google

I got to visit Google and see its campus – and even partake of the free meals that they have there. It was so much fun! There were little monuments to the major versions of Android phones, and a dinosaur skeleton. It was like a college campus. What a cool place to work!


Visit Apple

I got to visit Apple and see its campus too! I was able to walk around and see the headquarters. It was very well kept and there were so many people there. I love the diversity too – lots of ethnicity and female developers too, which I kind of have a thing for ;) I love it there.


Ride in a Tesla (wasn’t on my list originally)

A developer at Apple was kind enough to take me for a spin in her Tesla. She was really cool and Tesla’s really can accelerate fast! I want one even more now.

Oh do I want a Tesla now.

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Visit Bars and Eateries

I was able to visit a few bars and eateries while in California, in Santa Clara and in San Jose. The one in San Jose, I had 3 different drinks – a lemon one, a mango margarita one, and a really strong whiskey/margarita blend. They were interesting for sure and I love trying new things. This was a good experience.

Overall, the theme of this trip is the ambition, passion, and quality of Californians. I love it out there and feel a strong pull that is getting harder to resist :).

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