The Problem Statement

I was listening to a guy on YouTube, and he was reiterating something I’ve already learned for myself – and that is a man’s mission and purpose in life should come first before anything – any friends, any entertainment (games, outings, etc…), and any woman. A man creates masculine polarity and energy when he is driven in his purpose. I agree with that. My purpose is in life is to train people to be life wizards – able to handle any situation through utilizing powerful skills, mindsets, and problem solving. I’ll also be teaching valuable technical skills.

The problem statement – the opportunity for this as I see it is this: most people don’t quite understand them self, their life, or have any idea about what to do in their life, or how to even get outside of the ruts and challenges they face. There is a segment of people that are crushing it in life – whether it’s financially, socially, or personally. But even those people have some things they struggle with.

The gain for others is the ability to take advantage of more opportunity in the career field. You’ll have better opportunities financially. On the other side, you’ll gain a mental stability and muscle that allows you to effortlessly handle any situation brought before you. Simply put, you’ll command your own life and where it goes in a powerful way.

I was at work today and just looking around and there’s always discussions among people trying to solve problems. There seems to be a need for a leader that everyone looks up to. Perhaps it’s a delusion of mine, but it is what I see. I think where I come in is to be a leader for people – to help lead, guide, direct, and inspire them. And not just with words and fluff, but also with the passing down of the skills I’ve picked up along the way.

To solve the problem statement, I still have work to do – learn to better inspire, persuade, entertain, and reach people. I’m still new at this, but I’ve got a lot of experience to bring to it. I feel so good when I help someone – really good. When I helped a guy from India not commit suicide and see that he is now a contributing member of society and having success in the field of technology, it brings a tear to my eye and I know I’ll never give up on what I’m doing.

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