Rediscovering Laughter

One of my good friends where I work during the day posted a video to his Facebook page and I have to admit, it was cracking me up big time. He and his wife were trying to do Looney Toons impressions of cartoon characters, and the other had to guess what character it was. It was hilarious.

Laughter is something that left me last year and has started to make its way back into my natural state of being and I have to say, it feels good! I’m laughing at YouTube videos again, laughing at other people, and most importantly, laughing at myself. Some of the things I’ve done in the last 5 months are downright laughable and funny. And I laugh at myself often.

I’m even laughing at what I wrote about and did videos on over the last few days. Who knew that what might be considered a tough time could be so funny when I look back at it. I think laughter is medicine for life. If you can find a way to laugh, life becomes that much better. The lesson for me tonight is to always come from a place of playfulness and end on a funny note if possible. I’ve taken the time to do that tonight and it just feels right.

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