How to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety to me is simply the feeling of worry and fear about a situation that is going on. It might be the fast beating in your heart before giving a public speaking presentation or the worry about seeing your ex. It could be the feeling before a difficult conversation or the feeling of inadequacy at a big task before you. When you think about anxiety, it is usually attached to situations you feel UNCERTAIN or FEARFUL about.

I can only share from my own experiences some of the anxiety I’ve had and speak to those. I’ll share what I do to help reduce the anxiety in those situations. Notice I didn’t say eliminate – I haven’t found out how to eliminate anxiety altogether, but I have found ways to greatly reduce it. I think some anxiety is natural if you have any kind of care for people in the world or you own life situation. Here’s some of the things I feel anxious about:

  • Living life single and in an apartment, caring for two kids every other weekend.
  • Making sure those that are close to me know that I care.
  • The wondering if I’ll be able to continue to accelerate at my career and earn enough.
  • Wondering how my coaching business is going to go over the next few years.

These are just a few things that I have anxiety about. But I’ve found ways to reduce the anxiety and they are subtle and simple. Here they are:

Drink Plenty of Water and Breathe Deeply

I drink quite a lot of water during the day and this keeps me hydrated. When I don’t drink water, I will see stars sometimes if I exert myself too heavily. This “flares” up my anxiety as I become weak, dizzy, and less strong in my ability to handle life from a position of strength. The deep breathing helps me feel centered. I also just breathe deeply over and over. This helps me return to a centered state. Breathe and drink water – these two things will help you stay alert and centered.

Meditate and Picture Your Future Positively

Another thing I do, is I meditate. I listen to music, like Enigma, Return to Innocence. I listen to it, close my eyes, and picture what my future will look like. It is the exact opposite of my worries. Take all the statements you are worried about, close your eyes, and envision them in the positive. Here’s what I do:

  • I am on the right path being single now and it is what I need to do to unleash my potential.
  • Those who are close to me know I care and I am optimistic around them.
  • I will continue to accelerate my career and earn more and more every year.
  • My coaching business will steadily increase as I create content and market diligently.

Each of these are easy re-wording of my previous statements up above. And there’s others too – I just think of them and then envision the positive of the situations. This really helps and I do it consistently every day. I’ve noticed by doing this that I start to act in a way that is congruent with results toward them.

Face the Anxiety Through Action

The final piece of this is to face your anxiety through action. If you are worried about your career, then spend time reading online about up and coming things related to your field. Work harder and start talking to those in your company.

If you’re fearful of talking to people, practice by first just smiling and waving at people as you walk by them. One of the things I do that is really good for this is I run on a trail for several miles. I’ll usually see men and women running along the trail and I treat them all the same. I smile at them, say hello enthusiastically and wave to them. By doing this, I build courage in my ability to initiate contact with people.

If you are afraid of talking to certain people, the best way to get over this is to go and talk to them. Just sit down and speak from a position of optimism and enthusiasm. You’ll find that the worst of any situation is just the feeling you have thinking about it. Once you actually do it, it’s not really that scary.

Repetition is the key here. Continually get out there and move toward your optimistic views of the things you have anxiety about. You may not completely eliminate your anxiety, but as you gain confidence through repetition, breathe, and drink lots of water, you’ll find yourself having a much more toned down level of anxiety.

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