Selfishness and Selflessness

Tonight’s topicĀ is between selfishness (doing things for yourself that benefit you) and selflessness (doing things that benefit other people). A month and a half ago, I wrote about how time teaches and about how I am a selfish person by nature. I still think I have work to do on my own selfishness, however, I’ve learned that some selfishness is important.

Selfishness to stay alive – to consume food and water – matters if we are to live. That same food and water probably came to you by the selfless act of another, which is interesting to think about. Your water at home came because someone built the building and someone installed the water pipes and someone hooked up that water to a water system, which someone built the water system, and people run the water distribution. There’s many selfless people involved in what you consume each day, even if that consumption costs you money.

Selfishness to go out and experience life, to learn and grow, to become the next strongest version of yourself is another important form of self attention. You can’t fault anyone for focusing their attention on the things that will help them and benefit them in their life.

Selfishness is very easy. When you want something, that feeling is very easy to recognize. It’s the feeling of being thirsty, hungry, unsatisfied, frustrated, perplexed, etc… Each of these emotions creates a want within you and thus creates the need to selfishly seek out resources or answers for yourself to get gain.

On the other side is selflessness. The word choice is very different for this one. Some of the words include: satiated, content, happy, satisfied, grateful, and accepting. A selfless person is in more of a state of happiness and acceptance, whereas the selfish person typically has feeling of want and desire.

This isn’t to say that either one of these is better than another. I think being hungry, driven, and even frustrated, unsatisfied, or perplexed are actually important emotions to feel. For this is how you start to form opinions about what you really want in life. It’s by feeling things that you strongly desire and that you don’t like.

Every time I get a little too selfish, I self reflect and seek to get back into balance. However, there are times I become too selfless, and thus become a door mat or lap dog for others to take for granted and that’s not good either. Like all things, a healthy balance of selfishness and selflessness go a long way to having a happy and abundant life.

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