The Alpha Leader

Tonight I’m thinking about being a better leader. I had a situation at work occur where I felt like less of a leader – where I felt I didn’t do as good a job as I could have been and it was very humbling. So I spent the evening researching this topic by reading articles and watching videos. After doing this, I know what the next step for me is in my evolution as a leader and as a strong masculine presence.

Be certain, assertive, and dominant.

I love being a leader and working to guide people to success, both at work, and in my articles and videos. But I am still too passive. Passive is good in some situations. Sometimes it is better to just listen and learn. But I’m not aggressive enough. Being aggressive isn’t enough either. I need to show that I have the skills and knowledge to back up my assertiveness. And I do have a lot of life experience. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas about things.

To be more assertive, I’m going to speak up when I feel the need to. I’m going to do research in the areas I feel lacking. And I’m going to not hold back when I know something needs to be said and I feel it. Sometimes at work, I feel something in my gut needs to be said, but I sense the fear of conflict and don’t say it. But I’m going to change that starting tomorrow. If I feel something, I’m going to say it – with love and care, but with confidence, assertiveness, and dominance.

And this isn’t being an alpha leader in a demeaning way. It’s not controlling people. It’s speaking the truth I see and why it’s going to be helpful for everyone to follow it. And not just at work, but also in, ah hem, other areas of my life ;)

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