The Heroes Journey

One of my favorite people I listen to is Elliott Hulse. He does YouTube videos (though he doesn’t do them anymore), and he’s a fantastic orator. I look at him as a mentor – another father figure who helps ground me as I live my life and work to become the strongest version of myself. Here’s a video he did called the heroes journey and I look at my life and think that I’m somewhere on 6, 7, and 8, with glimpses of 9 in the things I am sharing.

I’m on my own path with my videos and I have some work to do to be as articulate as Elliott, however, I’m happy with the progress I’m making. The heroes journey to me means I go for exactly what my heart and gut are telling me and I do it knowing I’m going to face difficulties, failures, and hard times, but that I am doing what I am meant to do as a man. Here’s his video and my write up of the key points.

The stages of the heroes journey

1. The ordinary world – dependency on parents and being told what to do

2. Call to action – called away from the womb of the home and parents

3. Point of refusal – debating the call to action, fear of being alone, possibly rejecting the call

4. Going out and facing it – getting out there and going for it

5. Meeting mentors – finding those willing to support you

6. Tests/Allies/Enemies – the tests of life, making friends and foes

7. Ordeal/Death/Rebirth – facing the “big” challenge

8. Reward – seizing the sword – you became a man

9. The road back – learned some things and now you return with a message

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