The Power of the Twin Flame

In the computer role playing game, Planescape Torment, there is a deep philosophical question that is asked of the main character, The Nameless One. He ponders the question, “What Can Change the Nature of a Man?” It is indeed a deep question when you think about it. This video shows the fate of our hero as he descends for a time for the sentence for the crimes he committed. To answer this question, I’ll share what the power of the twin flame is.

The Twin Flame

A twin flame is an instant soul connection with someone where you recognize them immediately and feel like you have known them before. You will click and understand each other – complete each other’s sentences, have a desire to share anything and everything with each other, and everything you thought about life and its meaning will be turned upside down. Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with you when you feel this connection. It is a rare event in life.

You will get along extremely well, but the connection will be so intense that there will eventually be fear, doubts, questions, preconceived ideals/beliefs, and ego getting in the way of it. More than likely, one of you will choose to disconnect from the other (the runner). This will burn the soul of the other, but they will survive as the love and care they have will outweigh the pain and eventually squash it out completely. But this will take much time for the one disconnected from.

The separation is so that each person can take care of the things in their own life and learn, grow, create, and become a better human being. It is because the connection is too intense for each person in their current state that separation occurs. Often times, the one trying to reconnect (the chaser) will do irrational things and have a hard time accepting that the runner wants no contact whatsoever. The runner may even be forceful in saying they don’t ever want to talk to you again whatsoever and such was the case for me. I thought this would make me not care for this person anymore, but the care remains on to this day.

As a chaser, you are in a state that is weak, needy, and insecure. You must forget about this person you are chasing and do work on yourself. This means amplifying your career, getting in the best physical condition you’ve ever been in, eating healthy, improving your skills, finding new and interesting hobbies – or rekindling old hobbies. Get out there and meet other people and learn to live your life without ever needing this person again. Then you will be like an immovable mountain and live your life from a place of strength. This is your gift to yourself and this experience helped bring it about.

What can change the nature of a man? This can – it did for me in more ways than I can count. I used to think of it as an honor to walk the earth with them, but now feel that they were the catalyst for my true self and I am thankful to them for the experiences we shared together.

Sensing From Afar

You will think you can sense this person from afar because of how much you feel invested in this person. Maybe there is some way to do that, but I don’t know for sure. Here’s what I wrote many months ago when my emotions were really heightened:

When you meet this twin flame, you can sense the emotions of this person from afar. I can sense their intentions, feelings, and mood. I can sense that they have made a permanent residence where they now reside many miles away so as to distance them self, but have since come back. These are all things I can sense without even speaking to them. You will have dreams with them in it and feel their presence when they are not around. Mostly, it will take a long time to stop thinking about them all the time. You will be able to speak to each other not through words, but through more of an invisible cord that is forever connected between the two of you. Each of you will try to sever the cord but will be unable to do so and so it simply becomes something you accept.

Accelerated Growth

You’ll find a period of immeasurable growth happen if you are the one who was distanced from. You will learn to function independently as a conscious human being without reliance on anyone. You’ll find yourself writing, speaking, and doing things you never thought possible. It is all fueled by the spiritual experience and love and care you give to them and the situation.

For me, in the last 6 months, I’m a new man from who I was at the beginning of the year. I’m privileged to have had the time to converse and get to know this person and feel so thankful for that time. I feel nothing but care and respect for them. At work, I continue to accelerate in my career path and my communication and interfacing with upper management.

I’ve written nearly every day for the last 4 months on my website. I’ve opened myself up completely and made myself utterly vulnerable with my thoughts and feelings. It’s caused some people to lash out at me and others to wonder what is wrong with me. Until you’ve met someone in your life and experience this invisible cord and connection, you can’t understand. Only those I’ve talked to online about this connection and who have experienced it themselves truly know.

Life Will Never Be the Same

What can change the nature of a man? This. My life will never be the same. I’m no longer leaning toward atheism as my primary belief system. I believe strongly now that there are people we’ve known before this life and there are lessons to be learned through our experiences with them. If you are fortunate enough to meet your twin flame, you’ll experience and grow in ways you never thought possible. Through it all, I feel like the fiery phoenix who is now on his true course in life.

There’s plenty on the Internet about twin flame’s and new age philosophy. I don’t necessarily have anything to say about that – for me, it’s more of a practical evidence thing. All the things that have happened and how everything has played out make it what it is to me. It’s something I’m eternally grateful for.

The power of the twin flame is that you both are forever bonded and enhanced in your capabilities in life. If you both were ever to work together for a common cause, you would set the world on a new course for good, the strength is that powerful.

I said the following below at the time I wrote this, but have since changed my philosophy as a man. If a woman doesn’t want to enthusiastically be in your life – even someone you think is your other half, send them off, and get on with living your mission, vision, and passion. Either way, here is what I wrote in the past:

To you, my twin flame, I say, wherever you are, I wish you happiness ten times over. There are no words needed to communicate. You may never ever see what I write here, but I write it anyway. Thank you for being the person you are and for helping me grow into the person I was meant to be. Until our next meeting in this life or the next.

The Lessons of the Twin Flame

There are many comments below regarding this subject. With everyone’s situations, there are some common themes. You meet someone, feel an intense connection, feel like you’ve come home, and you become drawn to the person immensely. There is a period of giving and loving that takes place without fear and attachment.

Eventually, something happens to break this pattern. Usually, it is the guy who runs away or begins to act in a puzzling manner (for me, it was the opposite – I became unglued). Then there is a period of disconnect with possible interaction again.

In the end, the one who cares the most, the one who chases after the other is devastated and in great pain. For those of you who have questions or want advice, here is my advice for you:

  • Stop ALL contact with the other person. This means deleting them from Facebook, your email, your phone, EVERYTHING. You cannot make progress if you are dwelling on them.
  • Begin to spend time alone to feel your emotions. Cry your eyes out for as long as you need to.
  • Start to work out again if you haven’t been. Get your body in the best shape of your life.
  • Eat healthy foods if you haven’t been. Avocados, watermelon, and other fruits, vegetables, and life giving foods.
  • Begin to read books that interest you. Take on old hobbies that you may have neglected due to this other person. Find something bigger than yourself to do for your life.
  • Focus on your own self love and self improvement. You must become so strong from within that you don’t ever need this person in your life again. This will also help with future interactions with others.
  • You’ll likely never forget this other person. They may even reach out again. If you feel ready to talk again, talk, but don’t ever settle and allow someone to be in your life who isn’t happily enthusiastic about what is going on for you. If at any time they disconnect, flake, or become uncertain, go back to no contact with them.

Update (4/5/2015): I was in brief contact with the one mentioned in this article for about a week and a half. Thankfully, I am the next strongest version of myself, so when I felt them beginning to disconnect again, I was able to withstand it and recognize my own self worth and that I only want people in my life who are enthusiastic to be in it – even the twin flame.

Update (7/28/2015): I feel a very calming sense of peace with this situation. It took some effort, but I found a way to move on from the connection with this person, though I still think about them daily. It seems my interaction with them is at an end and I wish them the best in their life.

Update (10/2/2015): You don’t really move on from these connections as I stated on 7/28/2015. I tried to tell myself that I found a way to move on from it. That’s not true. The better way to word it is I have found a way to withstand the connection and operate from a place of strength. I can handle the bond and connection now. It still seems my interaction with this person is at an end, however.

Update (1/25/2016): I’ve experienced a rebirth. The best way to describe this is I am incredibly happy, feel at peace, and seek my validation from within for myself. I am happy when I do what I feel inside. I post this update because I have fully surrendered myself from the experience described here.

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Have you met your twin flame in this life? You’ll know it when you feel the deepest soul connection you’ve ever felt with another human. You’ll recognize this person the instant you see their name or talk to them in person. What has your experience been like with them? Are you in separation right now or in communication? Share your experience in the comments below.

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329 thoughts on “The Power of the Twin Flame

  1. i am separated with her right now, if i don’t love her and give up on her the universe makes me masturbate again as usual, usually after i masturbate i feel like shit, look like shit, forgetful,just utterly miserable i became the very worst version of me. but if i love her and having faith in her, everything is just great, sleep much better, food is much tastier, feeling calmer and content, can focus much better, don’t have the urge to masturbate, life’s become beautiful. for the past 5 years not loving her is just feeling garbage, failure in life. now the universe has enlightened me, now i must committed to this twin flame relationship and i gotta feeling we will be reunited.

    1. Azmi – that’s pretty intense there. Hmm, find what works for you and find your own strength and center from within. That’s really the lesson of this situation – use it to find your own strength, center, and purpose for your life. Don’t look at things as bad that you do, just grow, learn, and be happy.

      1. Im 19 and hes 36 year old.We don’t talk at all ,but I keep his watsaap account open so that I could see his face ….it gives me breath to it oky to or I should cut it off too

      2. One more thing I wanted to ask (living in India)I met him when I was devastated in my life when my body and brain had no idea what I was doing I wasn’t aware of anything, that’s when I joined the gym though I’m very slim girl my body was in great shape,I feel like I always felt pulling towards that gym and when out no where I ran into that gym at mean time at first time saw him spoke to him that I want to join ,I remember he was looking right into my eyes and me too forgot what was around,I wasn’t aware of anything at that I wasn’t aware of my self even I was so quite in me that when I started going I use to feel no one and nothing ,I use to see him he also but I wasn’t attracted to him at all.I don’t know why he started hating me making serious face when I do something and was funny with everyone ,I didn’t bother him cause at that time I was losted in me somewhere so didn’t use care for anyone,guys in the gym use to like me and talk to me I don’t know how somewhere he use to feel something towards me and I could sense also many times I have seen him gazing at me all of a sudden and he him self wasent aware at ,whenever I use to come in the morning he use to feel so much happy ,I have always felt protected and safe when he is around we never spoke too much to each other because normally we use match each other perfectly physically also ….he use to see me like do I really exist wthin few time I could see tat he is in love with me but I want aware of TF thing,I have seen people looking both of us trying to say something but couldn’t couse he is married and has a kid ,but does not love his wife couse it was arrange, he has told me about his previous girlfriend with whom he had been for 8 years I was feeling weird that how much he trust me that he told me about something personal to him ,he sad she got married to some one then he also got married. I was surprise to see that how a guy who has been in 8 year relationship fall in love with me within days.he use to treat me like a queen ,we never spoke to each other but ,he use to give his hands to get up from workout or anything like he adores me like I’m a queen to him,he has always respected me without saying a word ,whenever I I I I use to workout he use to stad a side that’s it that was so protective.he has sad he has seen me before but i was seeing him first time , but i wonder once why did he asked me this Question that have i seen him first time .it use to feel so different from the crowed. I could feel that how happy he use to feel whenever he use to see my face at the morning gym time.we match each other in so many aspects can’t tell in details… And later on when I left the gym after 6 months and was going insane and after all the rollers when I came to twin flame blogs got to know everything ,the very shocking thing I came to know which assured me that it says your twin reflects a member of your family I gave it a second thought and noticed that my dad was also a pilot and my TF was also a pilot and had the same height as my dad and was muscular too,any ways I can not write down everything here but I wanted to ask. he’s a gym owner and a a pilot too (hes been a pilot)he spends his times at his gyms almost ,so is that possible for him to feel all the feeling and connections while he stays in so vibrant atmosphere.

      3. I completely understand all you wrote, but everything I have read about twin flames elsewhere all agree with my situation and it is totally genuine; the person I perceive to be that other half has made me a better person and the things I’ve sent to her all make sense and seem to be helping her confidence. She’s completely brilliant and I’ve never seen another person like her before, but here’s the part which nobody else could believe and it has made others look at me differently. I am 38 and she is nearly 17 now, but I’ve kind of known her for 5 years and always just thought she was a very nice person, so I looked up a deeper meaning and found this subject.
        How can it be true, but I know she has listened to all I have said and I did think she could hurt herself through depression and many young people do, but everything I have said to her all seems to make so much sense and she has turned me into somebody so different.
        I can read her thoughts and she is so beautiful, but all I seemed to offer her was to tell her who she is and increase her confidence. She is remarkable and I just wonder how she could feel so sad at times, but I do understand her completely and she has made me feel so good inside. It’s like watching somebody who shows you how you should be living like, but she has shown me my flaws and I have to show her something which will make her know that I’m special too.
        I wish I didn’t feel this way about her, but I think it has helped her and I do see her now looking more happier. I’ve never been able to read anybody before, but I just wish she has a great life- which she will and is so talented, but she’s worth it far more than me and I don’t know why this happened now.
        I’ve had two dreams about her. One explained why she acts differently with her friends than while speaking to me, but my attraction isn’t for a relationship; she’s more than that and our ages and personalities are different. She’s extrovert and I am not, so you must see that I’m behaving in ways not normal with me!
        My other dream was recently and I did hope I would have one about her. It was exactly as she acts; she was walking along with her friends and smiling, so I looked down from my balcony and she turned around, so I thought she would see me. She stood looking forwards, but didn’t look up. That dream will stay with me forever!
        Although she does listen and her posts reveal comments and pictures which show that she does listen, I’m not sure if she feels anything and I wonder why, if I feel so much!
        I can read her though; I told her she was sad and she denied it, but she posted dreadful comments and it was obvious that nobody could understand how she feels.
        She is like me in so many ways, but being so young, I doubt she understands and I know it was meant to be.

  2. I met my twin at one of the lowest points in my life. I was one year clean of stuff addiction that nearly ruined my life. I had give n birth to my son only 4 years before, he was born after a fling with the drug dealer who i fell in love with because he made me feel human for the first time in 6 years by simply telling me i was beautiful and special and that after that first time he sold me anything he would never sell to me again (and he was true to his word).

    We started to see each other and tho he opened my eyes and i loves him for it..i always questioned how he could sell drugs to anyone..the confusion and by this time the baby and his selfish behavior pushed us apart and then the final straw he slept with my best friend..i felt hatred for him by then he had lost me my best friend and to add insult he denied it all. I was a mess and my neediness made me look for comfort and my comfort was always found in the arms of a man.
    I turned to the Internet that, is Where i met my twin..when i saw his face i was excited, i thought he was patterns started straight away and for a whole host of reasons but mainly low self esteem i slept with him only a few hours after meeting him… although he became overwhelmed in some way and ran that night..and i later texted him saying i didn’t want a relationship… Because I’d been through a lot..

    Since then he visits me at home we don’t go out and we have sex every time we see each other. I realised i loved him quite quickly but i never told him..but he suddenly started behavin like he was angry with me saying i was Trying to drag him somwhere he didnt want to be an tryin to force a relationship..But i wasnt my fears and low self esteem wouldnt let me..but over the past 3 years i have known this man something amazing has happened to me..i have changed, negative attachments have fallen away..i feel a sense of peace i have never felt before even though it is painful to not be with him..i feel a sense of confidence i have never felt before..i no longer rely on the positive feedback of others, iv started working out and eating healthily..he has even helped me stop day he came and we had a convo about drinking to mask depression the conversations was brought up by him..i have sensed when he is ill..i dont know really what to make of it i just accept this confusing situation as i feel the love and unión in my soul take place

    1. Hi jaz,

      Your story rings true of one where you had personal issues revealed to you through meeting this special person in your life. Thank you for taking the time to share your story – and a lot of personal details. Those of us who have been in this kind of situation have an instant ability to connect personally so thank you for sharing.

      You are doing the right thing – changing for the better, gaining confidence and recognizing the pitfalls of your past. That is the best thing you can do through this situation. You don’t have any control over what the other person does, but you most definitely have control over yourself. Keep working on yourself – detaching, smiling, laughing, learning, growing, and being a better person each and every day. I applaud you for sharing your story.

  3. I considered myself an athiest up to about a year ago. At that time I felt as though I was missing something in my life, a great love. One evening I sat down and quietly prayed. I asked the universe to bring me my best possible match on earth. About 3 weeks later I met this amazing woman, we instantly recognized each other, with a feeling of meeting in a past life. Our relationship progressed very quickly, and intensely. We loved each other from the moment we met. After about 4 months new emotions began to arise and she left. She came back about 2 weeks later and told me she couldn’t live without me and loved me like no other, and she didn’t know what it was about me but she couldn’t stay away. After another month she left again, with many excuses and mixed emotions. It’s been six months, I still feel her presense every minute of my life. We have ran into each other unexpectedly a couple of times and I believe that the universe is trying to bring us together again. I’m extremely thankful for this relationship, without the experience I would have never been propelled into spirituality which has allowed me to look deeply within myself and heal my past wounds. I am a better man for having known her. As hard as I try I cannot hold a grudge against her, I love her more each day, and because of that feeling I know she is my twin flame. It’s been a long and painful road, and I know once the healing in me is complete that life will be beautiful regardless of if she comes back or not.

    1. Kyle, you speak words of wisdom and clarity there. Good job man! You recognize a deep love and connection, recognize your own need for healing, and are able to have a complete life regardless if she comes back or not. That is awesome in words that I can’t even describe. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  4. My twin flame and I separated, approx 3 months ago. We both met on a dating site and then met in person 3 weeks later. I felt comfortable, happy and content from the very first moment of meeting him, which is unusual as I never feel that way when I first meet someone. I must also mention that I moved interstate to make a fresh start, just prior to meeting him, and was feeling great and positive about life and the direction I was going in. I wanted to share this with someone, so I asked the universe everything that my heart desired in a life time partner. Just like that, he contacted me immediately!

    Each moment we were together it was like heaven, we couldn’t let each other go, there was love, romance, deep caring, respect, familiarity and 3 weeks from our first date, we met each others family. It happened really fast and I had never trusted or loved someone unconditionally like I do with him. However there was fear and doubt, that it was too good to be true. About 7 months into our relationship we hit a snag in regards to what we want in life/goals. 2 days later we addressed the issue and made up. It felt like a miracle that we managed to overcome this problem, we just knew we weren’t ready to say goodbye. We continued on with our relationship and our bond grew stronger. There were times when I could feel him pull away, times where I could feel his emotions, times were he could read my mind and times where we knew this relationship was going to end, it was only a matter of time and I dreaded it. He kept planning about a future together and I would cry every night when I was alone, knowing that our ‘separate life goals’ could not be compromised on and would see us end what we had. I moved back to where I came from, before we met too complete studies, whilst he remained in the same city running his business.

    We continued our relationship via long distance since the start of this year and the bond grew even more. Then suddenly I felt him pull away and close his heart to us. I came back for a friends wedding he just looked so different, almost his whole persona was unrecognizable to me and I felt so much of his pain was equal to mine. Physically we had both lost a lot of weight, we were both drained and tired and scared. I was so afraid but I approached him about it all and we spoke about our future. He told me he was fearful of our different life goals again, but once again we reconciled and couldn’t say goodbye. I came back to my city with the intention of finishing my studies and moving in together in the very near future and was feeling relieved we were on the same page.

    But then it happened again, he pulled away, and I could feel his love disappearing, even from afar. The pain was unbearable and I let him have it. For the first time since we had met in 18 months, we had our first argument. I told him he was an emotionally immature child, I knew he didn’t love me and to stop hiding. He said he recently lost the love we had and he doesn’t see a long term future together. I asked him why? All I got was our families are different, his being conservative and mine being adventurous and we’re both a product of our families. I’m still in shock and heartbroken by these words. Regardless of our families being different, not once was this ever bought up before or ever a problem in what we shared and what connection we felt to one another.

    Not only that but he said in the same sentence how much his family loves me and how much I fit in with them… I feel as though his only answer has been a complete contradiction. I felt lost, alone, confused and angry with the universe for doing this… I had everything I had wished for and I was so grateful and it was gone just like that.. and just then, that’s when all the synchronicity began. My twin started coming to me in my dreams, comforting me, kissing me and talking to me. I have always been a very vivid dreamer, but these are like no other I have ever experienced. One dream, he was holding my hand laying with me in bed (as we have always done) so I thought I was awake, and when I realized I wasn’t, I didn’t want to let him go, but something was physically pulling us apart. When I woke up, I was crying and in so much pain, I grabbed my phone to look for answers and when I typed in soul mates, twin flames came up instead… I had never heard the term until that moment.

    I have done numerous natal charts and reports and each time it tells me that destiny has bought us together to help humanity… that our relationship is seen as unconventional by others, that we have a very strong bond that is difficult to sever and we will need to overcome obstacles in our relationship in order to move forward and follow our worldly duties. Since then, I hear music, songs, see poster signs, cars, read books with messages, that tell me he is thinking of me as much as I am him. 4 days ago, I came back to the city where we first met to finally live for good. The first night I arrived here, his sister ran into me. The next day he blocked me on his Facebook. Ouch. I still pray every night that he is ok and I ask the universe to help guide me. I try to replace any negative emotion with the positive and I trust that we are here for a special purpose. And if we achieve that purpose, we have a high chance of reuniting once again. This time for good.

    1. @Kaz, Thank you for sharing that experience. You’ve met a deep soul connection and bond and everything was blissful, wasn’t it? Then life stuff got in the way and human imperfection caused distance between the both of you.

      I want to commend you for how cool and calm you shared your story. You have a very wise head on your shoulders and you understand the situation now. What does the future hold for you? Only you can answer that.

      I can tell you this – work on yourself and your life purpose. Do what you are meant to do and find a way to live your life such that you never need this person to come back into it again, but if they do, it will simply be an enhancement and greater force for good.

      You’re on the right track and I appreciate you sharing your story. Much respect to you.

    2. Oh my, your words so resonated with me. After being happy for a few months, he developed some medical issues that require surgery. He began to pull away emotionally, and after a month or so, I wanted to talk about things. He totally pulled away from me and didn’t talk to me at all. After a couple of weeks I decided that I couldn’t take the silent treatment any longer. I kept at him until I could get him to say anything to me. He told me that he loved me, but since I was bothering him, he lost his love for me.That really hurt me. I knew he was not being truthful, but what choice did it leave me. That was our only argument ever. We broke up that night, and everyone was surprised by it. We seemed like that in love couple that everyone could tell was meant to be forever. I have kept in sort of contact with him because of the surgery. Once the surgery is over, I am staying away. It hurts like crazy, but no matter what, I’m not able to forget him. I can’t get angry at him. I can’t hate him. When I try to forget him, the Universe keeps sending me reminders. I am just looking to stay away once he is done with the surgery, because I cannot handle this any more. I have to do anything I can to try and move past this. I can’t force him back, and I can accept that, but what I cannot accept is the need to remember him and what we once shared.

  5. I’ve been going through this for I have I have come to a realization I will always love him. I feel him everyday. He even calls and hang up . I always know who it is. It is very painful yet enlightening. I thank god for him and this beautiful bond. I am the chaser. I have quit chasing him I just set back feel him and send my love hopes and wishes back to him. And I have been doing so for 8 years. I can’t seem to stop! So I just love him.

    1. @diamond – That’s a touching comment. Men and women do the chasing of the other at different times whether it’s someone they really like or they feel there is a bond like this. It takes someone who is mature to recognize a connection and be able to back-off completely and live their life.

      Live your life and your purpose so much that you never need him to come back. That is the best place to get to. Much respect to you.

  6. When I met my twin flame, the moment he looked into my eyes… I knew something was happening! It was the craziest rollarcoaster of my life, a whirlwind romance I couldn’t of ever possibly imagined! It was the most amazing, craziest, saddest experience of my life all at once! He completed me, we had a deep intense relationship & I knew In my heart we were meant to be! His life, his baggage meant nothing to me and I accepted him as a whole because I knew he was a good person! The connection we had was on another level, something I know can’t be recreated or felt again! When he left me, I experienced a different sort of pain! Never had I felt like I had been stabbed and I’ll never be the same.

    1. L, you are right about the kind of connection you experience – whatever label you decide to put on it, there are connections that seem to be impossible to reproduce with others and it is a very difficult (but growing) time when that person goes away.

  7. It’s a swing cycle thing we’ve had months of separation and he is always the runner …always… and then bam, he is back. We both are married, it’s an online thing, we almost tred to meet but we cannot just hurt everyone. Now it’s like we just accept it as it is, sometimes we move closer, face to face, chat, ect., then the universe intervenes and he runs. Currently, we only communicate via an online game. It sucks, idkw he chose this place, but i would go any place for him.

    1. Interesting dynamic there where you currently see each other on an online game. That’s pretty fascinating to me. You both are married – when did you get married and how long have you been married? Who do you hurt when you are together? These are great questions to ask.

  8. I was betrayed by my twin flame. I’m looking for ways to release him. Or him to release me. I know I have to make a decision to allow the betrayal to close or open pathways. I don’t want to trust connection. But it is through such connection that I find peace. He ran. And he acted as a coward. I am angry because I am so hurt. But I am practicing principles that will help me cope and grow. This I hope.

    1. Nataki, it’s an intense experience when things don’t quite work out with an intense situation like this. The best two things you can do right now are 1. Work on yourself – exercise, read, get your mind right and in order and release whatever hate/anger/frustration you might have. 2. Read the book, The Four Agreements. Get it on Amazon and apply its philosophies. I know your pain and situation. Do this and you’ll get through it and become tempered and much stronger on the other side.

    2. How can you be so sure it was betrayal. Maybe he had personal walls so thick that he simply couldn’t connect. Maybe he still needs more time. Maybe the cowardice was previously set within him to slow things down. To let it all simmer. These things can not be rushed. Patience is key.

  9. I met who i believe to be my twinflame in May last yr. As soon as i saw him i knew life would never be the same. There was an energy around us that even my poor husband noticed :(

    A very intense friendship developed and we literally could not pull apart from each other.

    He got married himself a few months later and i felt him pull away from me which was agony even though i knew it was the right thing for everyone!

    A week or so passed and he was back and things were even more intense… We couldn’t seem to function without being in each other’s lives. It was never a sexual relationship as neither of us wanted an affair or to hurt our partners but we spoke of a future and how we just ‘knew’ we were right for each other… I felt it with every fiber of my being and i know he did too.

    Things unraveled quickly and he decided to cut all contact with me. He is desperately trying to make his ‘very new’ marriage work as I am with my husband. It is just so difficult… I miss him every day. I accept he has his path and I have mine but the pain is always there and it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to reconnect with my husband… I feel different now and I have no idea what I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing… I’m working on myself as much as I can but I still feel him all the time. I wish I could turn my feelings off, life would be so much easier!

    1. Hi Lou! That’s quite the experience. These kinds of situations happen with no regard to life situation and your life will indeed never be the same. After reading your thoughts, here’s a few things to think about, using my own experience and perspective:

      • Do you really want to be married?
      • Is your body telling you something consistently about your life situation?
      • Do you truly feel happy with your husband right now?
      • How strong and centered do you feel with yourself?
      • What kind of work can you continue to do on yourself?

      In my case, the right call for me was to get strong and centered with myself so I didn’t ever need to talk to “her” whom I met ever again in my life. Once I did that, I was able to examine my marriage situation and make a decision independent of anything else that it was still indeed the right thing to do to end my marriage. To this day, I still have thoughts that go back to “her”, the one I met, but I have no need to ever see her again – I’m truly centered with myself and don’t need her to come back into my life. However, were she to ask to see me, I would see her.

      For you, think about focusing your attention on yourself – health, exercise, meditation, learning, building up fun activities you do in your life. Do this for long enough and you will no longer feel the need to be with him. This is the place you want to get to.

    2. I am in the exact same situation to a T and for 6 years. He has a new gf for 3 months but has to stay friends with me as I do with him . He was in the military and I was spiritually with him visual and soulfully while he was deployed to Iraq . After his meeting with his gf he insists that we are friends as I found it hard at first but accepted that I’m in his life to help him grow as he is in mine. This is a really weird swing to the relationship game as I had been through so many relationships for the last 30 years and have never ever met one that had this connection before now. I am married to and I think he knows but is a patient man 🙁

  10. Been dealing with my twin flame for a year and a half. He is a celebrity and I don’t want to mention his name. We have never been in contact physically but he just came about out of blue. I asked myself why am I thinking about this man so much. For about 2 weeks was all I thought about and then I heard telepathically his psychic telling him that I am going to be in his life.

    We have been talking telepathically since then every day. It became really intense because he was literally reading my mind. I had thoughts and he would answer me. I had to ask the higher powers to turn it off because I didn’t have a private thought to myself. I am psychic and I am blessed by the higher forces but my power is not as strong as the ones he consults but maybe not because most of his psychics have lied or misinformed him and I have told them telepathically to not lie on me.

    I am also protected by higher forces as well and they help me if I have a problem with someone trying to hurt me. Anyway I am the chaser and my celebrity is the runner. The relationship has a new added dimension, we cry now when we start talking and we both have no idea why. We literally break down emotionally. I have been waiting for a year and a half to see him and it’s driving me crazy. He sees other women but at times he loses reality and talks to them calling them by my name. During sex he calls my name so much he has been asked to stop and the women usually leave. I still haven’t been with him but it seems to be soon.

  11. Me and who I believe to be my twin flame met on March 8th, 2014. We met unexpectedly at a club in downtown D.C. and were instantly attracted to one another. When first meeting, we agreed that it will be a no strings attached sex-based relationship. I was involved with someone else at the time, and that relationship was devolving because of emotionally unavailability.

    When me and the twin flame met I had just got laid off from my job the month prior so I was also looking for work. I was located in Richmond at the time, and she lived in Maryland. Being that I drove to D.C. so frequently before we met, a drive to see her occasionally wasn’t that bad. Up until May, me and her had met up roughly about five times until I got a job opportunity in D.C. that would bring us closer together. This also put more of a strain on the relationship I was currently in at that time.

    Moving away from my girlfriend wasn’t that bad because I didn’t feel as though she was the “one.” Subconsciously, I believe I was always still searching for “the one” while I was with her because I was cheating and had an attraction to a particular night club (The Park at 14th) in D.C.. During the summer as I grew accustomed to living in D.C. and working, I grew very fond of my twin flame. I felt passion that I have never felt before with any woman I have dated or had sex with prior to our meeting. My girlfriend always mentioned that our sex lacked passion and at the time I didn’t know what she was referring to. Sex was always just a physical act for me.

    I finally realized what she met when I had relations with my twin flame. In September, me and my twin got in a (verbal) fight on a small trip we took to Baltimore. I thought that would have been the end of us because of what was said but we were able to pull through and make up on the following day. After that, we would debate/argue over social issues that we couldn’t see eye to eye on. The relationship got a little rocky where at times we would annoy one another. We spent our birthdays together and exchanged gifts even though it was supposed to be a sex-based relationship.

    My birthday is on August 27th, while her’s is on November 14th. We would also send each other messages saying how happy we made one another and we glad each other in our lives. On the weekend of December 13th 2014, I had to attend a Christmas party with my girlfriend that I didn’t really want to attend, things changed between me and my twin. I felt a different vibe from her without seeing her or her telling me something was wrong. After that weekend, I asked her was there something going on. She explained to me that she didn’t want to have sex without love anymore.

    It was weird to me because I knew she had feeling for me and this smacked me in the face. I explained to her that i feel for her months ago and I wanted us to have long term commitment. She replied saying that she didn’t have feelings for me and she never wanted a relationship. This hurt me pretty badly, and the fact that we had so much time and money invested, I wanted to run away from it all. We agreed to meet up a few days after Christmas to exchange gifts and have sex one last time. We met up and had a great time, and she also asked me to attend another Jazz event with her on the first weekend of the year.

    I obliged, and we had great time there as well. I figured I would back off since there wasn’t any point of forcing things with someone who didn’t care for me. It was only a week of me not contacting her, and she told me she missed me. We wanted to go out and see a movie, and we did that and had a great time. After that, I started to miss her again so i let her know that in a late night text. She said it was weird that we weren’t in contact or hanging out as much anymore. I left the conversation there and then she asked what was my plan after I caught feelings for her. I responded saying that I didn’t have a plan, and that she was someone that I knew I loved and cared for dearly even though the feelings aren’t reciprocated. The following day, she asked me to go with her to a friend’s birthday get together. I declined.

    The following day I had a dream of my twin and my family talking at my parent’s house in Richmond, Va. I decided to ask her to ride with me to Richmond because she had never been up to that point. I didn’t expect her to say yes because she knew that’s where my family resided and I figured she wouldn’t have any intention of meeting them because there were no feelings involved. She obliged, and I showed her around my home city and she also met my family, which went great! That was last weekend, and now we have been talking on and off for the past week. What she is saying is not matching what she is doing or willing to do with me. It has left me confused and drained. I think about her all day everyday, and at times I just want give up because I’ve never felt so attached to anyone in my life.

    1. @Eric A. Williams – think of the Buddhist philosophy of detachment and strive for this. Being attached to another human being in the way you describe – think about that. Is that loving someone in such a way that they would feel free? Or might they feel smothered by you? Regardless, the things you have control over are: eat healthy, work out, read books, meditate, let the emotion flow through you and don’t bottle it up. Improve yourself. I am proof that over time, you’ll come out a man you never thought you could ever be.

  12. I met my Twin Flame… I’m learning that it’s not something you can talk about with everybody. They won’t get it. They will think you’re crazy… but I don’t know. I have this deep sense of knowing. We’re separated and it hurts. He emailed me yesterday which has deeply intensified the pain… now I feel like I need to run.

    On the good note, I have become an excellent writer… even more naturally spiritual.

    1. @Nova Imani, I think some of us meet people in this life where we have no control over the attraction and intensity. I don’t know the mystery of it – call it a twin flame, call it crazy, call it whatever you want. But unless you’ve experienced it, you just don’t know. Thanks for sharing – and keep writing, it will do you good.

  13. We had actually known each other since we were teens. We weren’t involved because of age differences at one point (she was 16, I was 19) and then she was friends with my sister and we respected that situation by not even asking one another out even though both of us secretly wanted to so badly. We ran into each other every few years and finally ran into each other after her friendship with my sister had ended. We ran into each other completely by chance. She was waitressing at a restaurant I had been a regular at for sometime and she had been working there for five months and I had not ran into her despite visiting that restaurant at least once a week or every two weeks. We talked and talked and talked and I asked her to a drink that night. The chemistry was more than chemistry it was ALCHEMY. We laughed and laughed and shared some really profound moments and I felt like my head was going to explode when I kissed her. It was the single most intense moment of my life.


    Then exactly 7 weeks to the day on 7/7 we had this moment in bed where she was looking at me and I felt the urge to say “I am going to be with you forever.” She looked frightened and I asked what was wrong and she told me she was just thinking the same thing when I said it. True to the pattern of twin flames, 6 months later we both ran and we both chased and we both are healing at this time. I have made a work of art every day since we split and I write poetry and compose music and express myself at every chance that comes my way. Her love has inspired me to become this vegan and take up kickboxing again, and practice zen meditation and I’m actually no longer an atheist.

    Since we split there is something carrying me through life and I can only say that it is unconditional love. Unconditional love for her, for my family, for my city, and for mankind. While I have tried to get over the relationship in the traditional sense, I can’t. I did all the usual stuff. rant to friends. Drink a bit. Go on some dates. Eat comfort food. Process it in therapy. Tell myself it was for the better. Remember the worst times. Lose myself in work, fitness, etc. I can’t stop thinking about her. I took this business trip to New York and was looking for a place to eat breakfast and then I saw a place and said “That’s the one, I’ll eat there.” As I was walking up to that restaurant and noticing all the pretty New York women and thinking this is just the trip I needed to get over her, BAM!!! The restaurant had her name. What are the odds?

    All I can do is live life to the fullest and contribute something meaningful to mankind.

    1. @Peter – thanks for sharing. It gets better in separation if you do the work on yourself – work out, eat right, read books, get a trainer, meditate, cry your eyes out and let yourself feel the pain every day. Do this again and again and eventually, you will arrive at a place of strength and a new man that you never thought possible. And this experience helped make it all possible. Be grateful for it.

  14. My question is…i have many, but for the most part, how does it feel to be in that moment of spiritual enlightenment, triggered because of your twin flame, or someone whom your heart and soul believe to be that person meant for you? I am normally a logical person and I sometimes want to believe in “magic”…more often than I would like..but that pain of separation, that emotion you cannot describe, eneffable, how does that resonate? Right now, i feel as though i am but a projection, and my souls travel to where he is…I dont know, i am just trying to understand this concept and to see if what i am feeling, is a twin flame connection..

    1. @Issa, one way to think about it is to remove all labels to the connection you feel with someone and treat it as is – just a deep and intense connection. Here’s several ways people I’ve talked to describe this:

      * You feel like you have come home when you meet this person.
      * You feel an instant attraction – an electrical charge.
      * You feel drawn to the person – almost possessed to be around them.
      * You feel immensely good around this person, but then the exact opposite when you separate.

      Maybe this person is meant for you, maybe not. Regardless, in all cases, the best thing you can do once you feel this connection, in order to withstand its intensity, is get right with yourself: exercise, books, meditation, allowing the intensity to flow through you again and again. Eventually, you’ll be able to withstand it and funny enough, when you do this, you can communicate with the other again :)

      1. Hi Jeremy,
        Just an update…I met him in person unexpectedly. Last year we somehow decided to meet in March, but I became distant and so did he. It was at that time when I decided to forget about him, which was quite impossible. Around 2 weeks before meeting him, I already decided to spend my spring break in the library as I had an important paper I needed to complete. Somehow, and I do not normally decide to do odd things spontaneously, especially when they deal with crossing an ocean, I went to my boss and told him I was going on a vacation, which he obliged. I asked my auntie, whom I do not completely know to stay with her during my time there, and she agreed. Then, I messaged him, and asked if we could meet (we stopped talking for 2 months) and somehow he responded back. What happened when we meet…physically I didnt get the “love at first sight” vibe. What I felt, however, was pure and “at home”. It was a sense, his essence that I recognized. I wasnt afraid, or ashamed ( although I am quite reserved and shy). I gave him gifts that he said he was about to buy a few weeks ago and he gave me gifts, which I needed (we didnt tell each other our needs). Before leaving, I was hoping he would not contact me..I was at the verged of moving on. I needed to meet him in person, to feel all of him, and even if it was just a moment, I was genuinely okay. But how cruel fate is! Just when I am okay with moving on, there are always signs of him, or some kind of remembrance and connection that never really sever the tie we had. I do not know how to deal at the moment, no matter how hard I try, and when I do, there is this pain, this pain that I cannot describe, but it is a pain that makes me nervous, burning, horrible, and just leaves a really horrible taste in my whole being.

        1. Hi Issa, I think when you meet a person like this, you’ll never really forget them. The connection is too intense. And you can meet others in your life that are intense connections too.

          Think about the happy memories and how he made you feel. When you do this, you feel gratitude for the experience, even if you never hear from this person again. Recognize the gift of this connection as not everyone gets one in their life.

          1. Thank you Jeremy. I told myself that I was going to find my treasure before meeting him…perhaps the memory of that one moment we had was my treasure..and I know it is going to take time, and I know it will be painful…but I will try my best to find what I have lost…me. Again, thank you..

          2. Dear Jeremy,
            I have done all I could to sever the tie: dated other men, exercised, read a lot of books, traveled, wrote many poems and letters to myself telling myself to get over him and moved on, and even confessed to him that i still think about him and that, and I told him that I will not contact him again (i deleted his number and everything that reminded me of him), only these have all flushed down the drain when I dreamt about him… Now, even when friends tell me I am a fool, I want to see him again, and I cannot say one last time because I seem to break all my promises to myself that i have made about him…. i really dont know what to do, I am at a lost, And I feel that sense of icky feeling again…

          3. @Issa – Thanks for sharing that. You are still thinking about him in a romantic sense, trying to connect with him. You must stop trying to connect with him. Only then will you reach surrender. Namaste.

    2. The feeling in the initial stages, at least for me where of universal love, truth, ecstasy and bliss. In addition a feeling of connectedness and oneness with the universe and all life that felt like it originates with her and I. The universal or Divine love is not to be confused with unconditional love a person would have for another or for a family member. It’s a jaw dropping heart exploding feeling that opens your heart chakra as it connects to theirs and leaves you with intense emotions that the body cannot withstand for long periods of time. For me it lasted for about a month or two where I felt like my heart was going to explode right out of my chest. I was also empathic with this feeling of love in other beings which would produce instant tears, the tears and hysterical crying would not wait for me to be alone. So it was difficult to be outside or talking to people as I never knew when it would happen. Currently it is not as intense as it was as we are not together due to life circumstances but it changes you. It changes everything about you. You will not question if a person is or isn’t a twin. You will just know. Then there are the visions. Just as intense and again usually resulting in tears at inappropriate times due to the fact that you are currently not together and miss this other soul so much even though you barely know each other in this lifetime. good luck and remember that regardless of wether or not you are with you twin in the physical they have and will always be a part of you, but you are complete within yourself and don’t need anyone else to make you feel whole.

  15. I am just entering yet another runner/chaser stage, and I’m soooo tired of it. My TF is my ex husband, yep i managed to marry him, have two children, biterlly divorce him and go years and years with no communication and then pop, he’s back again. This time i decided once and for all the arrange a time and place and meet face to face after not standing in the same room together for 16 years. I was super proud of myself for finally putting an end to this cycle and seeing once and for all if it was our time. 100% positive that he was going to respond excited. Totally opposite, he stopped all communication, refuses to answer any email, the same dance we always do, but this time the pain was deeper,and right now seems all consuming. I am leaving it up to the universe, what we want rarely is taken into consideration. Right now my ego is hindering me, I’m just so hurt and shocked, but mostly just really angry. I’ve been doing this sooooo long with him (since i was 18, I’m 39 now) i think this may be my last time. I dont think i could go through this again. When i hear people talk about wanting to find their twin flame i cringe, they really dont know what they’re asking for. Yes it it the biggest most cosmic love you can imagine, but it is also the darkest, lonlinest hell that you could even fathom.

    1. @Heather – thanks for sharing this. Sounds like you have a difficult situation on your hands. I’ll tell you what I tell everyone else. Even while you are feeling the pain and discord, go out and exercise, eat right, get involved with hobbies and in your community, read good books, meditate, play your favorite music – DATE OTHER PEOPLE, and move forward that way. You can do it girl, keep you head high.

  16. Hey Jeremy

    Its nice to read a post on TFs that’s so clear cut.

    I stumbled on this term after some guy said he feels I’m like his twin. To be honest,stories about TFs and their history seem a little surreal to me. Especially as most of the information available just talks about how bad it feels in separation mode, and ends there.

    But what you’ve said about trying to ‘ fix yourself ‘ seems like a very legit explanation. Maybe some people just walk into our lives to help us see who we can be and maybe they aren’t meant to stick around forever.

    I’ve been so much happier after accepting that instead of agonising about what went wrong and what can go right next. :)

    Anyway, I’m glad you shared this post, so thank you for that.


    1. @Pariniti – thanks so much for sharing that – I do think certain people come into our lives to help us see what we cannot see and to help us grow – push us over the edge we need to reach our true potential.

      The detached philosophy, dating LOTS of other women, and working on myself are the three things I’ve found to help counteract the intense connection I felt with this person. At this point, I don’t need them in my life again, however, I don’t rule out that could happen in the future. But I’m not attached to either outcome. It’s really powerful. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Wow…I feel really compelled to say this to you. I hope you see it as helpful and not attacking bc it is coming from me as a female twin flame runner. You say you were a chaser and that you love your twin but I see you as a runner 100%. I agree mostly with the advice you are giving people but if you are really in a twin flame union I don’t see how dating LOTS of other women is going to make you feel anything but empty as your ego is just forcing you to punish your twin for “rejecting” you. I have so much to say to you please email me. I mean, I highly suspect your twin did not reject you, but that your fear twisted each other’s hurt and pain into something ugly. I ran from my twin bc of the intensity and the fact that he was with someone else. Every day since then I’ve evolved and grown and am so thankful for the connection. I ran bc I was scared and hope one day, when he is ready and not involved with someone else, that he will be a man and contact me. If he has your mindset then he is just perpetuating some ego fear that happened long ago. I posted way up here so no one but you could see this. Please get a hold of me so I can understand more of your situation and what you are going through. I can give you the perspective of the twin runner female and you will see it is all just fear and lack of communication that has caused you such heartache.

        1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for sharing that. I don’t feel like you are attacking me :)

          To give you reference, I got divorced in October, 2014, It was amicable and a leap of faith that this was the right decision. For the TF, I’ve had multiple times of contact with this person, and reached out trying to get together with them, but she always would back away, cancel, or flake. I told her to get in touch when she was ready to connect again.

          I live my life as if I’m never going to hear from her again and she is out of my life completely. I will respond to her if she reaches out though. In the mean time, I date others and look for connection that way. It’s been a very growth oriented process.

          The rest, I’d be happy to talk about in email.

  17. Hi Jeremy is it possible for twin flames to remain as friends or is it inevitable they will be together?

    1. @Nimita Hey, thanks for the comment. As far as remaining friends or inevitable to be together, I don’t think there are any guarantees in life. The way to think about it is that for you – work on yourself in all the areas that you can. This is something you can control. If/when the one you connected with comes back, you’ll come from a place of strength and perhaps you will be together again. But what matters most is your work on yourself.

  18. I met my twin at the start of 2012. The end of the Mayan calendar. The shift into a new age and boom I meet her .. at the time tho I had no idea I was just a 22 year old guy who liked to party. My friend invites me out to drink and invites her, she was beautiful but troubled, she was an exotic dancer. We get along great but we don’t hook up. A week later I go winter camping in northern Canada with my buddy but we get there are and decide not to make a fire as well have to dig out a site and it’s dark so we sit in my car and drink beers when two or three hours later a strong four foot flame spontaneously combusts thirty feet away. We were both in awe as we rushed to keep it going. My first miracle of many after meeting her.

    Since then I have learned it was the sacred fire or the fire of the holy spirit as twin flames are created in the image of god or Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. We even look like them and u know what my twin did for work. Me knowing this I wanted nothing to do with dating her. Over the next while I bumped into her everywhere all the time and we’d hang out in group setting partying but thst was all. Months later I was living downtown and she came to look at the apartment above mine and at the time she came my roommate was hanging out with a girl who lived underneath my twin in a beach town over 45 minutes away .. talk about synchronicity. One of many over those weeks.

    Of course she moves in and we both have a feeling about each other but both just getting out of relationships we want to just be friends so we hangout all the time I’m on unemployment and she works rarely dancing and we fall deeply in love. Inseparable best friends and lovers and our world’s turn upside down. We no longer have time for fake friends and her friends dint like me and my friends don’t like her. Times are tough. So we bail and get our own place but after 8 months of being together all the time we are attracting and repelling like crazy. Emotions I forgot I had like from when I was a kid would come up to be dealt with. We were both losing our minds so I found work out western Canada and we planned a road trip for a fresh start. Trip from hell.

    We loved each other so much the fighting hurt so much and the negative energy we let off from our powerful union screwed us. From tickets to electronic money funds not coming thru to car breakdowns it took us a month of motel living to hit the road again. We were about twenty hours from home in a motel for a month where we both worked to get the trip off again. So we finally hit the road leaving thunder bay we get pulled over three times in twelve hours by the time were in Manitoba. The cosmos wanted us to separate at this time to heal ourselves and my twins emotional baggage was overpowering her she was riding shotgun doing drugs and drinking and wanting to fight and i pull over 1245 am Friday night middle of nowhere and cops pull up. We had temporary stickers on our plates good for ten days and they’d just expired by 45 minutes.

    In Ontario it’s a ticket. In Manitoba it’s car impoundment.. on a Friday so we’re stuck in a small motel draining our funds and still waiting on electronic funds to come thru. The Monday we decide we need to back track where we can work and make the money to comfortably get where we need to get. When we backtrack no problems no cops nothing. As soon as were back in thunder bay the funds come thru.. omen? So we’re back and the drugs and twin flame energies lead to a lot of arguing and I have doubts of her being faithful so we decide a break is needed and I book a bus out west and leave most the money and the car with her. She’s going to join me out west when I’m settled.

    As soon as I’m on the bus my phone gets shut off due to the bill and the cosmos will is complete were separated… Talk about a sad day neither one of us could stop crying for hours . When I’m out west I can’t sleep without drinking my mind is going crazy and first try I guess her password on Gmail. She’s looking for s place there with a guy!?!?! Someone to take care of her obviously .. I lose my mind and hitchhike home. Me and one other guy catch a ride from the big gay dude seems nice enough he gets a flat I even change it for him. We have to go through thunderbay to get to where were going but the driver wants to visit his cousin and shower so he drops me n buddy off at Boston pizza to watch the hockey game we thought we could trust him after driving three provinces but thought wrong he disappears with all our stuff… Stranded once more in thunder bay. We get a motel.

    The next day I decide since I’m in town I’ll try to find her but she won’t respond cause I caught her and said some nasty things but anyway since we’re magnetically attracted to each other she drives right by me in the car we had bought together with the other guy riding shotgun and I just let out a hey!!! And they both look at me and I’ll never forget her face as she drove by and thank god she didn’t stop the anger I was feeling that poor guy would have been in for it. Anyway I catch a bus and go home… A couple days later they caught the thief too .. I said fuck it and let my stuff stay in the bottom of the jail there .. so I’m home fresh start. Everywhere I go I run into her friends and time passes. Its Now been two years and there’s no more anger. My ego is totally gone. I even tried another relationship and had to leave cause nothing compares.

    It’s funny cause I went out west when I left her and on the way back my car had been broken into so i taped up my window and drove the whole country and it was fine except for when I went by thunder bay and poor the tape all rips off. Our magnetic energy is amazing. When we talk now it’s rare but I’ll no it’s her when I get the message I get a jolt of energy. And I also have recurring dreams about her even about her coming back. She’s not dancing anymore shes doing a real estate course and has stayed with that guy in that lower frequency relationship that feels safer for the tine being.. how lonely that must be. I myself have become a solar installer and have dedicated myself to healing the planet. The last two years have changed me immensely and given me new outlook on life.. but fuck do I ever miss my beautiful twin.

    1. Steve, that’s a lot of stuff that’s happened. Your behavior of becoming needy and stalker-like is common for many chasers.

      My advice for you and all people who have become chasers is to focus on your life – physical activity, health, learning, hobbies, and becoming the next strongest version of yourself. And this can only be done in complete disconnect from the one who unraveled you.

      1. Hi Jeremy i think you are the runner “And this can only be done in complete disconnect from the one who unraveled you”
        100% runner talk!

  19. I met my twin flame in the 6th grade, but had no idea. I had a crush on him at the time, but I had a lot of crushes growing up. I moved away in seventh grade and about eight years later, we became Facebook friends. He began to travel the world indefinitely about two years ago and continues to do so today. I followed his travels online and eventually messaged him, asking him how he is able to afford traveling. We stayed in touch for almost two years online and, when he decided to return home to visit for a couple of months, he told me he would pay me a visit as well.

    We met again after nearly 10 years of not seeing one another and the chemistry between us was so intense, it freaked us both out. He walked into my room and his first comment was, “Emily, if I was a girl, this would be my room. I swear.” We found ourselves completing each others sentences and saying things that the other person was just about to say. We had both wanted the same tattoo (a tree on the rib cage) for about a year. As he searched through my music to pick a song, a song popped into my head and I just HAD to hear it, so I turned my computer towards me and played it and he freaked out because he was JUST about to pick that very same song.

    We have the same life goals. We both want to live in the same kind of environments. He fit in with my family like he was part of it. We have the exact same sense of humor. We share all of the same interests. We have the same outlook on life and spirituality. And, to top it all off, we can never get enough of speaking to one another.

    Two weeks after he visited me, I drove up to San Francisco to see him during my spring break. We explored the city together and he told me he wants to travel with me and start a nonprofit organization based on an idea I shared with him. He is making my life goals his own. He wants to accomplish them with me.

    I cannot stop thinking about him no matter how much I try. It’s actually really throwing me off. It’s like he’s in my head all the time. I have never, ever, ever felt anything even remotely close to this before. I think he feels the same. When we kiss, he sometimes gets dizzy and needs to take a minute to recuperate because of the intensity of our connection. It is unbelievable. When we look into each others eyes, we can really SEE one another, you know? Like when we talk, our eyes, our souls, are having an entirely separate conversation of their own.

    1. Hi Emily,

      I love San Francisco. That’s point # 1. Point # 2 is that isn’t it interesting to be able to complete each other’s sentences. I’ve only had that happen with the person I wrote about in this article. Isn’t the connection intense?

      I know what it’s like to want to be with that other person. But my advice is the same for you as well as any other chaser. Focus on you and completely focus on you completely separate from this person. Become the next strongest version of yourself by learning, growing, reading, exercising, eating healthy, and functioning independently. It’s the only thing that worked for me.

      You sound very strong already and your words are one of a person who has clarity.

  20. I Met My Twin Flame about 16 years ago But Didn’t Know It.
    Well this story starts out differently.

    I met my twin flame when I was 18. He is a bit older then me, but didn’t know at the time that he was my twin. We were both in relationships at the time.

    We both ended up marrying the people we were with. We stayed in touch. He and my husband knew each other, and I know his wife to so we visited each other from time to time.

    Well, about 3 years ago he messages me and tells me he has feelings for me and he has had them for a long time. He has tried to make all of this go away, but he couldn’t. So he decided to tell me.

    He felt so comfortable that we got lost in conversation for hours. Before we never sent messages to each other and we didn’t talk a lot either. But, after that we sent messages to each other everyday and we see each other sometimes.

    This was unlike anything I have ever experienced. He says the same things I do and we connected on so many levels – mind, body, and heart and soul and a spiritual level to.

    Every time I tried to explain what was going on, I couldn’t and he couldn’t explain it either. He said that nothing like this had ever happened to him.

    He told me he believes that we were brought together for a reason and I have the same feeling too. You know when we look into each others’ eyes, it is like everything and everyone fades away… as if it were just us, but sometimes I have to look away because of the intense feelings and energy.

    I had signs in the past about him being my twin flame, but until now I didn’t think anything of it. You see about 5 years ago, I lived on a street that was the same name as his. I didn’t think about it at the time, but now I believe that was a sign. i have had other sighns.

    I never heard of a twin flame till I was online one day, and out of the blue I saw something about twin flames, and I got this feeling. Something or someone told me to check it out and everything started making sense to me.we have desided to we didn’t want to hurt anyone so we are honoring are vows to are partners so wr don’t see each other hardly and he became sick and I want him to spibd what time he had left with his family it is hard not being near him it hurts but i look back on how much I have learned and grown sence meeting him and met he told me to always keep it in my heart keep growing and learning and living lide so that is what i am doing.

    1. kc, I think it’s interesting that we all learn about subjects when the need becomes really great. In this case, we learn about Twin Flames because we want to make sense of an intense connection that unraveled us.

      In your case, I think you are learning and growing and becoming the next stronger version of yourself and doing it by yourself. You’re absolutely right – growing and learning and living idle. You must do this work on yourself alone without the other person.

  21. Hi Jeremy,
    So lovely to read your post on twin flames. I can resonate with almost every word you have written I Am also at same stage as yourself.
    I met my twin flame 3yrs ago and like you he was the catalyst for burning my ego to much ego death. I cannot Thank my twin enough for this explosive journey that has revealed who I AM At My Core.

    After 3yrs of running and chasing I have Let Go as I have so many other projects I want to be starting:))

    Life was so much fuller having my twin in my life I know he doesn’t complete me however I do feel he complements me. What is for Us won’t go past Us and if we are to be with Our Counterparts this life time the Universe Will Conspire.

    Life and it’s challenges What is important is that I don’t put my life on hold for him, I journey on embracing each day with the miracles the day brings.

    What is a beautiful thought though as I do think of him Our Souls Are One….

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for visiting my little website here and reading my post here about Twin Flames. I am in disconnect right now, although “she” and I have had some minor communication in the last month, but it was very brief.

      Good for you for letting go. It’s hard to do isn’t it? It’s also beautiful to think of someone so close to you that you and their souls are one. I think that’s a beautiful thought no matter whether you believe that kind of thing or not.

  22. Were separate right now,after 2yrs nxtmonth im going home.3months since our last communication,he told me before that we talk and fix what we need to fix when i go back im not sure if he’s still waiting for me because i know his attention is in another girl.i feel that this is just only for fun,i feel what inside in his heart.sometimes i feel sad because i feel his emotion i want to comfort him.i want to make him happy even not with not sure if i call him to inform that i going back thingking,maybe he dont love me anymore,or he dont care me anymore.because before he said to me that”if i dont love you,i’ll never call or txt to you anymore”and he told to me,that i need to face it,if still have someone waiting for me or nothing after 2years.

    1. Hi Angelica,

      You are in the role of a chaser for sure and trying to fix or get approval from “him”. My advice to you is what I give every chaser. Completely disconnect from him and get to work on yourself. Get stronger, smarter, rekindle hobbies, and create a life independently from this person.

  23. I met my twin flame in October 6th 2013, we kind of kept in touch & finally decided to meet up for drinks in February 2014 & got separated in March 27th 2014..we literally saw each other 5 times & that was it. It hurts so bad being away from him. One minute im extremely happy & feeling powerful, the next it becomes difficult to breathe.The connection won’t let me let go..but what do I do when he won’t talk to me?!

    1. Hi Ayanda,

      It does hurt when you separate for the first time. But I can tell you this. If you do the work on yourself AWAY from this person, and are consistent and diligent in this work, you’ll become the next strongest version of yourself and be able to withstand the other person and not NEED them in your life. If they are not ENTHUSIASTIC to be in your life, disconnect from them completely. Hold yourself to this high standard and work on yourself. And the funny thing is when this occurs, the other person starts to show up again.

  24. I know exactly, what a love connection like this feels like. I share the same admiration with you all.
    I believe I met mine 7 years ago online. I was with my then fiancé. I was bored in the relationship and seeing an individual on t.v, I instantly knew I knew him somewhere else. We never talked, but I KNEW him. My ring on my finger burnt as if I was making a mistake in marrying my then fiancé. It was tough to fall out of love so quickly! I hurt him, but I was honest. “MR Awesome” as I will call him, gave me his address and everything. He hid behind a computer but he knew things about me, felt when I was ill and when I felt pain. Talking to this person, I felt I trusted him, because it was souls talking.
    We would then say how we felt, then instantly get anxious, get angry, then release our anger, then reconcile. I knew it was the “dance” However every time it happened it felt I loved him more. That our releasing gave strength. However distance and social status came in the way and he had a girlfriend at the time. Our connection was intense. I amazed me, that I even astral travelled to his home, described the walls and everything. Wasn’t until later when his house went on the market, I freaked out, it WAS were WE were together in spirit.
    Well due to each of us not dealing with our weaknesses we aren’t in contact but I see him in my dreams sometimes and it is so comforting. It is strange but he is dating someone else and I feel no jealousy what so ever just happy for him. A connection that deep is truly amazing.
    I have learnt to continue on, however to fill the heart space with others or move on is still a challenge.

  25. Hey Jeremy,

    Thanks for providing your story for others encountering the same thing, as it definitely helps to have a community to lean on for support. I’m in this situation now but didn’t realize right away since I didn’t know I’d been repressing my emotions for my whole life. Always had the will to live life but didn’t realize I was everybody’s energy outlet haha.. or therapist until recently. They call that an empath usually. Spiritually.

    You’re right when you speak of catalysts. My TF woke me up even though I was already somewhat awakened spiritually. My ego had gotten large throughout life but this woman just seemed to be the perfect choice when it came to beauty on the inside, and talent. So nurturing and loving. Someone I could share my talents with.. someone to teach me and vice versa.

    We’ve been dating for a year and a half or so but it has been a struggle as we would both pull away time and time again. I think one of the real lessons is to learn that the relationship cannot be made conventionally. I’ve had to to do a lot of letting go.. of expectations, outcomes, etc. Both her and I were friends before so we never wanted to force anything but the funny thing is that connection. You just can’t shake it. So we’re always on each others minds. You’re right, the whole point is to deconstruct yourself.. and become enlightened essentially. This is a chance after many lifetimes, so taking advantage of getting rid of your ego does bring one to unconditional love.. or enlightenment if you choose it. Plus the connection does help the other twin. What you better in yourself, helps them.

    This relationship has been truly difficult but it showed me what true love really is. When I told her how I felt, is when I believe our heart chakras connected, so I feel her now all the time. Sometimes even when she sleeps, her presence is with me. Like a blanket coming to spend time with you or learn. The twin is the catalyst and fortunately I was spiritual before.. but so much more now in my connection with the divine, thanks to our meeting. We’re in runner and chaser stage and entering separation possibly but my hope is that my love vibes will awaken her in the physical.. since they are the mirror of what you have to fix in yourself, actively doing what you suggested is the best case scenario.

    The reason why I wrote this was to provide a fantastic book. One I was already reading but became so integral to me after the pain of the twin flames. Much like The Four agreements.. there is a book called.’Letting Go’ by David R. Hawkins. Essentially it teaches you to live in the moment. Pulls you up the chain of consciousness.. raises your vibe.

    Every thought, action and emotion has an energetic signature to it. Unique to every soul. The book is a catalyst for enlightenment. Literally focusing on the emotions and releasing them to a higher power, God.. and not anyone else as that creates karma. Surrendering to everything. Every fear, desire, anger, pride, guilt and replacing it with love. You can feel the vibrations. However, it is like a life’s work. That was what the great enlightened teachers spoke of. Love burning in you…for all things. This is the point of the twin flames, to become enlightened and teach the world unconditional love like you said. As you love them unconditionally although the pain can be immense, it brings you to that state of being in love.. then the twin flame feels it and forces them to deal with their emotions. Twin flames are powerfully strong willed people. Do everything out of love for yourself and them and that will help them become the best version of themselves. For them, the world and for you. It’s a gift to have them. Not everyone gets a chance at Enlightenment. It also doesn’t come without great pain or surrender.

    Anything by David R. Hawkins is life changing. Letting Go and Power vs. Force. Amazing books.

    Thank you for your site. It’s great for people to be able to share their stories and have an understanding community! I hope you and your TF are getting closer to reuniting too.. I hope I am too, but I’m sure everything works out the way it is meant to and it will all be for the best.

    1. @Allan – Thx. You articulated yourself very well. I do what I can. Great book recommendations. The catalyst is the biggest learning for me in this situation. Someone who helps me expand myself in ways that I couldn’t otherwise do by myself. I understand the challenge as well. It’s not easy. But consider yourself fortunate to have the experience and the growth that comes from it.

  26. I met her 10 months ago, when she had a boy friend and I a girlfriend. I, upon realizing my feelings, broke up with my girlfriend, immediately, after much soul searching and pursued a friendship with her. At first it seemed like everything I felt was one-sided, but the emotions grew fast between us every week. And I was scared. At first I admit I ran. Often. But my love always drove me back. We never could stay broken up long. It was mainly her boyfriend that was the issue. I felt it was wrong. In that first month, tho, I felt such incredible connection, there was no uncertainty, just almost a blending of aura and energy and love. And after, it became difficult, but continued to grow, almost against our will. Every time we broke up, we couldn’t maintain it. She was the one drawing me back. But finally, towards the end of December she broke up with him comepletely. And it was amazing, for two months. Nothing could ever compare. I never felt such love, my fear grew even, and I refused to let it drive me away this time. But suddenly, she ran, once, then again a month in a half ago. Broke up in a text message, deleted me off Facebook and instagram, and says nothing about getting back together one day. Then a month after the break up, she’s mad about me being friends with an ex, says she wants to be with me eventually, when things are different. We’re both in tough spots financially. But she doesn’t talk to me. Just expect me to go off a few words, and then ignores me one day, or wants to be friends, but still ignores me most of the time. Now, she’s with another guy now, talking about marriage and rings with him, after two weeks of dating him. Finally, I told her I couldn’t be friends. I let her go. I stopped chasing. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

    But I feel her. I know when she’s in the building, I know when she’s angry at me. I feel her at odd times, sexually, so strong I want to text her and say, stop it. It sorta pisses me off as I assume it’s her being with him, and the emotion leaking over. I’ve tried to block her, nothing works. Finally, I accepted I will just love her, and not be with her, hold out no expectations. It’s hard. I keep hoping. And sometimes I feel despair.

    I’m not sure it’s twin flame, it could be a catalyst experience. I felt certain this whole time it was something like twin flame, but she doesn’t seem on the same page so I doubt. Not sure what to do or where to go from here, but a psychic I wrote to did say she felt the same as me, it was mutual, and strong, and I shouldn’t let her go. Like I said, I know I have to let her come to me, if she wants to but she’s been through a lot in her life, way more than me, and I’m actively working on myself. I don’t think she is. So it may be a while before she’s ready. If she ever is.

    1. @Wrndi

      Thanks for sharing that. You’ve had a lot and back and forth with this person. It definitely seems like she’s a strong connection of some kind, at the very least, meant to teach and test you. There’s often drama like what has happened with you.

      I think you intuitively know what to do based on what you’ve said. You’ve said that you need to love her without expectations. BINGO! You must love others in such a way that they are free to live their life how they want. To me, that’s the greatest form of love. To love someone so much that if their being happy means being away from you, you embrace that.

      You’re wise – listen to your instincts. They’ll help guide you. In the mean time, begin living your life for you and undertaking your vision, mission, and passions in life.

  27. I think I’m in the phase that I have to choose for “me”. It’s been about one and a half years ago that I’ve met my twin. And yes, the same as with all of you, instant attraction, home coming feeling. Only in May 2014 we were courageous enough to take steps to get to know each other better. It was very obvious that we connected, I however was a bit scared of the connection because I was just divorced. He (I know this only afterwards) however would have been ready to take the plunge, I pretended to be ‘just friends’ and see what was going to happen in the future. Then in October 2014 he told me he had met another woman. I was devastated because I felt that he hadn’t given me enough time to ‘feel’ what we had (have). For a couple of months we didn’t contact each other (we se each other almost daily,mew work together) but then we started seeing each other again friendship based. He is still seeing the other woman. He went through a very low time in his life and I have been there for him all that time. I know he will agree that we share the deepest bond. He now is a lot better, shaped up his life and himself , he is very grateful to me. This is all really soul level from his part, but I’m still struggling with the romantic part. I cannot let go of the fact that we should be together. Not only on soul level but also on a romantic level. It’s hard to ignore those feelings whilst I also feel that there is “more” to this connection. He doesn’t want to loose me. He’s fine (I think) how we interact now with each other. Did any of you have the same thing? And how did you deal with it? Right now I torn between being happy with what we have or just run away because it hurts so much

    1. @Petteflet

      Hi! Thanks for sharing your comment. You, like the others here, have a strong connection in your life. And it’s not always encountered at a convenient time. I was married at the time I met the one I wrote about in this article – though I am no longer married now.

      My advice to you remains the same as with others. When you feel needy and insecure with the other person, detach completely from them and begin work on yourself – exercise, eat healthy, read books, pickup new hobbies, meditate, and begin strengthening yourself by feeling your emotions and crying your eyes out if need be. You must do this alone so that you don’t ever need this person again in your life.

      Then you will truly be detached for if they come to you, great, and if not, great.

  28. hello. this is my story. i am pretty sure i have met my twin flame about 2 months ago i was feeling frustrated sat on my bed and i put my hands in the air and asked for change…it wasent that i was asking for it in the form of a man i just needed something from the divine to help me.i then went for an appointment for my 30th bday party venue and one of the chefs was sat at the bar and i noticed him examining my face intensely i found it a bit strange. i asked him for a cigarette and we started chatting he told me he has a baby on the way and apparently i look just like his gf and many of his collegues agreed. that eve we chatted for hours and throughout the conversation we were both a bit astounded at how many similaritys we has and a deep connection it was quite bizarre. i went home and when i saw him again it was quite obvious he had been thinking about me as much as i with him. i cannot put into words this situation. it is like no other i have ever experienced. we sat opposite each other with electricity pulsating between us that it made us nervous and confused. due to the gf and baby situation we were both trying to work out why this had happened and what was going on. i ran away from him but i ache and i mean ache for him. and i know he does too i have had things telling me he is the one. i need him in my life but im not a boyfriend snatcher. we know. we really do and i looked online and came across twin flames i never knew they existed untill this intense situation. i love him and when i hugged him i felt like i was at home.he told me he had thought about me and he was sincere and i agreed. i pray the divine brings us back together soon becaus i love him so much i cant live without him.please pray we can be together soon. he is my divine man and i am so thankful i love him so much but no one understands when i talk about it they say to move on and are treating me like im a bit stupid. but i know the energy and my heart and the intensity between us is like nothing ever. any help would be appreciated

    1. @rebecca

      Hello there and thanks for visiting my little website here. You met someone and there was intense connection. That much is clear. Your situation is very similar to mine – I had a moment a couple years ago where I literally asked the universe to bring something into my life to help me and so the one in this article became that person.

      So he has a girl friend – perhaps it might be a good thing to let that situation unfold and resolve how it will. Your task is very simple here: recognize the intense connection – let the emotion flow through you – don’t fight it. But begin the work on yourself such that you don’t need the chef guy in your life. Undertake a life independently from him, so that if there is a chance for you to be together, you will want that, but not need it – two very important distinctions.

  29. Hi Jeremy ,

    i would like to ask you if i can sent my story on a private e-mail adress.after that you can publish my story .

    Thank you !

  30. I met my twin flame three days before the new year of 2014. We unexpectedly met at a club when I was 18. He came in with his friend that knew my friend. I was in awe and I thought, “Who is this guy? I think I’ve met him before.” I mentioned that he looked familiar to me and he also said that he felt the same way. Asked me if we possibly met at a party awhile back, but we never have. I never new that it was because of our vibes we recognized each other. So I guess that’s a good thing. He recognized me.

    Our friends, then, always told me there was something different about our relationship. A lot of them would say that we were the girl and guy versions of each other. We quickly got comfortable and got into a sexual relationship, but we rarely spoke to each other. He wasn’t into relationships. Mutual friends would tell me he doesn’t sleep around with girls anymore either. So our relationship was odd to our friends. Our connection was there, but the energy was a little tense. When we talked, both of us would kinda stutter because we both are naturally nervous beings.

    We don’t really know what to say, but if we’re just sitting there next to each other, it’s comfortable even though we barely knew each other. I started seeing protectiveness from his part and he was also becoming very sweet towards me. We’d get drunk and he’d blurt out how much he cares and respects me. How beautiful I am. Things like that, but act like he said nothing the next day. Around this time last year, I told him we needed to stop the sexual relationship because I knew there were feelings rising out of me.

    We ended up talking more afterwards and he was showing more signs of his feelings for me, but would completely shut down when friends asked about our relationship. He denied them very defensively and harshly anytime someone tried saying something about our relationship. Seven months ago, the girl he’s liked for so long finally gave him a chance. Which I knew she was just a lesson. She hurt him many times before. She choose her BF that raped and abused her over my twin flame about two years ago. She broke his heart. He has trust issues just like me especially with relationships.

    Since she came back, I haven’t spoken to him. Lost that group of friends I spoke about above. Right when I found that out I just started getting ideas that I needed to be a better person if I wanted a relationship with him. About a month into trying to change my life, I woke up. I’m currently on my spiritual journey. Doing a lot of letting go and self improvements. I’m doing much better. I don’t have an emptiness inside of me anymore. If I concentrate hard enough, I can feel that he is tired and hurting. He never faces his problems, and he distracts himself from them.

    I’m not sure how to help him. Sometimes I feel him, sometimes I don’t. Which scares me, but I notice when I’m not in touch with him, I don’t feel like my lively, bubbly, happy self. I feel better having a dream about him. It’ll only happen once in awhile, now. Not sure why. It used to be kinda frequent. Sometimes I feel doubtful and don’t think about him. I’m not sure if I just don’t need that much reassurance anymore or because I’m detaching myself. All I know is that I’m in a place where I’m doing this for myself. I want to change my life because I need to. I want to stop living in an illusion and realize my power and worth – not because I want to be with him. Well I do, but I’m doing this for myself now. I don’t want to live in the shadows anymore and I hope he somehow realizes that to be happy, all he has to do is look within.

    1. Hi Jay! Your situation sounds very much like these connections take place. Your realize something instant the moment it happens. One will push harder than the other, causing the other to run away or disconnect.

      In the end, Jay, you have to live your life for yourself and in such a way that you’d love to hear from this person again, but you don’t need them to ever contact you again. This requires a lot of work on yourself. For me, this was dating A LOT of other people and learning to deal with disconnect and rejection that comes often with doing such an endeavor. It’s worked wonders. Plus getting in tip top physical shape and working on my hobbies.

      Best to you.

  31. Hi Jeremy,
    so this is my story .is not easy for me to write about this but i need your opinion.I met my Twin Flame 18 months ago and we spent a few days together in my hometown because we live in different countries.From our first spoken word we had the feeling that we know each other since forever and we discussed about alot of things and one of our first discussion the day i met him was about how to make this world better, about karma and spirituality and about people who made us feel sad and disappointed.

    Our stories about previous relationship was very similar, i was chatted and left he also.from the beginning i felt love but not that kind of love on the first side , it was something that i can describe in words, something powerful and i felt like i found that soul that always felt in my life, that i found myself.we spent a few amazing days , we had sex and was everything like magic.i told to a friend i have the feeling i know him since forever and she told me i’m stupid.

    In the evening i met him again ( second day since i met him first) and he told me the same that he has this feeling that he knows me But he told me that first. He told me is impossible to met each other again but we couldn’t stop because the the connection was to he left my hometown after a few days the only thing we told to each other was he was the greatest person i ever met and he told me i’m also a great person.told him the only thing i want is a short message that he arrived good.

    After he left i had a strange feeling like i was shocked, like i couldn’t find my place anymore , like new born but tried to remain realistic and think i will never see him again.i got a message from him that he’s home and wrote “i miss you”.after a few weeks i wrote him something and he wrote me back and asked me to spend a weekend together in on big city i another we met again after a few weeks and the connection grew each day, became stronger and stronger.

    We discussed about everything, a lot of similarities and had the feeling he was like everything brother, boyfriend, best friend and i were like a couple 10 years interrelationship a few amazing days we had to say again good bye to each other and he told me in our first day in that city we will be together but after that we will never see again but i knew his soul doesn’t want that because he told other things and i understood he doesn’t know what he wants because he had the plan in his head before he met me that he has to find someone in his country. So we phoned when we arrived home again and asked me if i’m okay and what i feel.

    After that we phoned almost every day and told to each other everything about beliefs, fears , dreams we shared the good and bad moments every day and even we were miles apart always had that strong feeling he’s with me and i’m with him and every time told how much i miss him, he miss me and he was also shocked that in a few days this bond became so strong.i never had the courage to tell him that i love him but he knew and tried to respect his decision that we never see each other again but he often said maybe yes, no because he tried to fight against his own feelings.i felt sad when he was sad or sick, he was worried when i was worried.

    I had dreams e.g the time when he was landing on the island in his holiday without knowing the time or the day and at that hour i got a message “hi just landed on the island” and i my dreams i saw him landing like i was in his place .my plan when i met him first was to move in another country with the company i work. He told me great but shown me he had feelings and was jealous we never see each other i waited and we only phoned without see each other.after 7 months i moved to an other country but we always phoned, he sent me pictures every day what he did, where is was everything about his current day , every day.

    I did the same.our conversations were deeper and stronger and he knew i love him, i knew he loves me without tell that directly.he always tried to fight against feelings and at the end of the last year he didn’t want to talk with me anymore.but i still got pictures of him because he couldn’t let me go, was to much pain and sorrow so for a month since he didnt talk with me anymore we sent just pictures and the message good luck but i knew this was his sorrow because he has to let me go.

    On Christmas time he sent me an romantic video and i understood he’s sad and like me can not find his place in this world anymore. He sent me pics with his house dark, sad without any Christmas atmosphere and i sent him back pictures with messages.after that he shut me down.i knew he did what his brain told him not his heart because he always told me i need to find someone, get married and children and didnt accept his changed when he met me like mine was the moment I started to google about special connection, love and so i found out what twin flame means.

    I started to search for information because i was shocked i couldn’t explain myself the pain, the obsession and strong connection after that i wrote down in an email all what i feel and got message back “i live with my girlfriend .can not talk to you again.i felt he’s not happy, i was chaser for months and now i’m trying to let go but is painful and very sad.i understood that he run because of hus own feelings but also because of me because i always thought i’m not good enough for him and also deep down fears regarding myself.

    I have sometimes dreams, in my dreams we told to each other what we feel. i told him in my dream “i can say i’m happy only when i don’t think about you, even is hard and he told me the same in my dream. He’s not happy i’m not but we need to follow our own destiny and grow our spirit.he know he’s with me every day, i told him on that day when we phoned the last time and wrote him.he changed me , made me see myself different, worthy, he changed my life forever and seen all what is good inside me and i feel i will meet him again even if i feel sad and empty on the inside.i even feel that i never going to love someone else again.its like you’re on the highest point in the universe when your soul met your soul , you’re an open heart but only for him and nothing in this world can replace him.sorry for my bad english. i’m not native speaker. Love and peace!

    1. @ForeverAlx

      Thanks for sharing that – there’s a lot of detail there. But let me take out the good stuff:

      You have fears of loss and of not being worthy. Those are utter crap. Just seeing the words you’ve articulated here show me that you are a woman of substance and it is HE who is not at your level. Don’t ever feel like you’re not good enough for him or afraid of losing him. That’s nonsense. You are the one with the enlightenment and knowledge and self awareness to articulate yourself in the way you did.

      Now, begin the work on yourself and completely disconnect yourself from him. Delete him off all emails and social networks and work on yourself until you become so strong that you don’t need him in your life. Love him in such a way that he is free to do whatever he wishes. Be detached to be at peace.

  32. Hi Jay ,

    I read your story. I also feel that even he’s in a relationship now because he told me i can feel he’s not happy. I also feel i’m growing and that i’m on my spiritual journey and feel sometimes happy if i dont think about him but nothing can replace this emptiness i feel.dont know what to do, feel that the universe guides me but is hard but feel i will find soon my own way .

    1. Hello, ForeverAlx! I know exactly how you feel. It comes and goes sorta. As of right now my feelings are pretty strong for him. Before hand, it only felt like a crush kind of thing. If I think about it, I feel this longing in my heart chakra. Every time I’m out and having fun I wish he were around. I constantly feel home sick and he’s home.

      1. Hi Jay ! Thats true ! I was last week in a club in another city with a few friends and felt from the beginning a little strange but didnt know why.after a few hours on the dance floor felt like i was a “stranger” there with my own friends and felt a very strong pain and emptiness and i was missing him incredibly much .i was almost crying and tried do not cry but was so i’m asking myself if he’s thinking about me sometimes but deep down in my heart i know he does.every time when i tried to feel okay and happy with myself i’m always successful for a few days or a week and after that i think again about him .it’s like i would like to share each feeling, thought, emotion or situation with him every day and that hurts .and every time i dont think but i feel that emptiness but not so strong i always get sings: his parfum, name, pop ups in internet commercial with his country or place we met and the pain is again very strong :(

      2. @Jay – Sounds like there’s still more work to do for you on yourself. When you reach the strongest version of yourself that can handle the intensity, that’s when the magic happens for you.

  33. Hi jeremy ,
    I have to add something .we always felt that unconditional love , deep respect and trust for each other and the most beatiful thing he said to me in one of our conversation was ” i think we are the same ! ” he loved me i know that like i loved him but he run because of his feelings and maybe because i always had the feeling he’s too good for me and i’m not good enough for such a gift from universe : he. Now is different i know i’m a very good person and we could have been very happy together but maybe that happened to see exactly who i am. I have to mention that before i met him i had years and years the feeling something is missing and praied to God that i meet that soul who can see and understand mine.and that happened in a very difficult time of my life.

  34. Dear Jeremy,
    I met my twin flame in 2011, on his sisters birthday. He is born on my father’s birthday. He is also shorter than me, and I am a female. My mother is also taller than my father. Our son’s both have attention problems, and when we met,we both were in affection less relations for years. He works literally less than a mile from my house, which made it convenient to get together often, at the business he owns. We were together 4.5 years.He is in a loveless marriage for the sake of the children. He is a great father. I have never been married. The universe gives me signs all the time, since he ran this month. I have been trying to work out, become better, but eating, sleeping, work, thinking, seeing friends…everything has become stunted, and happiness eludes me. Physically I am run down, have severe headaches, and always want to be unconscious. We have separated many times…him always running.. me running back to him, at every opportunity. Before I knew about twin flames, I knew I was thankful for his essence. Prior to this break up, he had just recently said he was “Thankful to be with me, and not someone who was not me.” In addition, he said I was the only adult there for him, when he had a minor illness, and other sweet things. For example he said i was the only adult to make him laugh. He used to say he needed me to exist. And “I can not not love you.” Affection with him has always been astonishing: passion, love, comfort, and time flies by. He ran away, as we fight about marriage how he doesn’t want it, again in the future, as he had a bad marriage,as well as issues with parents divorce, and how he just wants to travel, after his kids are grown. I was never married and have one child, and all I dream of is marrying him. I waited my whole life to meet the one. Everything in my soul screams he’s it. Most people don’t understand why I am doing this to myself. I don’t want another, and I pray for him every night. My soul is in shock and feels likes it’s been ripped from my body, and I am in constant tears. I just want him back. I pray to the universe to let us share eternal love. I will pray until my demise from this earth. To my truest love…My Bearcub…I miss you…Your face is the most spectacular sight I have ever beheld, and the affection we share is incomparable to any feeling my body has ever known, on a spiritual, emotional, soul, and heart level. I pray thee, come back, so that we may share infinite love. Every night and every morning, you are my first and last thoughts. I send you love and light from the universe. I pray we reunite soon.

  35. @Forever Intertwined

    Your words are strong and share much passion, love, and care for your “Bearcub.” I can only imagine how much pain you are in and the soul shock you are feeling. I know this pain. For me, it felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside and that lasted many months. I’m not quite sure how I got through that part looking at it from where I am now :).

    Many men would kill for the kind of love you are sharing for your Bearcub. I admit, that one day, I’d like to feel a woman’s love in the way you describe. However, it goes without saying, you must – must find a way to function on your own and that means disconnecting completely from your Bearcub. I know that’s something you don’t want to hear, but you will forever be tethered to him and at his mercy until you do this.

    And once you truly do the work on yourself and remove the tether, you can communicate from a place of strength from him and not need him in your life, but still love him from a distance and appreciate the connection. You will have taken care of you for you and then and only then will you be able to attract him back into your life properly, if indeed his situation is ready for it.

  36. Hi Jeremy,

    i’m very thankful for all your advices and that you made possible the comunication on you blog.i feel that i’m starting to get the new version of myself, i feel that i have alot of positive energy to do alot of good things for me , for my new life and for other.i have found new goals in my life and feel that the Universe guides me every day on the good work its everything great and good feedback that i’m a leader with a big heart for others, even if i’m in a leading position in another country and speak other language.i’m doing sport, i’m reading , i have always my heart open for other poeple problems and i know that step by step i will find that amazing purpose of my journey.i feel strong and i know i have so much to give to this world.i’m looking forward to see what future brings.last week i had a dream .he told me in my dream he would like to come to visit me in the country i live.i told him ” No, not now because i have to fix alot of things in my appartment and to buy new furniture.”when i woke up i was thinking of the meaning of my dream :1.reality is ok i really have this plan to buy new furniture but i think thus wasnt the reason why i said no to his question.the real reason is :is not the time , have to work on myself, get my spirit on a new spiritual level ( new furniture ) and he must also work on his as a chaser i could had said YES BUT i said NO that maybe was a sign from Universe that we are not ready.i feel him so close even is miles apart.i really feel that i’m surrounded by a positive energy like i’m in a balloon with a strange new positive energy dont know how to describe.

  37. Just watched on youtube some of your videos ! Thank you for all these helpful information !

  38. It’s so hard to separate from your twin flame. I can’t imagine what it takes to do so as you have. I’ve never met mine in person. He lives on the other side of the world. He’s 24 and I’m 37. We are both at the same time blown away by each other and also afraid of the intensity of it all. We recently had an argument that I thought would end our relationship. A simple thing can seem so intense between us; everything is so highly charged. The week I spent without talking to him is an experience I would never want to repeat. I felt completely lost. Resuming was a comfort I struggle to describe. What I have found in him can never be replaced. It is a great mystery. All I can do is love him, be grateful and wait for it all to unfold. Thankfully, he is possessed of a great deal of self awareness, and can consciously communicate his needs to accomplish certain things in life before being able to enter into a full union. Honestly, as much as I desire him, I too know it is not yet time. I have no clue what to do in the interim. I’ve tried many things, and nothing in life seems to jump out as fate, career wise. I just living one day at a time, loving this amazing human being i never thought could exist, much less be in love with me. God bless you and grant peace and strength to you, and all of us on this journey! May we all never lose sight of the great blessing it is!

  39. @seven – Thanks for sharing. Even the littlest things can indeed be very intense between two connections like this. It has taken an extraordinary amount of discipline, force of will, and work on myself to be able to be separated from this person and be at peace with it. I still think about them often, that has never gone away.

    This situation is indeed a blessing – you are right. Just keep working on yourself, seven. It is the answer to the separation that occurs. Best to you.

  40. This is a beautiful site and I found it as I have been trying to comprehend the intense connection I felt with a man 9 years ago. I will admit I have always been a dreamer and an artist so I tend to be very right brained, but have tried to logically make sense of how I felt looking into his eyes .. I felt a warm surge of energy that is like no other connection I have ever known. He moved away and I have not heard from him yet still feel that moment it was so amazing. I sent him something light and caudal letting him know that he was special to me and that I would love to talk to him but haven’t heard anything. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if he thinks I am crazy for writing him. I feel he is a sensitive person just like me and I just hope I hear from him someday to see how he is doing. I hope he is happy and doing well and I will always miss him.

  41. Hi jeremy ! For me is this new situation since i feel i got more power to be happy with myself somehow feel we are strongly connected.since i havent spoken with him( last time 6 months ago ) i felt until now sad i know i wont find someone like him again, even we are miles apart and still feel want to live alone because i cant be with someone i started to feel suddenly good with myself , didnt chase him anymore and i’m focused on my own self development. Since i started to feel detached i started to dream again about him, we have long discussions in my dreams he always ask question about my feelings and i was telling him i’m ok with my feelings (even deep down in know wasnt true).he’s always coming back in my dreams even if i let him go.when i was in that chasing stage i havent dreamt about him (maybe a few times in 6 months) but since i started to be detached i get more and more signs and the connection is very strong, he ask me questions about myfeelings, he’s worried about me etc .I posted a previous comment with one of my dreams . I get also other signs ! What does it means?

    1. @ForeverAlx – Hey there. Isn’t that interesting, when you start to become detached, you dream about him again.

      I think your dreams and signs are all up to you to give meaning to. What I mean is – everything in our lives that happens, across the board, is whatever we decide it is :)

  42. From the moment I met him, I loved him. There was a deep connection from the start. Sex with him was spiritual to say the least. He betrayed me in a way that felt like being stabbed. Yet I still love him and always will. I know he still loves me and maybe our paths will cross again in this life or in the next. Godspeed.

  43. I met who I believe now to be my twin flame and knew on 29/11 that this was the real deal. The few times we met were electrifying. So many coincidences, serendipity central, even shared memories of childhood places, same likes in food, as in brands of butter and crazy things. Time stood still when we were together. We were the perfect fit in his words. He said it was deeper than soulmates, and there were forces at work we couldn’t explain. Then he pulled away. He says his relationships always end in disaster and the level of intensity with me puts a lot of fear into him. So he’s ran. I did chase but I’ve since given up chasing. I wonder if he misses me as I miss him. A piece of my soul is missing. The intensity is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. I wonder if he will ever stop running and if I’m destined to be without him, how can anyone else ever match up and so does that mean I’m destined to be on my own forever? So hard. He’s all I’ve ever wanted and more :-/

    1. @Libby It’s hard when there is the disconnect. I can promise you that if you do the work on yourself to live life fully and abundantly as an individual, that it will get easier. You may never ever forget about the other, but you’ll be able to live your life. Keep your head up and live life for you.

  44. I first met my twin flame, 38 years ago, on my 17th birthday. I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled and I looked like a chipmunk who was storing their food in their cheeks, I was miserable! I was babysitting that night, and I called a fried, who said she’d come by to see me. We were both going off to college the next week, and I this was probably the last chance we’d get to see each other until winter break.

    About an hour later, the doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, I noticed that she had brought a “guy” with her. Under normal circumstances, I would have been pissed off; I looked horrible. I was so happy to see her, that I just didn’t care if he was there or not. She introduced us, and I said “hi.” At that moment, I was more focused on my friend, who was wishing me a happy birthday and showering me with sympathy – seeing i was in so much pain. I’d never seen this guy before as he was not a part of our circle of friends, and I was curious how they met. As it turned out, he was a friend of a friend who asked if my friend could pick him up and take him to a party that they all were on their way to. (confusing – follow me? :-). Not extremely exciting, but interesting enough that he and I started talking to each other. He was 18 (soon to be 19) and a musician, just like me, and was attending a music college out of state. I really was in a great deal of pain, so my focus was not 100%. As my friend and he were getting ready to leave, he said, “hey, you should come and visit me some time,” and I say “sure.” As he was giving me his address and phone number, I looked up and our eyes met. That was it, KAPOW. I didn’t know why, but I absolutely needed this man in my life!

    I went off to school, and just could not shake him from my mind! I must be crazy, or something was wrong with me. I kept teetering back and forth. So, I wrote him a letter (yes a letter – there were no cell phones in 1976) telling him I’d like to come and visit him. Should I mail it, should I not – I was making myself crazy, but ultimately I did. I was convinced I’d never hear from him again, because he must think I am crazy, but I was wrong. About a week later, I received a reply saying he’d love for me to come up and I think I then called him (from the pay phone in the dorm), and we settled on a weekend that worked for both of us. I was petrified and ecstatic at the same time! I remember telling my friend that I was going to see this guy at his school, but I was afraid to tell her that we’d only met the one time and under bizarre circumstances, so I guess she assumed that I knew him longer than I did.

    I was anxious, and the time seemed to be dragging. I just wanted the weekend to come. We spoke one more time to confirm I argued with myself all the way to the bus station, up until the point I boarded. I was traveling 220 miles to see a guy I hardly knew – what the hell was wrong with me? I argued with myself for hours, which in retrospect, helped to pass the time. I walked off the bus, and was in a strange city. He had class, and could not meet me, so I was left to find my way to his apartment, which I did. When I arrived, one of his roommates answered the door and invited me in. I was shaking. At 17, my life experiences had been somewhat limited up until now ( although if you asked me at the time, I would have disputed you.) I walked down the hallway, and there he was smiling at me. WOW! In that instance, I knew I’d made the right decision to come.

    That night, we went out to listen to some music, and I had a really great time. It was late when we returned, and both of us were feeling nervous, because it was tie to go to sleep. What the hell were we going to do? We stayed up talking until he said “hey, I gotta get some sleep.” You’re welcome to crash in my bed. I laid there tense as can be, and then I took a deep breath and I kissed him. It was heaven. We kissed all night, all the next day, and the day after that. No sex, just kissing.

    I went back to school, but it was abysmal. He came dow to see me, and I was going up to see him almost every weekend. We just couldn’t be apart. I remember when he looked me in the eyes and told me he loved me, and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had – to this day! It was heaven. Time stopped and we were the only two people in the universe. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I could love somebody so completely – and at my age. So, to speed things up, I left my college at the end of the semester, moved in with him, applied and got into the school he was attending. Life was Bliss.

    We got our own place, but that’s when the honeymoon started to fade. Things were intense. When we loved, it was passionate, and when we fought, well that was passionate, too but painful. We stayed together two years, and he made the decision to leave when the lease was up. We still had 4 months to go, and truthfully both of us put it out of our minds. When we parted, it was like somebody dug a deep hole inside me and poured acid all over my heart. It was unbearable. He moved into a studio, and for awhile, we continued to see each other, but it wasn’t good. Eventually, a girl moved in with him, which stopped me from going over to his place, but I still had to see him at school. Truthfully, I don’t know how I made it through, but I did. He graduated two years before I did, but the pain still lingered because he hung around in the same city for another year after. We tried sleeping together once, but that was more miserable than it was before. Finally, he got an offer in NYC, and he was gone! Although the pain was still unbearable, I actually felt relieved. I could finally try and move on with my life.

    To speed the story along, I ended up seeing him once in 1983. It was platonic, and although I loved him deeply, the intensity of the pain was almost completely gone. We both went on with our lives ( a very rocky road for me, but necessary), and would not meet again until years later. He’d pop into my mind, occasionally, and I would smile, but that was about it. Jumping ahead –

    In 2009, my then 16 year old daughter found a box of my college music stuff and started asking me questions. (One thing that came out of my split was, I had put down music after graduation, and had not played an instrument since). My daughter had found some lyrics and music that my love and I had written, and asked if I had tapes. I said no, but suggested that she contact “him”. We found him through social media, and he emailed him. I was so scared, and I told her not to tell him that I told her to do so. Stupid thing, yes. He replied! I was delighted and I could feel the love swelling inside of me. He called me, and we caught up. Both of us were married – no kids for him, one for me. This was my second marriage, which was not going so well. We emailed and stayed in touch, and he went to his sister’s house and dug up some of the tapes to our music and sent them to my daughter. After awhile, the emails slowed down and then stopped.

    About a year later I got an email saying that he was touring and would be in my area and asked me to go see the band. I said yes! I was nervous. I had gained weight, was depressed, and my marriage continued to deteriorate. But, I gussied myself up, and dragged my husband and kid to the venue. We arrived earlier, and the band was setting up and he was walking around, talking to people. As he headed up towards my seat, I yelled “hey,” and a big smile came across our faces. It was wonderful seeing him. There were members of his family there that I hadn’t seen in years, and it felt as though no time hd passed and we had picked up where we left off. My husband, who was emotionally detached from, at this point was oblivious, and my daughter was just happy to meet him. He and his wife had just separated and I said I was sorry to hear that, which I was not. Then, the strangest thing happened. Out of the blue, he looked at me and asked if my husband felt threatened by him. I was taken completely by surprise and I think I said no. Then he said “Well he should be, because the chemistry between us is so strong.” I couldn’t believe I was hearing this. he then invited me to New York. I went once and saw him with my husband, then alone, but it was not the right time and nothing happened. Over the next three years, my life became very complicated and we communicated rarely.

    In April 2015, I was driving back from Florida. I was approaching NYC and thought I might take a detour and go to my old neighborhood and look around. It was 5:00am on a Saturday morning, so traffic was light and I headed across the George Washington Bridge. I drove around, taking pictures, looking at my old building and school, and then headed to a park before getting back on the road. On a whim, I decided to text my ex, and tell him I had detoured into the city and I just wanted to say hi. It was 6am and I knew he wouldn’t be awake. I got back on the road to finish my trip and about an hour later, he texted back wanting to know if I was still around and could we meet for breakfast. Sadly, I was not, and he asked me to please come see him next time I was down this way.

    OK, there is stuff in between, you can fill in the blanks, but the upshot is, I am heading down to see him next month and will stay overnight at his house. This feels different. I am different. There is a calmness between us that is quite nice. I am still married, but it is over and now that my daughter has graduated from college, my intent is to move on – nothing to do with my Flame. Can’t tell you what is going to happen, in fact I feel good about however things turn out. I just now this is the right time for us to come together – whatever that means. Sorry about the lengthiness of the reply, but it’s hard to squeeze 37 years into three paragraphs!

    1. @Anery 37 years for your experience. Wow. I’m just a budding youngling as far as this experience goes :) You’re very centered about this situation – I can see it in your writing. I think the way you’re handling it is perfect. I don’t have any advice for you, except to say thank you for sharing the journeys you’ve had with “him”.

  45. When Matt decided to transfer jobs, I was surprised that he told my grandmother to tell me he was transferring. Why should I even care? He’s married and has a son and a step son he cares for.

    But I cared, I cared about him more than anyone I have ever cared about in my entire life.

    Before you judge, yes, I am a married woman but I am not a cheater. But obviously missing another man is far from innocent however I felt there was a purpose God brought us together when he did.

    I decided to research the answers. I wanted to know why I cared for him so much. His eyes melted my heart from the moment he knocked on my door. I think his father knew there was some connection but I passed it off as him being just my acquaintance. Which truly what he wAs.

    I have two boys of my own. I never anticipated falling in love with someone other than husband and I know he loves his wife. So as I began researching it… This person is my twin flame.

    After reading about twin flames and trying to get closure on his sudden decision to transfer jobs (and a text to him of me wishing him the best and his simple reply of “you too) I felt hurt. I felt like he owed me an explanation but After letting my ego go, I realized he didn’t owe me anything.

    I still remember his smile and I miss him everyday. I just imagine him knocking on my door once again and giving him a giant hug. But that is the reality. The reality is, he was my twin … My twin … The runner.

    I was so mad at furst. He made me cry for days. But after self relaxation, I hope he is truly happy. Looking back, I knew when he was upset and angry with me for being married. I knew he loved me too but does he know I love him? I hope he does. Because I will always love him no matter how bad it hurts that he ran from me.

    I was surprised he got married the last month of 2013 and didn’t even tell me …as friends. I felt like he was mad at me for being taken but I was never mad or jealous for him. I just wished he would have waited for me. But that is selfish of me since he has to live his life too. He is the most beautiful person inside and out and I wanted him. I wanted us. But that’s not the happy ever i got…

    I use to dream of him then see him the following day whether at my house or my grandparents house. I don’t know why but in the month he transferred (may) i knew he was leaving. In that same month of May, I wanted to wish him Happy Birthday- even though he never told me his birthday I knew it.

    One time I cancelled service and he showed up on my birthday in August anyway. It was the best birthday surprise ever! Hehe

    We just had a connection and I know it wasn’t one sided because of the look in his eyes. The way he looked at me and I looked at him, my heart melted. For some odd reason I remember the first time he knocked on my door and the ugly purple dress and boots I had on. When I saw him, I felt like I was hit by a truck from the inside out. I know I met my twin flame and the whole six yes he worked in that area, I knew after meeting me I would threaten the life he had so I knew he would soon run. And after alit seven years and two and a half years of knowing him, he ran.

    I feel him thinking of me. I just wish he could have given me closure other than just disappearing from my life.
    I could text him but I chose not to. I think he needs space to find love in his own marriage and I don’t want to interfere with him and the family that needs him. I know he is needed. In the same way my husband and my family needs me.

    After meeting my twin I hope he will keep in touch with me and if we are not meant to be together I know everyday I will struggle to accept my fate.

    I knew my twin was leaving even before he made the decision to go. I knew everything about my twin from dreams of him to feeling his emotions in person. I miss him everyday. I love him so much and I love him enough to accept that he chose to run.

    I know he ran because I threatened everything he knew about life. But it is bitter sweet. I cry my eyes out when I feel him thinking of me but at the same time by him leaving he also secured my own future with my husband and boys who I love. Meeting your twin flame is as beautiful as it is devastating especially Wheh the circumstances are not right.

    I wish him the best and if he ever reads this I hope he knows I’m not mad at him for running, because he is a reflection of me. And he is not a Cheater. He is a loyal man and his wife is lucky to have him.

    I learned that I need to focus on myself and only time will tell. When our souls are ready to join, they will. Maybe not in this life but in the lives that follow…

    Dear Matt,

    Thank you for showing me the true meaning of love….and that true love does exist. I wish you the best and if you are my twin flame, I wait the day we will be whole.



    1. @ Jenna – Awww, thanks for sharing that. There is certainly a connection when looking into the eyes that you can tell when another has it. As always, my advice is to live your life for you and become whole as a person without reliance on anyone else. Thank you for sharing your loving story of Matt.

  46. ok so i have come across your website after endlessly going through articles and everything i can find on twin flames….essentially i was trapped in an abusive business partnership that left me a broken version of myself..consuming and with complete loss of self and confidence…..through this partnership i was able to go to some exclusive places and meet special people on the frequent but i was always the fly on the wall in the room..never my own self. anyways this one night i got the opportunity to go with this abusive partnership to an event where i got to spend time momentarily afterwords with these terrible people who invited me BUT also the person who invited them…again i felt like a fly on the wall but i guess this is where its weird..i always was infatuated when i learned about this person…and even that night i felt like i was so low on self that i never really made a strong eye contact direction with this person but i swear to god i could feel everything in my head this person was feeling…i felt like if only they knew me …i know i feel like we were the same person but totally different….i ignored the whole thing and i would say a good year later….i realized i was in an abusive partnership i had to get out of…i got out of it, i started working out everyday, and I’m acknowledging out loud to others as well as myself everyday that i must love myself more and that the relationship with me is the most important no matter how much i want everything…if you can’t be yourself you can’t have someone love you i get it…anyways somebody unasked did my astrology last december and ever since then i have been obsessed with learning everything i can. she said i would meet my soulmate/twin flame in 2 years ….after doing tons of research etc on astrology, etc i was easily very fascinated…but then ALL OF THE SUDDEN OUT OF NOWHERE it just seemed to click. I don’t even know how to explain it because it sounds so MENTALLY INSANE ( like i had to refrain from talking about this out loud today to a friend ) but I truly believe in my gut and soul that this person is not my soul mate but my twin flame…i think about them everyday …like i can’t sleep because they are there with me…when i wake up they are RIGHT THERE in my head and in my bed with me…its becoming almost overwhelming…and the more i follow this i SEE CLEAR SIGNS….numbers that add up everywhere….even this persons name adds up in numerology to my birth date…and this persons birthdate adds up to be my moms lifetime long lucky number that i have been seeing more of….and whats weird is i will be in public in places that i could easily run into this person but i SWEAR i am haunted by people WHO LOOK JUST LIKE THIS PERSON… IDENTIACLLY but its not them…..same hair, clothes, skin, everything…One of them i actually think might have been this person as we live in the same city and have jobs that compliment the other…this person is in a committed relationship but the more i looked into it i just have this feeling that we are both not supposed to be together YET …like they are supposed to learn their lesson as am i in our own personal lives before we can meet….BUT I SWEAR i just know deep down in my soul and being that we are one person…i have never been with anyone my entire life …i have a pretty cool life but nobody knows any of this…and what i used to think was something i was missing out on now i find comfort in knowing that this person is the reason why….i am almost 27 and i wonder if what the astrologer said is true or if god forbid it happens earlier…i read everything and i know the rules but i just want to be with this person…and when i think about it i think that i have always known but never really knew what i was allowed to have..since finding out what a twin flame is i can not think overtly-sexual, everything is a guide or sign or has a meaning to it, i have to workout more and be creative so that i don’t think about them but i do…and most of the time it feels good. no longer does it feel sad…i only think it feels sad when i think how crazy it all sounds but i always believed in the crazy so I’m gonna stick to my gut on this…has anyone known who their twin soul was before they did? or meet them and have it hit them like it did me?

    but like i said earlier…i was so consumed with love and affection for this person the other day that i literally looked up in public like i was drawn to something and someone who COULD HAVE BEEN THIS PERSON (it was so fast and i felt hypnotized) was walking by and was looking RIGHT AT ME…..even with sunglasses on i could feel it…this can not just be by chance …my whole life all i ever wanted was unconditional love and i just know that this person is the one i was meant to have it with.

    1. @anonA – It does sound crazy, all of this, unless you’ve been through it personally. I know what you mean by when even someone that looks like this person can cause a flutter inside you. Cherish that you have someone you are so drawn to but at the same time get to a place of strength, such that you don’t need this person.

  47. I have been divorced from my ex husband for 37 years and we have become friends but once I got over all the anger and pain he put me through I can’t quit thinking about him.we always had a connection when we dated and through the years we have a daughter and we only talked about her for a long we’re in a long distance relationship.i should hate this person but I don’t .always back and forth in each other’s lives.could this be my twin flame. Thank you

  48. Ok my turn!

    So my encounter with my twin flame came when I least expected it! When I met him, he was engaged. I found out that he had gotten engaged 6 months prior to our first meeting. Lets say he is a manager of a business and selling a product that I was interested in – so we arranged a meeting so I can see the product in person. I knew when I looked at him, my life and my universe had changed in ways that I did not yet know. When we spoke, there was so much euphoric and excited energy swirling around us – I felt it and I know he did too – and he was looking at me like he had seen me before. When I look at him, I feel like I am looking at myself and that nothing else in the world exists but him and I. That was the first encounter. The second one would be 6 months later when I went to retrieve my order. After the first encounter, my body went through so many changes – I developed an intolerance to dairy/cheese products and my hair started breaking! I didn’t know at the time, that it was because of him – meeting him had someone set forth a rapid spiritual growth that affected by body.

    Within this 6 month period, I discovered (thanks to Facebook) that he was engaged. At this point, i thought I simply had a ‘crush’ on him. I was not friends with him on Faceboook, but he was on Facebook promoting his business and products so I would keep tabs on him this way. 6 months later was the second encounter when I went to pick up my order. Lets say, I got a lot of special treatment, when I saw the final product and things were included that I did not pay for. He seemed to spend alot of extra time explaining things to me – I feel it was because he knew it would be the last time he would see me – his fiancee was there too by the way, so I was careful not to show too much enthusiasm towards him. It’s so funny, there are so many little things and quirks about his personality that are exactly like me! In some ways, he even resembles me physically – from what little I know of him, we even share similar values. Right before I left, we shared an intense eye contact – and the way he was looking at me – it was how someone would look if they were staring at themselves. About a month after this encounter, I developed more food intolerance – in addition to dairy products, I can no longer eat meat, and my hair went through a second bout of breakage.

    I always kept tabs on him by Facebook stalking him, and then about a month later, my world came crashing down. I noticed that both him and his wife posted their wedding pictures on Facebook. I knew they would get married, I just didn’t know it would be so soon – and I didn’t know the effect it would have on me. I felt like someone had literally ripped my heart out. At that moment, I realized I was in love with him – and I barely knew him. I blocked both of them on Facebook. I literally went crazy. I went into a deep depression – I literally did not feel anything or anyone. I felt like a zombie, a walking corpse. I was going to visit a psychotherapist, until some syncronicities led me to this whole ‘twin flame’ concept, which gave me some peace and solace – but for months I went through what people call ‘ a dark night of the soul’. I felt dead. The only thing that made me feel alive was diving into my creative artistic passions – for a long time I had been making moves toward a career change so that I can make a living doing what I love, but after I met him, this went on a fast track! In this time, I made great leaps and bounds, created a lot of jewelry and did a lot of writing for my soon-to-be website. Slowly I pulled myself out of this black hole and started to feel like myself again. I saw his name everywhere. I started seeing 1111, 111, 444, infinity signs and all kinds of ‘signs’ from the universe. I even dreamed of him a couple times. Sometimes I would cry hysterically because of him, sometimes for no reason. I would get these intense pains/sensations in my heart chakra area that felt like a heart attack. At times I felt like I wanted to leave this earth. Each subsequent cycle of crying and depression became less and less and now, almost a year later, I am now at a point where I don’t cry anymore. I feel like an upgraded version of myself, physically and mentally and spiritually! My hair is growing back strong and shiny, my skin is clearing up. And I am making better art! I do miss him and yearn for him sometimes, but I feel like I am at a place where no matter what happens, I will be ok. When I look at pictures of him, I smile and I send him love when I can. He is not with me, but I feel him. I am learning how to be more in the present moment, and spending less time on social media – which can just be a distraction.

    A psychic told me over ten years ago, that I would meet a man who was engaged or married, and that he would be the true love of my life and that eventually he would be with and marry me – and he fits her description to a T. She said there would be a ‘separation’ between us – and then a final ‘reunion’. I really believe she was speaking of this man. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know for sure that I am a better woman – much better than I even thought I could be – because of this man. Even knowing he exists makes me feel less alone in this world.


    1. @Hi ULJ!

      I admire your positive attitude and your ability to channel the energy of this experience into your creative pursuits – namely your art. That is the best use of this energy is to drive your creative pursuits rather than letting it consume you. You have a very happy demeanor and the fact that you can be at peace with him married to someone else says a lot about your character and strength.

          1. Hi Jeremy, thank you for putting yourself out there for others. As I am very shy in expressing my feelings, let alone with total strangers. However, you have inspired me in more ways than one…so let me just say thank you. Someday I will have the confidence to share my personal experience with those that understand. You seem like a very emphatic and sensitive person. It was her loss. Take care, Sarah

    2. I commend you for being such a strong woman. I know I’m not ready to tell my story of how I met the man that changed my life so incredibly. However, reading yours and everyone else’s story makes me feel, I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe just knowing that I am not the only one. That there are so many others out there that have felt so strongly about a person that it has opened them up to a whole new way of looking at themselves and their lives both in body and in mind. One day I will share my story….thank you again.

      1. @Sarah, thank you for sharing your comments. This kind of experience changes you. You are definitely not the only one. Many of us have been able to come here and share our thoughts and you’re safe here. Namaste.

  49. I am lilian walker and have been married for 5years and my marriage was great, but few months ago our romantic feeling was going down everyday there was no romantic feelings anymore. I was scared that I am loosing my husband to someone else,so I search on the internet and I found a spiritualist that helped me in spiritual cleaning and divination to interceed in my love Life with the necessary spiritual cleaning. Everything was alright again in my Life.

  50. Thanks for your article. I’m in a position where there is literally nobody I can talk to about what I’m going through, so it’s comforting to know that there are others and I’m not the only one with this pain walking around with a bleeding heart that nobody can see. My story is a bit unique because I am a straight married woman, and so is my twin flame. From the moment I saw her, I knew, but just tried to dismiss it as a girl crush, as just simple enthusiasm for my new friend. The short story is, we had a magical 3 months, but we both knew it was more than friendship. The flirting, the staring when we didn’t think the other was looking, the signs. One drunken night she confessed her feelings for me, and we kissed and had a wonderful night, but almost immediately she turned. We went back and forth for a couple months until she ran. I know why she did. She had twins on the way (surrogacy) and was married. I’m married with kids as well. I knew that she had to be elsewhere. I know i have to be here. It’s the way she ran, no words, no phone call, she cut me out without even saying a word to me, just texts and emails. That’s what’s killing me. I never got to say goodbye. When I’ve tried to contact her, she’s so cold. I am in so much pain. Most days I’m ok and have the attitude of “I don’t want to be in anyone’s life that doesn’t want to be in mine”, but some days I wake up and immediately burst into tears, usually after dreaming about her, when I come crashing back to reality and realize she’s gone, those days are tough. It’s been 8 months and I’m still a wreck, with an incredible amount of guilt because I know I shouldn’t have these feelings for someone else, yet I can’t shake them. Not to mention what this does to my entire sexual identity. Anyone reading this, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d like to hear your story, and I could really use some support, as I feel I am stuck in this place of sorrow and tears and longing and I can’t climb out :(.

    1. Hi Laura,

      You will climb out eventually. Don’t try to run from your feelings, if you have to cry, then cry. Feel your feelings and cry as long as you need to – eventually you will climb out of the black hole you are in. I know because I have been there. At times, I didn’t want to be on this earth anymore. If you have any passions or creative outlets that you can devote a bit of time to, that may help – it definitely helped me.

    2. @Laura – Hey, There are others going through it. Some are in the pain, some are just getting out of the pain, and others have moved on completely from the pain. It’s a bit tough when the both of you are married, best to end those relationships first.

      When the other runs suddenly and without warning, the best place to move forward to is to get strong with yourself and engaged in your life and its activities and hobbies without any reliance on this person ever again.

      Use my contact page to email me if you’d like to talk more.

  51. I believe I have met my twin flame.
    We met through series of coincidences. I thought she was older than me and far too mature for a guy of my age, I was 19, she was 20, so I didn’t pay much attention to her. She contacted me 3 or 4 months later, and after a few dates we fell in love pretty deeply. We have coincidences in birthdates, her parents went to my parents high school, similarities up the wah zoo. Regardless, this love Casted me I to a different realm of reality, that when reflecting, is a lot like the one I catch myself in at times I can feel her presence. She left me at a time when I was in fire need, and she left on The terms that I wasn’t a good enough person, (negative, greedy, lazy, etc) and I knew she was right. A part of me was glad she was gone.
    I went on an epic adventure for a year, and never lost sight of my love for her. I was celibate for 10 months before a week fling with a girl who was nice enough, but just wasn’t the one. I’ve been 4000 miles away from her for the last 6 months, with a total of 10 months of almost no contact. I’ve been thinking of get everyday, found her name under a bridge in this foreign land, see her in dreams, see her in that far off reality, hear her voice etc.
    we had a phone conversation recently, she told me she feels the connection, I told her everything I’ve been through. There’s no question I am a better man, and something tells me she still loves me. I threw out the idea that she is my twin flame, though she’s usually the type to immediately shut down a false accusation, she did not challenge the idea, and even supported it kind of by explaining weird feelings she gets when thinking of me, and that I was even causing one whilst on the phone with her at the moment.
    I feel like I know. And she knows. But it’s 5 more mints till I’m back home, and like she said, nothing we can do when you’re way over there. So what do you think?

    1. I believe I met my twin flame. After ending a relationship of 27 years, I met a man who I had a strong connection with. It was intense, I didn’t want to be in relationship with this man. I told him, I just got out of a long relationship and wanted to feel my independence and freedom. He also shared he wanted to be free as well. We continued bumping into each other all summer, we would just smile and chat and acknowledge each other. He sometimes would touch my arm and I felt like a bolt of energy go through and try to ignore it. I started thinking of him constantly, when we were apart. I even would wake up when I received an email from him, like seconds before. We both had past lives dreams while we tried to just be friends. Finally we gave in, I thought life is too short, and I thought might as well experience and enjoy life as much as I can.
      Our union, was intense, we were inseparable, we had so many life similarities even had scars in the same places on our bodies. Same illnesses and life experiences, losing parents, pets etc. I thought that was bizarre.

      I ended up travelling with him, overseas and that’s when our ego’s got the best of us. We ended up ending our relationship. I was devastated and so was he, but felt it was for the best. It didn’t work, we were constantly pushing each other buttons.

      It has been a year, we stayed in touch via, email, text and calls, we couldn’t let go of each other. We finally decided no more contact in February. Then we stopped emailing but then a month ago, I emailed him to see how he was doing but just in a friendly way. I didn’t want to share I still had strong feelings for him. I just wanted to hear from him again.

      I even dreamt of two flames flickering side by side while we have been apart. I am not a romantic, I try not to think it a twin flame connection. The only reason I started thinking it might be , because I was thinking about him one day shuffling Doreen Virtue’s oracle cards and that one fell out.

      I am really trying to let him, go, to live my life, loving my independence and trying to move forward. Its just the intensity of not being with him some days gets to me. I never felt this, even when I was my prior relationship.

      I work lots on myself, go deep within. I meditate and just want to let go so I can live and enjoy my self. I don’t want to pine over him for the rest of my life. I don’t know if I ever will see him, I do know though if he showed up at my door. I would take him in my arms.

      I don’t share my feelings with him, because I want him to live his life too, happy and independent. I meditated once and received in a message, you will see him again but its divine timing.

      I have a beautiful, blessed life, I enjoy all I do, active, but it took awhile after him and I parted to find myself again. It really hurt to be apart and not have him in my life. I never felt that even after my long term relationship. I feel I am not the same person I was when I met him. I still feel a strong connection to him though, it doesn’t fade.

      I don’t know if I ever see him again or we will be in each other lives again. I just know from my experience maybe there is a connection that is so strong, that is indescribable. Twin Flames. I don’t know what divine timing is but I do hope and wish its this life time.



      1. Hi Clair, i need some advices about medization.i feel myself lost and confused right now.i met my TF almost 2 years ago,didnt see him since 1 year and 6 months and he blocked me 6 months ago.i tried to work on myself and a few weeks ago i met someone new which was a big mistake,felt like a mess and cried alot.before that he appeard in my dream and told me he would be jealous knowing i will meet someone .then after a few days i really met but was wrong.thanks! Blessings !

        1. @ForeverAlx

          Watch your thoughts and what you focus on. You’re creating a reality by thinking about being blocked and past mistakes that will perpetuate forever until you decide to replace your thoughts with better things.

          Think about your life, what you want to do, what you want to experience, and all the cool things around you. Best to you.

      2. @Clair – Hi, sorry for the late response, somehow your comment got lost in the shuffle.

        It’s tough when you go no contact with this person at first. Really tough. I love that you work on yourself, meditate, and enjoy yourself.

        You have a very sweet presence and voice about you and this situation. I think you’re doing well – I don’t sense any neediness from you for him, just a desire that you’d like to be with him. Keep doing what you are doing.

    2. @Bronson – Your self reflection is good. Learn about the things that need improving in your life. That’s half the battle right there. When she left you, you weren’t strong enough to have that kind of person in your life.

      The best thing you can do while separated from “her” is to work on yourself and continue to better you and your life. It’s that simple. That should always come first.

  52. Hi Jeremy, i’m writting down my thoughts again because i feel very bad i’m such a mess on the inside,i’m very sad and confused because now i dont know anymore which is the right way to gi.i did a big mistake and feel guilty about it.after i dreamt about my twin flame and he asked me if i’m okay and about my feelings and told me also in my dream he would be jealous knowing i will meet someone ,i really met someone.i started to write with him and after 2 weeks i wanted to give him a chance and i was dating him.before our first date i felt horrible and sad and guilty it was like my twin were with me in the room.i wanted to cancel but i met this new guy.i felt very uncomfortable but i tried to tell myself that everything it will be wasnt .it was a horrible experience and while we kissed etc i almost cried,i cried sleeping in his room.i cried the the day after and felt not that a big part of me was missing, i was lost and missing everything.then i tried to see the problem and thought the problem is my own person is a nice guy.but that kind of connection with him ist not even 0,001% of the connection with my twin flame.he can not “read” and see whats really on the inside and everything is very superficial.every time i date him i was asking myself what i’m doing there and felt strange.i always knew i belong to my twin flame ,that deep strong connection i had only with him.i felt when i was dating the other guy that i am such a different person since i met my TFlame but this horrible experience opened my eyes more and made myself search more inside myself because my Tf changed everything.even if i already known that i ask myself why i did that.should i blame nyself,i cheated him abd he was warning me in that dream.but in a strange way this experience that made me felt like a mess made me also feel that i’m more evolved and that i can not identify myself with this kind of ordinary dates,reationships anymore.i dont know what to do now to work more on myself because i feel that i destroyed all my spiritual work through this experience.i feel that should happen to make me mire aware about my spiritual journey or was a test i didnt pass? Need your opinion! Thanks! God bless you !

    1. @ForeverAlx

      Writing down your thoughts is good. Do you keep a journal? If not, this is a good way to understand yourself and look at your experiences and the progress you’ve made.

      As for my response to your question about a test that you may have passed – all of life is your test. I’ll reiterate my response above – guard your thoughts and focus on your life and the good things in it and what you want to experience. When you think about your “TF” in the way that you are, you create weakness and insecurity in yourself. Ask yourself if that is what you want.

  53. My twin requested that I be his friend on Facebook, he and I were on a page of common interest. One day I am arguing with my boyfriend bitterly, in my deep anger….I suddenly get a facebook message that says…”how are you doing? I didn’t even know him really….but the timing eased my pain….. I was shocked. He told me it was 5:55 where he was, and we’d talk later. At 3:30 my time I asked him what time it was near him, he got my message much later….and responded again at 5:55. I noticed the strange coincidence in the times. I looked up the meaning of the number, and it meant big changes ahead. At that point we were both overwhelmed with magnetic, electric burning desire in our hearts….although, he said he friended me because I looked like someone he knew from another time……and in our initial conversations he kept saying…” I can feel you….strange..” I couldn’t feel him. He shortly became extremely desperate to see me in person, wanted me to fly out to see him. As I am looking up flights….he writes to me….”this is wrong….stay with your boyfriend, I need to stay with my girlfriend she is my twin……blah blah.” I was DEVASTATED!!!! There were other things that were uncanny I won’t mention here……. I felt hopless, worthless, abandoned…I wanted to kill myself….I felt completely victimized. HE WAS THE ONE THAT CONTACTED ME!!! Then he runs away…blocks me on facebook….I get no replies from texts or emails……it’s just utterly cruel……..yet……….there’s that part of me that can’t let go ……..I wish I never knew him….to never feel the searing love that coursed through my veins……the feeling that I could do no wrong….that I was loved unconditionally …… have that feeling ripped away…….just the cruelest trick this universe has ever played on me.

    1. @Heartbroken

      Sorry for the late response to this. But better late than never eh?

      Think about your wording in this comment of yours. Just look at it and read it. Step outside of yourself for a moment. Step outside of your emotion. Then read the words as if they are a stranger that you don’t know has written them. Ask yourself, what state is this stranger in. Are they grounded and centered, or are they a bit needy, weak, or insecure.

      Your answer will give you clues as what to do next.

  54. I saw my twin flame and I instantly fell in love with him we had chats on fb and whatsapp now we are not talking to each other. He ran away from this connection so that I can work on myself and get enlightened about everything and I indeed loved the separation or else how would I ever come across what this connection was all about .I thank him for everything.we haven’t yet met face to face though I saw him for many months. I get so many dreams of my tfthe first dream of him after enlightment was so beautiful I saw him completely in white light and he looked the best in that and he just smiled and the moment he smiled I opened my eyes with a beautiful smile on my face this was the first time I woke up so beautifully and later on I have dreams of my twin flame hugging me or kidnapping me so that we can get married as this is the youghest oart of our relationship cause we belong to opp religions and our parents will never agree for this though we have everything in common even our age he is born on 1 jan 1990 and me on 1 feb 1990.i dnt know what does these dreams signifies…I love him a lot and hope he gets enlightened too and stay happy and safe forever.
    Thank you for helping so many twin flames Jeremy :) :) God bless you with happiness :) :)

    1. @swapnali

      Thanks for sharing your TF story. I appreciate you sharing this and thanking me for my help with those in this situation. I do what I can :) Blessing to you.

  55. My twin flame and I met in high school. I did not realize the connection at the time. Later, he moved 3.000 miles away from me. we stayed in contact and he talked of moving back eventually, he never did. I got into a relationship with a man for four year who mentally abused me. So that was a very hard time for me and I dealt with anxiety for quite some time after. I decided to go on a spiritual journey and begin working on myself on all levels. Especially mentally. retraining myself to think positively, write, pray, etc. I came in contact with my twin flame again and things were automatic and intense. We had the deepest conversations and basically wrote novels to each other about life and God.

    I never had a connection like that with anyone in my life. I have never fallen so in love and was so afraid, yet excited, and happy all at the same time. It was a crazy amount of emotions and I knew it was something very special. We both stated to each other that we felt a pull from God to be together and that we wanted to be in each other’s future. He was going to come visit me at the beginning of this year.. but a couple days before he was supposed to come, I decided to ask and make sure he was still coming. Because he hadn’t talked of it at all. He told me that he wasn’t going to be able to visit because of financial issues.

    I told him I was upset. I really was very angry with him, not because of lack of money. but because I had requested vacation and he couldn’t tell me at all. I had to be the one to ask and several days before the visit was supposed to happen. Completely got my hopes up. I was very disappointed. After sometime, we began working on a relationship again but he was very wishy washy. He would say he would text the next morning. I never heard anything. I am not the pushy or clingy type. I didn’t want to nag either. So when he did this I never said anything. Finally, I had some money to go visit him. I flew to his state in may of this year. I had an amazing time. Our feelings were just as strong in person. He went out of his way to SHOW me he cared and that was new for me. I never had someone who made me feel so loved and so special. Everything felt right.

    There were a few times during the visit where I literally felt sick. If he was in a bad mood, or stressed I literally felt like I could feel his thoughts and feelings and my stomach would hurt. It was very uncomfortable for me, and as this went on I began to get very shy and become introverted. Anyway, the trip was amazing but I was very sad to have to go back home. I had a feeling that it was all going to end for some reason. When I got home we texted and he sent me a picture of flowers saying “i’m sending you flowers” we both seemed to be happy and things were going well. Then he pulled his wishy washy stuff again and quit talking to me for a week and was a little rude to me about it.

    The times I described above were the wonderful times we spent together and I really felt he was a gift. I cherished what we had. But to be honest, I never felt like he did. It seemed he was the “runner” and was always holding everything in. To the point where we rarely talked anymore and we were awkward and quiet with each other. I feel like the relationship was very intense for him and he holds a lot of things in, so he has a lot to work through. I’m not playing the blame game or saying this is all his fault. I just sensed this and I also knew I was going through an emotional roller coaster. I would be the happiest I had ever been one day and then completely depressed for a week after that. Lol I was just having extremely high emotions. He probably sensed this from me, which ultimately made him run. I just felt like regardless of our connection, we weren’t cherishing it and working towards being together. I felt a space was necessary. It just wasn’t the right time and I also felt like no contact would allow me to have some sanity back.

    So I ultimately told him it was better we didn’t communicate. He never responded. I feel awful and have thought about him every day since. Although the way I try to look at it is to remember we both are on different journies. Whether they are leading together, we have to do the work separate and we each need to learn to love ourselves and focus on our lives and God. I hope I am right for this decision. I feel myself going through lesson after lesson, and lately my strong emotions have come back. This is the most intense journey I have ever been a part of. It is scary to feel so deeply and to not fully understand what is happening, why things are RAPIDLY changing, and why your twin flame doesn’t seem to want anything to do with you. Although I ended it, i felt like he had months before. It hurts to feel rejection on a soul level. Anyway, I feel in my heart this man is my twin flame, but I have no way of knowing for certain so I remember the love I had for him (how could I forget). I cherish that, but I keep moving forward and do everything I can to work on myself, even if that means not thinking about him.

    God Bless

    1. @Shauna

      It’s interesting to meet someone where you feel such deep love and fear at the same time. Kind of like light and darkness all rolled into one.

      Usually the man runs away in these situations, but I’ve since realized that both parties do their fair share of running.

      Cherish the good memories, and work on yourself. You’ll be fine.

  56. Everything you wrote rings so true to what I experienced and didn’t know about twin flames until reading your post and now I know that’s what it was. Ever since my brief encounter with this man, I’ve been telling my friends how thankful I was that he came into my life if only for a very brief time. My experience with this man was life-changing and I felt this immediate connection to him from the moment are eyes met and it was a feeling of knowing I was going to be with this man from that first look into each other’s eyes. I’ve never been the same since and the brief relationship I had with this man changed my life for the better and in so many ways.. It’s like I was brought back to life and back to the me I think I lost for a time. It was an amazing feeling and I started to do things again that I hadn’t in years, like running, playing guitar, hiking and just living my life and wanting to experience everything that I’ve missed out on.. I wanted to try new things and experience fully everything life has to offer.. I’ve always been in great shape, but started to eat healthier, exercising, just wanted to become an even better version of me. I’ve had many strange synchronicity’s with this man that also makes it seem like it’s still unfinished and I’ve never been able to shake him from my thoughts. It’s also not like a normal breakup where you cry and feel hurt when it ends and it hurts when you think of them, this feeling is different I don’t feel sadness or pain because it’s this strange knowing that I’m going to be with this man even though there is no logical reason to believe it, but I feel complete contentment that it’s going to happen. Like you said, “wherever you are, I wish you happiness ten times over. There are no words needed to communicate. You may never ever see what I write here, but I write it anyway. Thank you for being the person you are and for helping me grow into the person I was meant to be. Until our next meeting in this life or the next”.

    1. @Sienna

      Hi Sienna! Thanks for sharing your personal feelings of connection with the one you met.

      You seem to be at a good sense of peace with the situation. That is good. Keep an attitude of gratitude in all that you do and especially as you think about this situation. I think you’re headed in the right direction.

  57. Hi Jeremy,

    I’m so confused at this point in my life, I thought I had met my TF but now I’m questioning everything in my life.

    I dreamed of this man when I was a young child and I’m 46 now if that gives you any indication of how long ago it was. When I dreamed of him, he looked exactly like he does today. When I first met him over five years ago, I walked past him in a hallway and immediately stopped in my tracks and backed up to look at him. He obviously caught me, introduced himself, and the connection was immediate. As I walked away from him, I said to myself…oh dear man, you have no idea that one day I will have you.

    We were both married at the time, so we were immediate friends and our relationship was strictly platonic. I went through a divorce last September and then he went through a divorce (very unexpectedly) in November. We worked together and I relocated to a different office so I didn’t see him regularly.

    After being apart for several months, he randomly contacted me one day and asked me to lunch. I gladly accepted and from that day forward we were inseparable. Neither of us had heard of the TF connection but there were so many unusual things going on between us that neither of us had an explanation for. We could sense our feelings when we were apart and we both had this extreme burning sensation in our chests. Whenever I would think about him, he would text or call me….it was all so overwhelming.

    He became the runner and we couldn’t stay away from one another for longer than a week at a time so our relationship became this push and pull situation. Two weeks ago, we spent the day together and he told me point blank that he loves me but he’s not IN love with me. Additionally, he said his family would never accept me because we are from different cultures. I’m American – he’s Indian. So, needless to say I’m completely devastated. Most days, I cry all day. I cannot function, I still feel him and I know when he’s thinking about me but I haven’t talked to him. I decided that I cannot be his “chaser” but I have no idea where to begin picking up the pieces of my life. I’m questioning faith, the existence of TF love, myself, my sanity…you name it. So, is he my TF? I’m asking you because I’m lost and I don’t know what to do with myself from this point forward. I tried to explain to him that we are TF’s and he said that although it explains a lot of what we were feeling, he’s a logical person and therefore he knows that he cannot love me like a true TF….so is he really “The One”?

    1. @Confused is an understatment

      Hey, first off, thanks for your breaking your comment into paragraphs. You write very well :)

      You’re in a position right now where you are crying and having a hard time functioning. Looking at the date of your comment, it was in July, 2015. That was 3 months ago. How are you doing now?

      Don’t ask if he is your TF or not. You’ll just be more confused. Don’t ask if he is the one, ask yourself how you can improve and become a stronger version of yourself.

      See your weaknesses and flaws revealed in this situation and work to improve them. That’s the true lesson here.

  58. Hi Jeremy , today i had a succesful Meditation with my TF.i tried a few times but it take time until you reach that level of being focused and feel i did it and it was very very intense!! He gave me hugs,didnt want to let me go from his arms and told me alot of nice things ,that he will always loce me i told him that to.i wanted to stop the medatitation a few times because was very intense i feld the powerful energy in my chest and his heart and i started to was so much energy and tried to disconnect myself vut he didnt want to let me go.became more and more intense and i could feel him with all his energy and i cried and at the same time i was happy.then i stayed longer in meditation couldnt let him go and he also.very powerful energy ,he hold me close in his arms all the time.i cried when i left the Meditation but i was also happy.

  59. [email protected] says:

    I have been with my TF for about a year . we met on a dating site. At first sight we felt the close connection we were very into each other, talking , texting and then the sex happened. After that things changed I never understood why as our connection was out of this world, why did he want to leave , just told me nothing and then the fighting started I think he waited for this to happen , however I still text him and he replies with swear words and is very ugly. We are mature individuals how can he behave like a teen using ugly words. I love him so much he consumes my day and night thinking of him. I think that he hates me so much, but I cant stop loving him.

    1. Hey there @[email protected]

      It is interesting how back and forth this can be – the fighting/not normal behavior from both people that happens. My advice doesn’t change with your situation – feel your emotions, but then get busy in your own hobbies, life, and pursuit of improving yourself. Do this again and again and you will need this person less and less. Peace to you.

  60. Hi
    So obviously we are all the chaser. So what about the runner? What do they feel or what do they live? They are trying so hard to run away with us and close their feeling however we are sense them and we can see them in our dreams. So what about them? Do we know something about what the runner do the entire time? Do they really forget us or can they feel us ? I think that they can but they don’t know it. For example sometimes i can feel my twin flame’s sadness and i think that he can feel mine too but he can not separate this is his or mine. What do you think? Thank you :)

    1. Hey @i192

      Yes, most people who come to online websites about twin flames are chasers – those who were disconnected from. Only runners who are well into many years of the connection start to post online it seems. Can your TF feel you? I think they think about you, yes. I think our emotions are intense with this other person and we may project feelings and thoughts that may or may not be true about them. As always, the best thing to do is to focus on yourself and improving yourself. Best to you.

  61. I was celibate for 3 years and was chatting to a few guys online. I was interested in one guy (not my twin flame) but as Karma would have it, he was far away and the other guy invited me to dinner. It was immediate physical attraction so much that I struggled to control my breathing. The moment we made eye contact it felt like I knew this person for ever. When we started chatting I felt like I found something deep inside that was missing. It was so intense that I forgot half the things he said to me. I was not listening but feeling that deep connection from deep within my soul, wanting that connection to last forever. I had previous relationships but there was always something missing. This first sexual encounter was mind blowing but the biggest fulfillment was the spiritual experience. I have never felt this before. I felt in total acceptance of myself, my mind, body and soul. Our initials are identical and we have the similar birth date repetition of numbers. This person is from another country, culture, religion but we share the same beliefs in humanity, the world, war, justice etc (the list goes on forever). I wanted a one night encounter and never have to see the person again – well needless to say this is ongoing for 9 months now. When he is abroad I miss him and he misses me – it feels something is missing from my existence and we cannot wait to reconnect upon his return. We feel no insecurity, jealousy, envy or anything negative towards one another. It gives us both the biggest joy to make the other happy in little things e.g. cook for each other, give each other small personal, meaningful gifts. There is nothing negative but only positive. We are not in love like teenagers but feel an unconditional love deep from within our souls. We dream of each other and all the dreams are pleasant, kind and peaceful. I could not imagine my life without him. Could this be my twin flame?

    1. @Anne – Hi, thanks for sharing :) Your situation sounds like it is unfolding and you are in love even after 9 months now. That’s great. Who is to say if this is a twin flame? I think the meaning you give to the situation is most important. It sounds like you’ve found a deep connection. Cherish it, for you never know what might happen to change the course of your interaction together.

  62. Hello Jeremy N Johnson. Thank you for your blog. I met my twin flame in 1991 in France. I am french. But I was too Young. So, the separation was inevitable. It was impossible for us to be in contact when I was just a little girl, and he was a Young man. Well, I am sure that he is my TF because of the intensity of our connection. We were able to have a telepathic communication. I felt that I knew this man from the beginnings of the ages, and that in any case, we will be together in few times, even if it could be after our actual lives. Time is nothing. But I have to admit that it is a problem for me, because I really would like to know where he is, and how he is, for the less. I can feel it, sometimes we meet in my dreams, but there is nothing in reality. I just can say that I could accept anything from him, and that his happiness is the most important for me. Thank you once again, I love to realize that I am not alone who knows this incredible connection with another being, and the best that I can wish to someone is to know this way of love and connection with his/her TF. And please, excuse me for my bad English :D

    1. @Rosa

      Hello there! You are definitely not alone in feeling this connection. And your English is pretty good – good on ya! I think it’s great when you can recognize a connection like this and simply state the reality of it without expectation. It’s easier said than done and you seem to be at that point.

      I wish you the best and hope that one day you can reconnect with your TF.

  63. I met my TS in 2014. We haven’t identified as a couple. There were events on our first two dates that most people would classify it to be as a fairy tale. We never made love. I was destraught and gave up the talking after a few months of uncertainty on his part. Since then I encountered a brief counterfeit twin that has finally got my butt into gear because I clearly didn’t do it before. My TS’s birthday is soon. A friend told me I should use it as an excuse to get a hold of him. Our goodbye was unspoken and I know he was probably relieved of me also. Part of me also is very worried about repeating the same chasing, running scenario and disrupting the natural choice I made to wait for when HE feels ready to talk to me again. I’d appreciate your honest opinion. Thank you.

  64. I’d appreciate if you could just email me back and not post it to the blog. A little paranoid. Thanks.

  65. I have had online chat with a person who turns out to be my twin flame .it was unimaginable ! we feel connected all the time.we both are into spirituality and that’s the main reason we feel connected.he is more spiritually awakened as what I feel.I adore him and feels unconditional love for him! initially I was the runner as I felt ki I don’t deserve such an awsm person and also because of my past mistakes by being in close relationships while he was not into any relationship .eventually things effortlessly and naturally became crystal clear and we both love more n more . the thing that is bothering me is I masturabate at times when I feel too happens rarely .and also I see dreams with him not in physical sense but in energy forms and feels oneness as if I am loving myself . but I feel little bad after I masturbate.he is spiritually awakened and so he has excellent self it wrong to masturbate being in unison with my twin flame ? please help

    1. @D, That’s a cool name, D!

      1. Masturbation is OK. Don’t feel ashamed about it.
      2. In order to feel worthy of such a connection you must work on yourself – hobbies, body, ideas, writing, whatever it may be. You must become a badass with yourself. Then you won’t bring that baggage into any relationship, including this.
      3. You can do it ;)

  66. I believe I have recently met my twin flame. Upon meeting I have become mildly infatuated with him. The energetic pull I have towards him is unlike anything I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Thank god he is spiritually inclined and hopefully won’t think I am crazy. The intensity that permeates from my heart chakra is sometimes too much to handle. I am already in a long term and committed relationship. My partner is aware of my feelings towards him and open to any thing. I find that I cannot see him as infrequently as I do. I either need to be in his presence often or not at all. How do people go on living once meeting their tf? It hurts so much.

    1. @Dylan I’m not sure there is a such thing as mildly infatuated with these connections.

      It hurts for a time, but, if you will allow yourself to feel that pain and work on yourself, I promise you will get to a point it doesn’t hurt anymore. Get to a point you don’t need this person. Then, ironically enough, you can start talking to them without feeling like you’re going to explode.

  67. The craziest emotions i have ever felt in my life!… about 2 years back i met a person who i believe to be my twin flame/soulmate (whatever you wanna call it). Our eyes met and it felt like time stood still we just stared at each other and it felt so comfortable. When i looked away for a moment and looked back his face looked perplexed and he ran off. I said to myself “what the hell was that!” And felt so much electricity left in me almost like a orgasm but not sexual if that makes any sence. Ive ran into this man many times after this and every time i see him i can feel my heart pounding. I have to look in his eyes to get comfortable enough to talk to him. If im not looking in his eyes i get very nervous. Its almost like we communicate though our eyes. This is the only person i can do this with since im the kind of person who normally has a hard time holding eye contact. I actually had a very vivid dream of him and i standing infront of each other holding hands and there was a earthquake happening all around us and he was telling me we need to let go of each other. What makes this all so hard is that im married to another man… Theres been times when ive had to crouch down and just cry because theres nothing i can do. i cant be unfaithful to my husband. And if i get to know my twin flame i feel like i would be unfaithful because of the strong connection. I have come to the realization that it will be what it is. I tried to forget about this connection and focus on my marriage but i find myself thinking about this man every day still. Its been months since ive seen him and still feel like hes with me spiritually… I just dont know what to do and how to overcome this feeling. I just want to feel normal again.

    1. @V, Hello there. I just responded to a D a few comments above, so it’s nice to meet a V ;)

      Isn’t the staring and time standing still great? It’s too bad that it doesn’t last as there are lessons to learn. I know what it’s like to be married and have that feeling of connectivity with someone else. I’m not married anymore – I resolved that situation.

      Good – look at it as it will be what it will be and just be who you are and do what you do best – whatever that thing is. You will feel normal again if you cut contact and work on yourself. You’ll know you can talk to “them” again when your sleep schedule is normal and you don’t feel unglued around them.

  68. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m both glad to know I’m not crazy (was beginning to think I was losing my mind, trying to accidentally run into him and becoming a stalker of sorts). I’m also terribly devastated to have confirmation that I’ll likely never be able to share my love with him.

    I knew him for only 3 weeks and we’ve been apart for two. He has been ever-present in every minute of my existence from the moment we met. I have gone through what I’d characterize as a full Buddhist awakening since meeting him. My world turned upside down and I have become acutely aware of all the workings of my life and emotions. I am in the present almost completely. All unresolved issues have quickly been resolving and I’ve been releasing a ton of pain.

    I have new direction, new conviction, new confidence. I am more in touch with my true self than I’ve ever been. In short, I’ve passed through a door into a new world. And all I want to do is share everything with him.

    I feel compelled to be there for him. He is my soul mate. I cannot walk away. Though there’s nothing else to do since he wants no contact at all.

    Before finding your post, I walked up and down my street last night trying to convince myself that I have to let go. I’m not in control of this situation and I cannot effect it. But as many times as I tried to convince myself of this, it just couldn’t get it through my heart.

    We’ve only known each other for 3 weeks, I tell myself, get over it! But I can’t. He’s embedded in my psyche and conjoined to my heart.

    My life is more vibrant than ever now, but I yearn to share it with him. I can’t imagine enduring the rest of my life without feeling his arms around me. I felt complete, at home, when he held me. And now I pretend to cuddle in his arms every night so that I can get to sleep, never wanting to forget that wonderful feeling.

    I toss all night and wonder if he’s tossing too. I wake in the morning saying good morning to him as though he can hear me somehow.

    I have tried to get him out of my mind. I have come to realize I cannot, and probably will never be able to. I am grateful for the love I feel and for the effect he’s had on me. I will have to learn how to let that be in my heart and remain open, though it will probably never be met with his love in return.

    It feels like such a loss of incredible love. But if it powers us to be our best selves, then it is not lost. I truly believe this, though it doesn’t make it easier to be without him.

    I will never stop hoping or love can be fulfilled. I can’t imagine ever finding another love that could hold a candle to this.

    I should add that I saw him coming. I’ve been fantasizing about him since I was a child. His name, how he expressed himself intimately, and all his qualities matched my image. When we met, I recognized him immediately.

    How I wish he hadn’t run. How I wish we’d had more than 3 weeks. How I’d like to send him this link and hope it would change his mind and being him back to me. I would do anything to be close to him again.

    1. Update: I wish I’d taken your advice singer, but I’m glad I’ve cut off all contact now. I tried to contact him a few times, and that just made him think I’m a stalker who can’t respect boundaries.

      It’s tough to be abruptly shut out when you feel so strongly for someone, but your advice is dead on. Don’t waste time on someone who doesn’t want you around, even if you have strong feelings for them. You need to walk away for your own sanity. I actually hope he doesn’t come back at this point. This had been so painful. I’ll take the gifts that came with meeting him, but I don’t want the drama.

      Thanks again for posting your story. It had helped me navigate through this intense time.

      1. @maya – Thanks for sharing your story. It’s tough when you feel such a strong connection. And you reach out a few times and don’t get reciprocation. The strongest position is being able to walk away and mean it.

        It’s true for your own self worth – don’t waste time on someone who doesn’t want to enthusiastically be in your life – even the TF.

        Your story may not be over though, maya. There is much to learn with these deep connections and I have a feeling your journey is just getting started ;)

  69. Hello,
    I think I’ve met my twin flame or soulmate, I don’t know if these are the signs but so far this is what i felt and I know he does too, he introduced himself to me and from that first moment he shook my hand I felt that this person was going to become a great part of my life. He kept looking and staring at me and when I looked he turned quickly away as I did the same as weeks went by I’ve kept running in to him at the job(we’re from different departments) every time I saw him it felt like my heart was going to burst I also wanted to cry of happiness or what’s even worst is when he touched me subtlely like my arm or my waist it felt like something out of this world while we talk we forget that we’re actually at work we smile a lot every time we see each other, but sometimes it was too much of this intense feeling that I had to run away to take it all in and it would leave me perplexed for minutes even hours. It’s just too intense, at this point I feel that I am in a relationship with him without actually never even been with him. He floats at the job as I do too, I’m careful of my coworkers as I believe he’s too. I don’t want him to loose his job. I’m married but my husband doesn’t fullfill spiritually or emotionally like this man does. I’m moving away to another state and I feel this deep sadness in my heart like part of me is being torn apart and there is nothing I can do. I know he knows I’m married he knows a lot of things about me that I haven’t even told him. I know he asked around. I can’t stop thinking about him. I want to feel those feelings again I feel full everytime I see him. I don’t know much about twin souls or twin flames or much less telepathic messages but nontheless I did sent him a few telepathic messages just to try it and see to which floor I’ll be in and there he was suddenly showing up on that floor. I feel my heart going down the pit of my stomach and feeling this intense deep energy that I have to run away. He’s shy I’m shy I can’t take this. He respects the fact that I’m married. Sometimes I wish he didn’t, but there are times I do. I am confused. I just need to know to understand what’s all this that’s happening to me. I’ve been infatuated before but this is nothing like that. When I was infatuated I felt the butterflies, but never like my heart was going to burst or to be crying of happiness or that one more touch I feel like I’m going to melt or faint that I have to run. I’m confused as to what’s going on with me. I thought that I loved my husband, he’s great! But he’s not this other man that turns my entire world upside down from my most intimate thoughts I feel like he can read me and that’s scary because sometimes I can feel what he feels it’s hard to explain there are no words to explain these and these feelings. Thank you.

    1. @Ginna – Thanks for sharing. You are facing this situation while married – not the easiest thing to do. You’ll have to decide how you proceed, but being married and having this other person on the side usually ends in disaster.

      Thanks for sharing your intense feelings about this person though. Listen to your heart and mind, they will give you guidance in what to do. Best.

  70. I meet a girl online and I just somehow knew that I was supposed to know her. 1st meeting we both felt a phenomenal mental, emotional and physical connection. I could almost swear I heard a click. Had similar pasts, tons in common interests, traits that complemented each other and weird coincidences. Instantly fell for her like you see in the movies. Like nothing could get me down. Kind of freaked me out. We wanted to talk or be together all the time and fast becoming best friends. The intensity of the connection scared her. She had been hurt/betrayed really bad in recent past and is afraid of love, so we were taking it slow (not physical & doing friend stuff). She started to develop deeper feelings for me, suddenly went distant (I had a feeling before any indications), she got so anxious she got sick and then disappeared. This all occurred in a month’s time. I was all so fast. Complete 180. I was deeply upset and bewildered how I could be so profoundly affected by someone I knew for such a short time. Normally I would be angry and prideful for someone “ghosting me” but all I feel is deep sadness and worry for her. After a few weeks of still not understanding WTF was wrong with me, I turned to the internet to learn. Until this, I had never considered the word soulmate. Even though the concept is hard to wrap my mind around. I believe that is what I have experienced. It is the only thing that makes sense. I have experienced a major spiritual growth, found courage to do things I’ve always wanted to do, started focusing on my dreams and am continuing to grow. My friends do not understand my emotional attachment/reaction or why I am changing. It’s been a month since she vanished. I tried to reach out gently to her a couple times, then tried to give her space. Just reached out for the last time letting her know I understand. I know that chasing any more will just scare her more and pressure her. My only course left is to let go, do me and trust fate. Can twin flame/soulmate connections happen in such a short time?

    1. @Kris – It’s an interesting thing, isn’t it – to meet someone and feel like you have known them before. Who knows the mystery of that, but it is a beautiful thing.

      This other person will make you feel invincible – when you are both at the highest level of repoire and connection. As seems to be the case every time, the runner twin will become distant and then you’ll come crashing down to earth, faced with yourself.

      Good for you for finding courage to do things you’ve always wanted. And yes, these connections can happen fast or develop over the course of many years. Either way, follow the advice I’ve given many others – focus on you and becoming the next best version of yourself. I’ve found it is the only way to counteract the intensity of this situation.

      1. Thank you for your advice. It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in this. To keep myself occupied, I have taken some of your advice. I am keeping a journal, meditating, exploring my spirituality, learning new hobbies and staying active.
        Several interesting things have happened since I posted.
        I decided to write down my story in my journal. I was startled to realize how extraordinarily similar our backgrounds were, how we had almost meet a few times before, the sheer amount shared interests and coincidences that couldn’t be random and that we did almost everything in 3s. I knew intellectually that this was different (hence I am on this blog) than anything else I’ve ever experienced before and but I just hadn’t put it all together to realize how different. It was a wow moment.
        During one of my daily meditations, I came to realize I was in love with her (had not realized till that moment) and I just wanted her to be happy and ok. Since then I have been frequently seeing things that represent her and 11s all the time. I am also becoming very sensitive to negativity and shallow interactions. Which is inconvenient because I was super social. Makes me wonder if I am losing it. It’s all quite surreal; I’m going to continue focusing on me and I’m not sure where it will lead me. Kind of scary.

        1. HI Kris,

          You are not losing it. I posted my experience previously on this same thread…a lot of things that are happening to you have happened to me as well! Seeing 11’s all of the time (almost daily) seeing their name and signs of them everywhere. I am also focusing more time on pursuing my dreams and creative pursuits. I too am becoming overly sensitive to shallow interactions and negative people – which is not that big of a deal for me because I’ve always been an introvert. Keep focusing on yourself and your creative pursuits. I blocked my twin flame on social media and have not seen or heard from him/of him in over a year. Right now I don’t feel like I am ready to unblock him – I am still scared. So I am focusing on myself and we will see where that leads.

  71. I met my twin at work 6 years ago after asking the unviserse to bring me my true love. Our first meeting was the most amazing feeling. We instantly knew each other. Every emotion ran through my body, especially happiness. And he felt the same. We instantly started our connection with 8 glorious months of highs. At that point I knew I’d never love anyone more than him. I could see his beautiful aura, he shined so bright. To this day, I only have been able to see his aura. We brought out the very best and worst in each other.
    When we separated, we both knew it was for the best, extremely agonising but we both needed to work on ourselves. At the time I didn’t know anything about twin flames but came across it after 5 years of no contact, I wondered why I couldn’t get him out my head or why I can feel him in my heart, in my dreams and his name popping up everywhere I go (heck, even my street name has his name in it!) I thought I should be over him by now (as all past relationships, I’ve easily got over).
    This past month, I’ve worked on myself, healing my soul (it was quite quick thinking about it) I have been told I’m a healer but yet to explore this as I don’t feel ready. I’ve learnt to let him go, love him unconditionally and except that we aren’t meant to be physically together in this lifetime again.
    Recently, I felt his sadness and worry, it was extremely intense, immediately I knew I had to get intouch. I contacted his family and turns out that they are going through a very difficult period.

    I had brief email connection with him this past week. And all my anxiety, frustrating and sadness instantly lifted by being in contact with him again but I didn’t feel I needed him to stay intouch. He will always run from himself and from me. Now I accept this, after years of pain. Having a (almost) healed soul feels as exhilarating as a twin flame first meeting.

    I am married and have two beautiful children with my soulmate. He’s a brilliant man. We love each other greatly, it will never be the same as with my twin who I also love greatly too, unconditionally. And I’m thankful for this extraordinary experience and thankful to him for helping me see my full potential. We are forever connected through our souls and that sits fine with me – finally!

    Much love and God bless x

    1. @Anne

      Hi Anne! Isn’t it interesting what happens when you ask the universe for something? That thing tends to show up and you’re about to learn a lesson :).

      You have a great attitude, Anne. Sounds like you are married to a great person, yet you recognize your situation for how good it was with the TF.


    1. @Kayla

      Sorry, but I don’t have an answer at that level for what a TF is and anything related to incarnation. I only have practical information for how to handle the situation while you are here alive on earth.

  72. I met my twin flame last year.. randomly interactions at instagram, she add me into FB and by the very beggining we could tell there was a conection old soul going on, it gets dificult talk about this topics with someone but by just calls skype and text we started to feel we knew eachother from another life of something.. I asked 3 days before I knew about her existence and ask to the universe to send me someone and 3 days later she came to me, by the 3rd day I give thanks by watching the sky at night and a shooting star appear.. the signals were very obvious chasing her and chasing me that all became to be weird and awesome.. I felt some pullin near my chest when I was talking to her and she felt that too, the dreams and the feeling and emotions were very very intense, we were like this for about 3 months, I’m from mexico she is in the USA, I flew to her city and everything was awesome… I stayed for 2 weeks and everything seems fine.. the touch the voice everything was so intense all the time we were together and when I came back she just freak out about the distance, she was afraid to tell me so, so she began to ghost me, she said she needed time and abvously was to avoid me, then I send her an email just saying that it was fine to me the descision but the way she choose to do it wasnt fine for my health I became very angry and 6 months have past I think about her every day… I fell more calm and acepting the situation, i began to do more things for myself and go back to my old hobbies… try to keep my mind bussy.. we never talk again and she began a new relationsship 2 months after we stop to talk.. that brought me more down but I can say I more way fine than before, I dont know if I will ever talk again, I’m just gratefull with the universe for bring her to my life because I ask for that, so universe provide me well with amazin understanding and expherience.. I dont think I will meet another person like her, it was like she lived in my mind and knew everything i was talking about and vicebersa, and that conection was unreal, fpr that im grateful and if things happen like this, i will acept it with courage, and if she ever come back to me, I m not sure if I will be ready to talk with her.. in the mean time i wish her well.. and everytime i meditate she is present in my mind form afar. everything happens for a reason im sure, so I know that this will bring me good in a future

    1. @c

      Hi! Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting when we intently ask the universe for something. Usually, in short order, that thing appears, whether we like it or not.

      You are doing the right thing in handling her disconnect. Focus on your own hobbies and personal growth. Become the next strongest version of yourself. It is the answer – the only answer to handle such a disconnect as I see it.

      Sending you strength, c.

  73. Hi Jeremy, I am so happy to have read your article and it has shed some great understanding of the pain. Is it possible for you to email as I don’t want to publish questions and the situation publicly? Thank you for your site!

  74. Thank you for your site. I ended up here after meeting my “might be Twin flame” once again few days ago. He had a meeting in my work place so for me seeing him and for him seeing me was a bit of a shock i guess.
    We have a long history together.
    We first met 12 years ago when I was 18 singing in a festival and our bands guitarist(much older than me,wanted to guide) told me that he knows a good producer for me. So he introduced me to this young man. We had fun two days on those festivals, talked a lot and played some music and on the last night he came to sleep to my place.(I’m a survival of sexual abuse as a child and on my early adulthood days I could easily sleep with a guy without feeling anything and this guy was no exception.)
    We met every time I visited his town or he came to my town. He told me about a huge chemistry and I was taken by our similar views of life and our lifestyle. I admired his work and courage, way of life and he was admiring me. We are both exceptionally strong and courage persons so it was easy for us to like each other. We changed emails and letters, Sms’s and phone calls. Nothing dramatic but just easy being.

    Things became more intense when I became accidentally pregnant to him. And at that moment he told me that he was adopted also. He had known all the time that I was adopted but didn’t tell me until on those days when we were totally in some kind of limbo because we had different views about the baby. I aborted the baby (his will) after weeks of conversations and intense meetings in odd places across the country. That was two years later we first met.

    After the abort he decided that we don’t meet for a while. And after months of silence he came back again. Almost every time we made love and it was heartbreaking for me leaving his appartment. He told to his friends that he don’t know what’s up with us ‘cos every time we meet things seems to go somehow horribly wrong or something weird happens.I wined about our situation to my friends and i didn’t understand our magnetism towards each other. We didn’t have any labels like girlfriend or boyfriend. It felt like we should be together but somehow we can’t. He told me once that the time is not right yet.
    I lived my early adulthood years heavily drunk, partying and working in bars and restaurants. I was ashamed when he saw me working as a waitress ‘cos he always believed me i should be a singer. We met again and again and went for picnics to lovely places and talked about life and after that he always disappeared.
    We continued that way to the point where I saw him with a girl. But he called year later on a moment I just met the father of my future child and TF had just left her fiancee after realizing he can’t be with just anybody and wanted to be with me.
    I said no ‘cos i was just met this new guy. (There was one time I cheated one of my short term boyfriend with him and I didn’t want to make a same mistake again)
    I was with the guy almost five years, we had a baby together and then I found out that i cannot be in a relationship like that. For me spiritual growth was the cornerstone of my life and he didn’t understand that. I also visited the country where i was born and met my relatives for the first time so we kind started to grow to different directions with the dad of my child. During that five years I met this “maybe the Twin flame” few times. He was working a lot abroad and had a wonderful girlfriend. After the child birth and a separation of my child’s father I started to have vivid flashbacks about the childhood abuse and vivid awake dreams of my “might be TF” having sex.

    I went to a therapist to solve this abuse thing out and i realized that my childhood was very traumatic and it still affects into my life. I spend lot of time alone and thinking things, crying, healing myself and meditating and I sent a heartfel letter to my TF. He replied and said that we continue on different paths. So i swallowed my pride and thought that I let go of him. And I basically did until i started on a new work place and I red from the paper that he is starting as a director of the TV channels web publishing and his going to make some changes. My independent production company made a contents to that channels web sites so I new our paths are going to collide.
    Year went by and I continued working until my companies boss came up with the news that the channel new websites are looking content like we are doing with the same viewer group so we could probably do something together in future. I was holding my breath when he let the paper to the table and saw my TF’s name on it. Weeks went on. I continued working. Started a new organisation, continued making my record and met a new guy.
    One night on last week I was having few drinks with my friend and we talked about life and i started to cry when my friend started to ask about how is the healing going with the childhood trauma. I told her that i’m doing it with writing my songs and I’m about to get my courage to tell the facts to my parents although I’m very scared.
    After a drink I went home and basically cried and was praying some relief because there was so much pressure and pain in my life and I didn’t know how to survive from all of it.
    And the next day when I was in my work place I was going to get me some lunch my “maybe TF” was standing in front of me in the reception of my work place. I totally lost my sense of clarity.
    Now few days from that I still don’t know what to think or do. Feels like every dream I’ve had for this new guy and our organisation feels totally indifferent ‘cos memories with the TF came out so clearly into my mind and I felt total peace and safeness when my TF was on my work place. I’m just worried that I screw my new blossoming relationship because i’m just feeling what i feel now and all i think is my TF.
    I have had amazing knowing of his presence and basically known where to find him and as the signs started to show up that we are doing basically the same thing I knew that we are going to meet but the fact that he showed up in my work place was totally unexpected.

    My question is what do you see i should do now? I have a little child and I just felt in love to this guy who is quite serious with me. My Twin Flame shows up and made everything empty according to new “love” that I have. All i can think is TF, soul connections and my soul growth. I’m still working on my healing but coming to a break trough so should I just be honest to the new guy and leave him( Only continue working with him in the new organisation) continue being single so I can reach a new level of being with myself? And probably also forget the twin.

    1. @A Lamp

      Thanks for sharing all of that. I know it probably took a long time to type all of that. Let’s see:

      You’ve had a wild ride, some child hood experiences that were difficult, and you seem to be in a bit of a pickle. You have two guys in your life. My experience has been that trying to have a relationship with two people causes both to exit your life and you’ll end up working on yourself alone.

      And this is good if it happens. I honestly think you can only do the work on yourself, by yourself, and without anyone interfering. You must take your own path. Your intuition is a pretty good guide. When you forget all but yourself and do the work on yourself in a way that is meaningful to you, you’ll get growth and become a new person. Some may lash out at you and question what you are doing – but you’ll know in your mind, heart, and gut what is right for you. Go for it and get it. Namaste.

  75. i have been in desperate need of talking to someone about my situation, but basically, i think ive found my twin. i didnt know about the concept of a twin flame until about four months ago. anyways, he was a guy i had gone to school with since 7th grade. i remember him being assigned next to me at our tables. there was something i liked about him, even though we were both the quiet types and didnt talk much to anybody. i just brushed it off. in freshmen year, i met my now husband, and we have been together for almost 11 years. me and him broke up and he befriended my “twin”.so after high school we got back together and i moved in with him, and the ” twin” started visiting alot, even though he and my husband also had a falling out.. but there was forgivness and they were friends again. still, there was the sense of really being drawn to him. we were similar in so many ways, it was scary but releiving. ive always been an outcast and could never ever fit in with anyone or anything. i always thought there was something wrong with me so i wasnt at all used to being around someone who completley was like me, a few differences in interests, and any skill or attribute i was lacking, he had and it balanced out. so us three were always together, and there are some sycronicitie but its too long to explain right now but there was a very obvious connection, mutual feelings. i never felt anxious or nervous around him. always calm and peaceful and joyful. he moved in for awhile, but unfortunatly, got addicted to drugs. i never knew what unconditional love was until then. no matter how much he hurt us, stole our stuff for a fix, that never changed the love. it caused conflict, inevitably. my husband was just as hurt but he wanted to kick him to the curb, and i wanted to hold on.although i knew what he was doing behind our backs, i didnt want to beleive it. eventually, he left one day without saying a word. i felt broken, confused. he told me he loved me. that he has since school that he never had someone love him as much as i did. he felt the incredible overwhelming connection, and i know it was mutual. a good five months after he left, he said he needed time to himself. that it was too much. he said he got clean, and that he kept having reocurring dreams of us all the time. funny thing is, i was too. he didnt know i was until he said it, vice versa. he stopped communication again about a month later. i was still in so much shock still, that i didnt know what to say to him. but ive been having very real, vivid reoccuri g dreams almost every night about him. its not the same situation, but hes there, and we dont talk, just enjoy eachothers presence. i feel like im going crazy! i have no way of contacting him. but this entire year aince january, has been a huge period od spiritual growth for me. ive learned so much about myself, i actually love myself and i never did before. i learned i am an empath, i finally discovered who i am, and my purpose! ive never felt so amazing in my life. i didnt even know what a twin flame was until four months ago. but ive felt like a piece of me has been gone since he left. it hurts. bad. when i dream of him, im so happy, unbeleivably happy, but when i wake up to learn it was a dream,im sobroken and so sad it was a dream. and ive always beleuved dreams were not just nonsense and have a very deep meaning, thats its real on a different level. between the soul shattering confusion and heartbreak, im overwhelmed with horrible guilt because i truly do love my husband. we connect very well too, but its nothing like the other man. i feel like im being unfair to my husband and i just want to curl up and cry. is their any advice you can give me? i just dont know what to do anymore. does he even sound like a twin flame to you? ive read alot about it on other blogs, i never had dreams prior to meeting him, and birthday syncronicities or anything. but we both have never had a connection like that prior, and i know it was real.

    1. @lotus flower – One of the words you used – desperate – is something to think about. Think about being in desperate need to talk to someone. Ask yourself, “What state am I in when I am feeling desperate.” Is it resourceful or needy?

      That being said, it sounds like you found someone where you complemented each other. That’s good. He also left one day without saying a word. Considering you were married, this is a smart choice by him. Situations where people are married and getting deeply connected with others signify work or a choice that needs to be made in the current relationship.


      * Resolve your marriage – to either stay together or move on. Make a decision and stick to it.
      * Whether or not he is your “twin” isn’t as important as what you decide to do moving forward. He’s a deep connection. Great. Now, what are you going to do with your life to become the next best version of yourself?

      You can either let this experience ruin you, or use it as fuel to become your next best version. You get to decide :)

      1. thank you so much! its been quite awhile since i made that comment, im no longer questioning the connection because i know it is true. ive been actually experiencing some telepathy and ive been sending him love and support. a lot has happened since my comment, my husband is aware of our connection. but i have understood how much my husband needs me, and he has helped me spiritually grow and i know he is a soulmate. i realized my desperation came from my emotional needs not bein met, which i discussed with my husband. he can be quite insensitive sometimes, and doesnt understand my empath abilities,but he is coming around. i had never been unhappy in this relationship, but feeling the connection with my twin turned me into almost an entirely new person. im going to keep becoming better and greater, taking care of the obvious karmic duties i have to finish, instead of being heartbroken from the dreams, i will be grateful. i actually had a dream a few nughts ago where he told me how miserable he is in his relationship, and we kissed and held hands. i woke up happy, and that opened my eyes and changed my perception. but im aware it will still be awhile before we can be together, and that is ok. we both of other duties to take care of. I finally have peace of mind, and i relized it all on my own. Thank you so much! :)

          1. haha i just got to talk to my twin yesterday again. irs confirmed he is inded my twin. he has had the same dreams. however, he is in alot of pain and even told me he doesnt know how to deal with it.. he has much more healing to do. i just told him i wll always be here for him, but we are very far from a reunion. and that doesnt bother me. im so glad its been confirmed so hopefully he will resolve his problems, but its ok if not anytime soon. i finally have the peace of mind i needed. thank you so much for the advice. :) namaste

          2. update: i told him everything i needed to tell him. i told him of the tf concept, everything. he was hurting more than myself, and he said he cant do this right now. i wished him good luck, i hope he finds happiness, and said goodbye. it didnt hurt me. i resolved that, and i resolved my marriage. my husband knows my feelings, and he said he doesnt care as long as we can be happy together. :) this is the best i have felt in years, and now i can finally move on and work on myself and my family. thank you for being here for me and everyone else who needs help. :)

          3. @lotus flower

            Thanks for the update on your situation. Good that you didn’t get hurt by what he said. That shows you have gained a level – become a stronger version of yourself. This is good. Sounds like you have a fabulous husband who is willing to understand a deep and intense situation. Keep it up – you’re on the path to greatness.

  76. I met my twin flame in July 2015. He came with his band to play at my family restaurant. He had blue shades on and jeans and an blue shirt. he. I never saw his eyes but for some reason I was drawn strongly to him. When he played in guitar I was in big trouble. It was like the notes themselves drew me in. I just feel in love with his guitar style and the way he played. I did compliment him on his guitar playing not knowing he was my twin. He said ” I am? Well thank ya”. He had gave me this cute little smile. After that when he would play again he kept looking at me. I wasn’t really thinking he was interested and wondered why I was looking at me.

    Next time I saw him was one month later. I was taking food orders and he came up in line. I could feel him waiting and looking at me. He had his shades on. When it was his turn to make his food order he took them off. He looked at me and I gave him a big smile and thought to myself” Oh hello handsome, thats that guy that played here last month”. I gave him an approving look letting him know I liked what I saw. (I had not control whatsoever over my reaction. It was instaneous). I stopped in his tracks and gave me the most intense gaze. I tell you I have never seen a man look at me like that. Within 2 seconds he was sending me all this energy hitting my forehead, face, eyes, neck, chest, stomach , etc. Man this is was intense. All we must of been at the food countered for 5 minutes staring at each other like that. I felt this huge magnet just pulling me towards him. I looked into his eyes and say myself looking back. All I now was that I saw him in another dimension where creation began. I saw the garden in of Eden and the night sky and the stars behind him. I was standing there naked. I felt him looking at me and he didn’t miss a thing. He knew where my blockages were at. He was seeing my emotional world and then some. We feel inlove with each other. I came back to my senses and took his order. He man is a powerhouse. He hit me like atomic bomb. He when I spoke to him. I don’t know what it is when your twin speaks but the voice just does something to you. I tell ya when God made your twin he had them tooooo perfect.hahahaha

    I felt that he regretted that I told him that I would bring the food out to him because he didn’t want this connection to end. I felt that it wasn’t completed in some way. We meet at an unexpected place (which was right at my door) but there were too many people around. I was working and for professional reasons I am not allowed to hit on customers. I took his money and I took one last look at me and went to go sit with his friends. I brought his order to him and he smiled. For the next 4 hours to stayed with his friends and listened to the live band playing. He didn’t look at me and didn’t come back to talk to me. I thought well okay. Maybe he is a player. So I thought about him very little over the night. The next day it all came back. It came back 10 fold. I literally couldn’t eat anything. I threw up my food. I couldn’t sleep at all. I had insomnia bad. I cried and became angry. My libdo get mad crazy. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. All I thought about was him. I felt like I was losing myself. I must say in this process and I facing all my fears. It was like ever since I saw him and had this union with him I am being made to face that things I haven’t healed yet. Again it was like being faced with an atomic bomb. The realization hit me “Oh my God he is going through the same thing as I am”. So for a period of 4 weeks that has been happening to me. After nine days of our encounter I felt a pull to facebook him and send a friend request. He accepted it. I haven’t chatted with him on facebook at all. I have only sent him invites to music events since he loves music. I feel like that won’t do any good. I started asking about him and discovered that he does the same things I do professionally. We live in a small town. So that got really spokey for me. We are from the same home town and our names are very similar in a sing song manner. Our names was a bit funny and I get made fun of. So I am at the point where I am accepting his avoidance and I just send him mad love. When I do this for no reason at all I feel emotions of nervousness, butterflies, anger, anxiety, loneilness, and really bad pain. I feels like I am picking this up from him. It’s a bit scarey.
    Other times I feel lots of love coming from him. So now I do no know what to do. There is a saying that women should not chase a man. Well I have not really contacted him much and haven’t seen him in the past 4 weeks. It is getting to the point where when I withdraw from him I end up getting pulled back to him 10 fold and it is so intense. I am not sure what to do.

    Another weird things is ever since I met him there are men that have been hitting on me alot. These men are younger or older. Some look exactly like him in a way and it is freaking me out. These guys respond to me in a big way that is so sweet and really flattering. I think to myself wow ” I like you but you are not quit right. You are not him.” I have passed up offers and its all because of my twin. I tell ya I am the lonliest girl in the world. After 5 years of being single times get hard.

    1. @Hollie – Thanks for sharing that. Sounds like he has run. If you’re getting invites from men to date and they seem like good guys, take that opportunity. For me, going out and dating lots of women was something that helped me be able to handle the connection with the one I talk about in this article.

      As I give advice to everyone else, learn to focus on you and your life and develop all areas (health, wellness, hobbies, etc…) and you will eventually be able to hold a heart space for him, without becoming unglued should you ever meet and talk.

      Good luck :)

  77. Hi, im now separated with my twin flame, we both know about this kind of relationship and with her i spent the best months of my life, however through various situations and the universe we separated. I am working in myself a lot, jogging, meditating and doing yoga, reading a lot however i still feel too connected to her and i see her often as we are in the same college which is really small and we cross paths very often. And every time it happens i get sad unless i am distracted. Any recommendations?? Also, i used to smoke pot which for her family was a huge NO as they are very catholic, and i think her mother hates me, like really has strong negative emotions towards me, even before she found out about the pot. I would never give or introduce my twin flame to pot, although i believe its not as bad as society tends to perceive it.

    1. @Anonymous That’s great you are working on yourself – jogging, yoga, and reading. My recommendation for you is to add more to your life – more hobbies and big projects that help you become the next strongest version of yourself. That could include dating other people. Carefully watch your self talk and thoughts as well. When you say her mother hates you, that’s a mirror statement where you are really saying you hate yourself. Focus on positive dialog and actions and become that next great version of yourself. Then, with or without getting back in touch, your life will be awesome.

  78. I just met mine.. It turns out he is my boss. Also I am married so is he. He has me setting next to him in our department… And top of it all he knows with out me saying a word about my feelings… And is killing me!! So I started running.

    1. @Caro Often, it is the intensity that causes the running. And fear. Both people involved must be able to handle the intensity and overcome the fear for their to be further communication.

  79. I met my twinflame almost two years ago. I dreamt about him coming to me and asking if I was ready. I said yes and he moved me away to be with him.
    Two weeks after my dream, I met a man in town for business, I agreed to tour him around and it was an experience to remember. Our connection was like no other I felt. He admitted that he only wanted to have fun with me until I open my mouth and talked. Told him it was lust and he said no it’s more than lust.
    We exchanged texts and he was looking forward to seeing me again. I got scared, the feeling was too intense, I was afraid to be with him. I pushed him away on purpose. Told him I met another man.
    The only problem is, I kept feeling a pull towards him. It’s been two years and he still comes visit me in my dreams, asking me not to give up on him. So I tried texting him asking him to come see me. Got no response, but he came to me in my dream and told me that he really would like to see me again but he’s too busy at the moment. I read some stuff about runner and chaser and I always thought I was the chaser. But now I’m thinking I’m the runner. I keep telling myself I’m ready but thinking about being with him scares me. I do want to be with him in this lifetime but I’m okay with waiting until the next one. Some days I think about letting him know that I want to be with him but than I stop myself, too afraid to open my heart to him.

    1. @Kat – Thanks for sharing that. I’m always interested in the perspective of a female runner. It’s a delicate dance, these situations. Push just a little too hard than the other is ready for and they run for the hills. Often times, when you have found a way to move on and you have amplified your life, does the chance for new communication begin.

  80. @Jeremy N Johnson I read your latest update. Do you think you will ever reunite with her? I’m happy you have found peace.

    1. @ULJ

      That’s a tough question. I’m at peace if I never do. I really am. But I cannot deny the connection – the thread. I’ve tried multiple times to deny the connection, even telling her I’d moved on from it. But it’s still there. At this point, she would have to start talking to me again for us to be in touch again. I’d be happy to talk to her again and be in touch. But I’m happy if she never does too.

  81. I met my twin flame about 3 years ago. When we first met it there was an instant connection I felt towards him he was 2 years my junior. We started out as friends and we worked together in the same department. As days passed we grew closer to each other and with the powers that be we both revealed our true feelings for each other.I reali felt and still feel that I met my soulmate.we connected on so many levels emotionally and pysically. But circumstances had led him on a different path and me on a diffrent path as well. When we decided to go separate ways it was mutual what I didn’t knw that he would move on so soon. It hurts a lot to knw that he is with someone else although he still says he loves me n he will forever. He used to text me every single day to find out if I’m okay. Recently I have stopped messaging him as it hurts too much.

    1. @Angel – Think about this carefully for a moment. This quote: Inner peace comes from an acceptance of reality regardless of how you want it to be.

      When you are in pain, it’s usually because you are wanting reality to be different than how it is actually happen. This will always lead you to pain.

      Be present with everything as is and work on yourself. Pace and harmony to you.

  82. As a chaser, this is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for this information and advice, it has lifted an immense weight off of my shoulders. :) <3

    1. @Joshique – You’re welcome. It’s what all chasers need to hear, men and women alike. Once you have the knowledge and a plan, you’re on your way to moving past the situation and being a better person on the other side.

  83. I met my twin flame. Our first physical interaction was about two months ago and we spiral deeply into eachother daily. Each recognizing what we are, and that we have a love and bond that is unbreakable. But like all twin flame journies there is nothing easy about it, except when we forget about our earthly concerns and ego based fears to come together in union. When we let go and open ourselves to each other and to pure love, we can heal the world and heal all things inside eachother. We resonate pure love and are strong in ourselves and in eachother… But nothing is ever easy…

    In the realms of humanity, I have a spouse. Someone who loves me because we have been together for 8 years and have 2 children together. It is a different kind of love and I respect and care for this person. Despite all this I spend all my time talking with my twin flame and am deeply involved in an affair. (please don’t judge me, I do enough of that myself.)

    I have tried to run and push them away. We always come back stronger. Feeling the pull of always wanting to be together. Feeling the pull of our love.

    If there is a runner, it is me. And it is so painful to be the one who keeps having to pull away. I do not believe I could conceivably ignore the feelings of their constant presence yet I am to function in my regular life as if nothing has changed when it all has…

    I don’t seek advice. I just thank you for being open about your experience because then journey is confusing, even when we think we understand it.

    1. @Lyra Thanks for sharing your situation. I don’t judge you at all. I don’t judge anyone actually. I thank you for taking the time and having the courage to share about your situation. I can tell you are someone who has a level head on their shoulders and your writing is very clear to understand. I believe you’ll find whatever answers you seek through your own intuition and however I’ve helped through my article here, I am grateful.



      1. You have a kind spirit. Clearly you have found yourself centred and strong, from your time spent with your twin flame. Knowing how difficult it can be to remain strong in self but seperate, I can really feel by sharing your knowledge with others, you are helping with the great healing that this planet needs. Which starts with healers being whole on their own before they can ever hope to heal others.

        It’s a beautiful journey we all share and a beautiful love we have for our twin flames. All of us are light and love. Despite, if not also because of, our struggles.


        1. I should add your strength comes both from your time with and your separation from your twin flame. A journey.

  84. Hi there Jeremy

    i hope you are well, i found your writing to be most interesting. i never knew about twin flames until i started reading about soul mates and eventually it lead to twin flames. i am experiencing something right now with a man i have known for four years. we have this insatiable connection that i cannot even begin to put in words about. i believe he his my twin flame. our road to “friendship” was anything but conventional, but it worked for us and over the years we have grown very fond of each other. we have never met in person or dated or had a relationship, but whenever we speak its like i can feel him there with me and the connection is so very intense. we love each other, but for some reason we can never be together and i dont understand why. i know he has a very demanding career, but for some reason i feel like we will never be anything more. we spoke of marriage and children lately and he asked for my patience in all this, but it hurts alot cos i know it will never materialize, i have been down this road before. and yes you guessed, i am the runner. i have left him many times, stopped communication, but we always come back together and this time he claims he wont give me up. your blog reveals chasers as the one that hurts the most, i disagree, runners don’t run cos they afraid , they run cos they sense they other person wont love them in the way they need to be and they sense the pull back. i have sensed many times , when he suddenly withdraws away from me and i am so confused, this frustrates me to the point where i am so hurt and consumed with pain that i lash out at him and withdraw completely. our fights are the worst kind ever. we sometimes say really hurtful things to one another and regret it later. right now, i wanna run away, but i love him so much, i cant imagine my life without him. i even thought of not telling him anything, just changing my number and dont say a word, but i cant, at night when i think of him, its as if hes there with me. i really don’t know what to do and so confused and i wish i had the answer i so desperately seek and its through this pain, that i discovered about twin flames. all i wish for is us being together, but right now the future looks so unclear.

    1. @Niroshni

      Thanks for sharing that. I believe there is pain in both when it comes to these situations, both runners and chasers. The pain is different for both, but fear is at the root of it.

      Consider the language you are using when you say things like I know it will never happen, I know it will never materialize, etc… That’s a focus on an outcome and that’s one of the first lessons I learned in this situation was to remove outcome dependence.

      Once I did that, the path became a lot more clear. To live my life to the best of my ability for who I am and accept the results of others in that process. Inner peace comes from an acceptance of reality regardless of how you want it to be.

      I can feel your pain and know that your journey is just beginning here, Niroshni. In a year from now, you’ll be amazed at your growth if you will use this situation to become the next strongest version of yourself. You can do it :)

      1. Thank you Jeremy for your reply,and taking the time to respond to me………everything you said is quite right, i guess i am hoping for so much more. i am trying to focus on other stuff to occupy my mind so i am not consumed with him all the time, but everything i do reminds me of him and it makes everything so much more difficult. i pray alot, and that helps me as well, i think i just need to find my spirit and develop myself more and maybe the answers will be clearer. this weekend was the worst for me, i found myself breaking down really bad and crying uncontrollably, was awful and the next day i woke up with a feeling similar to a hangover. i felt really sick. i guess baby steps for me, i am in so much denial and want this to work, but deep down i am ignoring the message, and that is, we will never be together. thank you once again for your kind words.

        1. Never say never…we cannot know the future, but we can live fully in the present. I feel like you about my twin and it is hard. But no matter what, your twin is with you. Just know that all that is happening is meant to happen; negatives surface to be cleared, not to prevent us from moving forward. Try to meditate, get out in nature, help others to get your mind off of your pain, and spend time with family and friends. You are not alone. I am sending you the most positive energy for 2016 and beyond. Consider taking a vacation alone, maybe doing something completely new. Life will get better. This is your time to bloom and grow!

  85. Hello, again! I’ve written my twin flame story awhile back. I’ve come to update. You told me I needed some self work, and I’m to that point where I’m happy without a reason. I don’t have this lingering sadness anymore. I’m really proud of myself. :3

    He basically came back I guess you can say. After a year, it was really weird he messaged me “by accident” because he “didn’t have his glasses on” on Facebook. (Lol cute)

    Our “relationship” feels like it picked up right where we left off. He invited me over and we hungout. He introduced me to his mom (weird) and his brothers. We have a lot in common and I just feel really understood by him. Incredibly respectful and sensitive to how I feel. I feel very safe. I didn’t even feel nervous or anxious going out to see him for the first time in a year, alone. It was like seeing somebody I knew for a very long time even though I didn’t know him that well before being separated. He actually talked to me about personal things he hasn’t really told people. I feel a deep connection, but I can tell that we’re both holding back. We don’t fully trust yet to tell our truest feeling which is understandable because both have gone through the SAME exact family issues as well as situations with ex’s.

    We were cuddling and laughing and it just felt so right. Eventually, we kissed and it felt like fireworks going off in my chest and I’ve never felt that way about anybody I’ve kissed. It’s honestly starting to worry me because I know what’s going to happen from this day forth. It’s going to be messy and beautiful all at once, but I’m so ready. I deserve someone good in my life.

    Honestly, we are kinda in this weird FWB relationship, but it’s more like we actually care about each other. We want to know one another and I know I’m not just around to be a “fuck buddy”. I’m really excited for what’s to come. It’s amazing having sex with him. It’s playful and comfortable. We can joke around and laugh.

    Overall, I’m really proud of him because he’s changed a lot. He’s starting to question more. Being curious about what’s really out there. He’s starting to understand the whole vibrations thing and if there’s a “God”. It’s so exciting to see him bloom. I feel like maybe I might help him get there, but I also feel like he’s going to help me heal about certain things I’ve been dealing with. I’m just treading carefully and trying to center myself because I’m starting to worry. It’s too good to be true.

    1. @Jay

      Hi Jay!

      Thanks for coming back to share an update. Being happy without a reason is an incredibly powerful place to get to. When you grow stronger, you’ll find that you’re able to stomp out the sadness through your own strength. It may still surface, but you become better equipped to deal with it.

      That’s great you cuddled and kissed and all that good stuff. I think a FWB relationship is great. It’s a coming together of two people who can talk and connect without attachment. Keep up the laughter and joking, this is all good.

      Keep yourself centered and don’t worry – whatever happens will happen and it can’t happen any other way. Namaste!

  86. I too met my twin flame!
    We have been separated for about 3 years now. He ran because he was very intense.

    I do hope he will find the courage and love to contact me again.
    I sent him light and love everyday! !

  87. Hii Jeremy- thanks for such a brilliant website and blog!
    As with so many on here i hadn’t heard of twin flames before it happened to me. But when it happens -wow do you know about it!!
    I got so scared and questioned all my life – thought I was going crazy – and knowing that this isn’t something you can just shrug off. It’s here to stay….
    I’ve gone through a rollercoaster – most of the times having to put my own words to all these feelings – but maybe this is an important stage of the process?!
    Thing is my twin is 20 years my junior and not at all romantic – but nonetheless so mine! Im married with kids and so happy – he just came into my life and turned it upside down – making me looking at my layers ….
    It is what it is – such a gift!
    I absoutley love your approach to it all – it’s here and get on with it!
    My husband knows about this connection – first he thought of course it was an affair but actually listened to me and understood – he’s a star!
    My TW has been silent for 7 months – but letting his presence known …
    I really enjoy what you do!
    Much love

    1. @Mina

      Thanks so much for sharing, I’m glad to see you’re self reflecting through this experience. To have it happen while married is very disruptive, but you have the right idea with it. Sounds like your husband is pretty amazing, to be able to see what is going on here.

      Keep growing stronger and using this experience for your own self development. Namaste!

  88. Hi my name is Lori . I think I know who my twin is ..I met him along time ago in grade school . We were not that close but there was a unique and strong impact . I remember the first encounter his I eye contact was beyond words . It was like looking into love and light myself . But I was a kid about 11 years old . I grew up any years later moved away and after two failed marriages and an excelled aged spiritual awakening back in May 2012 I remembered him my solar plexus got this energy pull and he was all I could feel or think of I felt like I had to connect but never have . I have such strong coincidences always drawling back to him . He does not even know I’m alive don’t know if he remembers me from childhood . I found out through face book he’ got engaged 2012. I wonder if he will ever encounter me in this life . I feel like I have to be able to see in his eyes and everything will make sense . Or I could just be nuts and this is all in my head .is there really a psychic that can tap into that realm and confirm if this person is in fact coming to me pulling at my soul my memory for a reason . I see his face every where I think of him always .

  89. I met my twin flame as I entered my awake state but he knows nothing of this I am sure. I don’t really know him and only briefly met him during a meeting for our childrens’ group. He moved away and had another child but I felt the kundalini connection and deep love and acceptance state with him prior to his departure. It was all very clean and there were never any flirtations. I remain connected to him but do not speak with him. I know he is my mirror as are all people. It is my job to raise my vibrations and know self love and compassion for all with no fear before I can ever be fulfilled with another human no matter who they are. I am at peace with this and my solitude has become my gold. Thank you for providing your story and space for this discourse. Many blessings to you.

  90. Me and my boyfriend broke up 8 months ago. It was an extremely powerful breakup. I had always known that we were different and special somehow. I just found out about twin flames 5 months ago. My twin has been acting like the complete opposite of who he really is and is hurting me with what he’s doing. About 2 months ago he started staring at me with this awful look in his eyes and it kills me. I have had several strange dreams about us. One dreams was him in front of me with masks in his hand. The other we were in a large room with no floor or ceiling and open doers in the center. We were standing in the last door and he was asking for me to take him back. I’m so confused and scared. Scared to have hope and count on him coming back. Is he coming back? Our love was so deep and we could do or say anything with each other. And no matter how much he does all this stupid stuff I still love him. I have no idea what to do and it gives me migraines everyday. I feel so stuck. I don’t know what to do.

  91. Literally sitting at the airport, just saw T.F. for the first time in almost 2 yrs. I know that I’m holding in this tremendous pain that will probably surface the moment I walk through my door. I’ve been here before.
    I saw him for the first time in 2009. We both just stopped..I remember thinking,”Where do I know him from?”
    We were both married and in the job that he and my husband were in, our families would become close. He would be at several functions or get togethers, but we(him and I) didn’t have a lot of interaction. I remember once watching him and thinking, “He’s me..he is me on the inside.” Meaning he had a freedom about him that I knew was inside of me but was too afraid to let out. Other encounters consisted of him being in the same room and finding us both glancing at each other. Recently I looked through my social media account and realized that I would snap random pictures of him at get togethers. Didn’t realize I was doing that.
    Eventually his family moved away(out of state) and we stayed. A year later I left pending divorce and moved back home. (Out of state)
    After a few months of being back, we connected via social media and he expressed that he had always been drawn to me. He also revealed he was getting divorced.
    We began to talk everyday, and then a few times a day..for hours. We decided to meet. The moment I was in his presence I felt the most calm sense of peace. I felt free. When I had to leave, I felt like someone took my soul. I immediately became physically ill. We still were in contact and talked every day, but I felt something different. He started pulling away a bit. Not too much, but it was noticable. The next few months, he went into a depression. He never told me that, but I felt it. The darkest, nastiest feeling I have experienced. I went to see him again and I could feel the sadness while in his home. We talked and went to eat. He exposed himself more, but I could tell he was “off” My first visit was like we never had been apart. Conversations full of passion for things we both shared, laughter and tears (from sharing things about ourselves)
    The second was just off. I left and I knew he was going through something. I ended up doing something pretty cool for him in attempt to make him feel better. He was grateful and appreciated it but he was still not right. A few months later, we decided to meet for an event we shared interest in. That’s when he told me that he had met someone and while seeing me was okay, didn’t want to disrespect his relationship or me. My reaction was that I was actually happy that he was doing better. Yes it hurt, but his well being was more important. We went and had fun but I knew I had to let go. We still talked here and there but the first opportunity I got to date someone that I could identify with, I poured my attention there. I also expected them to be TF. I expected to be treated like he treated me. Needless to say..that didn’t happen. I spent the next year miserable. I felt rejected and used by the new guy and that made me think that TF could have done the same.
    What I didn’t mention is from my first interaction with TF, my world completely was turned upside down. My beliefs were changing. I began to question everything. I was becoming enlightened. This is how I learned true
    Unconditional Love. I wanted to tell him how I felt so badly, but never did. I was scared and when he was in his relationship, it would have been inappropriate.
    He never abandoned me. If I needed him, he was there. He would send me pictures of himself on vacation and tell me that he wished I could do something like he was, or how he wished I was there. He eventually told me that he felt we shared a rare connection and that he loved me and always would. He said that if things would have been different, we would have been together. That allowed me to open up completely. It also started that push and pull thing again. He was in a relationship and I didn’t fit in like before. We decided to see each other and it was needed. I needed to feel significant in his life again. It was that comfort calm and peace..laughter and tears all over, but there was the fact that he wasn’t available and that made it impossible to fully connect. I walk away sad..but knowing he loves me. He knows I love him. He has always been upfront and I appreciate and respect that. I am not sure if he understands the depths of the love I have for him. Maybe he does.
    There is an insecure part of me that doesn’t want to let me believe that he means the things he,says. Then there is my ability to see with my soul, and connect to that sense of “knowing”. Now, I can only go home and just “be”.
    I not in control and I know that. But the’s going to take a while.

  92. I believe I met my twin flame ~ 4 years ago. It felt like a blessing and a BIG curse. I still think about him every single day.
    I kept asking myself how could this happen to me…married mom of a little kid whom I love more than anything.
    So different culturally, racially.
    I got so scared with the intensity I would run away in a diff. direction:) so nothing really happened between us but so hard to forget those eyes.
    Crying in the car was a daily thing up until few months ago when I finally got to know that there is such a thing as twin flame.
    It feels like I’ve gone through a transformation or maybe I’m still in the process.

    1. @sp – It’s a curse at first, when the separation happens, but as you heal from that and learn to function independently, it becomes much more of a blessing. I remember crying in the car often, for many many months. Thanks for sharing.

  93. Hi Jeremy,
    thank you for your wise article. It is really difficult to start one new life without that person. They can be very chalenging, and that situacion.You are dependent on that relation. Look at my example:
    I met him before a year, when I moved in other country for job. I hadn’t been spiritualy awakened, he triggered my awakening after our meeting. I haven’t known nothing about twin flame till so called separation stage. We where two strangers who accidentally where in same place in same time. Our encounters were short, kind, and we became dependent on that encounts, accident and we spend time in deep conversations,he initiated them and his words where my thoughts talled aloud. He knew my desires, my problems, and we where strangers with tendency to became best friends for one month and maybe few hours of conversations.After our meeting he visited me in dream world and told me to wake up and I did it. In that time, I have knew it was spiritual awakening. I always had that feeling he knew more. After our period of hapiness, I went back to my country, we texted, and he stopped.He gave me his number, but I hadnt known his name. (?!) I forgot to memorize. After that I went threw phases of separation, my world stopped functioning, I explored, we had telepathic contact, I predicted his act coz my dreams showed me he is forgetting us. In my dreams he found other girl and in that period he stopped to send messages. And there was ali that: telepathy, dreams, sense of his scent, he awakened me from sleeping with his energy. When I started to live with that and when our energies balanced, there continued spiritual awakening.I became other person, more spiritual, satisfied with myself. When his energije started to fade away, there continues signs with numere milion times on day. Then I met some man who is having his energy, voice, attitude. It was like: What a hell is that? I asked one person what is that, she told: your other twin flame. Be happy.And yestarday, I was on forum and red article about carmic twin flame. Is he my carmic twin. And after my question I got answers, universe is really powerfuĺl. Accidentally, I fond out his name, and found his profile on social network, and there he was after a year.My beautifull soul, my precious counterpart. And transleting his name, he had same male name as my female name was. After a year of searching, I find out my twin is called as I called. And I found out he got married and it almost destroyed me. I cant explain my huge pain,it is like some one is trying to destroy my soul. Now, i feel like I am dying inside, and cant help myself.After I though I had forgot him, that day I find out he is married is killing me. My soul is dying, I cant explain that. I cant eat, I do not have willingness to live properly. I thoughts he loved this, our conection, me, as I love, but universe killed, as he killed me. P.S. I am not native speaker, so sorry Best wishes, White Swan.

    1. @WhiteSwan – You are welcome. Yes, you do become dependent on “the relation” without realizing it when it first occurs. Both the chaser and runner become dependent at first. Calling it an awakening is a really good way to put it. This experience wakes you up from a slumber and your eyes are opened to many things.

      As I tell many others, with him marrying someone else, you can’t control or dictate the decisions of another, only of yourself. You must find a way to move on and that starts by ceasing contact with him and removing his information from all your social accounts, emails, phone, etc… You cannot make progress while you are dwelling on this person.

      By the way, I love your name. WhiteSawn.

  94. I wanna send my story privately. As I am still not sure of what I really felt….it is so confusing…..

  95. Hi Jeremy
    Thank you for your honest posts and your reflections to everyones story. I met who I believe to be my Twin 18 months ago on a new job. I never believed in love at first sight until this day. I surely never believed I could love anyone so different from myself. He was absolutely everything on my “Not my type” list, Married, Younger, different religion, race, etc etc. But yet I love him more than any man who was ever “my type”. We had instant physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual chemistry. Our very firsts conversations were about God, Souls free-will, and Plato! I had to be physically next to him. I have Never been this way. But with him it was instant love, that I needed to show him. No ego, no pride. After 6 months of intense attachment, but nothing spoken, I went to another job but we remained in constant contact. He loves his wife, although their relationship is in constant turmoil. I respect his relationship and the man he is. I dont know how much I would respect him if he wanted to cheat on his wife. I know he cares for me as well but him being married, our situation and differences make us seem so unrealistic. At this point, I feel as though I am out of my mind. Recently him and his wife decided to work out their marriage and we instinctively decided to stop contact. I want to check into a mental facility! I cry constantly and never stop thinking about him. I mean since we met I have thought about him. Morning til night including dreams. He commands my thoughts. I feel like I have no control. He is always with me. I cant talk to anyone about this because I know how crazy I sound. I dont know if I’m obsessed or what, but I have never felt love this strong. I miss him every second. This is not a crush. It doesnt feel like a broken heart, that I have had plenty of. This feels like death. Something missing that I cannot get back. I feel like I am grieving. Before meeting him, I always felt like I was searching for something. After meeting him that feeling disappeared. Now the emptiness is back, but I only search for him now. I dont know how to go out into the world and form a healthy relationship with a man and I cant stop longing for this one. Thanks for reading.

    1. @Charisma – Hi Charisma. Sounds like a very familiar situation, meeting a connection where everything clicks, even if you don’t have some of the same common interests.

      You’re right about the disconnect and the pain you are feeling – it does feel like death. You feel like you are going to die. Yet somehow, you can get through that and become a stronger version of yourself. I know it is possible because I did it. Therefore, you can to.

      At first, each day will seem so long, but over time, things will get better if you will allow yourself to feel and use this experience to learn. You can do it. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply and encouraging words. Someone who has not gone through this intensity, just doesn’t understand. He’s always in my mind. It’s like I think around him. I almost feel like I’m conversing with him in my mind. It is truly a daily battle. Thank you for this blog. And making me feel a little less crazy, lol. God bless you.

  96. Some good twin flame movies:

    I Origins – really obvious twin flame movie. Can catch it on Netflix.
    The Notebook
    City of Angels
    Brahm Stokers Dracula

    I’m sure there are more but those are the ones I’ve seen. Peace!

  97. i am now clingy, “passionate”/dramatic, and in fear of losing my tf. we were fine as friends, then she started calling me baby. she’d go on dates and tell me about it, then say “i missed you baby” after her dates. i am usually a very detached individual, but with recreational chemical-altering substances, i confessed my love. this unfortunately made me unstable, as i now felt i had much to lose. she took 5 steps back. i tried going back into friend/joking mode, but she would just respond with “i love you”. now she isnt replying at all. thoughts? comments? thanks

    1. @pat

      The fear of losing is very real and mostly unavoidable until you’ve done the work on yourself to remove that dependency. Mostly that just takes a lot of time, ceasing contact in all forms, and doing the things to get your life and body right (exercise, eating healthy, read books, etc…)

  98. It’s hard to accept that someone dear to you always wanted to stay away from you. For almost 7yrs now, I still find it hard to move on. Even though I am seeing good progress from my life since the very first day I lost him, I’m hating the fact that I everyday I still remember him. I hope this will come to an end soon because all I want now is to have a happy, contented life.

    1. @Tina – Hey Tina. It’s difficult to forget about the one’s who affect us so deeply, like a twin flame. Don’t worry about thinking about them all the time. I have this feeling that the runner counterparts also think about us as well, though the way they think may be different – more fear based, worry, etc… Who is to say though. Don’t wish for it to come to an end. Wish that you get stronger and can handle it better. Jim Rohn said it best:

      Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

  99. Hi there well I met my twin 3 months ago, I’ve spent the last 3 years after splitting from my ex husband 3 years ago and finally divorcing, spending those 3 years dating men who have treated me badly, trying to find myself, blocking myself from getting hurt etc. Then I met him it was an instant connection a recognition love at first sight, my heart opened for the first time in many years, we had a month of a relationship moving at a fast pace, talking about living together, meeting my children etc then she happened.

    His ex walked back into his life a woman 16 years younger then him who had spent the 3 years they had been together not committing, so he walked away, then met me, she found out and bull dozed her way back in claiming she wants to commit, no regard for me and where he is in his life, refused to give up until she had him back, he went into a state of confusion and refused to make a decision saying he loved us both, I did what I had to do and stepped back, and of course he’s gone back to her he’s done the running.

    We have had contact since and it’s quite clear that he’s not happy but it’s easier to be with her as he doesn’t have the intensity and it’s better the devil you know, I get signs from him he loves me, but as he stated to me a week ago he needs to try it with her to say at least I tried and said is that ok with you, asking my permission.

    I’ve now dropped contact and it hurts in my heart and soul, I think about him all the time I feel him all the time, but I’m staying positive I’m working on self healing and concentrating on me, and at some point in the near future I feel he will be back after he’s gone through what he needs to experience .

    1. @Alex – Hi Alex, You did the right thing and stepped back. Remember, you cannot control another person and what they do in their life – only what you do in your life. Maybe “he” will be back, maybe not, but live your life for you first.

  100. Hi Jeremy, it has been a while since i didnt write anything and thats because i was following my own path in order to discover in my heart what i really want , ascending levels of consciousness.
    So i did that and didnt think about myTF it was a great feeling of release that i can be myself again but more evolved. Deep down i knew it will be there in my heart in a little box but i needed to move on. After 5 moths since i closed this chapter of my life i started to have feelings for a coleague from work. We tried during 2-3 months to go out but every time bad timing i coulndt or he because we have been busy with other things. I felt that my feeling him are growing. In that moment i was dreaming one night about my twin flame asking me haw is it going, if i’m ok and that i should text him what i’m doing etc. I was thinking just a dream just
    subconscious is working dosent mean anything this dream
    . Than after a week when i was more close to date another guy from work in got a message that he googelt my name.i’m sure he was because i’m logged on a social website where you can see who has seen your page and the country . I saw the link with google from his country and he’s the only person i know from that country and is not a popular country like google . Uk etc and there’ s no conncection between the link and his country. The problem ist i had to datw this week the guy from work but he didnt write me and i know he likes me.i dont knowwhat is happening i want to feel myself and to date the guy from work.i dont that again with tf i grew stronger even if i know maybe no one will be able “to read” me and understand like he does.why is my TF wants to know what am i doing ?? I need your advice. Thanks!

    1. @ForeverAlx – Hey, welcome back. Spending time on your own to ascend is great, good job on that. If you want to date the guy from work, do it – make sure you pay attention to your needs.

      Also, think about the statement saying, “I need your advice.” Your own intuition will be far more powerful than any advice I can give. Focus on your own improvement each and every day first and great things are in store for you.

  101. hii…Your Post is very nice..I like this one..Its real..

    I have also a twin flame story…i want you to tell..cus i am going through extemely painful situation and i cannot tell anybody..because they will think ,I am mad..But wat i’ve experienced is tattaly what relates to Twin Flame..
    Its During Last November I got this word twin flame and its meaning..before then i didnt know..what twin flame is!! Because i have no idea what i had going through.

    It was in the 2009 August,That i met this guy in a rainy day….we had shifted there for sometime around six months,Our house was next to his house.I was 14-15 and he was like something 22 or 23.I was in school.Then next day there was crowd in the street ..he was sitting on the door with some of his freinds.we had an eye to eye encounter …it was so intense..that for some seconds i felt something in my heart,due to that i stopped for a while ,then suddenly i thought what it was but i ignored nothing happened..then next day i saw this guy looking in my balcony..or waiting on the terrace for me..and i was kinda aware of it..but i though its just a crush or flirt..but somewhere inside i was happy too..i was getting attracte towards him too..but i kept denying this..we have had several encounters together..he tried to contacted me but i ignored and didnt took that seriously..but i was aware whats going on around me..he showed me to his friends and his sister..whenever i come on balcony or go outside..i felt this very uncomfortable..and i was like i wanna run goes on for 4 months i thought if i will ignore him he ill do the same..but that didnt happened..but it turned out to be it was me whos starting fallen for him..whenevr he sees me..he shows so much affection and love and i was overwhelmed by all of i was totally sure..whatever this guy is doing is a genuine love not a flirt or crush..I dont usually fall for guys or anyone..but whn i fell for him..we shifted to other place..just nearby his house but in the opposite now we dont get to see each other..but i though that this would finish now..and i will move after that on first day after shift he came in my dream AND I WAS LIKE EVERYTHING IS OVER WHY I KEEP SEEING HIM..After one year in winters he asks my sister if i had a bf..he even came outside of my house..but then i finished my school..i didnt got to see him..but he kept coming in my dreams.and years have passed but my crush or watever it had on me never faded away..i thought it was just intense attrasction that we shared cus i was young..but no these things fades away by the time…but it was in july or august in 2014 that i again saw this guy sitting on a public rickshaw i was going i had to sit next to him …he was on call with his gf..(I dont know,But i am very Sure) he suddenly put down the phone..and when he looked into my eyes it was still so intense like..when we look into each other eyes..time stops..but a weird thing happened on the the moment i sit next to him my legs started shaking..i stopped it but then another one started shaking i tried to stop both..and my body was hot inside..and i was trying to be as normal as i can be but i realized i wasn’t into me..and i saw him he was also trung to be normal..but he was also not(Cus i know how he looks when hes normal) then after that it was on 11/11/15 that became familiar with the word twin flame..and realized that all things happens just like that..then there a sudden urge rises in me to talk to him..but ego and everything comes in a way..then my friend told me to contact him..and when i msg him..i felt like someone is hitting on my heart..somethings bad is going to happen and i was sad for a week..and i cried also..dont know why..but on the date i cried was his marriage date..he was married to someone else on 7 dec 15…and i got to know this on 11 dec..on watsapp..but i saw a vision of him coming as a groom on that day..and i felt this a week ago..but see when i msgs him ,i tried to contact him even on that time when hes married..i wish ..i could get to know the term..twinflame a year i could told him..and we could do something..but now everything is finished..i know from the start that there was something between us but didnt knew that it is twin souls..we are twin souls..and when i though hes near to me he goes away so far from me…we cannot even talk..

  102. I met my twin flame at a low point in my life. It felt like he fell out the sky. I was driving on a freeway and saw him drive along side me. We smiled at each other at me being cheeky signalled him to call me with no intentioned of stopping. He actioned me to stop which I did along side a busy freeway. Something that I would never do considering how cautious I am. We chatted for awhile and exhanged contact numbers. A series of events happened after that, he resigned from his job bought two businesses which I was part of. My spiritual journey started a couple of months after a met him. Just like most twin flames we had the honeymoon period and then issues started because I wanted to be with him in a relationship and that’s when he started the runner phase. I didn’t know much about twin flames but as I went along in my spiritual journey I came across twin flame relationship at first it was overwhelming and mixed emotions because I could not believe what I was reading .., it finally made sense as to the relationship I was having with my twin flame. We are now in separation phase and I’m beginning my healing process. One thing for sure is that it is not easy. But I have faith and trust in the process. I send love light and blessings to my TF. I wish him an abundance of happiness prosperity and love in his journey until it is time for us to reconnect.

  103. I have stated my new year off not the way I imagined it . I believe very much deep down that I have found my twin flame soul . Now I never ever believed soul mates or anything like that could At all be possible. Mine started with some one I have know for about the past four five years as a friend. Actually he wan an acquaintance of my boyfriend I was currently with for about six years I would see he every now and then about one or twice a year At things or camping trips. I always had this indescribable feeling towards him at this time almost like he was one of the best people and I could always trust him even though I didn’t know him that well . I even remember Over the years when I heard he had a girlfriend a small part of me felt pained to know , like I was missing out . One time this summer me and my boyfriend and all his friends when on a camping trip and there was a period where I was sitting on a high up rock with just him and we were just talking and I couldn’t help but noticed I had this intense electricity like sensation like I could feel the energy running through me and I wanted to kiss him so bad I did not and in fact when we were leaving I even felt kinda dizzy getting down and since then have wondered what the hell happened. Overall I’m a logical person and I didn’t dwell to much on that time and kept continuing with my boyfriend eventhough I was no longer happy in the relationship and no longer wanted to be with him I was doing it out of habit, eventually I decided to break it off with him and go through a better self focusing time in my life. I couldnt help but randomly have that guy come up into my head it started with me having dreams about him and they were pretty often I eventually messaged him some how and told him And I didn’t make too much out of it he didn’t say too much either about a week later he messaged me saying that he kept having the same or similar circumstance dream about me and that maybe it meant he should talk to me we started talking strangely every day on texting pretty much constantly throughout the day every day , wishing each other well. He lives about an hour away from me so we couldn’t always see Each Other often. This was for about a month and a half and then we decided to see each other in person. The night that we were to meet I was so nervous even thought I’ve seen and hung out before. We went and got some drink and immediately opened up and talking was easy. We continued to see each other and in the beginning we opened up even more we talked about our past and family’s and feelings a lot and it was truly magical. Sex with him was indescribable and I couldn’t get enough I just felt this intense bond internally. Jus thinking of it makes me want to cry. Things were going great and both of us commented on how fast these feelings were coming and so intense he even at one point said that he thought I might be his soul mate and I commented the same after a few weeks I developed this urge to figure out where I stood sometimes the conversation wasn’t as good and I think I made myself worried if he didn’t really like me. I decided around New Years I would figure out if he would be willing to start a relationship with me. Which was insane because I just got out of one and when we first started taking I remembering thinking of how I didn’t want one and was hoping he wouldn’t either but that quickly changed I certainly was not this crazy about him in the beginning but as I got to know him and see how much we have in common and how perfect I thought he was the moment I realized that my feels were almost something different then love, I mean love was a given but I feel this soul like connection I feel like it’s aching and like sometimes I can feel him too. It seemed more than love and o was going to tell him. Apparently when I was completely drunk and stupid. The next day he said he would call me and never did I actually thought something was wrong with his phone because we talked every day and he changed his messages to where I can’t see if he has read them or not… ( I phone) I got a message from him the next day and it said something evasive and I tried to see if he wanted to see me that night , he didn’t. I could tell he was obviously avoiding me I kinda freaked and was honest about what I wanted and he decided we need to talk in person. When I went to see him it went nothing like I planned I thought he hated me and was afraid of my feeling for him worried I pushed him, worried he didn’t like me. After talking with him I found out that he was not ready to be with me he needs to fix some things within himself, I found out he really isn’t happy with himself at all and finds it hard to think Some one could love him and he has a hard time showing and feeling emotions in general. I realized This is exactly how I feel as well. He is running from me….. Running from his feeling and mine and decided to stop talking and seeing me . Although he doesn’t want me out of his life total we don’t communicate and I actually have to have it that way just so I can make it through one day. At firsts felt like I can do this and I respect what he said and I do really just want him happy with himself. But later that day I had about five hours later I out of no where started having a panic attack my heart started beating very fast and I felt like my chest was having a hard time breathing and just that I was crawling out of my skin . I couldn’t sit still I couldn’t not think or not do or do anything the only thing I could do was focus on breathing small breaths . This scared the living crap out of me , I don’t have anxiety and I’ve never had anything happen like this so randomly it was a horrible feeling I actually got sick and threw up .it took about an hour to go away and for the rest of the night I felt like I could flip again at the drop of a dime and have another one , I was very scared. Ever since then I’ve been very nauseous but mostly it’s just because I realized it feels like I’m being squeezed to death and my souls is being pulled away from me. I am having an extremely hard time sleeping and I usually never do. I can’t shut my mind and my heart off , ever. I also have been having dreams about him every night which causes me to wake up in tears. I am going crazy because I have no idea what’s happening I am so confused becUse it seemed like he really liked me and then out of no where it’s like I mean nothing to him . I’ve had a broken heart before and this is so much more the that I feel like I’m missing something all the time and the rejection a a pain I will carry with me forever . I’m lost in this stage where I know he is my twin flame deep down but my ego is saying that I’m crazy and then I’m really crazy because I think I’m destined to be with this guy who doesn’t want to be with me and I’m up at night writing about this shit when I should be in bed. I’m terrified I’m wrong because I don’t know if he will ever come back and that is the most terrifying . I miss him constantly and I’m always going back and forth between weather he had feelings for me or not and what we were or could be . I want to feel okay again but I’m scared time and ego will make me loose this feeling and we will never be . I know pain , I’m 27 now but I lost my mom and my best friend of 18 years when I was 23 and this is almost worse then that in a different way. I have no close what to do some days I’m bitter and negative, some I’m positive and try to hope for the best and think he may come back but I always have doubt. He also made me feel closer spiritually to god I’m not at all and even before things got bad I have been wanting to maybe go to church of start praying . I have no other choice I have to let him go and I don’t want to…. That’s what hurts .

  104. I believe I met my twin soul. It makes no rational or logical sense to me. I’ve shut off my feelings, much before meeting her. It was a same-sex friendship. I don’t understand why, in my 30+ years on the planet, I have to feel this way now. It doesn’t make any sense.
    We’re so alike, have the same interests, family structure, and encompass what the other one lacks. Yet, the friendship was intense and short-lived. I had to walk away from her and block her everywhere, in order to move on with my own life.
    I’ve been heartbroken before, but nothing like this, and all over a friendship? It makes no sense, even I know that.

    When I first met her, it felt like I was home. That’s the only way I can describe it. She was home, to me.

  105. I cried my eyes out reading your updates. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I feel your pain; it’s mine, too.

    My twin and I shared a home and a life and were five months pregnant when he ran. I lost our daughter two weeks later. I didn’t know anything about twins, but when I first saw him, I said, “It’s really you,” and we did not let each other go until he ran a year later. We were in the middle when we met and both in the midst of separating/divorcing former spouses. We had planned on marrying a month before our daughter’s arrival after clearing our old negative attachments. Losing the baby two weeks later was heartbreaking. That was December 2014.

    He disappeared after his old life threatened to harm me–it took nearly a year to uncover all the secrets. Some of those secrets involved criminal family members. Those criminals elements shot up the house we once shared with arrows after I wrote about losing our daughter on my blog. Another 7 months of break ins and burglary and destruction of property followed. Afraid for my life, I left my job, my home and the State. That was July 2015. Yet even now, I love him unconditionally. It is torture. He has not contacted me outside of an email 5 days after my move, blaming me for his silence, denying everything that followed. Yet he connects with me daily. He communicates with me in dreams. I blocked him on social media but let him know he could call or text if he ever needed me. In the meantime, I feel stuck, paralyzed, unable to fully function. He can only check my public Facebook page and website and does so almost daily. It felt like a new betrayal every day as a result. If he cared enough to look for me, where was he??? He is very sad, very confused, very angry. What makes total sense to me is frightening to him. I felt like the injured party and did not understand why he was angry. But now, I ger that he’s using “old programming” that feels familiar, so comfortable. Leaving the world you know and the people in it far behind is scary for some, a call to adventure for others. Just because we are twins does not mean we feel everything the same way. Different contexts, even if two halves of the same whole.

    I wanted to share with you that despite all the pain, I know that if I were to see my twin again, all I’d feel is joy. Building a bridge to our runner twins is not easy, lol…they are not as enthusiastic about this crazy connection. They are afraid. And will always be scared if we continue to judge them. I try to send love and healing and reassurance to my twin daily. I don’t know if I’ll see him again, but I sense I will in the next two years.

    I have tried to find joy, even love. It feels wrong every time. Outside of the Universe sending a back up soul mate my way, it has been over a year and no similar connection has been forged. I find joy in getting outdoors, helping others, and being around family. The daily sadness is always there though, on the edge of consuming me, but my twin tells me to survive. So I do. I want you to survive, too. I want you to know you’re not alone. I found this website on twin flames by Cassady Cayne that is helpful in my not feeling totally nuts; maybe it can do the same for you.

    The perfect union may never happen again in this life, but I’m grateful to have known it, and to know I have a twin soul. He is supportive in the ways he can be, and I hope that our short time together gives him the courage to know that if it can happen once, it can happen again.

    The same goes for you and your twin. Keep the faith. And your heart open, forgiving, and full of unconditional love. As the “awakened” twin, you are asked to carry a heavy burden; I don’t know yet if it will end in happiness, but my sense is that, by 2020, many twins now on Earth will reunite and open the doors for unconditional love on the planet. Even though that sounds like a bunch of hippie-dippie poppycock to my academic, logical side, my gut tells me this twin thing is real. Which is a great relief to my heart and my mind, such as they are….

    Good luck! Thank you for so openly sharing your thoughts and feelings. If you can find happiness, do it. If you can’t, try to find things that fill your time and mind with joy, even if it is not the same kind of joy you had with your twin. I sense that if you open yourself up completely, your twin will mirror you and you may find an olive branch from her in the future. I guarantee she feels like you, she’s just terrified. Not a coward, but insecure. Settle in your mind that you will be there for your twin, no matter what. Maybe it will help you feel less disappointment toward her.

    Sending you positive energy for 2016 forward….

  106. This article just makes me realize how much I will always love my twin flame. We’re each in other serious relationships right now, but I’m happy with the person I’m with and he’s happy with the person he’s with… and I couldn’t be happier… I just want to see him happy (I used to just want to see him happy with me–A LOT has changed since then). I’ll always miss him, though. And there are times when I still cry over him.

    We haven’t physically seen each other in years, but I feel his energy daily and still dream about him. We only talk to one another once every few months.

    The strange thing is the crazy synchronicities continue with us. It seams we are permanently seamed together at a soul level.

  107. Wow there are so many effected by this intense unconventional mind boggling intensity !! I feel each ones experience in my heart ..I too count myself as in the throws of such a connection twin flame connection has been a roller coaster ride for over five years ..we both find ourselves being with each other and
    Doing things with and for one another neither has ever experienced with anyone else . There is a strong sensual sexual emotional attraction that is always there .he is the “runner “and I am the “chaser ” .i have grown within myself so much as I know he has ..I don’t know what will happen down the road ..but I do know we both cherish our connection ..and I do realize that both of us experience the pain of separation ..but he gets lost in this phase as he thinks his true purpose to yo travel this life alone ( a wound he still carries from the past ) my wound is the sense of abandonment this situation does test the core of my past hurts . I take each day each step trying to live in a state of unconditional love and understanding for he and I and subsequently each person I meet . All I know is we have both confessed that there is a place in our hearts where the other lives and that we are connected in the deepest part of our soul .. Even thought my desire is to be able to spend more time with him ..physically ..he is here with me on the most powerful realms ..on the subtle vibrational level where we are always United would think that feeling this would drive me crazy but it brings me peace and calm and surrender ..I try to be in each moment fully and challenge myself to create from an open place ..the hard thing is to sense the emotions of each other and feel what they are feeling! and faith and acceptance has been some of my biggest lessons this type of. Relationship is not for the faint of heart !!

  108. My twin flame is famous and we both can see and feel each other both spiritually and psychically, we have gone through the stages and signs, i believe we are going through the union since we can feel each other when we make love. But i was wondering if a twin flame can really be famous no matter how clearly you see and feel them, everything about him is home to me and we have healed each other and we have gone through everything, it’s hard for me to explain my love for him but i know it’s real. I just need to know if I’m going crazy or not. Please respond.

    1. What is love? What is infatuation? What is simply the imagination and what is reality? Think of this quote, “Inner peace comes from an acceptance of reality, regardless of how you want it to be.” Then examine what you are saying here – is it reality, or are you trying to force reality to be what it isn’t. This isn’t to say that you can’t create your own reality either. But in this instance, ask these questions and examine it. Then you will know if you are going crazy or not.

  109. Jeremy,

    I loved reading this and I loved your honesty. It is rarer as you know to be privileged enough to meet a male chaser. My story is horrible. It really is. Most people would probably believe that it is toxic and abusive and unhealthy so I choose not to share. I have started the Ascension process and as I get closer to Source energy, I am so glad I didn’t buy into the Narcissist belief system and believe that my twin flame is a Cluster B Personality that will never change. Why would Source make things Easy? Our World is in its state of existence because so many just want Cheap, Fast Easy. I Am so grateful and happy that I did not give up on My Twin Flame. I have moved from a state of Lack into a State of Gratitude and Abundance and the shift has begun and to feel it is exciting and intense too. It is my intention for someone who was like me and would have done almost anything to have my twin flame back, to understand a few very important understandings. I hope that I can help fast track relief for them because I have gone 5 years now in horrific agony searching for every answer. It was until about a month ago, did the pain miraculously start its trajectory of massive and quick healing. LOVE. Ultimate Love NO Matter What. It is the ONLY Answer. Fake it till you Make it. LOVE. If they are with another person…..LOVE THAT OTHER PERSON SO MUCH!!! Be grateful that the other person is helping them transition into your perfect other half. When it gets tough and you feel sick and you want to just get a fix and ruin all your hard work….Send them LOVE!!! And do not contact them physically!! Creator Source has big plans and to be part of this shift in creation is amazing. The gift that Source has given to the Twin Flames is beyond Incredible!! So do you want to fast track your union? Start loving Yourself. If you don’t know how to do that READ BOOKS on HOW TO LOVE YOURSELF. Listen to Binaural Wave Healing Tones on YouTube to heal your wounded LACK OF SELF LOVE. Start Listing to POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS and BELIEVE how Special You ARE. If you have chosen to Reincarnate and actually Meet your Twin Flame Physically, You are so Darn Special. You should be grateful for this PAIN. In Order for you to have GrOWth… You MUST have the OW. This separation is intended to fracture our EGO and after our Metamorphosis, we will become the beautiful Lights we have longed to be. So if you are shell shocked right now and immobilized in AGONY. Take your first step and change those feelings of LOSS into Vibrating Frequency of Abundance. Do you want your Twin Flame Back? Do the Work!!! It will be worth it. Jeremy, I love your updates and seeing your healing. You are brave and awesome.

    1. @Brooke – Hi, your response was pretty intense. Learning to love myself and really be my own supporter was a big lesson I finally learned this year. Thanks for sharing your words of encouragement :)

    2. @Brooke, Yes to everything you said. YES YES YES to the exponent 1000. This has been my journey as well. I am at a level of self love and esteem that I didn’t even know was possible and the physical, spiritual psychological transformation that took place over the last year and a half was not easy, but was the most precious gift and I feel fortunate to have gone through it. I would not take anything back for one second.

  110. Wow, inspiring story at how you transcended the pain and not it destroy you for good! Well done!
    As for me, five months ago I tried to set up a close girlfriend with a suitable sounding man from a dating website. The 3 of us met for coffee and as soon as I laid eyes on him, I felt so happy and thought ‘Oh oh, my life will never be the same again, and I think he will have something to do with it’. As it turned out, there was no spark between my girlfriend and him. Few days later, he asked me out on a date. I was happy to go and told him the truth when he asked me ‘why I wasn’t dating’. The truth was that I had a nervous breakdown and needed a few months to recover and felt like I had nothing to give. He said ‘we can be friends’ and I thought ‘phew’! A few months later I told him that I have been drawn to him since day ne and that I feel our souls go back together in time. I also told him from the beginning that I have felt a connection deep inside and unlike anything I have experienced. We meet only once per week over dinner or lunch and are platonic friends. His ex-girlfriend has tried to reconnect with him and enter his life. Although he has never told me so, I know she broke his heart by leaving him unexpectedly. I feel that he is confused and second guessing himself
    It’s also been a tumultous and catharctic time since meeting him. Lots of ‘stuff’ like rejection, fear and anxiety have come up in order for me to let them go and my self esteem I believe is better.
    I also know from day one that my soul loves his soul and have told him so. I can feel for sure that he is drawn to me and often comments on how we get along so well. We always give each other stuff and have deep respect for each other. I can also feel that he is terrified at the connection we have and is ready to run for the hills.
    If he runs I won’t chase him. He may come back to me….or not. All I can say is that I am very grateful to God for putting him in my destiny and will always treasure the amazing mental, emotional and spiritual connection that we have…unlike anything I have experienced or thought possible. x

  111. I met my twin flame over a year ago. I was in a relationship with someone else and chose him over my twin flame. About six months ago I reconnected with twin flame but he was in a relationship and now I was single. Three months ago he got married. He is reaches out but says he only wants sex. Nothing more nothing less. I don’t know what to do.

  112. Dear Jeremy,
    Surrendering is one of the most difficult actions I have done because it forces me to face all my demons. I dont know how long this process will be until I become my authentic self, but, as a human being I came to realize that there will be times when I doubt my surrender. I feel that I am the runner sometimes…or that I am always running away from me, from him, from everything. At times I look myself in the mirror and breathe, and know I am at peace. My world has turned upside down, and right back again. The thing is, just when I have reached peace within myself, the connection between him and I becomes prevalent. I miss him, my treasure and my sunset…

    1. @Issa – It’s difficult, but not too difficult. You do it by each day focusing on yourself and moving forward with your life as if you will never see the person again. This is the only way and the choice is yours, my friend. Blessing to you.

  113. Hello There everybody.
    Well, so many stories written here but only ONE sound familiar. .
    In the beginning of my life I felt the urge to find the ONE . Even I did not understand it. How can you understand what’s LOVE when you are 5 years old, or 10 or 15 ?!
    I’ve tried so hard and as I’ve had my “first love” the first broken heart was the result as well. So did it when second appeared, and third, and fourth.. and my life circumstances opened the door of different country for me, where I Still believed the ONE must be somewhere right! And desperate trying to heal my broken heart , I’ve met someone from my country at new workplace where surprisingly I got the contract within a week since I’ve applied. So meet this Man . Firstly I refused a date , once , twice and so on .. so on.. and finally i’ve said yes , sure . He was nice so I thought okay I’ll give him a shot.
    So on a date it was magical. or maybe my desperation for the ONE was so hopeless so I saw the ONE inside him.
    After some time couple of months , we decide to have a baby.. After our daughter was born we got married (I don’t know why – I saw so many sings and I ignored it). The spark went to God knows where. And just gave up. I’ve said.
    Okay . that’s it . The is NO ONE !!! And I just reconciled with fate. So my daughter was growing and the time come I had to go back to work. So I started to work on night shift.
    And.. There was this guy! Married – two amazing kids / english guy /older 8 years.
    Something just clicked and we became friends. Like perfect best friends. Married you know what you are allow to do .. you control yourself ,cause you are married and so was he.
    It was THE BEST time in my entire life. We have been friends for 5 amazing years. The best friend I’ve ever dreamed about. Such a life experience everyone should have a bless to have. I’ve been told by our work collegues that D & K – guys you could rule the WORLD! There was such a invisible bond , the connection, the (love ?) If thats what real love is Than THANK YOU GOD, THE UNIVERSE , THE ANGELS , THE EARTH for this blessing.
    We haven’t spoke since 16/11 2016
    Been separated since 31/12/2016
    Couple of day ago I’ve opened my THIRD EYE twice for a few seconds , and I saw A blue “person” he looked just like my D* . It just opened . That was amazing . literally opened – I saw it with my eyes closed it looked bigger. I saw the first opening of my 3rd EYE. Such a blessing
    oh.. yes important detail. There was no physical contact with him, no kiss , no sex , nothing !
    And Love , intensity, bonding, comfortableness , trust , independence , caring , better selfness .. happy days. Oh my God
    Thank you . I love you forever . .

  114. I met my twinflame 2011…just after my mam passed away..and a 12 year relationship ended…We met in a fast food shop..hehe…We just stared at each other and said hello..then exchanged numbers..very bizarre. ..We are in seperation now…he ran this time..I miss him so much..its only this time during seperation that I couldn’t get him of my mind. .so I needed to get to the bottom of why I can’t cut the chord with him…so I consulted a very good medium.and he confirmed to me..what I knew deep down all along…We have shared 3 past lives the connection is deep…We have hurt each other alot..its like we mirror each other..The medium said we have alot of karma to be cleared between us..its don’t feel angry at him anymore..just unconditional love..i truly adore him…but he is still very angry at me..i just hope one day we will come into union…This is going on 5 years now…but I have grown so much spiritualy in these 5 years…only 3 weeks ago..I got this pull in my heart chakra..It felt like it was pulling out of my body..and I cried for about an hour..The next day he text me out of the blue..I asked him if he was crying yesterday..he said yes…he was fighting with his family…I explane to him I could feel him..and I was crying too…im trying to enlighten him..he’s ran again?!?.. long is this craziness going to go on for?? Time will tell I suppose. .And heal both of us hopefully…but it’s amazing how you can feel them..he’s “the one” and I’m hoping we will unite properly one day xxx

  115. Hey Jeremy,
    My closest and most precious partner has left me in a state of disrepair about a month ago. I can certainly relate to everything you’ve said, especially how the TF relationship forces and challenges us to look deep into ourselves and what we want out of life. The relationship i have with this beautiful girl is so strong that even post separation we endeavor to keep a deep connective and communicative link that always makes us feel better and aids in grounding us in times of irrational turmoil. It’s certainly true that if i can be honest with myself, that neither of us were ready for this relationship and it’s intensity. The way that this type of relationship can leave you feeling somewhat exposed in yourself is so intriguing to me. We came to so many conclusions regarding the healthy disposition of the ‘you, me and us’ model, which i guess only made us realise more that we hadn’t properly discovered ourselves yet and so separation was always inevitable. I guess the part that is different (and i’m sure all encounters are unique) is that from what i’ve read there is always an emphasis on the requirement to be completely solitary. What’s strange about my personal story is that even post breakup; the connection my TF and i have created feels like it’s strengthened and mutually guided by the other, often encouraging each other with positive influence when either of us is wavering in unavoidable bouts of loneliness. It’s not surprising that with this in mind that i have a sense of hope that we will reconnect as two whole and fulfilled individuals somewhere down the line. But in saying this SHE makes me feel MORE an individual, which kind of goes against what i’ve read. I’m unsure as to whether this is false hope at this stage, but i do have a clear path for where i must go on my own, and this is the most important thing. Overall i am deeply humbled and overwhelmed by what has been the most incredible experience of my life. From someone who has come from a myriad of failed and disconnected relationships, self-doubt and low self esteem, to the deepest ‘Marianas Trench’ of connections that in all its challenges, emotions and barriers, felt easy to overcome due to the immensity of the love and incredibly effective communication link, that we both agree is the most important part of the TF journey. Staying open and true, and moving forward together. Whatever it is up there driving us to have this level of faith in the flow of life, i am forever grateful.


  116. I separated from him because he is in a relationship with another he calls a “roommate”. We met by random on Facebook. HE GREW UP in my hometown. It was like lightening stuck. I have never had a better experience with a man in my life. I don’t feel like the runner. I just had to go because he needs to clean up his life. His current bad relationship and get honest about it. If I am always there for him online and in the telephone he as no reason to get his shit together. It was the hardest thing in the world to do. I DID IT.

  117. I believe to have met my twin last year. He refuses to be in any relationship with me, but we hang out and have the most intense sex ever!
    Now my ego has gotten thr worse of me, and I gave in to insecurity and doubt and pretty much pushed him away with irrational accusations of not being important to him, as he never once uttered a word about how he feels about me.
    I blame myself severely for having ruined this wonderful connection we have, but at the same time feel thankful for having met him at all. I don’t think I can ever be with another man again…

  118. Hello, Anna this is Ana, don’t worry, you will be ok. Remember that is about self-love and spiritual growth. I hope my recent experience can help you. I’m going to try to make a long story shorter, because this experience revolutionized my whole been from the core . I knew nothing about TF until the whole thing happened.

    – I am a Buddhist, I practice Nichiren Buddhism with the SGI. I chant a very powerful mantra, Nam-Myoho-Rengue-Kyo (This is very important to mention as it was only my faith that pulled me through super victory after the very extreme experience that I just went through in the past few months). When you chant to the Gohonzon (a mandala that serves as a mirror for your life), you are able to see yourself clear as a mirror kind of like what the TF connection forces you to do.

    – Last October I finally let go of god money. This has been a lifelong struggle for me, and took all my might and the power of chanting to finally let it go, and so I did. Then, I decided to also let go of my real estate career and start a new one. I started chanting very intensely to find a job where I could fulfill my mission for world peace no matter what; I didn’t care if I had to start from zero.
    – One of the jobs that I applied for was Chipotle because when I was researching their company values, they are very attuned with me as a Buddhist. I had been applying for several other jobs as well; I remember that as soon as I sent my application to Chipotle I got a call back, literally within 5 minutes. Keep in mind it is 10/2015 and I have no idea about TF, and I am happily married to my husband of 9yrs this May (and have known him for 13).
    – I went for an interview and got hired on the spot. They said that it didn’t matter that I had never cut an onion or jalapeno in my life, that they would teach me. And, so I started to work there, I absolutely loved and still love that place and every single team member there. I love each one of them as if they were my children, except my TF of course ;)

    – There was one girl there that looked at me very intensely every time I said anything, I didn’t make anything of it at the beginning, but as the days passed, the Chemistry between us was undeniable, and I was like what in heavens is going on here???? I am not a lesbian, and I DON”T HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST gay, lesbian, transgender or whoever you soul wants you to be with. I chanted for hours and hours and hours to make sure that what was going on was real. The few times that we looked at each other’s eyes, everything would disappear around us and it will be just the both of us.
    -Even though I was in total disbelieve my faith is very strong, so I put it all on the Gohonzon, the mirror of my life and let it take its course and this is what happened….

    —- For some reason she refused to talk to me face to face when it came to these feelings—-

    1. I texted her that if she ever felt uncomfortable at any point to let me know Right Away. The first song that I sent her was Brighter than the sun. I have always liked that song, and I always wanted somebody to make feel that way, and she did for absolute sure she did!!!!!! She texted back Thank you Ana!
    – I was chanting like a mad woman to make sure this was real and to be able to be as gentle as possible, and I also knew that I WAS NOT going to cheat on my husband, not only because it is really bad Karma but because he is the real deal, my husband is the man that every woman wishes to have.
    2. Once I was sure the way I felt about her was real, I told my husband that I was going to leave him because I thought that I was a lesbian, he could not believe what he was hearing.

    3. I told her that I was living my husband because of the feelings she made me feel, but not because of her, since I didn’t know her. She nodded.

    – I wanted to get to know her pretty badly, so I took a leap of faith grounded on my chanting of course, and told her that I loved her with a song Tu amor me hace bien from Mark Anthony, if anybody has heard that song, basically tells you that my soul is in love with yours and I love you just as you are.

    4. She freaked out, and sent a text back saying that she was flattered, but not interested.

    5. Two things happened after that:
    a. My connection with her started going downhill FAST. It was like a power struggle at work, now looking back since we mirrored each other’s areas that need to be healed, our Karmic tendencies surfaced full force, and we just couldn’t handle each other….Then I got fired on 3/11/16.
    b. My husband said that he refused to let me go, that he loved me and that’s all he knew. We had a trip planned together back to my country and he cancelled his. He told me to go by myself to be with my family and think things through. While I was there he wrote a love poem to me (He authored them) every single day, and this is the last poem that I got and closed the deal. I knew even though he is not my Twin Flame, he is the real deal. He is not spiritual at all, he thinks I’m a crazy Buddhist and when I say life is eternal he thinks I’m talking crazy…So for somebody to write the following poem, says it all:
    “Now she is a Buddha
    With strong inner-feeling
    Up with the sun,
    To chant for our healing.
    She says, this helps her with her struggles in life,
    And I need to care
    Cuse I love my Wife” -T-

    7. Since this just happened to me I’m not sure if this girl and I are meant to unite in this life time, I know I love her unconditionally and I send her love every single day, so she can do her own human revolution and spiritual development on her own, and I’m sending the most pure loving energy so she can become the happiest ever!!! In this life time!!!
    8. Since this experience happened, I have experience re-birth, like Jeremy said. I am completely happy; I don’t need anything or anybody. I love my life, and I am clearly aware of the things that I need to change to advance spiritually and specially to advance world peace right now in the present moment.
    – I started writing a book, I started a new career in interpreting which is sooo me, I love to connect cultures!!!, I see the world with a completely different perspective, I only see opportunities to love people, I lost 6 pounds, my hair got fucking gorgeous, my skin is smoother than ever, I look like a little goddess, and I thought it was the Chipotle diet…hehehe…It was my TF!!!!! and my faith in the Gohonzon while chanting Nam-Myoho-Rengue-Kyo, every cell of my body know this. And that’s why I am so thankful to her, and I am never ever going to stop loving and sending her love, so she can have a super fun journey, just like I am.
    Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this super long post.

  119. I have reunited with my twin flame, but she is not the same person I meet vn we fell in twin flame love.she doesn’t belives in twinflame concepts even ,the reason for hklsepration was ignorance and still it is continuing.She doesn’t feels it important to answer my mails.etc.Im happy if shes rejecting me so I can lead a gudlife but shes neither accepting nor leaveing me, tis makes me hopeless n effecting my sleep.Please help me sir, shall I continue or seprate?

  120. Hi Jeremy , the last months i thought that i moved on and tried to live happy without thinking at my twinflame.i discovered new Hobbies etc.i tried to Chance the way i think in Order to Protect myself and feeling better.i didnt realize that a Part of the new “myself” was My i did Things for myself and i tried to meet new Boys .2 Times i thought that i found again the Love but i couldnt Started Anything because in a Strange way i found out Bad Things about the and i mean i found out without asking just i Received Information from Different People …so i thought the Universe Wants to Protect me but why do i have Bad luck all the Time with man , finding out Bad Things about diffrent Person before something Started …Then i was this week on vacation in the Country where My TF lives.all the memories came rushing back and i felt again all that prin that i felt before.i cried all the Time .i Wrote him a Message and then i tried to call him .he pressed the red Button during the Call.i didnt Wanted but i felt was also for him painful and i felt his Love and his pain.i Love him so much i will always Love him but i will try and try to heal myself .i’m wondering if he has me maybe forgotten but i feel that he still loves me.otherwise he Could had Write back something friendly like small Talk but he didnt want because he loves i’m suffering again .

    1. and even all These feelings and the pain came rushing back i felt like he was there with me …everything Happens for a Reason Even if was Thinking will be a normal Short Trip i think that Happened to Continue My inner work and i Understood and discovered more Things about My inner Self …it was a spiritual Trip …i felt the energetic and emotional Bond on a higher Level and Strong vibrations and pain in My Soul …was more stronger than any Kind of feeling i had before …i felt his Love and his presence …now i Know where i was lost and suddenly i unterstood what i have to do for My Soul.TF is with us all the Time i felt very high Vibration that i Even can describe the power of that feeling .

      1. Jeremy how can i find the power In My Heart to feel happy again ? I thought i found it but i feel myself weak , Alone and lost in this world without him..but i feel he loves me ..

        1. @ForeverAlx Write about it in your journal. Pour out your love to him through writing personally to yourself. If you’ve made an attempt to share with him how you feel and get nothing back, you must build the fortitude to move on with your life. It’s not easy – it’s the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in my opinion.

  121. @ Jeremy i was Thinking to Write him an Email And Tell him all what i’ m still feeling .i did this in Decembre 2014 when he shut me off .i was Thinking to Write him again an Email about My feelings.i dont Know if i will have the strength to let him go but i have ..Is like he ” Lives” with me Every Moment , when i’ m das i’m Thinking about him, when i’ m happy also , Even if i’m Imagine ok maybe in the Future i will find someone then i wish to See him .

    1. @ForeverAlx That’s not a bad idea. You will do your part in being authentic with yourself, which seems to be a big part of these situations. Regardless of how it ends up, you’ll have put your best foot forward.

      1. The pain Is unberable ..Since i was in his Country so close And i felt such a Strong pain …i thought it will kill me this pain …it Hurts so Bad ..And i felt him so close through Energie And Vibration so Deep in My Chest And Soul …such a Deep Love And pain wont stop this pain …

  122. Yestrerday i asked the Angels for Signs …today i was Going to work And the Music on my phone suddenly stopped …i was Listening a Song called” let it go ” And i was almost Crying … When the Music stopped the Time was 11:11 this what i have Seen on My Display …today i was Thinking again at My Situation with My TF And suddenly realized the Truth.. The Problem Is me And what i Mirror … I had a Bad childhood suffered alot And always Ashamed to what My father did to us : used to Drink etc .. Since Then i always tried to do everything Perfect And good i had a Hard Time helping My Family .. When i was Meeting My TF i was Planing to Change the Country where i Lived .. To Start a new life .. So i did this when i still had contact with My TF .. The Connection with him accelerated My Process …i was so Ashamed with My Family so i was Thinking all the Time i’m not good enough for him .. There Were some Other Parts of Myself rhat i had to fix .. So i Change the Country , run away from old life , Problems , Family but i realized now After almost 2 Years i was Running from Myself And My TF run away from me And shut me off .. The Mirror efect .. When i was in his Country on vacation i realized how Strong the pain still Is .. And After that i felt Love And forgiveness for all what My Family did to me .. And my Heart Opened to Them Full of Love .. I dont have to run away And feel Ashamed ..i have to respond with Love And forgiveness ..i had to find the Peace Inside Myself First .. And this Is one step ..

    1. er 1 1/2 years of agony .. Didnt Know which way to go , tried also to shut my TF of , everything came back …i ‘ m again at that Point from the beginnig of my Healing Process becsuse are some Things to fix within Myself .. no matter what you’re trying to do in Order to Shut the Runner off .. The Universe will bring you again to the Point, and you have to fix everything within yourself … You can not run Even you’re Chaser, Is your faith , And the Universe will Show you how .. Now i really Understand everything within my Soul .. Until now i was always Thinking i want unrgently my TF back he wont come back if you’re not really Starting to work within youserlf .. Is painfull but the Universe guides you .. Thats why thought ok i moved on i can Travel to his Country .. I was pain , devastating all the pain came out from my Heart …the Universe Guide me to his Country to feel my Soul 100% And to realize what i have to do … The Union wont Happen if you’ re not Healing ..i feel i’m becoming again an Other Person And i feel pain, fear , Hope , him And joy .. I feel the blessing of TF

        1. I Wanted to Write him an Email about My feelings but i cant .. I feel so much pain .. But i just cant do this ..i will leave everything in the Hands of God and Universe … I Love him so much and i’m Sending him Love Every day …i feel him so Close but this pain is scarry is this normal ?

          1. @ForeverAlx Normal is up to you to decide. You and you alone will decide your fate in this. Not me, and certainly not him. You choose what is normal and what you will tolerate. You are at a point where there is nothing left for me to teach you. You must go face it on your own and come out stronger.

  123. Thank you. I sort of cried after going through this. I always considered myself a very strong person who can handle anything and everything. and then this one person came … I still don’t know whether he is my twin or not. All i can say is i and he can never be together. .. and nobody seems to understand what i am going through … i still doubt whether i have some addiction or something … i mean, is it normal to obsess over someone thus. as if all of a sudden everything in your world revolves around this one person … Anyway, thank you. Sending love, and respect from India.

  124. It has been a month since I met him…although we went to the same high school we had never really spoke to one another until recently. I instantly felt the connection when we were out on the date and asked him to take me home immidiately as I was unsettled by all of those emotions. I am now the chaser and am separated from him I am in anguish, I know I have to surrender everything to God but I really just want to see him one more time, explain everything so that he can grasp the depth of this. I know he feels it too. Why does it have to be this way? I feel like I am running out of time. I have missed him, I am yearning for him. I love him so intensely, my soul is on fire. I need a remedy, I think amnesia would be the perfect cure.

  125. Hi, I would like to ask something. I keep on seeing 44 always. Why is it so ? Anything to do with twinflame?

    1. I see it all the time too, 44…went through and am still going throug a very painful twin flame break-up. When I was in the middle of the worst of it, is when 44 started appearing…weird!

  126. I was happy and enjoying life loving myself and never need anyone. Until someone came into my life and ruin it. She’s my friend and never been attracted to her though she kept following me since the day we have met. Until my 3rd eye open and my spirit guide started talking to me. They made me pay attention to her by telling me to look on her eyes, it was I don’t know what happen but unexplainable. The kiss was so magical and the hug was like I can’t even describe. Despite of all this problems occur and almost made me insane and everything that I’ve been through she’s not there to support me. I felt so alone and abandoned. I wanna run from her but I saw a vision of her life if I left her. I am torn into pieces. I want my old life back.

  127. I have never heard of twinflames before till synchronicity of 11:11 start happening each time I look at the clock which prompts me to do research on the internet. This happens in March 2016.
    There is this man whom I came across in 2015 on the radio as he was a DJ. I have never listened to this radio station at this timing (reason I switched is cause I get bored of the other radio station.) I didn’t knew there is this person prior to that.
    After switching the station, the voice caught my attention immediately and I googled for this photo, and he just look so soothing and familiar to me. Initially, I thought it was just my own liking.
    However, after the 11:11 synchronities – I learnt about numerology too. He has a life path of 11 and I have a life path of 8 (which represents infinity) and my birthday is on the 22nd and my year of birth also equates to 22. I cannot communicate much with him in the real world as he is a public figure while I am not. He knew there is a presence of me but I am not sure what he thinks. I can’t stop thinking about this person ever since the day I switched radio station. Now in 2016, we have the same personal year number which is 4. My intuition tells me he my twin flame

    P/s: I dreamt of him. In the dream, we kissed and suddenly he turned angry and left due to something I said (probably is cos I couldn’t gave him a definite answer). The very next day, he called me via some radio program (which I didn’t expected). But when my phone rang, I knew is him. I just acted normal but in fact I was nervous. Prior to this, I had another dream of him that we will talking on the phone while he was working. In the dream, there is just silence between us.

  128. I recently had a Twin Flame leave me, in mid-July 2015. We last talked (or should I say fought) in mid-September, then he told me he didn’t want any more contact. I was fine for a while, but in early February I really started to miss him. I felt his energy in the fall and winter, but not anymore. I’ve talked to psychics about my situation and they say he isn’t really happy and that he will return someday. I’m skeptical, but even if he does, I’m not going to be receptive to him. I’m finished with him since I saw him with someone else on Facebook. Even if that doesn’t work and he returns, he did a lifetime’s worth of scarring to me; I don’t even want to trust anyone else now and I’ll never be the same again. I wish I’d never met him. Sometimes I wish him dead.

  129. We are separated for a month now…….it’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life…I’ve only known him since the end of February…but I went to school with him…..I’m understanding more as I read…..he has blocked me from social media…. but I can see what he’s doing I have another account which I’ve had since 2011 and so doesn’t he….very strange! I log on and off from myctwo accounts to see what he’s up too! It’s awful!

  130. Hello, I need your help or advice, i met my twin flame four months ago but we also came to know that our great great grandfather were siblings. we are from northeast asia. We both want to continue our relationship but its hard as her parents been giving her a hardtime. she recently told me she can’t take this burden off her anymore and decided to end it.

  131. I think I met my t f when we were both reall young kids I felt the connection the unexplained love respect comfort and could feel his moods .he felt the same .we were never really friends it was weird he would stare at me and ask my advice but we lost contact . Many years have passed and I have not seen this person and they were not really in my mind I’ve been through two marriages kids and a lot of growth and spiritual awakening in a nasty divorce my life was basically turned upside down and in the middle of all this for some reason I remembered him and it was like it was yesterday I suddenly missed this person and genuinely felt like I cared about this person in and wanted to know everything they been up to but the person I found out was recently just married and I don’t feel it’s right to contact them they probably won’t even remember me because it’s been decades however I feel in my solar plexus a high-end energy and then this person is what comes to mind every time I get the energy the energy comes first and the prayers and I know it’s this person I wonder I feel like this must be my twin flame I knew nothing of the subject until I started googling all these weird symptoms I thought I was crazy I just crave to look in this persons eyes again because I’ll never forget the first time I ever saw him as a good their eyes was like staring into The most beautiful comforting blaze of eternal fire

  132. I love reading stories like yours. I’ve experienced a sort of awakening, immediately after meeting my twin. I thought I was losing my mind. Extreme anxiety, insomnia and loss of appetite overwhelmed me. Shortly after I started to see the truth of what my life had become. My boyfriend and father of my child had been having an affair for 3 years. Friends I reached out to were reluctant to look at my situation. I talked to my twin via text for a couple months but he soon backed away due to his current relationship. I found meditation and articles like yours to be comforting. i have found solace in solitude, but it has been quite an overwhelming journey. And I understand that “disconnecting” from your twin may seem like the most practical solution to dealing with someone who has turned their back on you, but wouldn’t staying connected while accepting the “pain” of separation seem more of an opportunity for spiritual growth? Although I use the word “pain” in a different context than most perceive. If meeting your twin is something that only happens once in many many lifetimes, maybe this feeling we call pain in separation is actually a very beautiful emotion in reconnecting. But without touch, verbal communication, and validation then the ego deceives us by twisting this beautiful reconnection into pain, something we are actually familiar with. I am thankful I met my twin. We are in completely different areas of life, but I meditate on the feeling I had just from a single hug and my energy levels are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  133. I met mine during January 2016 officially. I am married and he too is and in no way wanted a relationship outside marriage, I was not expecting this. My World got torn after meeting him. I have never had a experience like this before in my entire life. His eyes gives a intense pull and its very difficult to face it sometimes. I also feel a energy around him which was very spiritual in nature. I love him unconditionally it is not like any of the relationships which I have in my life. he is exactly the mirror of me. we have so much of our dresses which are similar in taste and we wear it at the same time without discussing it… this happen multiple times. We have the similar life paths.. only that I am female and he is male so there are lot of changes as per the gender. When he plays music, I could sense his sadness and feel his pain in the music, this music he shared it with me, which again is same in taste… he have been collecting these music for 5 years now due his previous relationship failure. I could sense his pain in the music and when ever I see him, I could tell his mood and could sense his pain if he is … As if I could borrow it from him… Not even a day has passed, not remembering him for these days… Universe has shown me so much of signs that I could just take it…. I spoke to him about this.. I know he have interest on me… but he denies it. My question here is I feel that he is sad when I am not around and I could even sense his soul, during my last day in the company, I could feel the sadness in his eyes and behaviour but he is denying it… My Question here is it that he is not recognized me yet? because on my side I have felt inner peace and wholeness and even feel his image superimposed on who ever I see… I could also sense his soul in people near by.

  134. I don’t know if I have met my twin flame or if I am just going crazy. My possible twin flame is significantly younger than I am, and when we first met (in a classroom setting) I could not look this person in the eye. I got so nervous and felt so strange. It wasn’t quite a physical attraction, as, again, there is a 20+ age difference, but it just freaked me out. I would see this person a few times a week, and when in class, there was no weirdness, but when this person would show up during non-class hours, or would talk to me in passing, it was there again. At times I felt everyone’s eyes on us, like they were in awe. It was so, so strange. The warmth and affection I started to feel about this person was beautiful, and whenever I saw this person I couldn’t help but smile, and I think that the feeling was mutual. It’s like we were drawn to one another and we didn’t know why. When we happened to be left alone in the classroom, however, the same nervous, butterfly-y, anxiety crept up on me.

    I never spoke of these feelings of magnetic attraction, warmth and affection. Again, my professional status doesn’t allow me to do so. I was so bothered by it, I started googling “strange attractions” and immediately came across the twin flame concept. Could this be my situation? Or have I just bought into the twin flame hype and am finding ways to fit my situation into the twin flame mold?

    After the semester ended, this person contacted me to thank me for the time in the classroom and we both left for the break. We have not had any contact since then, but I have not been able to get this person out of my head. It’s like a nagging thought in the back of my mind all day, especially strong when I wake up and when I fall asleep. I’ve been seeing 11:11, 333, 555 everywhere, and I hear songs on the radio that are so poignant to my situation at times I, I just can’t ignore them. The connection is such a strange one that came out of nowhere and is so, so baffling and it is driving me crazy. I have been praying over and over to help me stop thinking about this person, but it doesn’t stop. I must mention that I am married and love my spouse dearly, and the connection I feel to this possible “twin flame” is not quite romantic, I don’t think. The thought of it being so really disturbs me because of the age difference. I have no clue what it is, but I cannot handle it much longer.

    1. i am not sure if i should write this..and pls forgive me cause i am a foreigner and my english will probably not be percfect…i have only once advice to give to all of you who have experienced twin flame connection…whatever you not lose yourself in it…and if you are lucky have experienced all this..keep your faith in God..

  135. I met my twin flame two and half years ago. I instantly felt familiar with him. Even though we are both quiet shy people we would just smile and exchange warm glances. It wasn’t until last year he commented on a picture of mine on FB and became friends on there that we exchanged conversations. I am married (unhappily) and he is single but it didn’t do anything to stop us needing to see each other even if it was to be together to just “be.” When we first shared a kiss it literally felt like I disappeared into this person and deeper than anything I have felt with a person. It was perfect and changed my life. I don’t know what else to say but even a year later….whenever we talk time does not exist. Nothing else exists when we are together and the world melts away literally. We made love and ended up being together after just two naked souls completely comfortable and intimate in space. When he began to run I fell into despair and depression. I had dark panic attacks and couldn’t even make it out of the house for several days. I stopped eating, smiling and sleeping. I finally shut him out of FB and told him I couldn’t come over which hurt him a great deal but I couldn’t stand the thought of his touch when he was so committed to running from me. He would come into my work and say hello to me, try to grab my hand, rub my back and although it was like coming home again. I wanted to hold him and never let go….after he would leave I would fall apart into tears. SO when I blocked him out and stopped talking to him….I would have dream after dream of him for weeks every night. Finally I allowed him back but he is still running from me. I made up my mind to move across country and I think that thought scares him. I know when he is feeling happy I tend to be upset and when he is upset I find myself happy….it is like our energy reacts and propels us away like polarization but when we are together…..we just are, we ARE. No matter how much we have other people (gf, husband) in our lives, circumstances we keep coming back to each other, check in and console. I’ve realized the only way to deal with all of this is to love him and hold him in his highest because under all this he is me, US and I am him. I am excited to know what this all means now and that we can work on our selves for the whole. I know I will eventually get a divorce. My husband is a karmic soul mate and we needed to be together to have our son and fulfill some lessons but I know this man is my TF and eventually we will reunite to tell each other about our journey. I hope he receives the abundance the universe wants for him.

  136. I met him 19 years ago and we have been doing this dance ever since. He is the runner and I chase. But there have been times when he chased and I hid from him. The level of intensity is unlike anything I have ever experienced with anyone. We have been in contact a handful of times over the years and maybe have spent little more than a few months worth of time in the same room. But it’s this connection, that mystifies me. Whenever we talk, everything is re-awakened all over again, passion rises up like wild fire, then he pulls away. And I’m left to suffer with it for a few years until it numbs itself over again. Then one day, a message, a phone call, and it starts all over again. I experience tremendous spiritual growth when this happens but it’s tormenting. I know he feels it and that he also doesn’t know what to make of it. Our circumstances are never right and timing is always off. Something always prevents us from being able to move forward together but something also brings us back again. If we ever did have the chance I think it would be as if I was reunited with heaven itself, pure emotional spiritual and physical ecstasy. I am blessed to be the one with the higher level of consciousness and connection to the universe but I suffer more because of it. I recently read the Hindu story of Radha and Krishna. It teaches that this level of passion desire and yearning is really a result of our separation from the Divine. The Latin root of the word passion is pati, which means to suffer or endure.

  137. Hi Jeremy , i tried to live happy without thinking about My TF.i tried meet other men but there is no Connection with an other man.i Love and miss My TF so much and My Love is growing Every day one Night i had a Dream i dont Remember exactly what but i Wanted to Wake Up from Dream State.i couldnt …My Body was surrounded by a Strong Energy and Vibration and i didnt have any power to Wake Up .the Energy was in My entire Body and in My Dream State i got scarry from this power and Dream that i Wanted to Touch the lamp needed light but i couldnt .i dont Know exactly if i had a nightmare or i got scared from the intenstity of this Energy .this happened to me often a few years ago before i met My TF for the First Time .after that i had some Stressful months and i felt tired and unhappy at work , at home .i Dream about My TF .i was at home at My parents ( now i live in another Country ) with a few collegues from work .he was staying there , watched me and i watched deeply into hes Eyes but i was thinking ok he’s here ,i felt myself like i found My inner Peace and i thought : he will always be there i have to fix some Things First in the yard .he watched ne and he cried .was so real ! And i Started to explain Things in the yard to My collegues .whst was this Energy so Powerfull that i Wanted to Wake Up ? Why i got scared in My First Dream ? Thank you .

  138. Hello Jeremy
    Thank you so much for this. It is the first thing regarding twin flames that I feel I can relate to. My story is so long and too much to text out from my phone but I felt I needed to acknowledge you and this post. What a beautiful gift you have…to be able to bare it all on the great wide Web!

    I am not sure if my twin flame is who I think he is. I have been married for 14 years and we have 3 children. Most days are enjoyable. Some days are not and they leave a darkness over our relationship. We are great friends but I feel that is it. He says he passionately loves me and while I do love him very much, I think I could handle a permanent separation. That would allow me to pursue my “twin flame”

    This man who I suspect is my twin flame is an ex boyfriend, my first boyfriend, and the only other man I’ve been with before my husband. We’re reconnected only once over the last 16 years and it was by text and very brief. I dream of him often, usually in our younger States. They never take place in the present but last night, I dreamed we were reunited and I introduced him to my daughter and I was fearful that my husband would find out and it was so brief. I told him that I dream of him all the time, think of him all the time. I asked him if he dreams of me and he smiled and said yes. This is something I have wanted to ask in the flesh for years. I know it’s a way we connect.

    This cord you speak of, ours is thick. O can feel the attachment at my solar plexus. I have considered trying to cut the cord but I can’t bring myself to do it. These dreams and thoughts torture me but I cherish the encounters, however brief.

    I left a lot of details out to try and get to the gist. I would love to speak with you more about this. I am seeking a level of clarity I’m not sure I can achieve on my own.

  139. I’ll share my story; the short version. He and I met 25 years ago at the age of 19. Looking back to the meeting itself combined with what I’ve read it’s pretty classic; the synchronicity involved is crazy. He was from up north, I was Deep South. He joined the military and was stationed in a larger metropolitan area two hours away, there’s no reason he should have ever wound up in my small town bar but his friend had met my friends sister, about twenty navy guys made the drive to our little town, including him…I wasn’t supposed to be there that night and was literally two minutes away from not going. If I had not gotten held up at work id have been gone when my friend stopped by the resteraunt where I worked and begged me to go until I caved.
    The first time our eyes met it was like instant recognition but we both looked away but our eyes kept finding there way back to one another and even though I’d sworn off guys- I’d just gotten out of a crappy relationship- and had already turned down several requests from other guys when he asked me to dance I couldn’t say no. He stayed with me at my friends that night…no sex but we talked until the sun came up about everything and nothing until we finally fell asleep.
    Something was so different about him and I tried to run, told him I couldn’t see him again but two weeks later I found myself at his base asking for a chance.
    We fell head over heels…for eight weeks it was amazing! We are both introverts but together we were stupid, goofy and silly in love. Then he got his orders in that would take him 2500 miles across the country to the Pacific coast. At 19 after only 8 weeks…well we were young and devastated but not stupid.
    I felt him starting to pull away in the days right before he left and when he got home on leave the “I don’t think this going to work” call came but he promised to call anyway. There were no cell phones or even email then. They didn’t even have phones in their rooms in the barracks only pay phones so he warned it may be a few weeks.
    I’ll never forget it was Super Bowl Sunday I wasn’t expecting a call for at least another two weeks but I laid in bed crying my eyes out in my head SCREAMING for him to call and the phone rang. I jumped up to grab it because I KNEW it was him and when I answered it was. The first thing he said was “Are you okay? I can’t talk but a minute, I’m at work but I had a nagging feeling something was wrong and I needed to call you.” I about peed my pants, but didn’t tell him what I was doing before he called until years later.
    Long story short; the calls continued but no “I love you” was coming, I was broken but lied and told him life was great…nine months after he left he asked me to fly out but I was just beginning to heal and it had been a hell of a journey and I was scared if I did and he sent me away that it would literally kill me so I said no. A few months later I was engaged, then pregnant and married. A year after my wedding my mom called me to come to her house…he had been calling her once a month to check on me but made her promise not to tell me, he just wanted to know I was okay…he’d married, his daughter had just been born and he had an opportunity to come back to his base for a weekend ceremony but would only come if he could see me. I said “tell him to come.” My mom and dad drove two hours (they loved him too) to pick him up and brought him to their house. We talked twelve hours; we owned up that we’d made mistakes, we still loved one another then we hugged and kissed goodbye because we had other commitments. The next morning my parents drove him back. That would be the last time I saw him.
    Two years later he would call again, we were both divorced but he was back and forth…he would flirt but if I mentioned him coming down or me coming up he’d get wishy-washy. Finally I met and started dating the man I would marry-been married almost 20 years now with 3 boys.
    He would eventually marry again too, five years after me. The difference this time we both told our significant others up front “this is my friend, take it or leave it”
    We stayed in contact for another seven years after my marriage. We would talk at least once a month, usual phone call lasted two hours at least. When my mom died in a car wreck in 2003 he was my first phone call and he was the only one who could reach me through the cloud of shock…I would learn later that he was completely devastated himself and wanted to come to the funeral but knew it wouldn’t be good for either of us or our relationships. Instead he called me constantly for weeks to check on me.
    In 2005 he called and he was going to be close to me on business and asked if I’d meet him, he wanted to see me and I told him yes. A month later his mom called to tell me he passed away from an anyerism/stroke at the age of 33. My momma then two years later him??? I shutdown.
    Last year 2015 I found a pic of him and I where is shouldn’t have been, all the rest were in the garage but not this one. I LOST IT! The grieving I’d avoided for 10 years hit full force and one night in bed I was cry and in my head I was screaming at him asking if it had all been in my head, this connection we had and I said if it wasn’t give me a sign. The next day I got it times 2. I was so confused I called his mom and told her and she said “yes mam, that’s my boy. You asked for one he gave you two!” Then it was a snowball crazy things started happening I have a journal of things…but I will give one small example one night I woke up singing the lyrics to a song, I knew that song even though it was 30 years old. It was 2am but I grabbed my phone and pulled up the song to double check and sure enough it was Heaven by Bryan Adams so I laid back down and said “okay dude if that’s you, you have to play it in the morning then I went right back to sleep. The next morning putting on my make up I said it again and added “I’ll help you out I will put it on the XM love song station” 20 min later I left, flipped it to the station as I pulled out of my driveway. I drove half a mile and YUP, Heaven started playing. Coincidence? Maybe but my heart says no…my radio station has changed itself, so has my iPod, my iPod has shut itself off and switched the radio just to be playing the first song we danced to. For a year I dealt with these crazy things, grieved, cried and screamed and yelled and I began to research…I was raised Methodist, this stuff goes against everything I was raised to believe but I was living it.
    I finally contacted a medium I read about during my research after thinking about it for a year…things had happened and I felt like he was telling me “yes she’s the one and now is the time” here are some of the things she shared with me…I have it recorded I gave her no information other than yes or no or confirmed/explained what she was telling me:
    1. He is very protective of me
    2. We both knew he wouldn’t be here long
    3. He wanted to apologize for pushing me away but he did it to protect; he knew he wouldn’t be here long and was afraid if I was with him something would happen to me and I am supposed to be old. *i was still mad bc he died of a stroke how could that hurt me other than losing him…took me a few days to get that just bc he knew he was going to die he didn’t know how and of it had been a wreck like my mom I could have been hurt too. She said even though he could be an ass (which I called him often)it was an act of love.
    4. She said we were “beloved” and used the term “twin flame” and I needed to stop questioning our “connection” the same term I always use when talking to him this past year.
    5. Described my backyard to a T and the birds and a blue dragonfly that came and sat by me lay summer.
    6. She said, he said, the contact is not going to stop and I just need to accept it and stop questioning it.
    7. He was a huge health nut so it wasn’t too big as uprise when she laughed and said “he says your hormones are whack! Get vitamins!” I’ve lost 40 pounds this past year due to my grief, stress at work and stress at home…so wow!
    8. Last phone call, on a soul level he knew his time was coming and so “I want to see you” was actually “I love you, I will always love you and goodbye.”
    And other stuff.
    I can’t speak for anyone else but I know he is my twin flame; I love my husband, my life and my family and I believe I am where I am supposed to be. For whatever reason he and I were not meant to be physically together this lifetime but…we met had 8 beautiful weeks together, 14 years of a relationship that could be called best friends but it was so much more, it was always love. And he is still with me everyday and as time goes by he is figuring out more and more ways to communicate with me and I’m learning to listen, believe, trust and interpret this communication. The cord is still intact and after a near accident in which a truck that was about to T-bone me stopped so suddenly that my friend with me said later “it looked like someone grabbed it from behind and jerked it to a stop” and less than a minute later our song came on the radio…I know he’s still protecting me. You can think I’m crazy but I’ve even learned to recognize his presence and his touch and yes he has touched me, not in a creepy way.
    As part of the grief process I’ve started a fictional book using our meeting and relationship as a basis, it’s not our story though parts are woven in but it’s about twin flames and their journey through life and death and includes a lot of beliefs and ideas I’ve learned through my research and I believe he helps me a lot, I’ll find myself writing a scene or dialogue of his character and I’ll hear him “no, I wouldn’t say it like that” or “I wouldn’t do that” and I have to delete it and change it. His mom has read what I’ve written and says she feels like he’s with her every time she reads something new and I believe he is.

    1. Dear Emily , i’m crying Reading your Story .i met My TF 3 years ago also in a Bar where i wasnt suposed to be and he was in my Country only for a few days with Business and i felt the same .instant recongition in the Soul Level , Amazing Time spent together , Talked about everything , then we went in a Short Trip , then we skyped for one year. I moved into another Country because i got another Job opportity and he Blocked Almost 2 years ago . I still feel him, sometimes i suddenly sad without any reason and i Know i feel his Moods.i miss him and he lives in me . Now i got a Job Opportunity to Move only 200 km away from him but the Salary is not good .i will have to Change again the Country and i dont Know if its a Sign to Move there.

  140. Hey! I don’t know if you still reply to this comments section, but I was wondering, have you been able to move on successfully into a relationship with someone new? I am the chaser (like you) and I feel that I am coming to the end of my “crucifixion” phase. I’m starting back school for the second time, in a few weeks. I’m starting to a write a book I’ve had the idea for for a while. I’m getting back into a completely artistic background I had growing up. And..I guess I’m ultimately just looking out for myself right now. I don’t want to “use” someone for a relationship, but since my thoughts have still remained pretty persistent about the “runner”, if I can feel them talking to me..or even trying to show remorse for their actions? Which, to my scientific mind is preposterous but I’ve had to believe some pretty unbelievable things since meeting them and coming to understand that this twin flame-ship might be what’s going on after all. I understand if this was all some orchestrated phenomenon of the cosmos and what-not. (Not detracting from your experiences, trust me, I know, it’s..painful and I guess a growth process after all.) I just want to know that, they’re not the end of life. That maybe having gone through this means I can finally find what I’m looking for. Or maybe me saying that just means I haven’t learned enough yet in the past year of hell. *sigh* Thank you for listening.

  141. Hi, I met recently my twin flame. And it is 3 weeks that we are separated. We had an online connection with up and downs till we decide to meet in my country for 2 weeks as ” spiritual friends ” What a terrible and magical experience of deep and profound love. It definitely changes the nature of a man. I tried to figure out whether I was the chaser and it seems that I am the chaser. But of my own experience, I have to say that man, you got to be strong and spiritually high to be able to merge yourself in harmony and shift the separation to union mode. I do cry every morning, but I stand up and go to work. Financially, in your life, morally all got to be in the right place within yourself. I am a professional musician and teacher. Without music , practically impossible to survive this separation. You guys only need to tell yourself that twin flames are divine god sacred marriage alliance. Particularly the man should be well off financial, stable and strong responsibily, be able to cook, clean, no ego and already perfect half feminine. Trust me. When you met your twin flame, you won’t clean or cook, you will be asked to go and practice and she will call you when diner is ready. All you have to do , provide love, protection and be a man. I have a divorce to clear out in 2 months because she is moving I my country and we are getting married as soon as the divorce is pronounced. All seems a little bit stressful…. but with music learn to go with the flow and even to alter rhythms. My twin flame is a clairvoyant, she uses also her spiritual side. I still don’t say we don’t suffer, but what I say is that twin flame are made to be next evolution of sacred marriage. If it happens that where you are in your country, both or one of the partner has not been able to control the system, the mind, the materials and excess of unnecessary and non environmental friendly abuses , your way of life, eating habits, junk food all is linked to the new generation of “oneness” I hope I have been able to bring some light. Remember, God’s, nature, simple things in life, be good , patient and tolerate, both of us are not religious at all, but very spiritual. We all know how to do it. Prepare a family life, you will life the best thing ever in your life. I know we are not yet married , but we know and feel it. That’s enough. Take care. [email protected]

  142. Thank you so much for this article. This is what I needed to hear right now. I believe I met my twin flame 15 years ago. We were both young. I was 21, he was 19. We met through mutual friends. The attraction and chemistry was instant and mutual. Unfortunately we couldn’t come together at the time because I was in a relationship and he was soon to leave the country. We need spend a brief amount of time together just talking, we ended up kissing as well, nothing more. He then left for abroad, and I was forced to move on. Years went by, I got married, recently had a child. I didn’t really give him much thought for years. Then randomly, just a few months ago I thought of him. I looked him up online, just out of curiousity, and saw he’s been back in my country for some time, but lives in a different city. All these emotions and energies came back with an intensity I’ve never experienced before. Syncronicities were happening like crazy, it was like the universe was trying to get my attention. I messaged him online, just to say hi, in a friendly platonic way. He was very unfriendly. He did remember me, but it took lots of clues to do so. He asked if I wanted something from him, and I said no, I just wanted to say hi and reconnect. He also said he didn’t know me 15 years ago, and he doesn’t know now, so why should he talk to me. I apologized for bothering him, and he never replied back. I left him alone after that. I guess he doesn’t owe me anything, but he didn’t need to brush me off like that either. It hurt, felt like a dagger to the heart. I didn’t know why I was getting all these signs, but there was no connection from his end. I later found out he has a girlfriend, but that’s beside the point. That’s no excuse to be rude to someone just saying hi. I just have to accept it and let him go. I won’t contact him again. I just need to work on myself and be the best version of me I can be. Why waste my time crying over someone who wants nothing to do with me. I married a nice man, the intensity isn’t the same, but he’s kind and he loves me. I can’t say the same for my twin. I am doing a lot of spiritual work, and concentrating on being a good mom and a good person. He’s always on my mind, and I feel his energy strongly at times, but it’s getting less hurtful as time goes on. What you wrote really resonated. Thank you :)

  143. I stumbled upon this post and all the replies, and it’s the first time I see so many stories I can relate to. I can’t believe the similarities. It does help to know that I am not alone. I have been dealing with the TF connection for 9 years now. I think it could be therapeutic to tell my story, and who knows what little bits and pieces can help someone else?

    Nine years ago, we started at the same company within the same month. He was married with a small child, and he lived on the other side of the country (we had several offices all over the country). We exchanged a couple of emails before meeting in person, and we were both able to look back and say we felt something just through email, even though there was nothing but a few dull lines of business talk. When he came to visit our office and we met in person, we instantly liked one another. It didn’t seem like anything overly strange, and it wasnt sexual, we were drawn to each other like magnets. When he made a couple of subsequent trips to my office, we found that we always wanted to be in each others’ company. At a company party, I was dancing, and when I looked up, he was staring at me from accross the room. I looked deep into his eyes from afar, neither of us blinked or felt ashamed. I smiled more, and then continued on. It was that night that we kissed for the first time. The kiss was like nothing else I had ever experienced. It was like a fairytale. I was never the type to be with a married man, but I consciously told myself there is no way I was going to say no to him. I didn’t care about his marriage contract, I just felt we had every right to feel all of the incredible things we were feeling. That night, it was just kissing. We talked on the phone daily after that. Months went by before his next visit, and the magnetic attraction did not fade, not one bit.

    Next time he visited, we slept together. The amazing thing was that he never wanted anything else from me, he did not pressure me. Again it was the magnetic attraction. Sex did not even feel like we were close enough. I began to run. When I woke up in the morning, it all hit me so hard. I was with a married man who lived on the other side of the country! What if he was just using me? What if people at work found out (we both had fairly high positions)? I just fell apart at the seams with the reality that we had just spent the most incredible night together, and he was set to fly away several hours later.

    We went to a company dinner. The feelings were outrageous. We both wanted nothing but to show our feelings for each other. Hiding it was so hard! Then he had to leave to catch his flight. I felt like I died when he walked out the door. We spoke every day after that. One week later he told me that he spoke to his lawyer about a divorce. I was shocked but happy that I did not have to pressure him to do that. He said he got married for the wrong reasons. But this is where the craziness starts. Things in the Universe kept going wrong. His wife’s mother suddenly died. It was not a good time to leave his wife. One thing after another. A year dragged by. We barely could see each other, yet we spoke almost daily. Eventually I coudl not tell whether he was dragging his feet or what. Ultimately, I ended it. We had been “together” for 1.5 years. I could not take anymore of the gutwrenching months apart. He never even once said that he was unsure of leaving his marriage. It seemed like there were a lot of secrets, and since he was 3000 miles away, how would I ever find out the truth? He also ended up in the hospital due to stress causing all sorts of serious physical problems for him. Those times were the absolute worst, as I could not just call him. his wife or parents might be there. It would be days of him in the hospital with no communication with him. I ended it with him on the phone. We both felt like we were gonna die. I told him never to call me again. He said that he can not promise that. I hung up on him. My world ended.

    Again, the Universe was at play. This might sound crazy, but if you believe in TF’s then you shouldn’t think what I’m about to say is all that crazy. I became psychic and also a medium. Yep the full-blown kundalini awakening. It began with premonitions as well as many dreams in which he would come to me and tell me things (I also now see spirits, angels, and can give psychic readings). I would even see a date in my mind, 6 months into the future, and he would try to call me on that exact date. He tried to call me several times over the course of a year, but for some reason it was never a convenient time to answer the phone. One year after I ended the relatinship, his wife figured out who I was and called to confront me. To make a VERY long story short, he had a second child with her. She was pregnant when we were “together”. I thought I was going to faint when he told me the truth. I literally felt my eyes droop, as if I was about to fall asleep. I screamed and cried at the top of my lungs, I called him every name in the book–asshole, disgusting pig, lying cheating SOB, all of it. And despite everything, he still insisted that he wanted to be with me but that he had to let me go because he just didn’t know when or how he could ever give me everything I want and deserve. But by then, I felt pure hatred, both towards him and towards myself for letting someone deceive me like this! I felt humiliated on a level that nobody can comprehend. And of course I was devastated and did not know how I would ever recover from losing the love of my life.

    My entire life changed very rapidly. I changed, as a person. I guess a more accurate way to say it is not that I changed, but I remembered who I was deep inside and began to live in accordance with who I truly am. I lost a lot of freinds due to them not understanding my new spirituality, psychism, and my belief that we would somehow end up together (they all thought I was nuts and that he clearly didn’t love me). Nobody could understand this connection. In fact I only found out about the term TWIN FLAME about 8 months ago! I turned inward too..and well I had only one true friend left, so what else could I do?! I meditated for 1-3 hours a day. I prayed. I cried. I dreamed. I journaled. I went back to school and switched careers entirely. I went from the corporate world to a career as a healer.

    Eventually I tried to contact him. I missed him desperately, every moment of every day. Over the next 5 years, I contacted him maybe twice. For instance, I sent him a birthday card. He never replied. Eventually I met someone else (did not marry) and had a baby. I emailed him to tell him about my baby when she was 15 months old. He did not respond. That was one year ago. It has been about 5 years since my last contact with him.

    Throughout all this time, the dreams never stopped. He still comes to me in my sleep and tells me things such as: he is getting a divorce, he doesn’t have time for me now but he will later. I have tried to break the connection so many times. When I spent time in meditation and try to break it, I end up having a dream where he is very upset with me for doing that. It was VERY HARD to move on when I am constantly having communications with him in these magical ways. The pain was so raw that just 8 months ago, I burst into tears in front of my friend when trying to tell her what it’s like to find the greatest love and then lose them like this…with so many unanswered questions on top of all the pain. Around that time (6 months ago), I saw a photo of him with the people from the company. His wife was in it. They clearly are not divorced. His kids are around 6 and 10 years old, so the urgency of caring for a newborn is gone. Yet he stayed. Again, I felt totally devastated. I forgot to mention they had a pre-nup with an infidelity clause, so she would threaten him, tell him that she would take his kids away from him, and just play on his worst fears. I can’t get into detail now about how manipulative she is. But anyway, it’s tough because he has gone far in his career, farther than I ever imagined. He looks happy and healthy. I know that so much can be faked in a photo, but it’s still so hard for me to see him with his hand on her waist. I felt like a fool! Like the whole relationship was all in my mind! One thing I can say that’s different from a lot of the stories I have read here is that at no point did he tell me he was confused abuout his feelings for me. Or that he wasn’t sure how he felt.

    I still feel like I’m in the dark about his end. But it seems like his lessons are on self-love, not being a doormat, not letting people manipulate him and ignore all of his needs. Believing that he deserves and is worthy of happiness. Those are my guesses anyway.

    But I am here to tell you that after almost 9 years (from the time we met), I am finally at a point where I no longer feel pain. I saw that photo 6 months ago, and something snapped inside. I came to the very real realization that he did not leave his marriage. He might never leave. I MUST GO ON. And by God, I did! I worked on myself even more. I started listening to the nagging voices in the back of my mind, the ones that say, “Work out, and try to appear vibrant and attractive! Focus on your daughter! Stop letting the baby’s dad push you around! Move to another state!” Once I did that, my feelings changed drastically. I felt free of this connection for the first time ever! I still get dreams and constant synchronicities, but the pain is GONE. I can just shrug things off rather than obsess over them. I no longer feel hatred. I have learned so much! I learned that I am a strong woman! I learned how to love myself above all others, even him. I learned that SELF-LOVE is the Greatest Love of all! I focus on my beautiful, perfect, angelic child and on creating a life for us. I learned that I am a healer who can help others in a profound way. I learned that no matter what he does, no matter how much he has hurt me, I still love him with all my heart. I know him like nobody else does. And somewhere deep inside, I also know that he feels the same way. I learned how to forgive him and I learned how to forgive myself. I also learned that most marriages are just a piece of paper and that I can not ever settle for that in my life. I have come to the realization that I do not need a man to complete me. I do not need a man to “make me happy”–IIIII make ME happy, and only ME. I know I might never get married, and that is ok with me. I now look forward to every day, the adventure of my life. I miss him, and I love him, but I do not NEED him. If he never comes back, it’s ok with me, and I can still love him and wish him nothing but happiness. I feel truly blessed to have experienced this, eventhough the pain was unbearable so many times, because it taught me how to be totally whole and complete as a human being. And I dont mean to be a know-it-all, but I believe that this is what all of you must do as well. I don’t know if he and I will ever be together again…although I have seen many dreams where we have a son, and several psychics have told me I will have a son too…but that is beside the point. I am ok without that ever coming to fruition. i can see how the TF relaitonship uplifts humanity. It makes us the best possible version of ourselves that we can be. And I believe that once both TFs have accomplished that and If they DO come together again in a lifelong relationship, it’s two complete people coming together to boost each other higher; not to complete each other. Not to be each other’s “other half”. And if you never come together, you are still a much better person for having met your twin.

    If you are stuck and in pain, just do what the OP tells you–work on yourself! Find your passion! Help others! Be creative! You will find out, like me, that you absolutely can be happy without your TF. Thank you for letting me share my story. Good luck to all of you who are struggling. I feel like we are all very special souls to have been given this monumental task of meeting our twin and then becoming all we were meant to be during our lifetimes, to help uplift the Earth.

  144. Dear Jeremy , . Now i got a Job Opportunity to Move only 200 km away from him but the Salary is not good .i will have to Change again the Country and i dont Know if its a Sign to Move there.dont Know what to Do ..i miss him so much

  145. Hello Jeremy , i saw your last Videos on youtube.i wish you all the best and hear soon you’re again 100% healty.

  146. I met my twin flame back in January of this year. Like some others, we met on an online game. He was the one who seemed more interested in friendship at the time we met. From the start, we could spend hours just talking about stuff. I found it easy to talk to him about life. He pointed out just how similar our lives were. We were close in age, he’s four years older; we are both married, about the same amount of time; we have had similar issues with our children, and the list goes on. He also told me once that he saw a cord that connected our hearts to each other. We also have differences. He’s a larger than life extrovert, I’m a mousey introvert; He is meat and potatoes, I’m closer to Paleo; he’s not into religion, I’m Christian; He lives in Canada, I’m in the southern USA; and like with the similarities, the list continues.

    As our friendship grew, we got really close. People who knew us thought we were perfect together, as if we were soulmates or something. We brought out the best in one another. I was a better person with him, and he was better with me. we were inseparable, and found ways outside of the game to remain in contact, i.e. Skype or WhatsApp. We shared our lives with one another. I knew as much about his comings and goings as his actual wife knew. We used to talk about maybe one day meeting and the thought did not scare me at all.

    We didn’t argue at all. We would discuss issues in a loving, mature manner. We didn’t want to hurt one another at all. About four months or so after meeting, he developed some medical issues that caused him lots of pain and ultimately would require surgical intervention. As the pain worsened, he began to withdraw. I felt his pulling before I could see it. I accepted his withdrawal because I understood it was in reaction to the medical issues. Slowly, he kept pulling away more and more, and I wanted to be there for him, support him and a part of me was nervous about the upcoming, unavoidable split I could tell was eminent. After hounding him, I finally got him to talk to me.

    This was the night of our first and last argument. He pretty much broke my heart when he told me that he no longer felt any love for me. So needless to say, we went our separate ways that night. We have had some contact, of course initiated by me. He did reply back some of the time. I can’t just allow him to go into surgery without me wishing him the best. His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. Once the surgery is over, I will cease any more contact with him. I hate the thought of having to do so, but I have no alternative.

    It has been three and a half months since we parted. No matter what, I cannot get him out of my head. It is the most maddening thing. Whenever I try to forget him, or question the reality of our relationship, things happen to force me to remember and send me back into a low place I thought I have moved away from. Songs, number synchronicities, his voice in my head, Canadian only things like Poutine on a menu, etc… those keep coming no matter what. The harder I try to ignore them, the more they seem to come with a vengeance.

    I have been working on myself since this happened. I have forced myself to cry through the pain. I have researched twin flame phenomena. I began meditating. I have looked up the meaning of the number synchronicities. I am doing all I can, but I must be missing something because no matter what, I can’t get him out of my head. Perhaps after the surgery, I can relax a bit more and not think of him as much. All I want right now, is to stop hurting. I can understand that things weren’t meant to be, but why can’t I move on?

    1. You will move on. No one is that important in anyone’s life that one cannot live without them. If that was the case then as soon as s child died , the mom would die or vice verca because that is the most unconditional love that can exist on earth! Please allow yourself to mourn and grieve. You soul wanted this excuriciating experience and you will thank yourself when you reach the other side of it. Just focus on yourself. 3 months is a very short time. Such experiences will take sometime to completely move on. Also I can tell you that please know that your beloved loved you equally and is filled with guilt and fear at this time. Just let him walk on his life to figure out what he truly wants and you walk on yours with your head held high for loving someone so much that only higher dimensions can understand. We are wonderful creatures on this chaotic Earth to still carry the most beautiful gift of LOVE created by universe. Do not dwell into why, how , what if etc , just march forward. You are capable of loving someone so truly and you have seen your potential and oneday you will get what you deserve !! This is all that this experience means. What you send out will be given back to you in tenfolds by this universe ! It’s just a matter of time and patience. I hope this brings peace to your heart.

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  148. I have been in a similar situation and in the period of separation. I feel whoever are talking about intense attraction and then parting away with no contact for long time ( in years) are actually not in twin flame relationship although it may have very close similarity. From what I have read over the years and found that twin flame relationships are the best romantic relationships in the universe if balanced out perfectly. TF will always help you ascend to your higher self and push you to grow , eventually to merge and come together for a greater human cause. It is not commonly found relationship. TF will push each other to get to their highest selves to come together and reunite forever. This push and pull will go on till they synchronize to become one. If someone has left you devastated and impacted more negatively than helping you grow and you would have preferred not having met them instead then they are just a catalyst for your spiritual growth or karmic soulmate. They may be helping you to learn and meet your TF down the line. Some are even energy suckers who have come to grow themselves by attaching to the more matured soul and leave them used after their job of fueling is done. They can be called as runners but they are basically people with low self esteem and coward. And one should walk away from such person as they will never be successful in any relationships. I think a true TF will never let you suffer to death till death but instead will eventually come back to you. They will be pulled with the soul intensity and get back to their ultimate home no matter how hard they try to run away. Whoever are sharing their stories have probably not lived enough to testify the truth neither have I. But this is what I feel or else what is the point in someone so divine to just come to destroy you, so that you are born again as another individual. A twin flame should like you with all your faults. There may be some karmic work involved to be cleared before you both can merge permanently but that has to happen eventually. Merging is the mission of TF to come together for a greater cause to this planet and ascend together in their last incarnation. Such are very rare and divine relationships orchestrated by divinity. TF relationship means no place for any ego , it will manifest truly when nothing but love and only love is left between the two souls. This is not for the faint heart. You will just know from within that you have met your TF and you will always know somewhere deep within that you will eventually unite. How and when may not be known yet but just that it will happen will be the strong message that your higher self will tell you. You both will love each other unconditionally even in separation. You will know that your TF has some issues to work with and they have left you to grow themselves only to come back to you as your perfect match ! You will know ! If you have any doubts then they are not your TF.

  149. I need to point something out, as too many people are thinking they have met a twin flame and haven’t.
    The first face to face meeting is a spiritual experience and in my case my chakras activated. I was also told that we had been brought together. I had just been forced to move home. I had no idea I was a medium at this point, but what followed showed me I was. Psychic abilities, that is what it takes to be a twin flame!! I have the experience and research, so I know. It is mostly mediums who post videos on this subject. This is because it takes a medium to understand the connection and the importance of it.

  150. So really needing some genuine help especially as the holiday approaches which is wrought with reminders of the past with my twin. He is married. I am married with young kids. We met three years ago. In a typical fashion unbeknownst to me we met in an odd manner completely unexpectedly. Series of really odd coincidences and events occurred and we got to interact in a physical way without ever having sex, rather through meditation and other things that were offered by him. It’s been a year since I cut off ties with him. I still feel a strong pull to be back in his presence as there is an opportunity to do this but I’ve chosen not to. It feels as if I’m going against everything that makes me fuffilled not to go. I feel divorce would not be great prob because I’m fearful of messing my kids up. I’m great friends with my husband, but not that I have felt and still very strongly feel this way, there is nothing left really emotionally for my husband. I have no idea what to do. The only thing I enjoy is hot yoga and anything with yogic healing as it’s the only thing g that gives me relief. This is kinda no way to live and I don’t have anyone I can talk to or that understands the level of intensity I have for my absolute utter truth, which is my crystal clear, undeniable, beautiful love for my twin.

    1. Dear Emma,
      My TF is married as well. If there is any advice I can give, it would be to follow your own truth, while also being mindful and compassionate for everyone involved, including yourself. If you do decide to move forward in 3d, work with people who have navigated this type of situation successfully – there is never only one way, and if it is meant to be, it will be. Sometimes we think that we are keeping everyone else safe by staying in the lives and marriages we have known, however, if you are meant to be with this person, it is likely meant for a higher purpose. Once you set yourself free, others you are tied to can then also be free to experience their destiny. Although it may be painful at first and change is never easy, this is the higher perspective – if you are meant to be with this person, then it is likely your spouse is meant to also be on a different path. Never stay small in your life and trust in what feels right for you. There is no way to know what will happen in the 3d with your twin. You may leave the marriage and he may not. You have to step back and look at it from the highest perspective – determine if it is your soul/spirit that is guiding you to this person, realizing that it may or may not work out right away. It may take years and even if you both leave the marriages and think you are ready, there may still be years of spiritual growth for both of you before you can come together. Regardless of your twin, because there are kids involved, my advice would be to take your time and work with tf healers who have navigated similar situations successfully, to have minimal impact on the kids. Take small steps and trust yourself and what spirit is trying to show you. The love of the tf is a beautiful gift that most people will never find in a lifetime. No matter what happens, you have been given this gift that is eternal.

  151. In November 2015, I met the man I believe is my twin flame. I was a nontraditional student that just transferred to a university that August. He didn’t go to college, but he lived in a town about fifteen minutes away. We met at a bar, believe it or not. From the moment he started talking to me, I knew he was special.

    Throughout my entire childhood, I could always feel that I was different. I began to research into chakras, past lives, and other related concepts when I was 10. I guess, I constantly felt like I was searching for something, I just didn’t know what I was looking for. I didn’t know how to get rid of this feeling that something was missing.

    In the past, I have suffered a lot. My dad was an alcoholic when I was a kid, and when I was 12, he was diagnosed with cancer. He died a year later. That really tore me up. I knew he couldn’t help it, but I always subconsciously felt abandoned. I never fit in as a child, and I spent a lot of my childhood within myself. When I was a teenager, I started to rebel, but I was always a pushover, trying to please everyone and get everyone to like me. I didn’t realize it, but I was also still grieving the loss of my dad, which caused me to do crazy things. Going through my rebel phase had to happen. Before, I was constantly trying to live up to my family’s high expectations of me. I was living my life the way they wanted me to, not how I wanted to. So, I began to experiment with new things, going through that process of establishing your own identity that is a huge part of being a teenager.

    I started dating, staying in a relationship for a year and a half because I was scared to be alone. I had my first kiss with someone I didn’t really even like because I felt like I was behind everyone. I didn’t respect myself much. I left that relationship because I wanted to experience life, he was talking about marriage and wanted me to move with him so he could live his dream. I knew he wasn’t the one. Everything was too comfortable, too boring. There was no real connection. I was 15, didn’t experience a thing, and I just knew in my heart that I couldn’t move my life for him. We broke up. I cried and wished upon a star that someone would come into my life and show me to be impulsive, to make mistakes, to actually feel alive.

    At 16, a couple of months later, my prayers were answered. I met a guy, but he was manipulative, a player, a liar. I fell for him and stayed for two years, ignoring all of the lies. He used me for everything he possibly could have. Him and his friends robbed me blind. It was so hard letting go, realizing everything was a lie. I let go of him and went through a crazy period; I had let myself be controlled and abused by a boy for so long, and I wanted to just be independent and free.

    I learned a lot about myself during that relationship. I became more comfortable in being myself. I let more people see the real me. I did, however, let myself go crazy. I got into legal trouble and had to bounce back. I was 18, with a suspended license, no money to my name, $2000 in court costs, and no job. I spent the next few years building myself back up, being judged for my mistakes. I put college on hold. This experience made me realize what I want to do, I want to own my own business and give those who have messed up and learned, the ones that society won’t give a fighting chance, a shot at a livable wage so they can move on and grow.

    A few years later, I built myself back up. I had gotten job experience that helped me make enough money to go back to school. I paid two years worth of community college out of pocket while working full-time. I started to move up, and I finally made it to a university at 22. In the meantime, every relationship I tried failed. It was like I was stuck in a cycle, but I didn’t understand it that way. I thought I moved past my problems, but I honestly buried them so deep that I just tried to forget they existed. I convinced myself that I was fine, I worked through everything. I felt happy. I thought I had everything figured out. I was wrong.

    High school me would have never picked the university I did. I never wanted to go there, but I ended up there because of my life choices.

    That November, I met him. I had a friend in town, and we were going out on a Saturday night. I took a couple of shots before going out, forgot my glasses, I was a drunken mess. We went to a bar I never go to. When we were outside talking, a guy came up to us, set his beer down, and started talking. We connected instantly. We talked for hours, my friends got bored and left. I thought he was interested in one of my friends, like everyone usually was. I was in complete shock when he was interested in me. He bought me a drink, I fell down the stairs in front of him and he laughed. I kissed him that night, which I never do. You should have seen the way he looked at me. It was earth-shattering. In that moment, I felt like every mistake I made led me to him. It all started to make sense.

    We exchanged numbers and started talking every day. The day after I met him, I started seeing repeating numbers everywhere. I felt insane. I saw 11:11 and 1:11 am and pm every day for over a week straight. Every other time I saw was something like 2:22, 3:33, 5:22, or 6:44. There was some type of repeating digit in everything. I started questioning my sanity. We talked all day every day.

    I felt like he brought out my best self. I felt so happy, complete. We went on a date that next Saturday. When I was getting ready, I remember thinking, “this could be the last first date I ever go on”. When I got into his car, I was shaking. He was shaking too. We talked about it later, and we were both so nervous. We hit it off right away, and I had the best night of my life. I made out with him in a bar, which was out of character for both of us, but we didn’t even care. Time stopped. Literally everything else melted away. It was just me and him.

    Before him, I couldn’t show affection. I couldn’t get close to anyone else. I didn’t know I was doing it, but I never let myself. I avoided human contact in that way. With him, it was so easy. I never felt scared, and I actually felt normal for once. I had never experienced that, ever. I couldn’t look people in the eyes, but with him, I could stare into his eyes all day. I got lost in them.

    That night after the date, I had him stay with me because he was too drunk to drive back home. We almost slept together, but I told him I didn’t want to screw this up. He felt the same way, so we didn’t. It was the next day when I was sober that I just didn’t care. The connection was too powerful for me to resist. It was the craziest experience I’ve ever had, I felt so connected. It wasn’t the physical experience that got me, it was the intangible connection we had that got me, it shook me to the core. I was overweight with loose skin and a stomach that hangs over because I used to be a lot bigger before losing weight. I was insecure, but he looked at me with these loving eyes and told me how beautiful I was. I could feel that he really meant it.

    We hung out a few more times, and everything was great. I felt like I met the love of my life. A week later, out of nowhere, he broke it off with me. I told him from the beginning I smoked weed, which I did a couple of times a month. He said he was okay with it. Honestly, if I knew it bothered him, I would’ve stopped because I had been thinking about it anyways, that it just didn’t fit in my life anymore. He ended up out of nowhere saying he couldn’t because he didn’t know it was that important to me. It wasn’t. I tried explaining it to him, but he just kept insisting we stop talking.

    I told him about the connection I felt with him, how I knew he came into my life for a reason, and I wanted to explore that, even if it was as friends. He didn’t want to. He said he didn’t have the time. He didn’t even want to come talk to me about it in person. He just didn’t want to see me. I was really hurt because I saw him covering up his feelings with alcohol, but I knew since we just met, that I couldn’t approach it yet. He had no problem telling me what he thought was wrong with me. He was so quick to be critical of me, but I know he was critical of himself, just like I was critical of myself. I always judged myself so harshly, but when I feel like people are judging me for what they don’t understand, it drives me crazy. That is one of the only ways to really irritate me.

    He did what I did, worked on projects in his spare time, taking up any time he could have to think. He tried to hide from his issues, just like I did. He didn’t want to acknowledge what he was doing to himself, just like I wasn’t ready to admit what I was doing to myself either. I knew he was a great guy, a beautiful person, the first person to show me what love is. He treated me right. I never thought he would be capable of hurting me, the connection was so crazy.

    We didn’t end on terrible terms, but they weren’t the best. It was civil, but I haven’t talked to him since. I’ve wanted to, but I could never bring myself to do it. I knew it wasn’t for the best. I couldn’t fight what was happening, as much as I wanted to.

    For over a year, he didn’t date anyone. Neither did I, but I did go through a phase where I tried. It always blew up two weeks later. I’ve had what I called a “two week curse” since him. Two weeks was the amount of time he was in my life. I was so devastated that I tried covering up my feelings with alcohol, messing around with guys, and other self-destructive behaviors. I did this for a little over a year. I was in this deep depression, and I did a lot of things that I’m not proud of. I just felt so broken that I was unfixable. The old me was dead. It took a lot of mistakes and repeating cycles for me to notice the pattern, see what I was doing to myself because what I thought was helping me was only hurting me more. A part of me died that night he left, and I haven’t been the same person since.

    Eventually, the cycles got so bad that I couldn’t ignore them anymore. I was so disgusted with myself and my poor choices trying to get over him that I realized it was time to stop. I started becoming more aware of myself and what I was doing, what was I trying to cover up?

    When I finally started to accept that he wasn’t coming back into my life, at least any time soon, I had a dream about him. We were still friends on Facebook, but we never acknowledged each other. In the dream, he was sitting at his computer, wanting to get ahold of me, but deciding against it. It made me feel like he still cared, which hurt and helped at the same time.

    A couple of weeks later, I started thinking about blocking him on Facebook, cutting all ties and leaving everything up to the universe. I knew it was best for me because I was still trying to hold on. I was still a mess, but I was able to look on some of those memories with happiness instead of intense grief. I started to finally come to terms with everything. I knew I wasn’t over it, but I felt like I was on the verge of a huge breakthrough.

    It was when that happened, I noticed he started going on dates with someone else. It was a blonde girl with a leather jacket, just like me. She looked similar to me. Seeing that hurt. I decided that on new years eve, right before the ball dropped, I was going to block him, not because I was angry or upset with him. I had already been through that. It was because I love him, I want him to be happy. If he thinks she will bring him happiness, who am I to try to get in the way of that? I couldn’t talk to him either like everyone was telling me to, what kind of person would I be if I got ahold of him now, when he thinks he found someone. It’s not fair to him, but I couldn’t sit and watch from the sidelines because it only hurt me. I deserve to be happy too. The more you fight the universe, the more it fights back.

    So, I deleted him, wiped out any way of communicating with him. It’s time to find my happiness, to stop these cycles that keep appearing in my life. It’s time to deal with my issues and fix myself. I will always love him, and I hope that one day we meet again. I don’t feel like it’s the end. I still have four semesters at that school and don’t know where my life will end up after that, there’s still a chance, but I can’t keep waiting for the day he’ll come back. I can’t put my life on hold.

    The next day, I cried so much that I couldn’t cry anymore. But, I actually felt hopeful for the first time in forever. I started feeling love instead of anger and disappointment. I knew that I was getting close to the breakthrough I needed.

    That night, I had a dream that I met him and that girl. She was there, but we were still talking. I could feel that we were a better match, but he was with her. He told me that she wasn’t the one. When we said our goodbyes, he gave me a long hug and left with her. I woke up a little upset, but I woke up feeling loved.

    I was always wondering if he still thought of me, and I think my dreams are telling me that he does still think of me. He still cares. As much as I’ve beaten myself up, thinking I might have thought this was more than it was, I know in my heart that it was real. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, I know he felt it too. He told me, not exactly directly, but it was the things he said when we were together, the way he looked at me. He knew it was special. I think he got scared and ran, looking for any excuse to get far away from me. He kept saying things like “well what happens if I come to visit you and meet your friends, what happens if this or that”, he was talking really long term worries, and we only knew each other for two weeks. I told him that I would never put him in a compromising situation, and it was still so early that he shouldn’t be thinking like that. I told him he didn’t have the right to judge me, that he had his own demons.

    The other crazy thing is that we share the same life path number, if any of you know anything about numerology. We’re both 11’s. We met in the 11th month. The repeating numbers. Those are actually still around, just not as crazy as they were when I first met him. I’ve also started seeing numbers that mirror each other, like 1:01 , 1:21, 9:19, etc. I don’t know what it means, but I think there was some sort of shift. I didn’t dream about him in over a year, but the second I started to really let go, he started showing up in them.

    I’ve been looking at my self-destructive habits, my vices, my unhealthy coping mechanisms, and I’m actively trying to make a change in my life. I’m trying to be healthier, and I do not want those bad habits to define me anymore. It’s one thing to do something like drink or smoke, but it’s another thing when it becomes something people define you by, something you do so often that it becomes a part of you. I refuse to live life like that anymore. I’m going to be the best person I can be. I’m going to love myself and show others that love. I know he’s the only person for me. I know in my heart that we will meet again, I just don’t know when or how. I love that man, and when we do meet again, I want to be the best version of myself. This isn’t over.

    So, that’s my story. It’s still being written, and I know I’ve got a long way to go, but I think I can finally start to find my happiness. I’m only 23, so even though I have a long way to go, I think I’ve made significant progress.

  152. Hello, here is my story I met my twin flame 11/05/06 (1111) I was 17, it is eleven years later and we are on the separation part now. I have dreamt about him ever since I can remember and the dreams always follow events that are going on. I know if I dream about him he will contact me on the physical world. The connection is unlike anything I have ever felt when we are together it is like time stops. We are the only two people in the universe! I am more accomplished then him and I have helped him financially a lot but he always runs. Always stops contact, but then I’ll dream about him and the dreams are amazing, but then he is on my mind again. I had a dream last night well I guess this morning since I didn’t go to bed till 2am. We were at a ball field which is different usually it is a house, he approached me and hugged me, I asked him if he was happy with the girl he was with and if loved her. He told me I know the answer their is only one person that makes him happy and the one he loves. He has always told me this in person so in the dream I knew it was me. We hugged again I told him I missed and still love him. He kissed me. I asked him if he wanted me to msg him? He said yes I asked about the girl he is with and he told me he would take care of it. He hugged me again and I woke up. Now in non dream land I have been debating on contacting him but I’m kinda upset and don’t want to be the first one too. Did I project my personal thoughts into my dream? Or should I really contact him? Every other dream I have had has always lead to him contacting me. This is the first one where I initiated contacting him. Does he dream the same things that I do? How do the dreams work?

  153. I believe I have met my twin flame. The changes I have experienced since meeting this man have been “life-changing”. From the fist time we met and shook hands and look into his eyes, my world stopped abruptly, like two worlds colliding. I was not prepared and had no idea what was going on. I even talked to him about it because he was to come over, but it wasn’t a for sure thing, I just assumed it was. He never showed and when I called him to confirm, he said he forgot. That messed me up. Anyone else I would have been understanding, since I am a very understanding person and really put out more love and acceptance than anything, not always, but most of the time. I stormed out of my house after having a couple of coolers and walked, and walked until I walked far enough to have calmed down, and came across turkey feathers…a womans feather. I called him and left a message for him to call me, since I resolved that I needed to tell him how I was feeling. When he called back, he believed I was calling because of my leather shoes I was making and he is a leathersmith, he was saying how “we will figure out the shoe problem” I was experiencing. Then he found out the real reason I called. I told him that when we discussed him coming over, I was looking forward to and how disappointed I felt when he didn’t show. I also explained how my life changed since meeting him, he asked if it was life-changing, and I said yes. He said “that is good!” How did he know to ask that question, and what was good about it? Still have to ask him that :) Since that time it has been a almost a year, a year in June. It has been a dance since then…the only physical contact we give are hugs. which I am very content with. Before meeting him, I made a promise to myself that the next man I am with, we are going to have spirituality in common, first and foremost, then the mental, physical and emotional, following the medicine wheel. So important to build that foundation before going further. I know I love him with all my being…I love him soulfully, mentally, physically, emotionally. When we are together I feel safe and I feel I am home! I ended up taking a bottle of vodka over to his house after new years eve, and proceeded to act irrational in the end! I have never in my life behaved the way I did. I was trying to tell how I felt and it did not come out the way I pictured! and I do not remember anything after a certain point. Apparently I grabbed him from his front shirt and was shaking him, to do with wanting a kiss from him and to do with him acknowledging the strong connection that is between us and then I proceeded to hyper-ventilate! lol …. *sigh*….craziness! somewhere in my fogginess I think I heard myself say ” I love you” and I thought I heard him say it back…not sure though! Then I remember him trying to get me to lay down on a bed, he offered his and then his sons, but this was after I heard him say that I was just like all the other woman in his life who tried to push him around! Even in my drunkedness… that stopped me like I hit a semi-truck! I was devasted! and I could not take his offer of a bed since I shamed myself in his home!! and disrespected him!! in his home! and did not deserve his friendship or any comforts…and didi not want to contaminate his sons bed! I wanted to sleep on the floor… then that is it! I remember nothing after that..until I woke up in his sons bed. I do not know how I got there… he did not say he carried me there….but I do not know how I got there. Since then I have asked for his forgiveness, offered him an golden eagle feather, accepting it means he forgives me. I explained the meaning of the offer and he took it. This was the day after, I had to be accountable, since the morning when we were up and before I left I asked him what happened, and he said I was aggressive…I was just torn in 2 … it felt my innards just fell out! felt that my soul was ripped in 2… this feeling I have had many time when we have left each other to go home… but he said he forgave me… I just could never hurt him…and I cannot get over that he felt that way…I still have not forgiven myself fully…even though I know it is all about self love, forgiveness,acceptance of myself ect ect ect. There are many moments where we share how know one else connects to us like we do. I described his place in life like a phoenix rising and that is how relate to my life, although I believed he was rising higher than me at that time. It is a dance … now…. I just keep doing what I have been doing. My goal has been to rise like a phoenix before I met him, except that now…it means something even more to me…something far deeper.. I have been purged inside out of all things that are not meaningful… non materialisitic matters…my passions run deeply for doing something for social justice, for environmental well being, for youth depression… my passions run deep for him and I know that through loving him and loving myself and others we will unite physically…. eventually, when we are ready. So glad he never kissed me that drunken night..what a way to take the meaningful connection out of a sacred moment. I have wanted to runaway, I have wanted to forget about him….but I know that is not natural…it is not the way of “unconditional love”. I have to be strong enough to move forward, stay on my path of love, social and environmental justice and healing for myself, my twin flame and all but especially for our youth…

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