The Present Moment and Feeling It

“The present moment is what we are thinking about and experiencing right now. To be free and feelingĀ in the present moment is to be happy with the good and bad that has and is occurring right now. To be free in the present moment, focus on the good about you, what you love and are thankful for. Send out love to those you care about. Lastly, remove any attachment to outcomes you may be expecting, for you don’t have any control over this anyway. When something good does show up in your life, welcome it with open arms, but live without expectation of it.” – Jeremy Noel Johnson

This is another quote I just made up. It’s how I’ve had to evolve each day in order to live happily. I realize there is so much good about life and what is going on and I’ve been focusing on that – it’s really helping. I lived exactly like this much earlier this year and I have never been happier in my life than at that time. I’m moving back to this now with the one difference in that it is just me deciding to be this without anyone else having to be there. I welcome others, absolutely, but this comes first in my life.

Today, I’ve been focusing on the present moment and being thankful. That means each second I’m alive, I’m looking at the things around me, the warm weather, the grass, the sun, the things I’m learning and doing, the people I care about, the laughter of two crazy little girls. I realize this year, I’ve focused too much on expectation – that things need to unfold a certain way and if they don’t, I’m saddened and disappointed.

It’s interesting because all the advice I need is already written here on my website! I’ve realized that I get what I focus on. I’ve focused a lot on fear this year and consequentially, my decisions have been made from that stand point. In each moment, I made decisions based on fear and it lead to say and do things from a very uncertain and weak perspective. Retrospecting about this has been interesting today. Here’s why:

I’ve found myself being thankful for all the experiences I’ve had this year. Whenever I find myself expecting something to happen, I always feel fear in my stomach. When I stand tall and stare that situation directly in the face, the fear dissipates like fog. What you fear tends to manifest itself in your life. What you stand up tall to and look at tends to go away. On the other side of that is a feeling of confidence and being happy in the present moment.

The lesson is that we don’t have control over much in our lives except ourselves. To be able to wake up and look at myself in the mirror and be happy with myself is a gift. That gift was lost recently, but found again. When I wake up and look in the mirror, I feel very happy with who I am as a person, all my gifts, and the opportunity I have now to help heal and open people up. Using my website here as a medium to do this is very exciting to me.

The present moment also means to me that I am continuing to learn and evolve. I definitely don’t have all the answers and I have quite a lot of quirks about me. But I’m thankful I have each day to live. It’s making the hard decisions not as hard and allows me to actually follow through. All we have is the present moment. It is the acceptance of the present moment that leads us to be happy and willing to give freely without a need for reciprocation.

Lastly, this does not make you immune to sadness and pain. On the contrary, I’ve adopted a philosophy that whenever I feel the pain and sadness, I am going to allow myself to feel it. I am going to cry my eyes out for hours if I have to. And I give myself the permission in the present moment to feel this – because it is how I feel. Sometimes I feel such a sadness and longing and I choose not to reject my feelings as something I need to suppress or conquer. Therefore, I let them flow, for they are me and how I feel. I feel sick inside if I bottle them up.

Feeling my emotions has been something I no longer fight. They are a part of me. Here’s some other emotions I ALLOW MYSELF to feel in the present moment. I embrace them and they are part of me.

  • When I feel afraid, I say, “Huh, I’m feeling afraid right now. I’m wondering what the future holds. This is how I feel and I accept it.”
  • When I feel anxiety, I say, “I feel anxious and unsettled. I am wondering what a person thinks of me. This is how I feel and I can’t suppress it.”
  • When I feel angry, I say, “Damn it, I’m really frustrated at this situation. I wish I could have done better. But it’s how I feel, I accept it.”
  • When I feel uncertain, I say, “I’m feeling uncertain. I’ve felt this in the past and I feel it now. I accept this uncertainty.”
  • When I feel happy, I say, “I’m feeling happy right now. Even though I know others are suffering, I allow myself to feel happy right now because it’s how I feel.”
  • When I feel excited, I say, “I’m excited right now. I am hopeful for the future. I accept this is how I feel right now.”
  • When I feel motivated, I say, “I’m motivated right now, and I’m going to go for it! I accept this.”

By letting the emotions out, I experience them in the present moment and I tell the universe how I feel, openly and honestly. This too is included in my present moment living.

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