The Runner

One way to refer to the runner is for someone running away from something, or someone, of course. This person is usually fearful of another person or situation for a variety of reasons. They will often use a little misdirection and subterfuge to cover their tracks. They will attempt to block contact and communication by any means necessary.

What is the runner without a chaser? For there to be a runner who is running, there must be a chaser – else why make the effort to run? But what happens when the chaser stops chasing the runner – even when the chaser can see past the misdirection and subterfuge of the runner? What does the runner have left to run from at that point but them self?

Either way, respect the space and distance of the runner – for they need their own space to develop and experience life in their own way and at their own pace and you cannot interfere with this. Part of learning to love unconditionally is doing this very thing – for every one of us needs our own space to sort things out – in particular me right now.


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3 thoughts on “The Runner

  1. I am currently experiencing the chaser role. Over the past year I’ve been going crazy, re-playing interactions, conversations, text messages between my twin flame and I trying to make sense of all chaos. Some days I think I am delusional by making up a fake love connection with a man who wants nothing to do with me. Most days, I am positive in that what I’m feeling is real and that only time will tell whether my twin flame and I are meant to be together in this life. I’ve read numerous articles and blogs of people who are experiencing the same thing. It is my only reassurance that I am not crazy. Reading several Of your posts has once again become the reassurance that I need to move foward. I barely know you but I am so thankful for you, for putting your feelings into words for the whole world to see. I’ve cried myself to sleep many of nights due to the separation and yearning for my love praying that he will follow his heart and come to me. Several times I’ve tried to severe the cord between us but it always back fires with me praying for him and sending positive vibes to him. It has not been easy but I have come to accept what this twin flame experience is, it’s just heart-breaking that I’m aware of this and he is not. I guess though, I’ll just keep reading posts like yours to keep the faith and to keep my flame burning.

    1. @Aquilla – It’s natural to replay conversations and situations for something where it didn’t work out and to wonder what you could have done better. Consider that things played out exactly as they were meant to for who you were as a person at the time. Focus on you and becoming a better and stronger person and life will be great regardless of what happens.

    2. Oh my, Aquilla. My sentiments exactly.

      I am a straight married woman who fell for another straight married woman. I’ve never been with a woman or had these intense feelings for one. We did the runner chaser thing. She broke my heart and I have never in my life, been in so much pain. This pain led me to astrology, which led me to tarot, then karmic partnerships and finally, twin flames.

      I questioned all I thought to be true. I was in agony. It never made any sense. I wasn’t even supposed to meet her! She felt like home. I’ve never felt such an intense pull so quickly. We are no longer on speaking terms, but I pray she’s happy. All I want is for her to be happy, even if it does not include me.

      This “journey” is not an easy one. Not at all.

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