Walking a Mile in the Others Shoes

Walk in Their ShoesI listened to a guy talk this morning – it’s 3:25 AM now, I’ll tell you why I’m up in a moment. But the guy I’m listening to was talking about what happens when there is discord or disconnect among people – whether in business, relationships, or friendships with our fellow human beings. It reiterated to me that to really connect with someone, it’s necessary to walk in their shoes and see the world from their perspective. I’ll tell you how to do this as I’ve had plenty of experience doing the opposite. I’ve done a great job walking in my own shoes, but not so great a job walking in others shoes.

There’s been thunderstorms here for over a day now. I woke up from the thunder and when that happens at night, I’ll put some ear plugs in and get on my computer. Thinking about walking a mile in the others shoes is what came to my mind. As I close my eyes and think about this, this is what I see as I walk a mile in the others shoes. What I see may or may not apply to you – it’s my best effort with what I have.

The Hopes and Dreams

I see your hopes and dreams. I see where you’d like to live and how you’d like to live in the future. I see what you’d like to do every day and I see your superhero power. Your hopes and dreams have been with you for a while now – those hopes and dreams start when we are young children. We learn quickly what we are most interested in. Sometimes going for your hopes and dreams isn’t easy. It’s the whole passion -vs- money debate.

The Greatest Fears and Disappointments

I see your greatest fears. We all have fears – even the most confident movie star has fears. There is the fear of loss. There is the fear of not being and doing enough in life. There is the fear of the past and will that repeat again in the future. There is a wonder if you will overcome some of your undesirable habits. There is the confusion and frustration of trying to understand past events over the last many years. There is the worry of what some people might do or say – can you trust them? There is the hurt and anger and trying to keep yourself in the positive and a life of happiness.

The Joys

There is the greatest joys in your life. There is the sunshine, the ocean, the forest, the animals. There is the sound of the ocean on an evening during a sunset. There is the sound of the sails flapping in the wind as you gaze yonder across the sea. There’s the sound of seagulls calling. It’s feeding the birds pieces of bread or telling the dog he/she is a good dog and watching them pant as they feel your warmth. There is the walks along the beach or in the forest path. There’s the sounds of the birds as they sing their song. There is the thought of past memories where many good and joyous things have happened.

The Uncertainty

Lastly, there is the uncertainty of life. What is the right decision to do in any given moment? Are you doing the right thing right now? You wonder if you have done and said the right things in the past. You wonder if the things you’ve said are truly understood by those around you. You wonder if you will truly find what you are looking for in the future.  The question of what to do in your life is not an easy one. We all wonder it, even when we’re doing what we love.

This is my attempt to walk a mile in your shoes – how did I do? Perhaps some things here apply and others do not. But when you can sit by yourself and think about other people, their life, and what their hopes and dreams are, their greatest fears and disappointments are, their joys, and their uncertainty, it gives you a much greater appreciation for their life.

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