What a Man Wants

Greek GoddessWhat a man wants – previously I wrote about what a woman wants. Now it’s the guys turn. It is not so difficult for me to read minds to describe what a (heterosexual) man wants for I am one :). And before you think it’s a goddess coming out of the water, think again – for this picture is meant to simply draw you to the question of what do guys really want – is it just a physically stunning woman and nothing else?

I’ll answer this for you now. And I will answer it for what a real man wants – not some guy who simply thinks about only one thing. Certainly that “one thing” is part of what a man wants. But a real man has a lot more interest than just that. And here it is.



He Wants A Confident Woman

The woman who can articulate herself and write and speak clearly is a turn on to a man. For by doing this, she has a chance of challenging him with her ability to comprehend the world around her. The man wants a woman who is confident in her abilities in life – whether that is her work, creativity, or simply her confidence around you. The man wants a woman who does not talk about her imperfections – for once a man has chosen you, you could develop boils all over your body and it would matter not.

He Wants A Strong Woman

The man admires a woman who exercises and feeds her body properly. It is attractive to see a woman who is active in her life – whether that is running, biking, lifting weights, or doing yoga. This shows the man that the woman cares enough about her body to give it exercise. This is attractive to the man who also does the same for his body.

The man also admires a strong woman who speaks her mind when the situation calls for it. The woman who speaks up and keeps herself physically fit is a true pleasure to be around. The woman who can function by herself is also attractive, for if the situation calls for them to be apart for a bit, the man can know she will be quite all right while he’s gone.

He Wants A Compassionate Woman

The woman who is compassionate and caring is attractive to the man. Whether this is to her older and aging parents or grand-parents, or to her friends/co-workers, the principle is the same. The woman who recognizes other people and their own consciousness and needs is attractive. For this woman understands the nature of reality as she uses her compassion to ease the burdens of others.

He Wants A Powerful Woman

The powerful woman is attractive – for she has both the power of her feminine energy and the ability to take charge of situations. This is really frickin’ attractive. The man wants a woman who isn’t afraid to share her take on a situation and why things should be a certain way. For women have a unique perspective and when they share it and are able to exercise leadership in situations, this is truly remarkable and I personally wish more women did it.

He Wants A Sweet Woman

A man wants a sweet and tender woman. The woman knows when she needs to simmer down and put on her listening face for her man. For this shows that she is recognizing you and wants to hear what you have to say. Nothing is more attractive than the woman who WANTS to hear what the man has to say. It shows her desire to understand him more – and a man who feels understood by a woman feels immensely powerful.

He Wants A Smart Woman

The man wants a woman who can match and challenge him intellectually. If you play a game of chess together, the man wants the woman to be competitive or beat him. And it’s not just in chess – but in life philosophies or understanding the nature of reality. A woman who is able to articulate herself and state a case that challenges the man is amazingly attractive. For the man wants to be challenged and stretched.

He Wants A Fearless Woman

The man wants a woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She will do things that most others aren’t willing to do. She’ll face her own fears and demons and talk about it with you. The woman who is willing to face her fears and admit those fears is crazy attractive. I mean it – a woman who openly admits her problems without trying to hide them in is attractive – for she makes herself vulnerable to the man who can be there as a protector and helpful guide and that makes a man feel useful.

He Wants A Creative Woman

The man adores the creative woman. Whether it’s painting, drawing, photography, writing a blog, sculpting – you name it. It’s not so much the specific activity, but that the woman has a passion for certain things. The man recognizes that passion for things in life will carry over into him and a man feels extremely powerful when he has a woman behind him that is passionate about what he does.

He Wants A Beautiful Woman

Of course the man wants a beautiful woman. This is an easy answer. Any man would love to have a goddess like the one at the top here. But the beauty is not just her outward appearance, despite stereotypes. For the real man wants a woman who is happy – inside and out – who glows with a vibrancy for life. For this woman will be a strong counterpart to the real man who is also passionate about life and a great many things.

He Wants A Forgiving Woman

The man doesn’t just want a forgiving woman – he needs a forgiving woman. For myself at least, I say and do some of the most idiotic things when I’m in love and I can look back and say, “Well, that wasn’t the brightest thing I’ve done.” I can laugh at it, but in all sincerity, a man needs a woman who will forgive him. For without the forgiveness, the man knows that his time will be short with her for we men make mistakes and say stupid shit. It’s just something we do up and down across our gender at various levels.

He Wants An Adaptive Woman

The man wants an adaptive woman. For life is very dynamic and changing. Just look at how fast technology is changing. The man wants a woman who will dialog with him about beliefs and ideas. It’s not that the man wants the woman to believe what he is saying – just that she will dialog with him about it. The woman who is able to survive and thrive in life is very attractive. Even more, if she is able to hold value in the marketplace of the world, that is really attractive, for she knows how to take care of herself.

He Wants A Supportive Woman

The man wants a supportive woman. He NEEDS to know that she will be there for him to support him in his crazy ideas. Especially as an entrepreneur online, I know I’ve made many failed attempts at my ideas, but continue to try each and every day. The man wants the support of a woman who will be an advocate for his creative works and endeavors in life. It’s absolutely HOT to have a woman be interested in what a man is doing, whether it is his writing or whatever it may be.

He Wants Deep Connection That Rattles His Soul

The last and it is a wild card – for I don’t think deep connection happens for many people. And I can’t speak for all men, but the real man wants a deep and bonding connection that rattles his soul and shatters all his assumptions about life. For it is the meeting of someone who wallops his soul that wakes him up to realize he has truly found something special. Deep connection with a woman where conversation and togetherness last and time flies like nobody’s business is sought after, but rarely found.

Is It Impossible?

You may look at all this as a man or a woman and say, “No way, no woman is all these things.” Au contraire Pierre, there are indeed woman out there that are all of these things if you LOOK a little bit and get beyond your own preconceived notions. No woman is perfect of course, neither are we men, but they are out there. As a man, if you want it, you must become it. Read what a woman wants and get to work.

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