What A Woman Wants

Greek godI’ve decided to be a little bold and share what I think many women want. If you’re a heterosexual woman reading this, you’re in for a treat because I am about to read your mind.

What? How can I do that you say? You’re sitting at a computer in a location that could be anywhere and I can read your mind? Yeah, that’s right. I’m going to describe to you what you want even if you don’t already know it. Are you ready?





You want a strong man

You want a strong man who will hold you tight and make you feel safe. You want someone who keeps their body healthy and exercises. If they eat healthy too, that is a bonus. When you think about a strong man holding you, it gives you a rush inside and makes you feel like you’re a princess being rescued from the scary dragon of life.

You want an honest man

You want an honest man. You’ll even accept a reasonable pile of shit from a man so long as he’s honest with you about it. Nothing turns you off like the dishonesty of a man. The fact that he didn’t feel the need to tell you about something, especially if it is important, sets you off and were you a sorceress, you’d shoot lightning out of your hands and fry his ass.

You want a man who is clear in his values and rock solid – you need to be able to trust that the man will stand by what he says without wavering. The man who stands by his word and keeps it is as hot as lava to you.

You want a confident man

You want a man who knows where he’s going in life and is successful at what he does. The confident man makes you feel safe – not in the sense like the strong man does with holding you tight, but with his certainty in life. You love the certainty that a confident man gives you and you are attracted to his smile and wealth of knowledge and experience in life.

You want a mysterious man

You want a man you can think and wonder about. If he’s up in your face all the time or emailing and texting you all the time, that’s no good. You want him to appear and disappear like a wizard, making you ooh and ah at the mystery of what he could possibly be up to. You want a man who is like a renaissance man. The man who delves into many things is likely going to have a lot of interesting things to talk about. It is this mystery of what you think he will talk about next that draws you to him.

You want a courageous man

You want a man who is courageous – like a white knight who will rescue you from a fiery pit and from the evil dragon’s clutches. You want him to grab you and fly away with you as he takes you out of harms way. You want a man who is not afraid to speak his mind and tell it like it is. This gives you confidence that he can face life’s challenges and be a partner to you. You want a man who will break all the rules when the occasion calls for it.

You also want a man who will stand up to you and not put up with your bull shit when you know you’re being irrational or unreasonable.

You want a funny man

You want someone who will make you laugh until it hurts. Something like this: “What is the difference between cats and dogs?” Cats don’t give a fuck. Something like that. You want a man who will make you laugh when you’re feeling down. You want a man who will make the right jokes at the right time when you want it. Jeepers, I’m not sure if I want to keep reading your mind – this is a tall order you ask :).

You want a listening man

You want a man who listens to what you’re saying. And not some man who just sits there while you talk. You want a man who will take in what you say and repeat it back to you such that you feel understood at a whole ‘nother level. The man who listens is like a true prize – for there are so few good listening men out there.

You want a man who will wine and dine you

You want a man who plans dates and adventures with you. If you can just show up and be taken for the ride of your life, you’re good with that. Attractive is the man who will plan out an entire day and surprise you every step of the way. If the man picks you up in the morning, takes you for a walk, then to lunch, then to a movie, then to dance together, then surprises you with your favorite wine and a candlelight dinner while he plays the guitar and sings to you, he has then activated a form of mind control.

You want a faithful man

You want a man who will be faithful to you and you alone. You don’t want some guy who will moonlight with you in the shadows while he spends his time with someone else when you’re not together. The unfaithful man could be an incarnation of the Greek Demi-God Hercules himself and if he’s not faithful to you, you’ll push him away with the force of a Greek Goddess.

You want a man who says no to you because he would be breaking promises elsewhere. You want a man who gets on with his life and doesn’t depend on you, but would still wait his whole life for you.

You want a man you feel connected with

Having a man is nice, but you want someone you feel incredibly connected with. You want a man you can spend hours with talking about things endlessly as you and him exist outside of time. You want a man that you know is thinking about you and his love for you burns intensely. You want this… but you also fear it. For is such connection meant to last you might ask?

But no man exists like this

I’m just telling you what you want. I’m not here to tell you where these guys are now – that’s your job to LOOK and see. After all, I could be wrong. Maybe you’re just looking for someone who is able to walk and talk at the same time without drooling on himself. But really, read over this and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Really, is all you think I want a man?

Yep. You can’t help it. Part of your biological clock wiring is to be this way. You have the advantage in that you can be as picky as you darn well please. It’s like a shopping spree for you. You can take your time and find just the right one. A guy, on the other hand, has his work cut out for him and has to work at least 3 times as hard as you do to get the woman he wants. And of course you want more than just a man silly, but it is part of what you want :).

You might read, how to be a real man for additional insights into this. I’m sure I’ve even missed some things… Maybe you’re flipping me off as you read this, how do I know? But I think I’ve covered the lions share of the things you gals want here :). Women, if you want to know what real men want, read what a man wants and get to work.

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