What Goes Through the Mind of Another

It’s an interesting thing to think about – what goes through the mind of another person. What makes them do what they do? What makes them happy or sad?

The only thing we really have to go by is our own internal feelings to really know what causes us to feel those things or make the decisions we do. And the internet is chalk full of people trying to explain the behavior of others.

To go beyond this is to talk to others and ask what makes them think the things they do and feel what they feel. And careful observation of that person in what they do and not so much what they say.

There’s three things to do to help someone when you feel like you cannot get through to them or are having trouble understanding them:

These three things will serve you well with those people you know. Your care, combined with detachment, is the ultimate recipe of support. This is what you can control. Care in such a way that someone else feels free – especially when you are having difficulty understanding what they are thinking or why they are doing what they are doing.

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