What I Learned Through Rejection Today

There’s always something I learn when I don’t get what I want. I discover some limiting belief, or some pattern that is holding me back. Right now, I’m lacking in the fun, spontaneous, and laid-back area. This is clear to me. Even though I feel those 3 things are at my core, I’ve lost them. I’ve become very systematic in my approach to life and people. This was evident to me through a text exchange with someone today who mentioned this very thing and that she just wasn’t feeling it and wished me the best. She was a lot of what I’m looking for too…

I couldn’t help but agree with her though and kind of just say to her that she is right. I am lacking in those areas. I had them at one time too. And it may be because I haven’t quite healed or moved on from past situations and I need to take time to really do so. I’ve really had my life turned upside down in the last year and not to recognize this and my own need for self-work and healing is a bit naive. After dating 50 unique people now, my realization is that perhaps I’m not ready to date. I’ve got some soul searching and work to do on myself first.

Priority # 1 for me right now: Get myself back to who I am at my core and only invest time in those who truly, truly value who I am.

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