What Sets You Apart

Your ability to reflect and recognize your hand (good and bad) in situations and be able to consciously acknowledge to yourself and others will set you apart as a human being on this earth. It’s the ability to say, “I made this decision and caused this to happen and I own it and accept it.”

Most are content to hide their faults and mistakes – bury them under rubble for nobody to see. If you can courageously share your mistakes with those close to you and to yourself, you’ll find peace in your imperfection and feel better able to handle what lies ahead.

Life is short – to be courageously honest about yourself and your weaknesses takes guts. I had an opportunity to do this tonight – to admit where I fall short and where I need help. It was a very vulnerable thing to do. But in the end, I feel at peace that I did it and it has a therapeutic effect that I can’t deny.

Set yourself apart by being brutally honest about yourself. When I go back into work next week, I’m going to be brutally honest with my boss about my strong and weak points. I excel at problem solving and making the complex simple. I am extremely empathetic to others. However, I struggle with detailed planning and execution which drives real results. I can see that now.

Set yourself apart through your honesty with yourself and those around you. Best of luck to you in your life journey!

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