What Should I Do to Be Happier?

Being happier in life can be a struggle depending on what is going on. You might be wondering what you can do to be happier. Let me read someone’s question about being happier and then we’ll go into this more.

Is there anything that can make me happy? I feel stressed out all the time and you always seem to be so happy. What is your secret?

I can remember this person asking me this question. There’s a couple things to focus on here and I want to start with this one:

It’s OK to be Unhappy Sometimes

Sometimes in life, you are going to be unhappy. Embrace this emotion and the experience it brings. You may have lost your job, are going through a divorce, failed in a business idea, or had a severe injury. These kinds of things in life do happen and sometimes you have to feel the experience and the unhappiness associated with it. It doesn’t mean you stay in unhappiness, but in order to be truly happy, it helps to know what the opposite of happiness is.

Don’t worry about feeling unhappy. The life experience is all experiences. It’s not just being happy and giggling all the time. There will come a point in time in your life, if it hasn’t already, that life is going to wallop you on the head. Read my articles from March 2014 to roughly the middle of September, 2014, and you will see a period of time where I felt my own struggles and difficulties.

Find Things To Make You Laugh

I found some things recently to make me laugh. I’ve discovered social experiments and lessons in courage and confidence that make we want to go out and try some of those things. Either way, one of the videos was a guy eating Corn Flakes in a library. This made me laugh because it takes such confidence to do it. I feel my own laughter returning as I am now drawn to this kind of thing – laughter and happiness as opposed to any kind of pessimism, sadness, or drama. Here’s the video.

Improve At Your Craft To Be Happier

Happiness and confidence go hand in hand. When you improve at your craft – the thing you are most passionate about, it gives you confidence to go out and do it well. This gives a great sense of contribution to the world for what you are doing. I’m confident as a web developer, therefore, I know I can go out and do it well. Look at what you want to do – whatever it is, the more hours you spend on it, the better you will get and the better you get, the more confident and happier you will be.

I look at what I’m doing here on my website. I’ve been writing articles for many years now, but never really thought about how to improve my craft. I’ve got the writing part down pat, but I think there’s some things I can do to improve and get even better, which will boost my confidence and happiness levels.

In short, embrace the unhappiness when you need to, seek out what makes you laugh and happy, and improve your life’s craft – whatever that is. This will help you be happier :).

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