When You Feel the Fear

Dat FearWhen you feel fear, what do you do? Do you feel knotted up inside? Do you feel yourself withdraw? Do you feel yourself run like you’re an Olympic sprinter? Do you break all forms of contact? There is the dance of fear in life. There is the fear of holding stocks. There is the wheel of fear which outlines some of our greatest fears. There is the fear of competition. There is the fear of going through experiences. I’ve written plenty about fear, but want to get specific about some fears now – this feels like the right thing to address now.

Let me dissect your fear for a moment. Please, I am a certified doctor – Doctor Johnson. I know what I’m doing :)

In all seriousness, I’m not a certified doctor, but it would be fun to be one. Really though, think for a moment please. Just close your eyes and think about some things that have made you afraid. Think of why you were afraid. Wait, how can you read this if your eyes are closed? And if you are reading this, your eyes weren’t closed! Stop the madness I say. Okay, forget closing your eyes – when you are afraid, what is your first feeling. Chances are, it’s like this:

You feel like you just want to get away from the situation – everything else be damned. This is your survival instinct kicking in. The same thing happens when I do public speaking. But I simply say, “Fuck, this is really cool. I’m going to talk to people and anything – anything could happen!” Then I’m not so afraid. I know you are afraid about things in your life – I read minds.

You’re Afraid You Eat Too Much Sugar and are Getting Overweight

I know, it’s miraculous that I can read that from your mind. But it’s true. It worries you. You can’t seem to shake it. Remember this principle and remember it well – anything in your life you try and fight and reel in – it will just get worse and worse. This is true for sugar, weight, and people. The more you try and reel them in and control them, the more you will get distanced from. I know, I’ve experienced it first hand.

And it’s OK – because you can fix this right now! In regards to your sugar and weight, you’ll have to do me a favor and not be stubborn about it. Sometimes people like to have a sugar and weight problem because it gives them something to think about and try to conquer. They can’t imagine living a life where they eat healthy all the time and are trim and slim because maybe that would be boring – or maybe sugar is just too addicting and you’re too pissed off to realize that you’re trying too hard.

There’s other fears as well – some regarding people, others regarding confidence speaking in front of groups. But the general idea is the same – fear is our body’s way of telling us that something is important to us – I’ll explain this now.

Try This

If you’re trying to overcome something and it’s not working, chances are you are afraid of something. What is it in your life that you are afraid of? I BET it’s not the sugar and your weight. There is something else in your life that you are stressed out about and NOBODY knows it but you – because you’re sure as hell not going to tell a single soul about this thing that is stressing you out. But as I said, I’m a mind reader. Do this:

Think about the thing that is stressing you out and REALLY think about it. Think about the past and all the events that have happened. You probably have some doubts or some fears in regards to it. But focus yourself for a moment. The reason you are thinking about it so intently is because it is REALLY IMPORTANT to you in your life. Your body knows exactly the great importance of it. The more you try and lie to yourself about this, the more you’ll just lose a grip on yourself. Trust me, I know.

Instead, this is what I did. There’s been certain things that I thought of from a place of fear, but I now think of from a place of pure love. I’ve felt a connection beyond my comprehension. I treat this as something that is absolutely amazing to feel. I feel privileged to feel it as I don’t see many others that experience the same thing. When I was fearful, my actions reflected one who was afraid.

However, since I now make decisions from a place of love, life is starting to get better. I’m no longer worried about what might happen in the future. I’m not running from reality. I have this instinctual feeling that things will work out OK in the end. I tried to push the connection away, for example, but it only grew more intense. That’s when I knew that my body was telling me this is REALLY IMPORTANT. Now I accept it and embrace it. And I’m smiling a lot about it!

So there you go – stop worrying – you can’t control much anyway except yourself. And funny enough – when you control yourself more and stop acting from a place of fear, you’ll find that you’ll experience a lot more luck, joy, happiness, and bliss.

Get To It

Now get to it – and this includes me. I realize I am running from some things too… Don’t make a decision based on fear that will affect your livelihood. Treat challenges/problems like friends – friends you will make better, stronger, and have a greater understanding of. For it is when you try to crush and control your problems and fears, that they will continue to get the better of you – like a giant boa constrictor. Instead, love them, move toward them from a position of strength. Then watch how the things in your life start to change for the better.

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