Who Is She?

I’ve learned that in order to attract something to you in your life, that you must be very clear and specific in your intention and then take massive action toward getting it. I’ve done a decent job taking action. I’ve done a mediocre job setting the correct intention.

Previously, I wrote about putting myself out there. This was in regards to how I feel ready to pursue something more than a casual interaction with a woman – a relationship/girl friend where we explore life together. I feel like I’m ready for this after 8 months and many dates (45 to be exact, many multiple times). I want to get to know someone deeply and understand exactly who she is and give of my presence and strength to her.

Who is she? What will this mysterious woman be like? Well, I’m picky. I know what I want. And most won’t make the cut. Many may call me superficial or unrealistic, but it does not matter to me. I go for what I want. I also work on myself in all these areas daily and I look for the same from whomever I am with. Here it is (with example pictures after):

  1. Beautiful – A 10 out of 10. She’s in great shape and takes care of her body and eats healthy most of the time. She has amazing full lips that are kissable. She’s 5’0’’ to 6’0’’ with a preference of 5’7’’ to 5’9’’. I’ve attached some pictures of women who fall in this category for me. About 6 people I’ve come in contact with so far match this (a 10 out of 10 or close to it).
  2. Ambitious – She wants to succeed in life. She wants to make a difference in the world around her.
  3. Communication – She wants to talk with me in detail about life and the both of us. She has no problem calling me out on any bull shit I say and is quite all right with me doing the same for her. She makes time to talk to me and responds when I reach out. She reaches out to me to talk to me and doesn’t go silent.
  4. Centered – She’s centered with who she is. She isn’t jaded about guys and knows there are real men out there. She doesn’t care about religion per say and accepts all beliefs. This woman challenges me as well with her perspectives.
  5. Playful – This woman is very playful. She likes to have fun, tease, do silly things like play tag even – she just likes to be silly with me.
  6. Laughter – This woman likes to laugh, a lot! She and I laugh together and our cheeks hurt from laughing so much.
  7. Intelligent – This woman can carry on a conversation about intellectual topics. She’s willing to think and use her mind to try and understand reality.
  8. Sexy – This woman is not only beautiful, but she knows she is amazingly sexy. She is comfortable walking around in a bikini and wearing incredibly sexy outfits with me. She loves her body and who she is.
  9. Sensual – This woman loves physical contact and having sex. She wants that close connection with me and to explore every way that we can be physically intimate.
  10. Understanding – This woman is extremely understanding. She knows we are all mortal creatures in life and she and I are both understanding of each other when the other slips up. She is willing to explore and learn in order to understand more about me.

These 10 things are absolute musts before I will consider a relationship. Some might think this is too picky. Hell no it isn’t. I’ll wait 10 years if I have to to find the one who matches this and where we are both enthusiastic about being in each other’s lives.

Here’s some example pictures to match – physically, I’ve met a few at this level that had the intelligence to boot. There are beautiful and intelligent women out there, however, none that I have met yet have all 10 of the characteristics I’m looking for (though some have come close):

This is Angie Everhart. She’s a favorite celebrity of mine ever since I can remember. She matches exactly the kind of look I’m looking for.


Here’s another example, Carmen Electra. She also has full lips, long hair, and is ambitious.


And here is me. As I said, I know my qualities.

jeremy noel johnson

I have been successful at attracting a few women like this so far. There’s more work to do on myself to fully attract a woman like this, I think and I don’t look at a woman like this as being on a pedestal above me. I think any woman that gets my full attention and presence is getting a gift and I make no apologies for clearly setting this intention and going for what I want :).

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