Your Superhero Power

Each person has a special gift within them – something they do better than anything else. This is your superhero power. For me, it’s not swishing 3 pointers in basketball. It’s not typing blazing fast on a computer. It’s not running fast or having the smartest mind in the world. When I sat and replayed my life, my own gift came to mind. If you take some time in your life to sit and think about what you excel at, you’ll find your gift too.

My gift which I’ve realized ever since I was a child is that I can read people and situations. I know the emotions and intentions of other people and can often sense their moods and feelings. I allow people to open up and be themselves. As I get to know people better, this intensifies. For those I know truly closely, there is a deep feeling of knowing and connectivity. I think each human being has a special gift and once it is realized, you understand more what your calling in life is. Mine is to help heal people’s pain and open them up to be themselves, however I can accomplish that.

Your superhero power is what you would do if money weren’t an issue. It’s what you are passionate about. It’s what you feel like heaven on earth is to you. It’s what comes naturally, easily, and effortlessly to you. Chances are, you’ve experienced something like that in your life. Maybe you like herding cats – do that then. Maybe you like eating food really fast – do that. Or maybe you just like to dance with snakes around you neck – then do that. Whatever it is, do it, and do it well :).

One of my favorite scenes from the movie, Unbreakable, is where our hero, David, goes to where people are to use his power of seeing inside people’s vile intentions and actions. It has some graphic elements, but it is the best way I can describe my own gift. Sometimes it is hard to have this gift for I can sense the good, the bad, and the pain of others. I think an experiment is in order – to go out to a public place like a mall where there are a lot of people and just let the gift unfold and take notes. Now, Unbreakable is a great movie, go watch it :).

Unbreakable is a movie owned by Disney – all rights and copyrights go to Disney.

Here’s the scene from Unbreakable, “Go To Where People Are.” (Warning, Graphic Content)

Unbreakable Go To Where People Are

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