A Clean Slate

Because there is no loading a saved game in life, sometimes you look back and realize that you didn’t listen to your gut or things didn’t quite pan out how you would have liked. I’m certainly experiencing this right now and amid-st the chaos in my mind, a common theme seems to be occurring. And that is getting to a clean slate or a completely centered position.

In any kind of warfare, one of the most valuable soldiers is a scout. They are able to go out, survey the landscape, and report back everything that is going on. Scouting and surveying and knowing exactly where you stand is absolutely crucial. If you don’t know where everything is, the chance you will be blind-sided increases.

I think life is a lot like that. Sometimes you can go or rush into something because it feels right in the moment, even though your gut may be saying to wait and survey the landscape and wait for things to unfold. But you might have a fleeting thought that says just do it anyway. It’s that kind of thing I’ve found in my life that causes me to look back and want to load a saved game in life.

There is good news to this, however. We as people are all imperfect and make mistakes. I believe it’s possible to reverse back and go back to the way things were and play the tape again – especially when you are dealing with reasonable people. I’m thankful in my life that I have reasonable people who are close to me. It certainly would be harder to try and go back and start over if that were not so.

I feel this message will resonate with anyone who is going through a tough time and looking to get back to a clean slate and be a stronger person. For me, I know my gut has said things in the past such as, “Wait and let this situation unfold, don’t rush into it.” or “You’ll get what you want in the end if you are patient and don’t try to force it.”

I’m finding myself writing a lot more and getting my thoughts out here really helps. I’m not sure who you are reading this. But if you are reading it and you got this far, and I know you. Please say something in the comments below and let me know your thoughts :)

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