It’s day 27 of the new year now and on day 1, I set out to start a project and do it everyday of the year. And by everyday, I mean make significant progress each day – not just a few minutes, but hours a day. So far, I’ve been able to achieve this. The project continues to progress well and I feel a launch in time for Christmas is achievable.

I listened to Eric Thomas (in a video here below) speak to a group of franchise owners for the sandwich company, Which Wich. He talks about consistency, hard work, and effort. I know in the past, my problem was stopping before I saw the results of my hard work. I stopped my Real Time Calculator after a month because of the same problem. It’s easy to do isn’t it? To quit because you’re not seeing results. I think I’m finally going to finish a successful project to the finish line now and continue on with it for as long as I am able.

At any rate, watch Eric Thomas for a few minutes. His message is to work consistently, work hard, always be engaged and not leave early.

Consistency is hard – even on day 27 now, I’m starting to feel the effects of fatigue – mentally and physically of my efforts. It would be easy to take a few days off to try and ‘recuperate’. But I know the moment I stop – the moment I take it easy – it will be like the weeds taking the garden and it will be much more difficult to get going again and rid the garden of the weeds. I’m not going to take a day off. I believe I have a unique talent in the area I’m creating my new project for. And there’s still hundreds of days left and many hours to go to complete it.

I look at someone like the musician, Lindsey Stirling. She’s a violinist that is from Provo, Utah (near where I live). At age 6, she started to play the violin. She’s now age 26. She says in one of her videos that she’s played the violin everyday since the age of 6. 20 years later, she is a master at the violin. Her video, Crystallize, has over 45 million views at this time. Watch it below – this is 20 years of consistency at work.

To be a successful entrepreneur in what I am doing – or to get good at anything for that matter is simply a matter of being consistent and actively engaged in trying to learn and get better. I’m going to keep this article short because I’ve got a project to work on tonight for many hours :) Have you ever decided to quit something and regretted it? Do you feel like being consistent is important?

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3 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Apologies for any dupes, the connection is quite bad here. :) I have regretted quitting things in the past, but sometimes, you need to know when to quit as well. Learning from failure and moving on is an important part of entrepreneurship, and I’m excited to learn that you’ve been working hard on a new project. Can’t wait to learn more :)

  2. Actually majority of rich people become successful by taking action consistently, continuously and with perseverance until they meet their desired wealth or goals. I believe on the sayings “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

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