Don’t Commit to Mitt… Or Obama – Commit to Yourself

I recently made a comment on my Facebook page saying, “Don’t commit to Mitt… or Obama – Commit to yourself.” It was amazing that many people responded both agreeing with and saying things against such a statement. As we near the next presidential election in the United States, I find myself being more disinterested in what an elected official or leader can do for me and more interested in what I can do for myself while working with others on the same playing field as I. Does this mean I will ignore politics? No, I am trying to understand all the issues on the table. But it’s sure making my head spin.

Here’s my 5 point plan on what we can do to commit to ourselves and have a better life


Do Try to Understand World Issues

I think it’s important to know what’s going on in this world of ours. I want to hear all sides of issues, not just from Republicans or Democrats. I want to hear from those who are religious, agnostic, and atheist. I’m not interested in being tied down to one ideology or philosophy. I believe everyone has something useful to say and together, it all makes for a better society where all can participate and add their opinion.

This means not just listening to your favorite talk show host. It means hearing out someone who may not agree with you. I really like Facebook for the simple reason I can broadcast to those around me and say things to them and a conversation can be had as each person has time to add to it. I’m learning more and more about people’s different perspectives and I am thankful to live in a country where we have the freedom to share how we feel – even if it makes things quite chaotic sometimes.

Do Learn New Skills

The world is a vast marketplace where money gives both purchasing power and the ability to access better education, health care, and the latest products and services from people and businesses. To have a good life, wealth and money certainly can have an assist here. I don’t believe we should count on our government or even our retirement plans to take care of ourselves. We should learn new skills and try new venture’s to increase our chances at earning wealth and having better access to health, medicine, and products/services.

New skills will also serve you as technology moves forward. I’m a big advocate of understanding and using technology. The market is making a big shift into the tablet and mobile space right now. This means less of a use for some of my PC/desktop skills. It simply means I’ll need to retool my skills for what is coming so I can continue to get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. I think anyone who is in need of extra $$$ and willing to work at it should learn a technology skill like programming and go find a good paying job to use that skill at.

Do Have an Attitude of Learning and Gratitude

I’m amazed at how opportunities show up more when I’m in a good mood or broadcasting my thoughts in a positive way. I think people simply like to be around happy people. Those who are out innovating and creating new ideas seem so much happier to me than those who sit at home and complain how the economy stinks and there’s no good jobs out there. A good attitude goes a long way to taking action rather than sitting around waiting for things to happen.

Do Keep Your Body Healthy, Strong, and Flexible

Commit to having a healthy body. Lifting weights and exercising may seem like such a simple/mundane thing to do, but it makes such a big difference in how I feel and how confident I am. I only take 15 minutes 3 to 4 times a week to do physical weight lifting along with a couple days a week playing basketball for a couple hours. That’s it. It need not be terribly time consuming. Physical activity leads to action in my opinion. When I’m actively working out, I find myself being more creative and getting important things done.

You might wonder why I include flexibility here. I picked up Yoga a few years ago and wow has it made a difference in my movement. It’s like being the Tin Man -vs- Spider Man. I see so many people who get old and can hardly walk or bend. That’s not the path I’m looking forward to heading :)

Do Talk and Network with Others

My good friend Sam has really opened my eyes to the importance of talking with other people. For the longest time, I’ve hoped that some White Knight would come and see my good work and tell me how awesome I am and give me millions of dollars. Then I realized that most others probably think/want that too. The key is getting to know people and become their friend. People are much more likely to involve those who are friends rather than strangers. Look at it from your point of view. Do you want to invite people over to your house who you know, or who are complete strangers.

Of course this part is a little scary. I’m not an expert in social communication. But I’m trying. At my day job, I’m trying to just get to know people without any specific agenda except getting to know them. It’s a new way of thinking for me and I admit that I’ve been a little too self-motivated in the past when trying to get to know others.


There’s so much we can do for ourselves that no political candidate or leader can. Where each of us our able, why not focus a little more on our health, wealth, social connections, and just enjoying and understanding life more?

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