Everything Is a Risk

roll_diceLife is a risk – everything in it. From the moment we’re born as little babies, life bombards us with pressure to stay alive, and it’s up to us to try and do the best we can with what life gives us. We can seek comfort or growth at any time and there are risks associated with each.

The Risk By Not Doing

There’s risk in staying on the sidelines and watching the game of life. As a futurist, I realize that as the years continue to go on, things are going to change more rapidly. Just from the stand point of having a career or having financial stability, not taking an active role in the changes that come is a huge risk.

Career/Money: The skills I learned in early 2000 are still valuable – but not as valuable as they once were. I learned basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript as a web developer in the early 2000’s. As the web and technology have evolved, those skills are still important, but there are continuing to be new ways to develop for the web that I must stay up on to continue command from the marketplace in that area.

There’s a risk in NOT investing your money for growth. Keeping your money in a savings account is akin to stuffing it under your mattress. There’s no growth. Staying on the sidelines with your money is an almost guarantee that you will fall behind with your wealth as time goes on to those who are investing and growing their money.

Health: There’s a risk to not doing anything to strengthen your body. As I said up above, life is trying to take us out. We’re all subject to the law of gravity and the laws of physics. It’s very clear and apparent that regular exercise and healthy eating contribute to more energy and physical health. There’s no police that come around with a tazer forcing exercise and healthy eating. It’s simply a conscious choice that each of us have to make. The risk in not doing is being affected health-wise, which is never a fun thing.

Relationships: It’s kind of scary, I bet, to talk to that guy or girl you’re interested in. After all, what if they ignore you or reject you? Isn’t it better to just not take that risk at all? Well, I can understand the fear there. Who likes to potentially be rejected? I will say this to you if you’re afraid here. If you feel it is right, then I say go for it. Be yourself, be happy, and take the shot. Even if you are rejected, you will have been true to yourself.

The risk in NOT doing this is the potential for not meeting special and important people in your life. Don’t sell yourself short – a little rejection is a SMALL price to pay for meeting potentially life changing people in your life. It’s up to you, but my philosophy is don’t sit and wait – life will pas you by.

The Risk By Doing

Life is full of opportunity. I’ve learned that there is no guarantee of success in life. Life will teach you lessons as you make choices in it and you may feel some great pain. As I sit here on June 1st, 2014, I know you’ll get through the pain and on the other side is a strong person who has learned and felt things they never thought possible :)

Career/Money: There hasn’t been a zombie plague or solar flare to EMP all electronics yet. Hyperinflation has not destroyed economics to this point. Until this potentially happens, our society is governed through economics and money. Money really is power to tap into things – purchasing, medical care, and yes, even influencing other people, though I don’t recommend that one.

I’m facing a risk at work right now. With my boss leaving, I am the next in line to lead the team. I have made it clear that I will lead my team. The risk, however, is that the business doesn’t see my leadership as being good enough. The risk is that they see me and my efforts as futile. Of course I could fail and be rejected. My philosophy is, “SO WHAT.” I’m going to give it a go instead of wondering if things will work out.

There’s also a risk by investing your money. I know this risk all too well. Last year, I wrote about how I’ve got a lot to learn in investing. I’ve made some really stupid mistakes in selling stocks when I should not have out of fear. This year, I’ve held my stocks, even some that have gone down and I continue to get dividends each month and quarter. My emotional stability with stocks has increased, which has been great.

Even so, the risk here is that the stock market tanks and never recovers and I lose all my invested money. The risk is that in my peer to peer lending, that all my borrowers default and I lose all my money there. There’s certainly that risk. But as I say, I’ll take the risk and potential chance over sitting around doing nothing any day.

Health: When I did P90X a number of years ago, it really helped my confidence and physical health. It got me in the best shape of my life. However, as I’ve continued to work out, I’ve learned some hard lessons. One is rupturing a disc in my lowest vertebrae in my spine. The other was getting a Kidney Stone. So you can really screw yourself up by trying to learn to exercise. On the other hand, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from those mistakes as well.

I can’t imagine going back to my Pre P90X days where I let my body sort of just slide and the weight pile on. I was 50 pounds overweight in my mid 20’s. I didn’t feel great and had low energy. These days, I have more energy midst more challenges and so it seems life matches my energy with what it presents for me to overcome and grow stronger from :).

Bottom line, in health and other areas, there’s been a lot of unique things that have happened in my life as a result of taking action and risk – both good and bad.

Relationships: As I said above in the risk by not doing section, relationships are some of the most complex things in life. You can’t control what another person thinks or feels. You can only know how you feel and do the best you can with that. To me, our relationships in life are the most dynamic and intense thing we will face. But I also feel that the rewards exceed any other area.

When I talk about Heidi and I and the direction we are taking our family, I take it very seriously. I’ve felt her and I’s time together as a married couple has reached its conclusion for a while now and definitely felt that strongly earlier in the year. I know some people would call me crazy – she’s kind, smart, and cute. Why would I think that? Please read, “Alone in Our Own Worlds.” Truly understanding the mind of another is impossible.

I’ve taken great care to work through things and have a sensible plan in place. Heidi is a kind and caring person and there’s two sweet little girls involved. I don’t take that responsibility lightly, even though I know the ultimate decision is going to be a tough one. As that decision happens in the future, I will write about it openly and fearlessly as I do everything else. The risk in this is that I stay alone the rest of my life, or get sidelined and can’t pay my share toward the family. Everything has a risk :).

I care very much about the close friends and family in my life. When I meet someone and feel a connection, it is difficult for me to let it go, even if temporarily. One of the things I’ve been able to learn this year is to learn to give space and distance to people when needed. It is a lesson I’ve needed to learn for a long time. Even with that lesson, the care I have does not go away. It just means I respect people over my own desire to talk, and I look forward to the potential to talk again.

What Else?

What else is risky? I’ve talked about a few areas of life and the risks for not doing and doing. In the end, I’d rather be on my death bed smiling that I met some extraordinary people, invested money and won or loss, and made a real go of it financially and in my career. Even if I FAIL at all of these, I am going to keep giving them a shot. I just know and feel certain things very strongly and I will smile and keep at it :). Thank you for visiting and reading this article!

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