My Fortress of Solitude

I just have to share something with you – a wilderness location here in Utah that I’ve discovered that I have been to twice now. If you’ve ever seen the Superman movies, you’ll know that Superman visits his fortress of solitude. For him, it is an ice/crystalline castle in the North Pole. He goes there to get wisdom from his father via crystals from advanced technology. For me, I discovered a wilderness location here in Utah and I go there and feel so stinkin’ peaceful and happy that I just had to share it with you today. If you click on the photos link at the top, you’ll find pictures from it.


What this place does for me is gives me solitude and peace. For the first time in my life, I am drawing strength from being by myself and in nature. It is such an amazing experience to be doing this now. I literally feel myself recharging while I’m here, in the forest, by this amazing river and feeling the energy and peace of the earth. My twin brother jokes that I am a druid :) I’m just so happy spending time in this location by myself. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of it:

Utah Wilderness
Utah Wilderness

Strength From Within

One of the MOST valuable lessons I’ve learned this year is how to draw strength from within. I am largely empathetic and people oriented, drawing strength from communicating with people close to me. This skill of now going to locations by myself and drawing strength from within is something I’m eternally grateful for. I appreciate the one who has helped me discover this and I shall not ever forget that gift.

For you, if you are finding it hard to muster the strength in your life that you need, find a wilderness location and go there by yourself. Go there and think about only you and your life and what you want. Think about all the wonderful things there are about yourself. I bet there are many! Take time there and just meditate and enjoy the peace. It will give you a surge of energy as you then go to tackle the challenges of life.

This wilderness location is my fortress of solitude. I go there to meditate, think, and ponder the important choices in my life right now and what things mean to me. I go there to think about what the future will hold with key decisions in my life. I find that being in a location like this for me is about the closest thing I’ve been able to get to to having a spiritual connection and insight. One thing I know for certain, my life is never going to be the same and there is SO MUCH more to do – it has just begun.

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