Get Strong First

If you want to go run a marathon, you’ll want to get out and go running – a lot. If you want to have a beach body where you can take your shirt off without sending people cowering in fear, you’re going to need to watch what you eat and workout. Strength comes from taking time to build your own muscle and stamina.

I find that in life, it’s important to get strong first before you make any big decisions. For me, it’s not just about getting physically strong, but it’s about getting mentally tough and to a point I am strong and confident in my ability to make decisions. Sometimes getting strong means being open and honest about everything. Getting really strong means you as an individual are now in a place where you can make a wise decision while bearing the heavy weight of life and everything in it.

I’m not quite that strong yet – and maybe you aren’t either. But each day through care and love and working at it, that strength will come, I believe. And then while strong, the weight of any big decision can be shouldered. The real growth in people in life comes while going through extremely difficult or trying times. It’s the tearing down of muscle and building it back up. And at some point, you’ll feel when you are strong enough to lift the weight and make a decision or go for what you feel is right.

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