Go All In

Go All InIn the game, Texas Hold’em, one can take everything they have and bet it on their hand. If they lose, they are wiped out and LOSE. If they win, generally, it’s a pretty sizable win. This is how you go all in. You take everything you have and pour it into something you believe strongly in. Then you wait and see what happens :).

Sometimes in life, a decision requires us going all in with the intention. No progress can happen until all the chips are really laid out on the table to see what happens. I can feel that for myself and how strongly I feel about some things. I feel like I’m in a game of life hand of Texas Hold’em, and life is asking me if I’m willing to risk it all.

Important decisions fall under this category – investments, going to school, where to work, how well to work, who to marry, who to split up from, what job to leave, what you should believe about life, and so on. These are really friggin’ important decisions and dipping your toe in only works for so long before life demands it of you to place your chips on the table.

Maybe you’ve thought about something really important but you are afraid. After all, if you place all your chips on the table and lose, then what? It means you gave everything you had for what you wanted and lost. Go out and earn some more chips :).

The more I think about my own life and that I’ve only got ONE crack at it – as far as I know – assuming I don’t reincarnate or something like that – the more I’m willing to risk it all for what I feel deep down is right. So I will go out and do it without fear :).

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