Going Through Experiences Is Better Than Fearing Them

Steve Pavlina recently ‘tweeted’ that going through experiences was better than fearing them. It’s an interesting thought I’d like to expound on.

One of the key lessons I’m learning right now is that in life, going through experiences is better than fearing them. If you’ve had a difficult experience, this can be hard to see while it is happening. You may find yourself doing anything to occupy your time that you can think of, even things you wouldn’t do normally. And that’s ok :) It’s part of the coping process of a difficult experience. Just be careful that you don’t hurt anyone or yourself in the process.

I remember when I did the P90X program for the first time. I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, but I wanted to get my body in really good shape. The first few days and weeks going through the program were utter hell for me. I remember the first 3 days being particularly painful and almost throwing up. Then the next few weeks weren’t as bad, but were difficult, and I was sore all the time.

After about a month, I started to see new strength and form in my body. A month of intense working out was starting to have a positive effect. But it was really hard to get to that point. After two or three months, I was in tip-top shape and looking back, I can’t imagine ever going back to my pre-P90X self.

The lesson I learned is that if you feel like having an experience, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It may end up not working out, but on the other side of that experience is a tremendous amount of growth and learning.

Another experience I can think of is when I was learning to be a software engineer in college. It took me three tries to finally get an A in my Java programming course. It was really hard to get to that point. But I didn’t give up and I didn’t fear learning programming. And the end result was something very valuable on the other side.

There’s certain experiences right now that I fear of a personal nature. In the midst of the storm, it’s really hard to see clearly where things will end up. Often times, you just have to take the storm and the beating like a man (or woman) and accept that certain things are out of your control. Live with it – it’s ok – you’ll get stronger in the end.

Because one of my values is growth in my life, I am going to choose that path. It’s scary, but I’ve always found that on the other side, I’m always stronger, more knowledgeable, and a better person, true to myself :)

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