How to be Authentic With Yourself

Jeremy playing basketballAs I sit here tonight thinking about what to write, it occurred to me to write about being authentic. That means being as real and open and honest as you can possibly be. It can be very easy to deny ourselves authenticity as we seek the approval or opinions of others, but I’ve thought very long and hard today about my own authentic self and what exactly I am, who I am, and what I feel. I think this kind of thinking is hard to do, especially if people around you are weighing in heavily on you.

That picture there is of me playing basketball. It’s a game I love to play VERY MUCH! I’ve played ever since I was big enough to bounce the ball and huck it up to the rim to try and make a basket. I’ll be forever grateful to my dad who first showed me the game at a young age and taught me the fundamentals. Thanks dad! If I can shoot a 3 pointer or make a great pass to someone, even better. Let me share what is authentic for me and for you, a little writing exercise of your own authenticity could be a fun thing to try.

I feel SO authentic on the basketball court. Life just seems to come naturally as I dribble around, shoot baskets, and if I’m in a game, make passes to other people. I had an experience a few months ago, earlier in the year where I went to go shoot around at an elementary school. I won’t go into too many details, but let me say that the feeling I had just shooting around and enjoying playing on the court was one of such peace – like I had come home if you will. When it came time to leave the court, it was actually a sad feeling I had, like having to leave a very familiar setting.

I sort of wrote about my life views a couple months ago. But those are more related to political and religious views – things that society has already carved out as molds to fit into. I’ve learned about myself this year that I don’t very much like fitting in to what society is doing. If society says to be a certain way, it’s quite likely I’ll rebel against that and find a way to go against it. I do not like conformity in any way. I’m not sure why this is – I guess I don’t like the feeling of being caged.

I’ve also developed some beliefs this year that have led me to move beyond being an atheist. I’ve looked back and realized that there is indeed some kind of force. For me, it started to make its presence known in September, 2013. I could feel some kind of awakening happening within me. During that month, I made a very serious intention to the universe which I’ve written about several times already. I take that intention with great care and respect and to this day, continue to try and find a way that I can nurture and grow what the universe has given to me.

My authentic self is not one who is afraid all the time, but one who is playful, fun, and easy to talk to. My authentic self is a very deep thinker and often discovers or comes up with ideas that most people will think are crazy. My authentic self is very observant of what is continually unfolding around me. I’m very trusting of my instincts when I observe and come to conclusions of what is going on. I love to try and figure out life and the challenges life presents are fulfilling for me to try and figure out and make well.

My authentic self is very industrious and continually creating. I feel like my writing spirit has come alive this year, particularly here on my website. I love to go back and read what I’ve written in the past. Some of the things are very personal to people close to me in life and some of what I write is more general information. I really enjoy writing in a way that resonates with you who are reading this.

My authentic self is not afraid. He will volunteer to give public speaking presentations. He will try to get a promotion and be the best he can be at his place of employment. He will always follow the path of truth, love, and courage, even if he feels like he might get rejected. And I’ll stop referring myself as he and his now :)

What I authentically feel are some very radical things in my life. I’m honestly still trying to decide if I’m just plain crazy or if there is some truth to what I’ve felt this year. I believe there is truth to it, but boy, I feel like I belong in a fun house sometimes :). I feel very loyal to people close to me and I hate it when I hurt those close to me or cause them to pull away. That’s a skill I need to continue to work on to better myself.

What about you – what is your authentic self like? What do you like to do – play basketball, or something else? Thank you for stopping by and reading, it means a lot to me!


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